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Season 2, Episode 24 · 1 week ago

2-24. The Meta Knights

The boys deep dive into their thoughts on the meta at large. How is Pokemon doing? What could be changed? Riley and JW are very opinionated on this..

Season 2, Episode 23 · 2 weeks ago

2-23. Tabletop Simpulator

The boys are here to share their experiences in the infamous Tabletop Simulator. Don't worry, unlike the rest of your Pokemon Content this isn't a tutorial.

Season 2, Episode 22 · 3 weeks ago

2-22. Darkness A-Raids

The boys sit down for a quick chat on Darkness Ablaze, Raid Battles, and the current format. Stop by for all of your TCG needs!

Season 2, Episode 21 · 1 month ago

2-21. The Goblet of Players

The boys sit down to analyze the Player's Cup. The culmination of a month of effort is finally here! What deck will stand on top?