Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast
Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 2, Episode 7 · 1 year ago

2-6. JW's Apocalyptic Man Bun


The boys are practicing good social distancing and hope you are to! Hear about TCGO meta and how they would improve the online system. Stay safe and healthy!

What is up everybody? Welcome backto tag team, the POKEMON Trading Card Games Premiere podcasting duo. My nameis Riley Holbert and I'm joined by my good, good man Bun wearing friendJW Curry Wall Gw. How you doing today? They'd my power is growing. It's growing by the day. Yes, it is, as the Bun grows, so my power gross. That is insane. Honestly, I wasa little afraid. The other day JW tweeted out a picture of a bunchof cut hair on the ground of his presumably of his house, and Iwas like, Oh man, and was fed up and had him cut itall off. But thank goodness, you're just tripping the edges, which isthat was a primer right. It was just kind of like a little snakepeek saying, Oh, what happened? You know, want to, youknow, get the hype going right. You know, as all those asall those personalities do, they bring the hype and bring the excitement and Iwanted people to be wondering, you know, what did JW do? Did heshave his chest? That's why all the hairs on the ground that he, you know, Shave off the Bun? That's why all the hairs on theground, I mean people, people had to be curious. And andfor sure, I am still here. Take if you're listening, and this. We're still in the man Bun Arc and if you're listening, then Istill have it, don't you worry, and it's not going away anytime soon. Still, to have it last through two thousand and twenty, well,I don't know, man, to be honest, the time that I've dedicatedto growing the man bun hasn't been a very good time, just in theworld. You know, just maybe there's like some sort of correlation there.Yeah, like as my power grows, so does like the evil outside ofmy walls, kind of like there has to be a balance in all things. Exactly. So I'm getting too strong, and so is, you know,the world versus of evil, similarly and equally will get stronger. Exactlyit is. It is like the force, like the Yin and the Yang ofthe world fall and my hair for a crazy so maybe it's like onewar, major event occurs, they they have buten has to have be reevaluated. That's what I'm saying, Dude. I Like I don't think twenty,twenty can handle anything else. You're probably right. It's been a wild Iguess it's absurd this last this last week, has felt like a month. Isay, I feel like I'm coming back and I feel like I haven'tdone the cast in, you know, a long time. I just yeah, it's and so like time has just morphed in a way that it's allthe same to me. Nothing really matters. Yeah, as I was like tosay, you know, we last week we were talking about like goingto Toronto or not because of covid nineteen. Now we've reached the point where everysingle event worldwide is canceled until mid May. And you know, peopleare on quarantine, all work all across the nation. All sorts of jobsare working from home now. Not a social businesses are closing. Like whatis going odd? If it feels like it's been an eternity since we talkedabout Toronto, for sure. For sure, seven day for sure, and Imean you're seeing it too with us on the way we speak. Isthat the the sentiment, the public sentiment has increased. You know, youwould have said it a month ago, right, everything was normal, peoplewere going about their day. The virus was just something that was happening onanother side of the globe. And now we come to March eighteen and thingsare so, so different. Everyone very concerned, you know. I seeit with my wife. She's I wouldn't say she's like overly nervous, butjust there's like a tightening up where where she wasn't where. I've never reallyseen her this concerned about, you know, a world event. So right,it's amazing times that we're living in. Truly. Yeah, I remember thelast day that I was in the office before beginning to work from homewas Monday, and there's a lot of different places you can eat, likewithin the buildings that I work at. So I go down to it,like the Chinese place, and it was just surreal, you know, therewas nobody there. There's this prepackaged food and like your tensils and stuff wasall packaged in there, so you have to touch anything. And Yep,you couldn't go. There was no like checkout lines. You just had toreport which you bought online because they didn't want anyone. While I'm acting withyou, and sure if that just made me feel like actually just uncomfortable andfreaked out. And Yeah, I think that's just but that's just a representiveof a larger state that are in,... know. And Yeah, it'sbeen very odd. I haven't left my house beside or my apartment besides liketaking out the trash in multiple days. That's just that's just the world we'reliving it now, I know, and I mean you look at a placelike San Francisco, who I understand just went who that I just understand wentunder you know, citywide quarantine, which could happen certainly in other larger metropolitanareas? Oh, easily. Yeah, and I think ultimately it's I wouldjust rather be over cautious than under cautious was something like this. So Ithink, I think you can't really overreact to something that clearly has long term, like deadly potential if left unchecked. So I think it's the right thingto do. But it is scary and it's it's unfamiliar, it's weird.Yeah, but so let's jump into like what that means for us as apodcast, what that means for us as pokemon players and so on and soforth. So, as I already mentioned, the pokemon season is almost fully canceledat this point. You know, we're going until may without an eventskipping up basically a quarter and a half, and I mean that's monumental and ofitself. You know, pre releases are getting canceled. I think likethe official word about out. There's a pre releases for this next set,right Jaf. What do you think this is going to mean for like longterm in the season? Do you think even the season will be finished out, or do you think pokemonls to reevaluate completely, like how they're going toapproach the structure? Like what is going on at this point? It's reallyI'm not going to give my personal thought, but I mean there are some scenariosthat could potentially play out. You know, one scenario that happens,and this is very optimistic, is like somebody in some country, you know, finds a cure or the disease gets, you know, quarantine to the pointthat it's not like a public health epidemic or whatever that looks like,and then the season finishes out. You know, we start playing in Julyand there's a world's and they cut back championship points. Okay, that's justlike one hypothetical, right, that could and the other hypothetical, you know, that I see is that it just goes far too long. You knowthat the estimates to kind of look back at the season and reevaluate, youknow, as all these arts organizations and gaming companies say, okay, we'regoing to cancel until May and you know, come back and look at things.I think there's a, you know, very, very real possibility that thisepidemic and pandemic just spreads longer than the reevaluation time and that will justhave no season left. Right. And at a certain point, like there'salmost like a point of no return where you can't really write justifiably continue theseason as a whole. Right, you know it like, I mean wehave, we have played half or so of the season, but that's allis now, especially like, especially with the League Cup System we have now, you're not bound to playing the season for the whole year. Right.There could be someone who planned to grind out during quarter three and that's there. That's their season. You know, quarter three and four after season,and you know, once you started losing that and the bunch of people beupset because they've lost through opportunity to other people didn't, and it's just likethat was a matter of timing, quick rision and that's it to write,because you have these giant I sees. You have, you know, specialturn SPS, you have regionals and things that happen in certain areas that reallyare CP devoid, and so, you know, you look at a placelike Europe and having the cancel their big tournament is just so incredibly important toa lot of players for them to just get those few points they need toget the world's invite. So, yeah, you're taking away these tournaments that theyneed. And how does that affect worlds? And should world's even happen? It's a lot to think about and I don't want to like make aprediction because anything can happen at this point. If if this last week taught usanything, it's that anything can happen. Anything can happen, and so theworld just moving at such a rapid and frenzied pace right now that itfeels very just silly to talk about this, but we should. I mean,you know, you got to have an escape, you got to haveyour hobbies and things like that. So what I what I would love tosee as a world's you know that I would love that for multiple reasons,pokemon, but more importantly for humanity we have. If we have world,you know, scheduled goes on at the a lot of time, then thatmeans that, you know, we've survived as a race and that w wouldbe good. That would be nice for...

...sure. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think I'm kind of with you. It's a it's definitely dangerous, Ithink, to even make predict not really dangerous, but it feels prettemptiveto make predictions because really there's so many ways this can go down, likewe could contain it really well, things could be cure things could go horriblywrong, and it's just it feels like we're not in the place where wecould really say how things will develop. We can, we could give ourbest interpretation for various scenarios, but sure you know at that point, youknow where we're shooting. Twenty, thirty million miles away, you know,light years away. And Right, it doesn't feel like fully fair to youguys for us to make those statements. So right, right, right,and it I mean and again people are being hopeful. I think the hopefulside of things is to is for pokemon to say, Hey, we're goingto reevaluate. You know, that's very hopeful of them. Because just whenyou live it in the day to day it just feels I don't want tosay I feel hopeless, because that's a little bit more dramatic than I wantto say it. But it just feels like a really big situation that's totallyout of my control. And if I put my hope in, you know, money, and if I put my hope in health and if I putmy hope in you know people, then I'm going to be let down alot. And so, you know, just it feels. It feels likesuch a such a big problem that, you know, it just has thishas this weight to it that I would not just be surprised if, likeall of two thousand and twenty is canceled. We just start again. Two Thousandand twenty starts again January, right, yeah, yeah, well, no, we start yet. Yeah, two thousand and twenty two. Know, we just restart January first of two thousand and twenty one and we callit, you know, two thousand and twenty and just Redo the whole year. But it just feels out of my control. I obviously it is,and it just feels like such a big problem that even in two months whenwe come back and rebout reevaluate. I just have this feeling that not muchis going to change and that, you know, the whole year is goingto be canceled, pokemon wise, right. So just again to stay firm onour stands from last week. Please, please, please, wash your hands, practice good social distancing, work from home if you can. Thoseare all the essential processes to making sure that we contain and flatten the curveand move forward, not only as small city population or as a state ora nation, but just the world as the whole is affected here. Soplease do practice everything that's being recommended to you. I promise it's not.It just some bad flu which see, well they and there you go.Riley, you're kind of coming at it. I mean I know you're not ahealth professional, but you're kind of coming at it with at least morehealth knowledge than I would have. Is there anything that you're seeing from withinyour company that either has you a little bit more on alert or that you'rehearing from maybe hospitals that you're working with that is kind of pricking your earsup in terms of, Oh, this is very interesting, you know,or Oh, this is way more serious than I thought. I don't know. How much like. I'm at liberty to say, but I do knowthat a lot of hospitals are working together to figure out long term solutions andthey're working with us to kind of figure out what the solutions might look likeor how to map that path out to get to a solution. So we'vebeen really hard at work with that and I know especially hospitals in California andWashington have been really on the ball with this kind of stuff. So,yeah, of course Riley works at a what would you describe epic as medicalrecord software? Yeah, exactly, so has a little bit more of theinside track. But yeah, crazy times. We're here for you, though,guys. We will be here as long as we can, weekly Wednesdays. We're going to do our best, you know, it's all we cando right. So, Katy, what have you been doing like in thisparty period, like how even practicing good social distancing at home? What areeven up to? I just haven't left my home, for better for worse. I just it's really not on a day to day aside from seeing theridiculous like twitter feed or facebook posts, like, from the day to day, it hasn't really changed all that much. Like I've had a few gigs canceled, I've had a few auditions canceled. So that's like things that I ina future that I wouldn't be going to. But on a day today level, like I stay home, I practice, I make reads,I stream, I you know, coach and all that stuff I do fromhome. So it's not like, you know, I don't go to workevery day and then I can't do that anymore, like a lot of ourlisteners. But on the day to day that hasn't changed. It's just thislike mental change. You know, I...

...found myself to be timeless, kindof sitting in a in a void, so to speak, of time.You know, it just feels like the whole world's on pause and it's kindof a strange feeling and I I've been giving myself a couple days to kindof snap out of that and I think I'm going to try to, youknow, get get on top of some work that I do need to dotomorrow. But yeah, I've been able to just hang out with some churchfriends, you know, do some have some prayer time in the morning withmy wife and my church family. I've been able to play some video games, do a little bit of reading and and I have been playing duets andstuff to pass the time. It's it's been really relaxed. That is nice. I am I could say that I m your team really hasn't truly changedall that much, besides the fact that now all my work it's contained inmy apartment building. So yeah, like, I get by. I get bytake an advantage of a lot of discounted delivery and stuff like that.For sure, Dominot it's half off all pieces. Oh my gosh, dude, it was crazy. That's sounding own nights. Yeah, but like,my thing is, like do you trust the delivery drivers? I think forthe most part I trust the drivers because, like, the food is all Icontained, you know, it's all in truckses or whatever. The chef'sI probably also trust. I don't know. I don't want to think ill ofanyone. And the first place, right, and some like at somepoint there's going to be half, some level of interaction, right, likeeven if you're going to the grocery store, like that's all that stuff is stockedby someone you know. So you can't live in paralyzing fear either.So I don't know. I have thought I have thought about like that exactquestion, though, like you know, what is the what is the line? But for like delivery versus, like you know, x y Z.I guess at the end of the day, I'm not too worried about me myselfgetting infected, but I don't want to spread to other people. Soas long as I'm still practicing good distancing and moderating my health, I thinkthat's what's most important, is making sure that it's contained more than a yeah, so, right, right. So you talked about the disruption of,you know, work. How about things like going to the gym? TheGym is impossible to go to. Yep, I'm a very nice gym that I'ma member of and they closed officially today, but I did not gosince last Thursday. I even felt pretty stupid for going out Thursday at all. Sure, my apartment, Jim, is also closed, so I'm kindof like stuck doing stuff in my apartment, which obviously is not as effective,but I think like the health of the entire nation is more important thanme getting like a good pump on my biceps. So yeah, yeah,you know, it's fine, it's yeah, it's definitely interesting to think about andjust the way that you speak about it. To think about the virusas not a you know, not me us, to borrow from the GreatBernard, but it's not a it's not a single thing. So, likedo I worry or do you worry about getting affected? No, not really. You know, we're young, relatively healthy, I mean, but it'slike a collective. You know, thinking of yourself in the collective is somethingthat is a little bit it can be countercultural to, you know, asignificant number of people, right. Yeah, so I think, I think,yeah, just like having this collective mindset is really going to be whatit gets us through there. And part of that as well, it's justlike staying in your communities, like I've used a lot of discord in thepast couple days. Stay in touch with all my friends from Ohio or furtheraway, and, you know, we're all stuck at home together. Soit's kind of like it's kind of like we're all just still hanging out,but right from different locations. And so right, like you're alluding to videogames. I've playing a lot of like online games or like you know,do pictionary online. Has Been Really Fun. You're playing alto get Morse here.Give me your like desert island video games right now. So you know, hypothetically speaking, you know you're quarantined and you can't go outside and theonly means of entertainment you have is a computer. What Video Games are youplaying? Well, when animal crossing drops, I'll be playing a lot of that, okay, but for now I've been playing a lot of legal legends, tepy tactics, especially because the news of teeth by tactics is dropped.I've been playing like online pictionary, which has been really fun, but onlyin like the right doses. You know, you can't play that for hours,but you can play it for like one to two sure, and thenultimate chicken horse has been very fun. Of this. Well, it's likea platforming game where you can play stuff in the field, like mess withpeople. Okay, so that's been really... as well. It's just like, honestly, whatever, I'm kind of just open right now to trying yougames, which is funny because I don't get a lot of chance to likegame and the average week because, you know, just between commuting to workand going to gym and getting making dinner and coming home like that takes somuch of my day that right time I got home and all like her compartmentalized. And Yeah, I time I get home is bedtime or just like tcgout for a little bit because I want to stay sharp, and then bedtime. Sure, so absolutely. Yeah, it's been like a little bit ofa structure change for like how my life is approached right now. For sure. Yeah, for sure, for sure. Yeah, I have been playing.I have a PSTWO and that's my only game system. So don't gottaswitch, don't gotta you know, xbox or whatever the kids are playing thesedays. Got A PSTWO. It's actually just been sitting on our on ourcounter for DVD's. So I was like, you know what, let me justuse this thing to Frist attended. And I picked up a couple gamesfrom the store the other day and they were GTA by city and final fantasyten. And we're talking a little bit before the cast just about those.And I haven't played in RPG like final fans or yeah, it's an RPGright, I don't even know the nomenclature. TURNVACE's country. So final fantasy,I haven't. I've played some final fantasy in the pass. I wastelling you one, two and four are the ones that I played for Mobile, for the game boy advance and just getting back into it. I amhooked. The game is. It holds up really well. It came outin like two thousand and one and like the Cutscenes, I'm like yeah,you know, I believe it, like it's cinematically it looks very yeah,clean, it's the world, for sure. It just it holds up really welland like, obviously you know, it's pixelated in the graphics aren't likethe best, but it's just I'm impressed. Every time I put it in.I'm like wow, they are telling a really deep story here, andI am only engaged, and that's not something that you know, I II've had in a while because I just haven't played video games. I don'tI'm not a video game player. Aside from each of a Gamer, Iam a foe Gamer, a Fo Gamer. You kind of like adopted Gamer culturewithout really being much of a true Gamer. Yeah, I feel thatexactly. Have you've been keeping up with the Johnson's and just like playing pokemonis, he's g Oh and all that kind of stuff? Yeah, forsure, for sure. I definitely have pokemon. Had will never really goaway. I think it's always a good time to play it is. Yeah, there that that. You know. Obviously, when you're not preparing fora tournament then it takes a little bit of the lobster off of phcg Ohbecause there's no incentive really to do so. You know there's that, but itis still a fun game in my opinion. I like the format nowmore than I did the last format and just generally speaking, I would sayit's an above average format of all the ones that I've played in. Youknow, my my time playing the game. So I'm having a good time withit. Yeah, I think this one that's pretty fun. I likedI like just play in a couple games online. So we got a couplequestions actually about TCG Oh and both of the guards to playing it and howit might be update in the future. So the first question we got wasthe online Meta typically leans towards rogue decks or was very polarized towards certain decks. Have you noticed anything recently with the online Meta and how it's being approachedright now? One thing that I've been seeing. Yeah, you're saying it'skind of polarizing. I've just been seeing a lot of just the best deckand format. I've been seeing a lot as ascan ATP. That just seemslike I almost can guarantee that if I play five games, I'm going toplay at least two games against that deck. It just seems like it's everywhere reallystrong. I haven't really seen a ton of me too. I thinkthat just doesn't seem like the the ladder deck of choice. If you're tryingto fill out the ladder and that's like you're only reason for playing the game, then I feel like Mewtwo is maybe not your best choice because the gameis usually drag on a little bit. You know, with a deck likeZay Zaan ATP you can really Fort Zausci and whatever. You can really forcethe game to last into like four or five turns and you know pretty quicklywhether or not you know you have a great shot to win the game right, so you can just always concede or something if you're if your hand isbad. Usually it's not with that deck but a deck like me to evento some extent, Malamar. The Games can drag on a little bit longerand that's not as conducive to you know, just finishing the ladder. So Ihaven't really seen those archetypes as much. For sure. I've been seen alot of this dafan baby blound deck as well. Yeah, people lovethat yetting. I love it. I love that's fun. The best partis definitely the cranial lad just coming in... sniping, but the Cramer at, Oh yeah, dude, cramer and is like definitely pulling its weight asone of the most I don't even want to say underrated, but like oneof the one of the better cards, I guess, from the from thenew expansion. Like it's really, really cool. I love the Crameer at, especially in that and then with Beatle Cephalon deck, it's just like yeah, you know, why not like just cramer it? I'm saying, yeah, exactly, just take it, because everything is relied on Adnne. That'sone of the things that I like about this format is that abilities are basicallyfree range. We don't have things like power plant. You know that much, and so you know, play your player, Dedenne's, you know,and everyone does. Almost every single deck does. Now I will say thelast time that I booted up Tcgo for fun, I played against a coupleof green's ards, and I'm not going to lie that that actually doesn't seemlike the worst deck right now because you get quick ball right which you didn'thave in the past. That was like Green Zards, like worst nightmare isto open a hand that you couldn't get a volcanion into the active but nowwith quick ball you kind of alleviate having to like grab a cherish ball anda calm off of Greens. You know, remember it world format when you hadto do that to try to get a vulcanyon out. Yeah, well, the worth it. You're just wouldn't you're just accepted. What a kindof getting out? Yeah, exactly, exactly, just like doing absurd thingslike that. And then, you know, like we're saying, just are likeI was saying, there's not a lot of power plant, but thisdeck can really really abuse it. And so you have a decent matchup againstyou know, me too. You have a decent matchup against ash an ATPfor the soul fact that they have a hard time one shotting your rush isards. If you can put something like, you know, giant what a giantcharm or big charm or whatever, and so you know, has decentmatchups against those two decks and that can get you pretty far in a lotof scenarious that's funny. So what do you typically playing on that on theladder right now? What do I play on the ladder? I play BlisCEPHALON A lot. I find that deck to be really Cathartic because you justhave so much draw we were talking about this too, maybe a week agoor something. It's hard to tell it where. Yeah, where we gotright that we are talking about this like four years ago, don't you remember? So it feels like, honestly. But where it's just it's so funto play for be strings and it's so fun to draw with or Choreo andthen draw exactly, drawing through way cards over and and and then play indedin a and yeah, it's just fun to play that stuff. And itmay not be the best that guy. I would put it at a solidtear to it's very good. It's very, very strong, but it does hassome very glaring weaknesses and I just like that deck. I think it'sit's just the best like chill deck for me to play. It has alittle bit of thinking, as a little bit of lock involved and it hasa lot of power. Yeah, I've really been liking playing a big LissF on as well, just for almost the same reason. Like you dropthree over and over, but now you have the negont gx to draw threeone more time. So yeah, so that's like that's big for me.goode. So I really like that. This to fond x really fun.I just like kind of like just playing this format. It's kind of fun. I get to do a lot of different things I don't. It's openingit a little bit, I think, with something like Henry Brands me twolist, that's a long way to that. That gets very fun. It's verycool. It's something that I want to give a little bit more timewith because there's, you know, just clearly things that I'm missing a littlebit with that deck, having only played at a handful of games. Butyeah, very very cool deck, very interesting and just really goes to showthat the format isn't a hundred percent solved. I think, you know, wetend to, just generally speaking as a community, say like the formatis, you know, formats over. We found, you know, thesetwo or three good decks and we've done it all. But you know,things like Henry Gran'slist like really show that there's a lot more to learn.Yeah, and it's cool because the Henry's list has like a surprisingly good ATPmatchup as well as there any prism star really gets in there. It's it'scool. It's cool to see the thought process that went into that and likeall the very unique gx's that went into it. But they're all clearly havea deliberate purpose and and use in that deck and I think Henry he's comingout with either a video or an article explaining like every choice that he made. Sure, so be on the lookout for that if you're interested. Idon't know what appenue he's going to use to like publish that, but I'dbe interested to hear some of his I maybe I maybe I saw an interviewwith with someone where he outlined it.

So I'm sure it's on Youtube.Yeah, I think it was like with the look, like the sable eyes, like the go yeah, yeah, surely not. Might be it again. I don't know for sure if that was like exactly what he's referencing whenhe said like more to come on it, but he's definitely like doing some stuff, so I would check it out. How he's a really, really smartdude, like he's clearly ahead of the curve on like these new twoarchetypes. So really cool. I mean, you see him. He went towhat oc I see, I think, and brought just about that same deckand then, did you know, above average but didn't end up dayting. And so to see somebody kind of refine the deck a little bit,bring it back and win our regionals with it, that that's always very cooltoo. I kind of am more of the mindset that I tend to switchdecks if I don't do well with it, or just switch decks like because Ithink the meadows going to be different. But it's really a testament to saying, Hey, I'm going to I'm going to take this idea that Iknow works and just run with it and see how far I can take it. Yeah, so congrats the Henry. You may be one of the lastregional winners of the season. My goodness. Yeah, dude, it's funny.It's it's so funny. The last time that I want a regionals Imissed worlds by three points, and so this year I also want a regionalsand world's might not even happen. So I think it's just furst of mewinning a regionals that I just never get to play in the world's it soundslike you're just generally a problem, like the man bone of peers and allthe sudden stragedy strikes and like your world's invites just are cursed. Something goingon. I mean, you're not wrong. The sentence just ends there. AllRight, okay, next topic. It's funny, yeah, but honestly, if you like Pokemon, I would try and just keep up with ECGL, like try and keep your spirit for the game alive and like show peoplewhat's going on. I think it's a great time to get into the gameactually, because Tcgo is going to be so lively. But that's also onus as a community to like bring it up and make sure people get involved. So I know there are some sets of the community that are going forkind of like these grass root tournaments, which is super, super cool.JIB and I lightly tossed around the idea of doing something ourselves to for thateffect, but that's something you would be interested in, like, as acommunity of us, maybe taking us Saturday and just hosting a tournament that webe happy to at least consider the thought. I think that'd be something really funfor me, at least, Riley. I don't know if you know,definitely doing something like definitely. So, yeah, I would definitely love tolike keep this community like alive and thriving, and not just the tagteam community but also, you know, Pokemon as a whole and make surethat people have a chance to get involved and have fun. So if thereare avenues that you think would be good for that, make sure to tweetthat at us or DM US on twitter and we can try and Parse whatwhat people are thinking and work through that. Speaking of Tcgo and keeping it lively. Another great question we got on our tweet asking for what we shouldtalk about in light pokemon being canceled was the online system we have in Pokemon. And so, for the unfamiliar, the POKEMON trading card game online isfar from perfect. In fact, it is very far from perfect. Infact it's closer to terrible than perfect. I think, well, I don'twant to say it's like it, and I think it's in the middle.Now, you know, I think more reason, more results in the best. Nobody, as somebody who's come from, you know, like lack of theDark Ages. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Like a somebody. That'scomfort. Sure, it's just it's miles miles. Yeah, I think isokay. Besides, like the bugs, it's just hard when you it's hardwhen you take tcg Oh and compare it to hearthstone, like or Comorder Aurin. Yeah, like that's really hard to do, because then you say,Oh, yes, now you see where Pokemon is lacking. But pokemon asa client, I think, is it needs more. I don't know,it's fine, it's fine. It does the job well there. There theclient needs to know. Were all for sure, but, like you know, it serves its purpose well enough. Like I enjoy playing TCO and usuallythe bugs aren't game breaking, or at least they're on like random cards thatdon't matter. Some shops they're on like major guards that like greatly. Thatyou can. Yeah, it's like a roller or like fighting, if you'reabout right, crazy stuff like that. Body Building Double Bells is insane.League, which for a while. Yes,...

...yeah, and there were some glitchI was seeing with me or something, where Andrew was yeah, the damagecounters on it at the it shuffled back in the deck with the damagecautters and then it got pulled out of the deck and the still have thedamage cautters. Yeah, yeah, I mean we and we. You know, Riley, you're obviously a little more opinionated in your hate, in yourdistaste. I don't know, I don't hate it. It's just okay,comically bad sometimes. Yeah, I don't. I just give the devs a littlemore credit than that, I say. You know what, they're trying theirbest, I think. Probably. What's what's the deal is, likethey just don't have as many developers on the game, or they don't haveright, but theyby devote said developers. You know, this isn't a trashthe people are developing it currently, but like the team isn't large enough.I don't think. Yeah, probably, probably, as myself, I don'tknow, I mean my I mean this is the perfect time for people tolike get into the game. So, like you would, you would havehoped that, you know, couple years ago they would have just seen kindof how online, you know, was going right. You would have hopethat they would have seen kind of the trajectory of the online client just growingvery massively, you just even with incremental improvements, and so you'd have hopedthat a couple years ago. They could have done some things so that we'reat magic arena, but that's not the case, and so we just haveto be grateful for what we have. Right. Well, I don't know. I don't think you have to sit down and just take but yeah,you know, like you should provide feedback and give them avenue to improve andlike let if you don't like. Okay, I agree. We storm the gates, all right, guys. Well, actually, maybe we just maybe.No, but we that's not good social distancing, so we can't dothat. Oh, true, okay, we storm the gates one at atime, one man in, one man out. Okay, right, like, I think there's just so many things they could improve, and part ofthat's a low Dev like DEV team and low resources being devoted to that partof it. I think it's just like apathy towards like improving it because,you know, they kind of got what they want out of it and don'tcare to improve it. Right. I think like we need to improve bothminds. It's like you should set up the kind of environment that magic has, where now there's games growing very rapidly and they have a lot of peopleinterested in magic because they can play online like like Pokemon, doesn't really feellike a great place for new players to experience online for the most part,like some people do. But it's I think it's very small proportion. It'smore so like a testing client for people who already play the game, youknow, like magic arena is just a game that you play and people likeit. Sure, sure, and it's also working and I think like tournamentslike they have magic arena is a component of their overall tournament structure. Yeah, for sure, for sure, absolutely so. I guess like going intowhat I would like from TCG Oh, the client is one thing. Ithink there are some major things they can do the client. I think onething I would really like is like a ranked, actual ladder system. Ithink pretty much everybody who plays pogon competitively would love to see that. There'sobvious there's obviously some MMR that's like hidden, some sort of match taking system thatwe don't get to see, but having a visible Elo system that wecould climb a ladder on besides just the versus points, I think would beinsane. I would love that. I would, I would play so much. I would too like I would want to be the top. However manyfor said or that's hop top flayer like that would be amazing. would beso much. It would be on board. Like like I think, like myI would play pokemon probably twice as much as I know easily. Dude, like I have such a competitive nature to me and it's not really fulfilledon TCG O as is. But like having some sort of actual thing toreach for and get to, and you know, it doesn't even have tohave like an amazing reward or anything, but having the existence of it wouldbe insane. I would love that. So I think that's my number oneask, besides like no glitches. You know, that's like number one.Number two, I guess, it's like for sure some sort of rank systemand then I think, beyond that, taking that the step further is findinga way to, you know, if we reach a point where there's usableat a mass level, because right now you can't use tcgos like a tournamentsystem. You know, it's not in the state where you can do that. But if we ever were to reach it, I would love to seeTcgo integrated in the tournament structure in some sort of way, and that,I think, go hand in hand with having a rank system. Like inHarstone. You know, it's not. Obviously I think maybe a better compairsis magic, where they have x amount of players that get invited from theirmagic arena and they go to the world's from from their magic arena gameplay,whereas a pokemon there's no really equivalent.

And it's kind of sad because BGChas the has like these online tournaments they can get champ points from. Yeah, where there's no IING end and TCG, and I wasn't even going to sayI mean pokemon go had what one person that was invited from playing theonline game, like when they did that small tournament at world's last year,like they had. They also have, you know, somebody who proved themselvesduring, you know, the the whatever the matchmaking in the client was,that they were able to earn their way on to into that tournament at worldso I mean it's like we're the only game that doesn't have that and that'sthat kind of online competitive component and it's it's unusual, it's weird. Yeah, but I think that they the first step to getting that, though,is getting a better client, you know, because it's not achievable with the gamein its currentcy and I think part of the problem is, like thegame was developed in two thousand and eleven. It was developed with a much simplermindset, and so now we have all this like legacy code which islike bogging us down and causing all these weird things to happen, kind oflike how people refer to like the alleged having all this Spaghetti Code because itwas made by a bunch of people and like their basements in two thousand andten, and now there's all these like horrible things that are still in there, but they're just like that's how it works now, you know. It'slike, you know when some some some random guy as like a like ajust a like a plate or something as one of his wheels and he's like, well, that's just how it works now. I can't get rid ofthe plate. Be Funny, you don't have say like it's kind of likethat. Right, I don't think I'm play. It was exactly the thingI was going for, but like, you know, having a can belike the exhaust pipe or something, or just something that just totally is nota place. Yeah, exactly. So I don't know if you had anythingyou wanted to add that I know, I kind of went on a tieright there, but I just have a lot of passion for like playing pokemon. I'd love to like extend that to online. Of course, of course, I completely agree. I mean there would be a lot of problems.Well, there would be more problems, but there would be a lot ofthings that it would be solved if you made a rank ladder just there wouldbe a lot of people that would be excited and happy and more people wouldbe excited, I think, to play the game because there's that goal toreach for, and so that's just always going to be our biggest ask asa cast. So, but how to keep the game interesting outside of,you know, in what current system we have? That's something that we alsowant to talk about. I've seen people that have started their own kind oftournament systems. Online tournament system is going through channels like dis chord right,and we lightly are offens that earlier. Yeah, and facebook and like.So, but there are other ways to keep the game interesting, I thinkin terms of deck building, in terms of you know, just in termsof challenging yourself. I guess, like some people I've seen hold weekly leaguenights and since they can't meet on Tuesday's at the local game store. They'llhost it over Phcg oh and just things like that. How do you thegame interesting now that you, you know, are never going to go to anothertournament for the next two months? Well, one thing I thought wasreally interesting, and I saw this because of Andrew Stream today, actually,and Pedro and tortive kind of come up with this sixty card challenge where youhave a sixty unique cars, including energy cards, in your deck and youtry to win as many games as possible with that. And see now likesetting arbitrary restrictions on yourself and like your deck building. That's always down tome, like try to figure out ways to clot of situations. You know, I think you're probably will get bored if you try to play Zastion ATPon CCG Oh every single day for the next two months. Try that tome doesn't sound wildly entertaining. But trying to, you know, break themetagame in like alternative ways or fine, sort of all sorts of crazy windconditions, like you know how so verbank the other week. There are thosepeople try with the Walkoff homers Slowbro deck like that's just the kind of thingthat would be fun to mess around with. You know, yeah, absolutely thebest thing of all time. Sure, sure, so, what are somemaybe formats that you could think of that? You know, you referencethe Singleton deck building. What are other like formats that you could think ofthat would be interesting to try to, you know, win on peg,try to, you know, meet other people on Petaccio? Honestly, Ithink, like any rogue strategy is always refreshing, even if it's not likesome sort of arbitrary deck restriction. There's people who try to just go forlike insane wind streaks as well, kind of like referencing the old toward challenge, if you remember that from last year, two years ago, where you tryingto get like a hundred wind streak or you like delete your account orsomething if you don't get it, something...

Insaye like that. Yeah, Ithink that's potentially a fun avenue. Or just and again let's putting like arbitraryrestrictions on yourself, like, you know, instead of like maybe you take likethe top x cards in the format and to say I can't play anyof these. And so they sure can't play June or research and you can'tplay Marni and equip more money have to like figure out a way to builda good deck without any of those cards. I think there's all sorts of stuffyou can do and really the world is your oyster. We have afairly large card pool right now, especially if you go to to expand orlegacy or just do unlimited decks with friends. I know one thing that my friendsare doing a or discord the other week was they were going into deckwizard and just having it build decks and flying against each other with their deckwizard decks. Oh Yeah, I'm pretty fun. It was very entertaining andthey were just like first they did fully random and then they started doing likethey choose. They chose the Pokemon to build a deck around. They wouldchoose like one GX POKEMON and how deckzard built around the GX pokemon. Itwas like completely absurd. It was very funny. That's what's up, Dude. Yeah, that's you know. I know in the tricky gym discord serveris someone just brought this up in chat as well. They're going for likea alternate format tournament. So The sun and moon to cosmic eclipse block,so every Sunday Moon set kind of encapsulated in one tournament. That seems reallycool. There's is all sorts of things that really are available to you andyou shouldn't feel the need to just beach trapped in the same cycle of playingthe same three decks and standard over and over like we hit. We havethe freedom to do what you want, you know we it's not like ourtrying to win a regional right now or trying to have fun and keep theinteresting. Yeah, exactly, exactly. So those are just some ideas ofhow to keep the game fresh and, you know well, I'm sure figureout a few more by next week. Yeah, I'm sure every week we'llhave something new to us to say about what we did to keep it interestingover the last week. Yeah, exactly, that's funny. So I think that'sabout all we had on our docket for this week. So we'll openup the chat to questions right now. So we're interested in what you're doingwith your time right now, practicing good and social distancing. How are youplaying Pokemon, enjoying the series, or what else are you generally doing?Or what do you just want to hear from us? Be sure to dropit in the chat and we'll get to probably about four to five different questionsbefore we sign off for the night, and we really appreciate all your viewershipand we hope that everyone is staying healthy and taking this outbreak as seriously asit deserves to be taken. We obviously have an element of lightheartedness to thePODCAST, but we do think this is a super serious time and we hopethat is never lost upon our listeners and viewers. Yeah, it was.It was something I was seeing on twitter where they were interviewing people down inFlorida and, you know, people were like yeah, you know, I'mgoing out to the beach today because, you know, it's my spring breakand like this whole virus like ruined my spring break, but I'm down hereand I'm going to go out and hang out on the beach and like youknow what, man, yeah, that's a little wild to me. Justjust the response like that that we've seen from local and federal governments has beenso, I think, impressive on the whole, like across the nation,and it seems to be pretty unified in the response of just like shut itdown, you know, shut everything down. I'm really I'm I'm I'm hopeful aboutthat. And then it's also like, Oh, yeah, this is prettyserious, you know. So, so take it, take it,don't take it lightly, don't take care. So and chat. We have AlexGarcia asking what do I think? What do I think is the bestbaby blade Meta babilion in the metal right now? For those of you whoare uninformed, out SCARCIA is really awesome pokemon player and he has lately beenbringing baby Blaides to regional tournaments. So I got the joy of playing babyblade in Collins Hill and honestly, that lefthanded bay blade that was very heavyreally just destroyed everything. But I think whatever, yeah, the only basedon weight, kind of. And shape. Yeah, and launch. So likeposition, okay, you know they okay, blades are insane, Igotta say. And but honestly, I think the Best Bay Blade is whateverone is in my hand, because I have a lot of baby blade powerthat kind of like surges into the blade as I charged up, and it'slike a it's like a fortnight dance. Right, did W I could definitelysee you like being into like tick tocks. Oh Yeah, oh, dude,would tick tock? I don't want to do tick tock, but Icould see you being the kind of person who would do tick tocks. Iget into Tick Tock. All Right,...

...chary Christ want if I should getinto take now. We'll talk about this. We'll talk about this on the afterdark stream. What should be my first I'm not like opposed to youget a good tick dock, because that would be funny. I see.So okay. So, Riley, here's my question to you. Is,if we're, you know, if we're stock, if we're quarantine for two, three months, four months, I don't know. I mean, whoknows at this point? If we're we're quarantine for a long time, whatnew hobby or new skill are you going to try to pick up? That'sa really good question. I don't know. I might try and like learn moresongs than like my Ukulele or something. I play the Ukulelely to. That'sso fun. Yeah, it's just a it's a very easy, likefun instrument, so very fun. or I might get more to the HarmonicaKit that you gave me for Christmas. Oh yes, that's right. It'sactually fun. Perfect time to start learning yet. That would be really fun. We could do like we could record our own intro music just with HarVonicas and tape, or, be said, baby soon. You clearly harmonica.There we go, you got it, were broken. So that is veryfunny. Also, look out, guys, in the near future wehave something in the works here. will be posting it on our twitter's justjust the cool we're being a little featurette. So look out, be on thelookout for that. We thank you, guys all so much for listening tothe cast and supporting this cast with the views, with the downloads.Again, it's been really great and we hope that that continues, you know, even as we go into this kind of dull, this lull period ofPOKEMON trading card game. We just we thank you guys all so much.Can't say it enough how how happy we are to have the audience that wedo. And Yeah, we just hope that we can provide good content foryou that keeps you entertained and we're open always to more suggestions for that.Yeah, so I think what that would probably bring things to a close.Be sure to check us out on social media. I'm at smiles the trials, G W is at Real John Watter and the show is represented at ACTACteam Pokemon, and be sure to check out our most recent tweet, whichask for suggestions about what to do in this periods. If you have thoughts, just reply. It's that easy. Or if you want to keep iton the download, just DM US and we'll keep it secret until it goeslive, till the time, until the time is right. So I thinkthat's about it. JW is about to go live with his after dark streamfor the live viewers. So be sure to give j w all the lovethat you give us as a team and we will catch you all next week. Hey,.

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