Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast
Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 4, Episode 23 · 10 months ago

4-23. Remember Fusion Strike?


The boys are here to remind you Fusion Strike is still a thing! Come hear about their trials and tribulations, JW's epic gamer moments, and the top decks in the metagame.

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Yo, what's up, guys? Welcome back to tag team Pokemon Trading Card Games Premiere podcasting duo. My name is Riley Hulbert, joined as always by my good, good friend Mr JW Curry. Wall Holdings, Mike in hand. Mr Jw, how you doing today? I'm doing okay. I'm doing okay. My mic stand broke. I thought I could get away with my Blue Yetti but it just it really sounds very different to this one. And Yeah, so I'm keeping my El Gatto wave. You know, the sound is one thing, but the audio is just like really poppy when are you're doing our or Mike checks. I don't know why it doesn't really make that much said, but I think we had that issue like a while ago, like months ago, when I was still with the Blue Yettie microphone, like I remember us having that and just kind of dealing with it. Time flies that, it does that, it does house, House life. It's good. I went skiing last weekend. There's a lot of fun right. So that was fun and you know, I haven't had a lot of chance to play archias since it came out, but I have really been enjoying it. You want to learn something crazy, that you learned in archis. I. Yeah, I would. Okay, this is a pres within spoilers. Is like a within five minutes of starting the game, spoiler. So I'M gonna say it without rebuts okay, but but also just so everyone knows, if you haven't played it, spoiler. This is spoiler. Did you know that when pokemon go into the poke balls, it's not the poke ball tech that shrinks them down? Pokemon have the innate ability to shrink themselves down go inside of the ball. No, that's what they had to say at the start of the game. That cannot be true. Ll. Either it's either there of just either the characters in the game are wrong, which I guess is a possibility, or I think it's the telling the true the kind of thing where science hasn't quite but like haven't figured it out yet. Like the poke ball in the game is like literally just a block of wood, right, but they still drinking kem on. Willingly do that? I don't know's I would a wild pokemon willingly do that. I like the I don't know something well, and and that they get hit they shrink. I don't know how to think that. Rust of the ball, the revelation like a really struck me right. Okay, well, here's the other question, and I haven't played the game, but if they're just blocks of wood, what are the fireworks? Well, that's flavor. You know, I can I can write off the fireworks. I just like I feel like like some things and games you don't have to explain, like the pokemon going into the pokeball. You don't have to explain it. So that's more. That's cannon. Now, I guess. I mean maybe later in the game they like disprove it or something, but I'm mad. But that freaked me out. That freaked me out because does that mean they can just be little whatever they want, like outside, like outside the polk? Just what if they're like they could be like microscopic and you would just never know. What if there was a that's sort of like a covert, covert operation with yeah, like what if team rockets me out able to get really tiny? Ye, you can like slip through key holes and the stuff. Yeah, it's the Farious, man. That's extremely nefarious. So that was the deserving fact that I learned at the start of lungeon's Arctis. I'm probably the only person who like actually thought about it after they said it, but it bothered me. Man, that is really bother so I have like it was we could have I don't know. You're saying that it was something that you wanted to learn, but for me, I could have gone without knowing that and everything. No, I'm saying. I'm saying in video games there are sometimes like you just write things off and it's just that's the video game, right, like yeah, like Pokemon, like going into the poke exactly like Pokemon, going the poke balls doesn't need to be explained to me. It just happens, and so now I'm just my whole world view is kind of messed up. So that's me. How are you? My basement flooded. That's not like nearly as bad as my thing, but so true, so true, but that definitely sucks. Yeah, it wasn't a big flood, but this is a tiny, tiny, little boy. Was it from the the storm that flew through? I mean it has to be related. We have no idea really, like it could theoretically be something internal, like a pipe burst or something, but we don't think so, because all our pipes are peticas massive dukey and burst the pipe. I mean you know me, but yeah, it I don't know. It just it's kind of weird. It's it's very weird because we can't...

...see. There's nothing dripping, you know. It's not like we can see a leak anywhere or even like ran the shower for a little bit just to you know, we've shut the water off, but like we turned it on because we're like well, be nice to take a shower and then also do a test of like okay, well, oh, there's the pipe that it's coming from, right, but yeah, the ones we're not the water right exactly. Weren't able to do that. And then, yeah, it just and it's weird because it's all standing water, just because it's not draining. Yeah, which is the weirdest part, because we have a you know, you can see it as like and I tried to stick some things in. Yeah, like okay, this isn't this doesn't seem to be. You know, there's no like, you know, bag or something covering it which would prevent the drainage of the water. Uh Huh. And yet none of the water will go down that that drain. So curious case, very curious. Well, that's unfortunate. Sorry, you have to deal with that. That's okay. It's life, man. So true, so true. Some days you learn about pokemon shrinking now and other days your placement gets flooded. Some days your Muv Max, other days your big ten ev Max. I feel like there are Worse v Max has. Other days your flapp will v Max. Yeah, like I feel like there's worse than Flapp will do right, like there's definitely some betre. What is the Worst v Max? I don't know. Butterfree, I don't I don't even think it's butter free, but I don't know what it is. Okay, but there is definitely an answer. There's definitely right answer and there is an answer. Hmm, what to think on that next episode. To didn't for you the Worst v Max. It's the whole hour and depth analysis and most well, GW not to minimize your troubles, but you did have an upswing recently as well. I did. I did something when right in life. Yeah, it's that. Tell us about that. Yeah, I won a major tournament, a major turnament. He says, what major tournament? You and I won my local game stores Team Challenge qualifier. There you go. Yeah, how many people were there? There were four of us and you were the strongest, clearly, and we all played dark dexts. Oh my God, wait, that's insane. Yeah. So, so my first round I played against US sable eye in telly on, but the list is kind of interesting because he played. It was like actually sable ie talian, like without the Hoopah and without hard a Kuno, are excuse me out there, and that without the MOULTRAS. Yeah, the article on not being in their traps. He didn't play. He didn't play flapp Ole v MAG. This guy not like lavel. Yeah, I know, right, imagine. And then I play. So I won that one and then I played. Well, obviously I won them all, will just say that. And then the next round I played against a single strike or Shafu Umbrion Deck, Uh Huh, which I won just barely. And then in the final round I played against a mirror I was playing gangar myself. HMM, single strike gang are. I played against a mirror deck and I came out on top. Wow, that's pretty cool, man. That is pretty cool. It was very heroic. So you are now locked in for the team challenge. What stores you end up going to? Beyond the board, beyond the board there we go. Watch out for Jadew in the team challenge locking it in at beyond the board. Are you a hype for the the main event? Bro, I'm always hype. I'm always hype. Yeah, I get really I get really excited for these like official tournaments. I don't know what it is, but like the online tournaments I don't really get that excited for, but the official ones I'm like a hit different. Yeah, they do hit different, for sure. So so, I mean it sounds like at that event everyone had the exact same game plan and that was to play a dark deck to maybe beat U v Max. But nobody played v Max because everybody had the same game plan. I was thinking that players would try to counter you at the local level, because that's just kind of like I know a couple of the guys that were there and...

...they are generally like the Antimeta players. Yeah, that's not like a it's not like a negative thing. It's just like they tend to okay, there's a best deck and they tend to play a deck that can beat that or is like the direct counter to it, and so I kind of expected that, but I thought more so they would go to like a Jolteon, uh Huh. You know, to counter mew, although it's not like a perfect counter, but you you get my point where it's like that's the second best deck and you know it's pretty decent. So that's where I was going in with my was my single strike Ganger. I'm like, ooh, this is going to be you know, I'm going to take wins against me and Joel Tian, and nobody played either. Well, there you go. Now, I I actually would expect, and maybe this is this is just my opinion. Granted I'm not a not your lawyer, I would actually suspect many, like team challenge qualifrus, to have a like strict underrepresentation of you, just because people don't want to show the money on the car, you know, right, like you might maybe play one mw deck. Yeah, yes, I think you'll actually be underrepresented. So if you're a anti Meta warrior, you gotta Aunti Meta, the dark decks, because that was the decks that people have handy. All right. So, like the question becomes now what would I have played? Like what was the perfect medical knowing that it was sable ie and to single strike decks, and I wonder if I would have not dropped the game if I'd played something like own journer. Let's go, yeah, like Stones Joerner, definitely a big move in that space. I think like a leafy, I could have done okay, and that's face beyon would have been pretty decent. Yeah, so the local meadows are funny, man. They really are, man, they really are. Well, congratulations on conquering the team challenge. What is your advice to people who are looking to do the same and trying to get in their store? Well, you know, try to try to find different ones, right, because we you can enter into like up to twelve. So you should try to you know, if you're really set on getting into the team challenge, and make sure that you have located your stores, because some are starting up right so you don't want to miss out on opportunities. If you're like, if you're desperate to get in your like I really want to like go to one that is a bit like. Just find all the ones that are available, make sure you don't, you know, Miss Your shot and then, yeah, the other thing is just like no, no, you're local guys. I guess I didn't know them well enough. I guess is I have well I haven't got you knew them, but you didn't know sense since like the pandemic started. So that try. No, yeah, so it just it's tough to hear what they've been playing like. I don't know what they've been doing recently. So anyway, there you go. That would be that would be my advice. It W's advice is just play the game enough and eventually you may qualify. Play the game enough and know exactly why your points. It's that easy. Is that easy? It's that easy, guys. So looking ahead to the rest of our EPP today, want to talk about some news in the TCG space and postcard of the day will be doing a Meta analysis. So if your team challenge grinder, this is definitely the episode for you. Very cool. Let's get right into it. So, Gw, we had some exciting news over the last few days in the POKEMON set reveal space. Not a lot of new cars revealed or anything like that, but we do know some cool new information about what's coming up in the future. So we had our next set, name has been revealed, as well as, I think, the power art work as well. If I'm not going crazy here, let me it's like what astral radiance isn't next set. Yes, astral radiance is the next English TCG set. Do out sometime, and the May are maze set we've kind of been considered, you know, taken down this this road of the diamond and Pearl, you know, remakes or kind of homages with the POKEMON. So we've already seen archists and now we are going to see archias's counterparts, dial gun polkya. Yeah, exactly. So DALGAN PALKIA coming in hot here. Going to be likely the mascots of ashure radiance.

Probably also going to see some of our new Heissui and friends in ashure radiance set. So not going to spoil what those forms maybe, but if you're playing pokemon legends, ARCIS ARCHAIS and you are excited to see those pokemon represented in the TCG, this seems like the set for you. So not a lot of information out yet. You wouldn't expect it. And here on tag team we try not to be the guy who analyzes the set six months from now. So maybe three months, but not. Yeah, probably not six months. Were getting some good stuff, man, in brilliant stars. That everyone should be exactly. We should still be excited. About brilliant stars, because they're definitely archetypes of people who have already moved on. Bro My deck is going to be so cracked when astral radiance comes out. You have no idea, so and I you know you lived that life. I'm going to play in the tournaments with the deck could I have now? That's right. So still fun stuff. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing like the POKEMON selections archias kind of world represented in the POKEMON trading card game, especially, actually excited for the trainers. I want to see the trainers represented even more, really the the historian trainers, yeah, because they're a lot of our like, you know ancestors or the like to characters that we know and love. So I think it'd be cool to see like alternate takes on, you know, existing trainers. Cool. Yeah, but that's not the only thing that was revealed. Just today we saw a new reveal for a like promotional kind of set for a pokemon go trading cards, not the ones that you'll find in target that are just like complete knockoffs, but actual pokemon go themed TCG set. You know, what are your thoughts? Yeah, this has been a long time coming. I mean pokemon go recently celebrated their five year anniversary and I'll be honest, it's been really interesting to me to see that. You know, we just really haven't had a crossover set, yeah, in a long time. I mean I'm trying to think of like the history of crossover sets from the POKEMON trading card game to any of the other main franchise games, and they have certainly been you know, it's all based on and the main series video games, right, like all the you know, trainers we get, all the items we get, like you, for the most part have some kind of connection to the Games that they were made in. But, you know, I'm thinking like the Pokemon snap cards. Yeah, there was almost evokes a like detective Pikachu set, detective Pikachu, but that, you know, that's not really a game. That was like a yeah, but I think I almost think of these just like you know, the pokemon media spear outside of the mainline games, you know. HMM, yeah, yeah, and then, yeah, so I guess those two would be we have seen professor willow in the past, right. That has been a card that has been released as another professor discard draw seven, and I think that was a some kind of reward for purchasing something online, I believe from the Pokemon Center. Yeah, I think so, and that might have just been kind of a little hint at what's to come, because I'm really stoked about this. I think it's something that pokemon should be doing more. I think we should. I mean, I think honestly, like if this is a big success, which I'm sure it will be, that we should be integrating a little bit more with the mainline games where it's just, you know, literal scenes of you know, legends, archias or brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl, like just printed on a card with the tax. I think that would be really cool. Now what I my question you, JW is. Do you think a single card at the pokemon go pack besides Professor Willow, will be playable? That's a really good question. The answer has to be like no, right, like the look in this little side set. It's like the detective picture, right, like we might get a Mr Mime that only is using one deg yeah, it was used in one deck because it had a little bit of synergy with other cards, you know. So like maybe that's usually how these minisets goes. They're more for collectors. Yeah, and then four players, but maybe things change. I mean we don't we don't know what they're cooking up. I mean this is exciting. The posting stop as an item. That's high. Yeah, that would be cool, for sure. I'm just I'm just looking forward to to see in it and holding it in my hands. The the pack art is really cool. It's... a bunch of different framed little scenes from pokemon go, and you know pokemon go, it's main craze. Is certainly past, but it's a it's a welcome part of the pokemon world to this day, in my opinion. HMM, so true, the haters here's wrong. Haters can get beat. There's that's what I'm saying, man. The haters can get fat any day. So we're at TAG team. Are excited to see the pop I guest set. Absolutely so. Speaking of cards, that were excited to see JW. Thanks about that time the hood. It's already that time. Think it is all right. Well, I got a fun little a fun little tag team card, if you will. Will you, I sure. Okay. This card was a promotional card in Japan a long time ago and it was made for a special tournament I don't even know that was necessarily a tournament, but a special rule set of your players, Uh Huh, where there were different effects that could alter the game. And so this tournament or this series of games were played by parents and their children. And this trainer card, this Promo Card, said tag team with your partner, then your opponents, which is with his or her partner. So basically, you know, dad switches with Soun right. They son has been playing the game, you know, the whole time, and then mom jumps in right, and they just continue playing with like the game, stay in the decks. That everything. Yeah, exactly. So. So it's one of those just really funny cards that's a Promo Card in Japan for the special rule set tournament, and the thing that I love most about this card is that it's got really funky artwork. So it looks and wearing card actually called. It's called touch change, touch change, touch change, and that's a I don't know if it's the best. Oh yeah, I know this art well, you know this are probably well. I think it's most famous for use in a forum called hey trainer. Yeah, and that is kind of the background. Massive is there multiple prints of this card? Well, now you got me wondering. I don't actually know. I thought there was just the one print. Well, like googled it. I think there may be some later prints of it. Oh No, it's touch generation change, is the there are some different things where they product. They met multiple cards for this format. Yeah, for that format they did, for sure. For sure. I don't know about reprints, though. Yeah, so there's also a card that got two different arts, called touch generation change, and struggling to understand it fully. You Shuffle your hand into your deck. Yeah, and then each player's partner may drop to five cards. So do you just lose your hand? Well, that they're crazy, man. Japanese players are crazy. So I now. I granted, I don't feel like I fully appreciate the rules of this format, but if it's just like me tagging in with, you know, pops, right, attack him, my old Papa Right, if my dad raised me right, then we're both playing optimally and there's no difference with WHO's playing right, right, right. So kind of a sucky card. Well, on the other hand, it could be an absolutely devastating card because I know some dad's or mom's who have sons or daughters that are not very good at the game. Likewise, I know some sons of dadders that if they put mom and dad in that situation, whole buddy, would I be able to capitalize. So it's more about forcing the switch. Yeah, you know, you scape rope up the shaven on the bedge. That's right, exactly. What with the players across the room? I think there's some deep strategy that analysis to be done there, for sure. That Zo touch shange. Who Knew? How about that? Yeah, and you know what Shw what's that? If you're looking to change the way the touch of your lower extremities feel,...

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...up. These are some I mean, people can hate on the team challenges and we kind of take a little bit of a lax approach to them just because, again, there's so many of them and they're usually only about a handful of players. But there are people out there, certainly, that are, you know, really aiming to win one of these or you know, there are prizes on the line in a lot of cases. I only got packs from mine, me mom, but some people will get, you know, boxes, and then, of course, if you advance a few rounds in the actual team challenge, you're getting packs and stuff. So plus the play bats you get, plus the play the shame and playmil looks sick. Yeah, no, joice. So anyway, it's time that we were visited our top decks here and want to start a slop run. Yeah, so we have compiled what we would consider to be the top up five decks heading into this metagame. Wire work our way up the top to probably won't surprise you, but we still want to build that suspense, build the height. So, starting off towards the bottom, a deck that is definitely worth your time and a worthy force in the metagame is the Zahan Zama Zenta deck. Now this deck has honestly it's been one that JW and I kind of trashed on over the course of the post rotation world, but it's continues to be a relatively solid deck in the metagame. Where is a she and Zamazenta thrive is they're very straightforward. They have a like a lot of built in draw and they have a lot of space which they can fill with lots of support. So you have your crystal caves, you have your Capes, you have your roadem phones. You're drawing constantly with so she and as you build up your energy to your attackers, you have Zama Zenta to wall against v Max has. It's all there, all the pieces are there. The price trade is solid. ZAMASENTA and Zachian both being those two prize attackers, allows you to trade relatively favorably with v Max has, especially if you can wall for a Turner two was. Zama Zenta plus Amazento's just like a wind condition versus some decks. It's just an overall solid strategy. You can never really go wrong with the she and it's just such a good card and it's featured in in all sorts of decks if they play metal energy, can't go wrong with slap at one of those suckers in your deck. So worthy spot in the Meta. I do think it's likely a step below every other deck that were about to talk about, but it's definitely a worthy choice, especially if those are the cars that you got. You would not be faulted for taking them to a tournament. No, and one of the things that I do kind of appreciate about it is that you're going to kind of run certain decks into the ground. For instance, the like the stable eye in Italian deck just won't ever do enough damage, yeah, to to be able to knock out threesas she and I mean they could right, but but it's like it. That's a very good matchup for the deck and one of the main reasons that the Sablie deck has kind of decreased in play. And then we also see a fairly strong matchup against something like Dura ludon. Right. Der Ludon's definitely been a force right now in the Meta. But you're attacking with all basic energies, which is one of the few decks that does all basic energy onto price pokemon. At all basic energy on two price pokemon exactly. You're doing solid numbers. You also have, of course, the the Zazamazana that you can walk with, like you were talking about. So also coup a some and she said as well. Like outside of just directly good matchups, it's really scary when your opponent is or when you are playing the actually and deck. You go first, you attach the energy, you in a trepid sword, hit a second one. That is such a huge board presence. I was so little effort. I was just going to say that. I will say, like one of the most scary things in the format is to, you know, have a MW GENESSEEC deck play like two battle be ip pass, but maybe the second most dominating first turnboard, board position is that intrepid sword for one or two energy. It can be really setting yourself up to, you know, to guss something that your opus trying to build up. It's just a very strong play on that first turn of the game and one of the you know, one of those kind of strong plays that only a deck like Zash and can make. I looking up and down kind of the matchups here, you're taken fairly even matchups with something like mew genes sect. You're taking fairly even matchups when you consider the healing against something like jolteon. So you gotta know how to play it. We're not telling you by any like. It's kind of a hard deck, a little bit of a clunky deck to play in some respects. You gotta really maximize your opportunities because you're never going to just steam roll players for the most part. So you got... know what you're doing when you play the deck. But decent deck, solid deck, and it comes in at number five. W Watch you introduce this number four then yeah, absolutely. Number for for us is der Luton. So we're just talking about der Ludon is being a really strong contender in this format and yeah, it remains that way. I mean you're looking at a number of high tier decks that have pretty much their entire strategy built around special energy. The single strike deck that is rising a popularity pretty much entirely special energy, and then, of course, new genes sect has a real strong focus on special energy. You can bind that with some healing, you can bind that with, you know, high HP and big charm and things like that. You're you're looking at a really hard pokemon to knock out. Yeah, I mean, Dura Ludaan has a slew of benefits. You got the obvious. The wall effect is very strong in the metagame. You have the piercing damage, I think is actually kind of relevant at times as well, like you can't be walled off by his Amazana. You have your own access to sus she in and if you really want to, you can play as Amazona as well. You have that flexibility with the metal energies and it's just overall pretty solid. I mean you get to really high HP numbers, you play those yell towels, you play the Crystal Cave and all of a sudden you have this behemoth that is impossible to knock out. The only real flaw with dralid on is if you don't have an early is a she in, you tend to have a slow down board presence for the rest of the game and it takes three turns to power up. No, pretty much no matter what. So those are really the only flaws and it definitely makes a showing. Regardless of having those flaws, it is a very solid deck in the metagame. Yeah, no doubt. That's why I've always been a fan of hires. She count like at least three, like you. Like you said, it's just so important to get it on that first turn and this deck, it's it has that. You know, it has that kind of build of other quad decks in the past where you're kind of hoping that you're one dude or maybe two dudes can kind of take you the entire way. Like you're very slow. You're very slow, and so you're not going to play these quick balls because you're rarely not searching for that much. And so you know, of course you have adventures discovery, but it's this kind of slow build up and yeah, like you said, if you can't find this ah she in early, you're really losing a lot of draw potential there. That the deck neds. So I don't know, I'm always a fan. If you're going to play this second playing three is as Sheen. That's just me, it's just you. But I actually do agree, though, like having this a she in. It's so good. It's actually probably one of your better starter Pokemon to maybe even better than starting drill it on. So can't go wrong with playing a highs as she and count so she had definitely making a showing it in the less so far. Why don't we talk then about our first non Sehi and oriented deck on the list, in gang are? So gang are is a classic deck in the metagame right now. It's kind of taken over as the single strike archetype of choice in, you know, the least past week or so. JW obviously using it at his team challenge to a high degree of success. Where gangar thrives is obviously it's good against mew like just being able to tear through those suckers, but it's just a simpler, straightforward, more straightforward version of, you know, the more complicated single strike builds that are out there right. So gangar has all the benefits of single strike. You of the typing, but you have like a little more efficiency with your attacks and you can actually get to really impressive numbers for less energy than you might need to on like solely relying on Hershi food for your knockouts. Yeah, absolutely. I've been pretty impressed with Gangar. I didn't have a ton of time with it before playing it in the team challenge, but coming out of the team challenge the biggest scripe that I had was just that in the late game you can get in some sticky spot snots just because you're always going to be searching for, you know, that last energy to attach or your final boss's orders. But on the whole, the deck is a really strong option for players because it is, you know, straightforward. You're taking a really good match up in the mew, although they can win just due to the nature of doing, you know, two hundred...

...and forty on the first turn. It's for day and are pretty good, pretty good, and then you can tech for something like Joltian by playing either a stone journer or a Single Strike Orsi foo of your own to hit for that fighting weakness, to make it just a little bit easier to battle that lightning deck. So I mean gangres strengths are almost self evident. It just did. The build speaks for itself. So if you're looking to try out gang are, you can always ask JW to net deck or you can look at some of the most popular gang our lists. Just really straightforward and honestly I always like the decks that are just they have a plan and they execute on it, you know, and they don't need to worry by anything else because they're going to execute their plan they're going to be good at it. Well the coolest thing about the gang guard deck, as opposed to the just single strike archetype in general, like single strike being umbrey on or or food decks, is that you don't actually need the hound doom to do anything. Like you write down. You can attach, attach, right, attach, attach and swing for, you know, enough damage to take knockouts, like it is that strong on its own that you're not struggling, you know, if you don't get out a hound hour on that first turn. So I like the low maintenance aspect of the deck as well. Agreed. So gangar definitely a beast in the metagame, but the top two decks are still yet a notch above JW. Tell us about number two on our list for this week. Yeah, man, our old favorite, Joelti on Joel Tian, is the really the only snipe deck that we have, but it is absolutely a beast of a deck, being able to sneak out wins against pretty much anything you got. You know, that hundred hundred snipe, being able to take out crucial parts of your opponent's strategy, be at the hound hours or the sobbles or slapping a path of the peek down, preventing your opponent from drawing with Crobad or genes sect and then just slowly whittling away at their board state. I think a lot of players have been getting a little bit more adventurous in their builds. We've been seeing things like escape robe or Cheryl pop up, you know, index, more frequently than I think we have in the past, and I think that just goes to show that the next relatively consistent and you can play these kind of interesting text to get around what your potent might try to do. Yeah, I mean Joel Teon is just it's been a beast for so long now and as Urgifu has progressively gotten pushed out of the Metagame, Joel Te on is only gotten stronger as a result of that, which tracks logically speaking. You just so rapidly are building up kind of the the checkmate amount of damage on your opponent's boards. It really only takes a couple of swings with jolte on before you've put an unanswerable amount of damage on their board state, which is really impressive, especially for effectively one energy with the elemental badge, how quickly that can happen. And you also have passed the peak access, which is just so good at pretty much all stages of the Meta game, but especially when mew is so reliant on its viabilities. And if you can get one of those to stick, you are just going to tear through those Geno sex on the bench like they're nobody tousiness. So Joel Teon obviously an amazing deck and it continues to sit there at the number two spot. You have a lot of flexibility in the build, try new things, you can adapt it to your metagame. So it's a great option for your team challenges where you may have a some insight, for example, into how you pront build their decks. Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. Well, Riley, take us to number one. Shouldn't come as much as of a surprise, but why do you think this deck is still so strong? Yeah, so number one is rapid striker she fu vmax. As you know, actually no rapper striker she foo has been pretty much completely pushed out of the Meta game by the top deck, which is MEW v Max Genes sect at. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody who has been following the metagame. Mouv Max is just an absolute destroyer of world's especially as the builds have been more refined. I think the the early days of UV Max, it was still the best deck, but it seemed like there is maybe more holes to poke into it then they're actually were. When the deck got more refined and more streamlined and more of a focus was placed onto probably the hidden star of the deck and Melohetta, that's when things just... over the top. So the real difference maker from you was leaning hard into the fusion strike Meloletta, doing that seventy damage for every single fusion strike energy you have in play. You can mind that with an a Lisa's sparkle and the MUV's free retreat and you can on the first turn that you are playing the game. So first turn, going second, for example, you can be swinging for two hundred and ten base damage, which just a fusion strike like double attached off the Elisas and one fusion strike from hand. That is enough to knock out most pokemon V on the first turn of the game. Going second, especially if you get a power tablet, you can definitely knock out any basic pokemon V, which is just so hard for your opponent to deal with. Plus then you have the continued high damage output, the healing of psychic leap, the constant draw of genes sect v like, if your deck is an actively doing something that's stopping you, then you has a pretty good chance of just running you over. It's absurd. The deck is so good, so streamlined as well and so fast. It can draws whole deck within a few turns. I mean it shouldn't really surprise you because there's just so much that's going from you. You look at that Geno SEC engine on its own, with all the cards that are printed alongside it, and that alone makes for a good deck. You combine that with some of the best attackers that we've ever seen, and I know it's unbelievable. Yeah, it's really crazy. What are some of the things that you've been seeing in terms of card choices since the last time we talked about me that as you intrigued as to you know, where the deck might be headed in the future. Yeah, I think. I think the mew deck has a couple of things that you pretty much need to include and are basically agreed upon at this point that we're still in the process of getting there the last time we talked. So so that's to mellow Atta and for Lisas sparkle our must have at this point. I think we've also reached the point where people are definitely digging the roadem phones, plus the chramamatic engine jw we. We had talked about that engine so long ago as having potential, and that's kind of where we've landed on the MUV maax decks is having this hyper play from hand heavy kind of deck. The things that are off, you still typically will have a couple of slots because you don't really want to play supporters that aren't elasis and boss, so you'll typically have a few extra slots that you can play with. I will say definitively what the best choice for those slots are, and to be honest, it's probably a little metagame dependent. I've seen people play things like fan of waves, I've seen pokemon catchers, I've seen crushing hammers. I think to me, the the POKEMON catcher kind of leans the most into what mew is built to do, which is just be aggressive and knock your opponents down, and it also gives the opportunity to play a Lisa's and Pokemon catcher in the same turn, which is obviously good. You know, if you've been listening to tag team for a while, you'll know that jaw and I are huge fans of the concept of kind of being able to use an item as a supporter, which kind of fits into that for Pokemon catcher and, worst case, it's an extra card for your geno sex. So you can't cry too much about it. which, as compared to things like fan of waves, which could potentially they just be completely dead in the absence of a chromomatic, I like things like Pokemon catcher and a little bit more, oh for sure. So that's kind of where I am at this point. Is I would play the catcher and I think maybe the second place would be the crushing hammer for me. But really I think you just want to maximize your consistency. So get get all your quick balls, get your battlefy VIP pass, get your rotom phones, your Karmamatics, your fog crystals, all those in there. Play a couple switch so you don't get ruined by a jolty on gusting your Jeto sect one time and you'll probably find yourself in a pretty good spot against most of the metagame. I hear you managed is it's pretty wild how dominant this deck is I think we should see a shift in power with the newest brilliant stars set, kind of shifting the balance, not necessarily, you know, hard countering the mew deck, but shifting the balance away from, you know, three prizes into more of a two prize format. Right and just so there might be a slowing down of the game as a whole as we get more of these V stars into into players hands, but we will have to see. Only time will tell. You does get old for all alongside all of that happening, I know, but I do think mute does kind of run into this weird situation where it it shrades kind of awkwardly with the V stars if they're able to get some gusts off.

Yeah, exactly, exactly. In The v Stars have like just enough hp or it's annoying, the power to out on through them, right, yeah, right, that's a little annoying from you and so well. I mean, obviously we don't know because we haven't played extensively with this new set, but it's certainly a shifting, at least in my eyes, a little away from used dominance. But the SUPERNOVA's burn out, and they sure do at some point. That's something but if you have a team challenge coming up, you is definitely a premier deck. You should really you should really be thinking of the metagame in terms of mew. You either have to play me, you or build your deck in a way where it can beat you comfortably. You know, you Musn't even know if like comfortably is like, because, like there are decks, you know, Zaschian, Yo Joelti on, that have a fifty. It has to turn your to match up into a fair one. At Rice, right, you have to consider me, you and your deck building to make it a fair matchup. Exactly. Yeah, maybe that's the way to say it. But and you see that, man, you see that as you go through like the metagame in these larger tournaments. They're dark decks everywhere. There's random multresses and every deck. It's just insane. Or your deck that just trades favorably anyway, like Malimar. Yeah, where's Malimar? And your in your top fifty, jw Oh man, well, probably slotting somewhere around thirteen or fourteen, I would say, the last time I checked. Let me just pull out the tone that I tear my dexit POPs like a giant fifty pound book on the table. There you go. Awesome. So we hope you learn something from that experience. Top Five decks, as a reminder, in order, are Mu at number one, juelty on a number two, Greek gang are at number three, Duraldon at number four, and is a she and Zama Zenta at number five. All every solid place that you could take to an event and feel like you still made a good choice by the end of the day. Certainly, certainly. Yeah, those are list that I would, you know, feel comfortable taking any event that I would go to, so you should as well. Here we go, Wel Gw I think we've left our mark on our listeners for this week. Oh, I have one other thing. Oh my God, you do. Yeah, yeah, this is kind of a fun hot champ dude. Well, it's just it's a personal thing. I know we're going to get into like socials and everything, but you can find me now on my website, the webs Yo, I agree, created a website. Yes, this has been something that I've been thinking about for a long time, but I finally just decided to, you know, to go for it. So I'm putting out written articles, just very short, kind of blurred blog format. With a lot of the videos that I create kind of alongside so I could say like, Oh, here's some more you know, in depth, maybe analysis of what I didn't really want to show off in the in the you know, deck explanation that I would like to write down, along with a few other little treats. But that website is Flex Daddy. I couldn't get flex Daddycom so I had to get FLEX DADDY DOT cards. Dot Cards is a thing. Yeah, I know, I know, Google domains man. So Flex Daddy DOC cards and I was worried. I almost got flex daddy dot live, but then I was like, what if PTCG live doesn't come out for like four more years? Well, you're also a live streamer. That's fair. But I just felt like Flex Daddy doc cards was a living. DOC CARDS IS PRETTY DOPE. It's pretty gas. Yeah, so you on there, you can find a few articles. Again, it's going to be it's in the very infant stages and the idea is to update, you know, every week with the decks that I'm playing on the on the Youtube Channel and then also have also have some you know, some merchandise and things that you can you can buy shirts that that I like that I have bought spent a little too much money on over there, which are pretty fun. There you go, JW. CHECK OUT FLEX DADDY DOT cards, awesome website. If you are a true tag team listener, if you're a real one, you'll give flex daddy dot cards a sunique peak. That's right. Absolutely. You can find us on all of our socials. Twitter is probably the one that we're the most active on. So at smiles with Ryles for Riley, at tag team Pokemon for the PODCAST and at Real John...

Walter for myself. You can also find the podcast dreamed live every Wednesday. It's Thursday today, but every Wednesday, at twitch DOTTV Monner, or check out my live stream, twitch outv flex daddy righteous. We thank you all so much for tuning in week to week. If you liked it or he had some feedback, be sure to rate and review so we can get boosted up in the algorithm or learn something new that we should do better for next time. We do read all of our DM's and tweets as well and with that will catch you all next time. Peace,.

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