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Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 4, Episode 49 · 5 months ago

4-49. You can Mew, too


The boys are back and.. so is Mew VMAX?! What is going on? The format is getting shaky and wacky leading up to the word championships in London this year- let's check it out together!! 

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Yo, what is up? Guys? Welcome back to tag team, the POKEMON trading card games for a mere podcasting duo. My name is Riley Hulbert, joined as always by my good, good friend Mr J W creewall. J W, how's IT hanging today? Hey, it's hanging pretty well, Riley. Thank you for asking. I'm so glad to hear that. For the listeners, J W gave the little shyest, little meek hand wave when I called upon it. What's that about, dude? Um, just just saying, Hey, you know, in a in a very modest way, it's like a little little guy. I don't really think you fit that archetype super well, man, I'm not gonna lie. Really you don't think so. You don't think I could be an e boy. You could maybe be an e boy, but you wouldn't be like a little shy cute guy. You know, Shylo Cute Guy. It's not you. Well, I mean it could be. I mean you carry a boisterous energy about you. Maybe I could be a boisterous a little cute guy. Yeah, but I just the shy doesn't really fit your profile. Okay, that's fair. That's fair. You could just it emanates from you too, you know, like boisterousness. Yeah, why, it's just like the smile. I always got something I'm I always look like I'm up to something. Yeah, exactly, there's something going on. I'm scheming. You're definitely scheming all the time. A little rambunctious rascal over here. That's me, so true. What's been going on this week? Man, well, I've been working on some projects at work and man, type script is really hard. It is. It's it's like annoyingly hard. I had a I had to react redux project that I had set up with Javascripts, and I know this is going to be like going over a lot of people's heads, but for those that know Um, I took this one project and I basically translated it into type script Um and, you know, put a bunch of the you know, interfaces and make sure all the types are cast, and it's just like there's all these things that's supposed to make it a better program theoretically, that's the whole point of like type script, is to make it Um, you know, so that all the data matches exactly, and it just is making it way harder. You know, the way I had it was fine, you know, and now I gotta do it. But it's been a good you know, it's been a good little little learning experience for me and frustrating experience, but that's what I've been working on. It's kind of like, you know how they say, you know, you gotta do the hard things to get the reward. You know, you gotta take the cold shower and then it makes hard things in the future a little more approachable. Never really heard take the cold shower, but I get yourself. Well, it's like, you know, do the you know, climb the mountain, because then other challenges in your life won't be sure it's difficult. So that's what this feels like. It's your it's your mountain, that's my mountain. I must conquer the type script. But how are you? I'm doing well. I got some really big things on my plate right now. Um, at work, just trying to trying to be a mover and a Shaker, you know, and in the workplace and make cool things happen. But it means that I have to put a lot of effort and mental energy into it. Um. Otherwise, things have been good. Things have been good. It's been beautiful out here recently. Um. So it really just been enjoying, enjoying that. I have a friend in town this week who moved away earlier this year, so I'm going to be able to hang out with him while he's here. It's also my friend's birthday this week, so you got to enjoy that like going on. Actually when testing? When's the testing happening? After Thursday, when I reunite with my friend, I'll actually have time, which will be awesome. That's also that's also what I'm having Thursdays when I have like a big presentation that I'm getting for work. So I've been kind of hunkered down mentally. Okay, very cool. Yeah, so that's cool, but I am so excited for the Pokemon Training Card Game World Championship, G W. They actually showed off the world championship at the Pokemon presents today, which is they thought I would see. I watched that from chick fil a this morning, where I got a little free breakfast, and it was very cool. I mean it was just interesting. Right. You had the I don't know, the director of Pokemon e sports or whatever. I don't know his official title, but he he was up there. He was talking about it and showed off some of the merch and showed off some of the the trophy, the new trophy that they're giving away, which is basically just a trophy of Pikachu holding a trophy. Is it really that different from the previous trophy? I think...'s very similar. Well, no, but it's like they put instead of Pikachu just resting on the base, there's like a base that comes up into these kind of spikes. Yeah, and then and then there's a poke ball, and then on top of the poke ball, it's like a Tinier Pikachu. I just I thought it's like the trophy looked like that. Yeah, it it looks pretty much the same, like the elements of the Pikachu holding the trophy are the same, but then there's this added component of these tall spikes and a poke ball. So I don't know, I'm I'm a little lukewarm on the on the redesign, but I think it's a little bit more modern. So you're going to when the first and second place trophies are sitting behind us here. Bro I'm I'm dreaming of it. I just it's so hard to envision. You know, it's just like you don't want to get your hopes up for a tournament like this, because you just never know what's gonna be thrown at you. But she also got to go in with a winner's mentality. I mean I always do for every tournament that I play, but you do so it's it's so crazy, you know, and especially to go um through three days of competition like we'll have to do. You know, there's no head start. We're starting from the bottom and it's gonna be a grind. It's true, although I will say I don't think we had a chance to touch on this last week, or maybe it wasn't even out last week, but it is doing an asymmetrical cut this year, which is an interesting change. So there will be no more bubbling. If you have the same record as eighth place, you will move on to a single elimination, which I think is really cool. It's a good competitive change, I think. I think so. I wouldn't mind seeing that at the regional level too. It might be a trial run, like I because this, technically, I think, is the first tournament of the next season or something. Right, is that correct? That's it used to it's used to be how it was considered on world's gave CP. Um, I think the open technically is the first tournament season. I understand it used to be more like that when there was CP for worlds, but that's neither here nor there. I agree. Asymmetrical cut very good idea. Make sure that the best players are playing for the prize. And Yeah, it couldn't be it couldn't be happy to see that it's here at worlds. It's also just it sucks if you're that, you know, ninth place player and for reasons outside of your control, you weren't able to play just on tiebreakers. You know, right, right, and you did everything you could, essentially, except maybe win one extra game. Right, you did. You did as much as you could reasonably. Um that the eighth place player did, but you played against different people, obviously, and so you're going to have that different record based on the tiebreakers. So big change, cool change. Excited to see how it plays out and bring back world's Day two CP while we're at it. That would be kind of fun. Well, I just I don't like that. Playing in world's Day two and flooding is like worse than playing in the open. You know. Yeah, if you especially if you've played in from day one, that feels horrible. You know, if you have a bad day on day two, it don't even get and like, meanwhile your friend is going six and three in the open and getting see, yeah, like a sizeable amount, for sure. That's neither here nor there, though. I'm I am really excited for the tournament, though, so seeing it in the presents made it feel more real, and the fact that we're actually in now, the month of August, makes it feel more real. It felt distant back on July thirty one, but here on August three, it feels very real. I agree. It's coming up so fast, man, like I feel I just always feel this way over any tournament. So I'm trying to like train myself to just let things go a little bit more. But Um, you know, and I don't think any amount of preparation would make me feel confident going into a tournament like this. I just feel really anxious and nervous and definitely anxieties is definitely there, especially for the world championship right because it's kind of like the culmination of everything. But I know we're both excited to go. We're both excited to compete, we're excited to see you all, who will join us there at the world championship Um and we're excited to win the whole thing. So I completely agree with that. I think it's a perfect time to start talking about our vision here for worlds. So over the last few weeks we talked about the progression of our testing from the most vanilla decks in the archaeus and Italians and the Palkias to some of the more niche strategies with stone journer installed decks, and this week we thought we would take a different approach and talk about more generally some of the turbo decks.

So in the front half of today's episode we'll talk about the general turbo engine, that being like the celebrations mew and the radiant GR Ninja and the different variations of those kinds of decks, and in the back half we'll talk about the turbo deck and Mew v Max as our spotlight deck for today leading up to worlds. Absolutely, so let's just jump right in. Turbo deckx has been something that's really excited me conceptually as we look at this format, because I would really love to play a deck where I just go, go, go and don't even have to worry about my opponent because I'm gonna Overwhelm them and play my my game, my way Um, and that's something that I think a lot of people see the appeal of in these sorts of decks, the most obvious of which being the Di Alga v Star Deck that utilizes the mew and the radiant GRU Ninja to quickly power up your Dialga to do star Chronos into subsequent one hit chaos with the first attack on that Dalga v Star Dalga not the only recipient of that engine. We see some other decks crop up. People have tried Turbo Gangar, or people have tried Turbo Palkia, Turbaccio, obviously winning a regional championship. JW. What are your thoughts, sort of high level, about these turbo decks? Do you like them conceptually? Is it something that you're interested in pursuing, or do you think it's a waste of time? Well, I think every time that you have an opportunity to play a solitaire deck um where you're only really concerned about what's happening on your side of the field as opposed to what your opponent might be trying to do, I think that can always be very beneficial. If you find a list like that that can do well against the Meta game to be able to take that into a tournament. The problem with a lot of these turbo decks is that they have found a bit of their match against other decks that aren't necessarily, you know, quote unquote, Turbo Um but can still get those quick, simple knockouts, and most primarily among those being the Mew v Max, which we'll talk about later in the cast a little bit more, and Paul Kia that's playing the four cross switcher right. So I think of Paul Kia here is this kind of check to just these straight turbo all outbuilds like Dialga, because they can gust up a DIALGA on that second turn and take a knockout and you're only playing two of them and, like you know, half of your attackers are gone immediately. So I just feel Paulkia is that kind of bottleneck for these more turbo strategies to work out, and I think that's kind of what's keeping them relatively balanced for now. So I do agree Paukia is a general check on basically every deck in the format, to be honest, but especially those turbo decks. Don't want and they love to fill their bench. They love to fill it quickly, and PALKIA can prey on the crow bats as well, can prey on your unevolved v Max is and V stars. It really picked them off very quickly. So things get sketchy fast for those turbo decks. Let's talk through some of the individual examples that have existed in this format or that we've been trying and see if there's any particular variants that maybe stick out amongst the rest, first of which obviously being that Di Alga v Star Diaga, having that star Chronos attack to skip your opponent's turn as well as do two under twenty damage. That's really appealing, but it does cost that five energy, which you can get powered up relatively quickly if you hit those items in the metal saucers at the right times. But my experience with Diaga is also that you see a lot of the inverse of that, and that really is dissatisfying, in particularly the pacquio matchup, is where I find it the most annoying. Um I think you can kind of like claw your way back versus Archie's decks, because they don't put on the same level of damage. Press or Um, but against the Palky decks of particular, it's so frustrating if you're not able to hit those timely metal saucers and take quick knockouts. Um. So I've been a little bit underwhelmed by the Dialga deck and I think of the three turbo decks we just listed, it's the highest maintenance version of the turbo engine, which is not necessarily appealing to me. Yeah, I would agree. It's been up and down as well for me with the Al Gay, I say I'm more on the favorable side of looking at Dialga. I think, Um, it's a generally good deck. I think we will see it at the world championships and I think it'll do pretty, you know, above average. Um. Just on the whole. I don't think it's a stinker of a deck by any means. I don't think so either, to be clear, but it it has kind of when I've played it, it's felt a little bit like, Um, you know, just you need things in a very particular order and you're very reliant on those metal saucer Um. Obviously right, like that's that's...

...your way to accelerate energy. Besides your one energy attachment per turn and so if you don't hit the metal saucer at the right times or probably, more frustratingly, if you just can't get energy in the discard pile, then the whole strategy just kind of kind of falls apart, because ideally DIALGA is gonna want to use The v Star attack on, you know, the second turn of the game. Right, get a dial go out of turn one attached to it, attached to it on this next turn and then get three metal saucer. Can Happen. That's the ideal. But I found that, you know, if you're going into turn three, turn four, turn five, I mean the deck just gets increasingly worse every turn that goes by. Yeah, I definitely agree with that. I do think there's ways you can kind of, you know, play a little tricky Um, you know, maybe you take a quick knockout on the second turn, for example with a two energy dialga on a tile or assemble or something, and you know, make up the prize trade in a different way. But I do agree by on large, the Combo you have to hit with the day ALGA, relatively speaking, is very long compared to some of these other decks. Well, it's just tough, right, because you're especially if you're playing against decks that Um either play High Council of Marty or can fish marty out at any point. Is that? You know, you play Your Crow Bat you maybe you radiant Grenninja once or twice. Maybe you, you know, mew a couple of times to get a few cards in hand. Maybe you puke Muku and maybe use Ashi and V at the end of your turn and all of a sudden you're sitting on like a ten card hand and you're thinking, okay, you know, do I play the metal saucer now, or do I save them to try to Combo at one time? And you're like, okay, well, I play the metal saucer first here to get the energy into play. And then that's when things go really bad, or have potentially go really bad, because then you get that thing bossed up and knocked out, across switched up and knocked out, and you just lost, you know, all that metal saucer energy that you just got back into play and it makes it really, really hard to get back into the game. From that point I definitely agree with but then there's the you know, then it's like the you know, the inverse of that. It is like, well, you can keep all them in hand and then your opponent Marny's you and then you're stuck trying to fit together the Combo pieces again and get it all back into hand to to go off with your with your diography star. So it's kind of a catch twenty two in a lot of cases. And that's what I've found is if I've, you know, it seems like, well, if I've gotten the energy off the metal saucer Um and I've had kind of like a mid start where I've had to make that choice, I've been putting that position. Well, you know, sometimes I'll put the energy into play with metal saucer and then that always goes wrong because they'll boss up what I'm trying to set up. And then if I hold the metal saucers and my opponent plays Marnie like an an archaist deck, for instance, then I just get my hand Marnie away and I'm starting from square one, but I mean a worse position, because I have like a Crowbad down, you know, and and as ascan as well. So it's it's a little frustrating. Yeah, I definitely agree, and it's funny because you referenced you know, decks that could potentially pluck the Marti out of the deckad well, and really that is most of the decks in format. With the Italian engine that we see in the majority of Palki and archias decks, which comprised the majority of the format. I'll play at least one Marney and they played resile to get that Morney. When they want to Um or their decks like arches Pikachu, that play four of them. You know, that's really the only types of decks that we're really seeing consistently. So lots of decks do have that disruptive capability that decks like the Aga really don't appreciate. Yeah, absolutely. I'm wondering if there, and this is kind of where my head's been at recently, is that I don't think I'll find a new archetype to play, but maybe I'll be able to reinvent an existing archetype. So in the case of dialogue, I've been thinking a lot about playing additional dialog a v such that I could, on that first turn, or, you know, if I go second on my first turn, be able to accelerate with the first attack and then in that way, try to just get into, you know, additional energy into play and and be able to, you know, overwhelm my opponent that way and have two attackers. Um. So I've been thinking about that as like a way too. Maybe enhanced Dialga a little bit. Is like, okay, I am actually trying to go for a strategy of accelerating with a DIALGA. Obviously that's kind of tough because you're leaving a dialgraphy and the active for your opponent to hit into, which generally you want to leave, you know, one prize or active. But that's kind of what I've been thinking about recently is just how can I make it so that I'm not totally reliant on hitting all these metal saucer in one turn to get the knockout on my opponent's Pokemon? Next time, maybe I can kind of like split the difference and get some energy on a dialga active and maybe some on the bench, and then they don't really have a good target to knock out. Yeah, absolutely, like trying to get more viable energy targets in play is never a bad strategy in a deck that's trying to get us much energy and play as possible.

I think we're reaching kind of a cyclical conclusion here. The AUGA is a good deck and when it fires on all cylinders it's basically unbeatable. But it doesn't always fire on all cylinders and it's really a matter of trying to optimize the deck to do that. Would you agree completely? So let's talk about the other mainstay in the other diamond and Pearl legendary and that's Turbo Palkia. This took the Melbourne regionals by storm at the start of the astral radiance format and then that deck largely disappeared. It fell out of favor pretty much wholesale for Palkia and Italian. Do you think Turbo Palkia has any legs to stand on in this stage of the format? Well, it does in the sense that it has this turbo engine is very consistent, but it doesn't in the sense that it has much lower ceiling than some of the other partners for this turbo engine. Um alga especially, obviously can do um you know, can can wipe an opponent's field, you know, and and just do it kind of without thinking about it, right, but Paulkia has a little bit tougher time in that if the opponent is able to play around it or the opponent. You know, you don't find bosses or you know you're just doing less damage on the whole. You don't get that extra additional turn, so there's no guarantee that you can knock out your opponent's main attacker. So just that inherently makes it a little bit worse than Dialga, although it's a lot less maintenance. So there's that trade off there. Um, that's kind of where I see it. Just a lower ceiling for Paulkia overall, and there's no benefit there of like playing, Um, you know, playing the diance. There's no real benefit of like, you know, being able to sit behind diance like they were able to do at Melbourne because most people weren't playing cross switchers in their lists. So I just don't see turbo pokey as being strong younger as a turbo deck than to Alga. I would largely agree. I think the tradeoff that you're trying to make with turbo Palkia is, Hey, I'm not going to have that ceiling of the Alga, of wiping my opponent's board and skipping their turn, but in exchange for that I'm going to have a much more consistent deck, you know, much lower to the ground to energy attacker. That accelerates to itself pretty good Um. And you instead can fill your instead of filling your deck up with, you know, metal saucers, you can fill it up with more copies of boss's orders, for example, to be able to really pick your opponent's cards off instead of doing overwhelming damage to the active that's, of course, the idea. In practice, I don't think that Turbo Palkia really accomplishes that endgame fantasy better than Pakia and Talian does, and it doesn't accomplish the turbo fantasy better than Dalga does, if that makes sense. So it's kind of like you're trying to meet those decks in the middle and you're not getting the full potential of either version. Yeah, I would agree with that too. So I think if you're thinking about Turk I would air on the side of committing to the bit and doing Ylga or committing to the bit and doing pocky and tally on with Arita. There's another turbo deck that I think people have played in the past have tried, and that's Gangar v Max Um. Any thoughts there on gang guard? That obviously some of the benefits to Gangers. That has higher hp then Pulky of v Star, then diaography star. Obviously gonna give up an extra prize, but Um, doing to eight as well, which is a really nice number to hit. We talked about two, eight, hitting all the the stars for knockouts. So Gang v Max. Any thoughts on that as a turbo deck? Yeah, Gangar is intriguing. Um. And ganger actually did place what way back at Melbourne? Turbo Ganger got top sixteen, I think. Um, so it's not an unfounded concept. Ganger is an appealing card and's something that's appealed to our testing circle for quite a while. Andrew, of course, being a big proponent of Gangara leading up to U I C in Indianapolis, and the reasons become fairly obvious. To mean, Gangara is a huge, huge pokemon. Has that three and twenty hit points, Um, and it does a clean two with a choice belt, which is the number to hit right now. It's also happened to be a dark type which used to be very good for knocking out. MEO has obviously kind of fallen out of favor but, like we'll talk about at the latter half of the cast it's been rising in popularity. I think Gangara has maybe two things going for it and that's it's easier to get going than the ALGA, at least... get those key damage numbers to do to eighty. With Ad Alga you need six metal energy and you only need three darks with a Ganger. And keep in mind that dark patch did get reprinted. So it's not that hard to get those three darks. And gangar is less likely to be returned kode because of that HP. But on the flip side it is capped at to eighty, whereas the ALGA can go above that if it needs to. In a pinch Um, you don't have that Crazy v Star power to like really go over the edge and skip your opponents turned. And you do have to switch every turn in you attack, which isn't necessarily a problem, but it's just like one more removing part that you have to hit every consecutive turn that you're attacking. M Yeah, absolutely, and you do have to play like tool scrappers or something like that, because you need the choice belt to hit the so that means if you want to knock out a big charmed archaius or tool j Palkia or tool jamber DALGA. You have to actually remove their tools, which is a problem, but it's just like one of the stupid thing that you have to hit. You know, sure, of course. So would you say that you think Turbo Gangar is Um a good play, a midplay, a bad play? Like what kind of what's here? Would you place Gangari in Um and would you, you know, do more testing into it heading into worlds? I think if you're hyper laser focused on archias and Palkia, think Gangar is probably pretty good into that. And ganger also gets the random side benefit of being able to knock out youtv union if, if you ever end up against the deck that plays it be an Archias deck or a style deck Um. But I think once you exit that niche of of Palkia and archaeas, gangaras efficacy drops significant, only with the exception of of the MEU matchup. So like, for example, I wouldn't want to play Ganger against the ice rider deck and I wouldn't want to play Ganger against the archaeas deck that runs a v Max Attacker. You know, all those kinds of things start to get really annoying for Ganger. Um or it's definitely not a single price deck. Good Goodness Gracious, the Ganga Sucks Against Single Prizes. Um. So I think if you're just hyper fixated on those two matchups, which maybe is a valid consideration going into worlds, then Gangara is is an okay choice. But if you're expecting a wider breadth of things, you know, the stall decks, you're expecting the single price decks, you're expecting these other random niche decks, then I don't like Gangara as much. And that's kind of been Ganga's problem from the word go, is that it was always okay in its core matchups, even when it was like single strike Ganger, but it's always struggled against everything else. Yeah, yeah, I would agree. I mean, is there a way for gangard to get around a mill tank like I'm trying to think of? You'd play? You'd have to play Cologne's right, Cologne. Yeah, but even then you're like if you have a couple of outs to milt tank, you also have to switch like every time you're trying to hit those mil tanks and like presumably they're putting some sort of pressure on you, either on your energy or you know, you're gusting benched pokemon or something, you know. So it's not like a guaranteed, reliable strategy either. And like, can you knock out four mill tanks? You know, probably not even hit the three. Probably not even three. So it and three is kind of like the gold standard, it feels like right now for those installed oriented decks. So I don't know how worried, though, should should these TURBODEX B about stall? It's a fair question. Um, I think stall will see the player base at world is probably a player base that is more likely to play stall than the average like regional dampionship. If I had to wager a guess, and I do think a lot of people actually really do like them, Youtube the Union stall deck. So I think if if you see stall, it's probably gonna look like that. Um, will you actually hit it? I would say like in day one, the eight rounds, you maybe hit it once. If that, yeah, zero to one, zero to one, and then in day two, like I could see zero to two. So you can discerning for yourself if you think that's worth respecting. You only have to go x in two. In Day one, though, I know right. So I mean it is there is something to be said for and and this might be a topic we can talk about next next week, but just heading into worlds, like what kind of strategies are you thinking about? You know, it's like are... trying to beat every matchup or are you gonna say hey, I'm I'm not expecting to face these matchups? Or, you know, if I end up facing this matchup, like oh well, who cares? And just try to, you know, hyper inflate the matchups that you think are going to be the most popular. I mean, I think there's a lot to be said for, Um, the various strategies and you know, obviously that's kind of what we're thinking heading into regionals as well. But world's, worlds, is a whole new ball game because you just have an average player base that's better, you know, so you're you're not. Well, I'm just saying like usually at a regionals you can kind of, like mentality, divide league challenges. Well, no, I do, I do as well. I'm just saying the average player at a regional versus the average player at world is very different. So trying to you know, at a regional as you can usually expect one or two free matchups, throughout the day just because the opponent's gonna you know what I'm saying, Bro I want you to come out and pull up your most recent regional match list and pulling out the two people you're talking about. Until you do that, I won't satisfied. That's fair. I did go to a tournament this last weekend and how it was, that it was great, it was a two K in Ashland Ohio, and that I've made up place. You just made up that. Yeah, I did, just make it up. Your right, in Ashland Ohio, and there were twenty nine people and I got final. I made finals and then we split the pot. So I made five bucks and you feel real cool that. So we'RE gonna go. We're gonna get one point. One Point in London is on me. Thank you, Bro, how generous. I know, I didn't even have to do that. You didn't, man, and that's what makes it mean so much. So we spent more time. I think that we intend to talk about TURBOTEX, which is good in a way because that means we have a lot to say. Um, this format has started to almost like cycle back on itself. Almost. The fact that we're talking about the TURBODEX so much is indicative of that in a way. Right, if we look back, if we did discount kind of Pokemon, go and go back the entirety of astral radiance, turbotex was the definition of the very start of this format in Melbourne, and now we're talking about them again heading into worlds. And if we're thinking about, you know, the cyclical nature of this format and how things have been developing, is me potentially a contender? Becomes the question. Have we focused so much on beating Palkia that Meu is now potentially a deck that can enter that fray again? We're gonna talk about that here in the second half, but first let's go ahead and do our card of the day. Absolutely so, I got a fun little card. I'll read the flavor text, although you'll get it probably after the first four words, but it's a fun one. I think this card is very interesting, not for what it shows but what it implies, and I'll talk about that in just a second. But you're talking about so the flavor text here. It creates throwing stars, okay, Granninja, out of compressed water when it spins them and throws them at high speed these stars can split metal into I didn't believe you when you said the first four words. I'm like, it's you know, it's got to be like a sentence at least, I think, literally four words. Yeah, it creates throwing stars. So this is the Gran Ninja from unbroken bonds, and this Granninja is very interesting in its color Palette because it's very dark for the most part, but it's got some shades of red and some shades of green on the side. Looks a little bit like tomatoes. But what's interesting about this card to me is not what's depicted, which is this granninja in the shade, but it's what's actually shading the Granninja, which is the outline of this you know, there's a shadow of a Charis Yard outlining the SCRANNINGJA. It's a really cool card. I would recommend. I don't feel like I would know this card. Yeah, you gotta, you gotta check it out. It's very cool. Unbroken Bonds Granninja. It has a braindown attack for a couple of colorless I've like never seen this card. Isn't it cool? It is cool. Yeah, it has a bringdown attack. This pokemon that has the least amount of HP remaining, except for this pokemon is knocked out. That's actually a very famous attack from a guard of war from past formats that was very, very popular, Um, widely played, um, but unfortunately this s Granninga didn't seem much play, despite being very cool. And then it has a mission slash attack for its second attack, a couple of darkness to seventy and...

...goes through any effects on the opponent's active pokemon. So I love this art. I think it's really cool looking. It's kind of mysterious, like your Ninja is, you know, in the shadows. Yeah, I like how he's kind of like emerging from it's almost like he was hiding in the shadow of yeah, right, exactly. And Yeah, and then you just have this Char's art implication. I guess it could be maybe a different POKEMON, but it looks really cool. I would highly recommend checking this card out. And I always like when the starter's secondary type is the car is wrapped. Imagine a colorless charis art. I mean they had one. Which one? What are you talking about? Crystal Charis Art? Well, that was a crystal card, though they were all colorless. Well, yeah, but I mean, I'm not wrong. You're not wrong. You're not. But imagine if they have one specifically just to represent like the flying type, and it was like leak week to lightning. They kind of did right, like special delivery BUDOF he's spit. So true. That's so that's so cool. It's funny. If you google colorless jars are its scrolled out a little bit, you actually see special. That card rocks for sure. I need to get my hands on one. Oh, you didn't get one from the like actual promotion? No, I was. I don't know. They didn't email me a code or I was too late or something. They ran out. I know I'm trying to get that chars on, that special little chars. Yeah, I sent up for that too. All right, let's go ahead then and thank our sponsor before we talk about you, and that is, of course, man escaped. MANSCAPED is the presenting sponsor for the TAG Pokemon podcast and we have been so thankful for the support that they have shown us. We're both really big fans of the manscaped product lines. I'm actually wearing my man's caved boxers too. Boy, no, as we speak right now, I wear them for good luck. So I wear them at every poke about this tournament and I wear them a stressil desort, so things are going well on my end. But also they have all sorts of men's grooming products that will suit all of your needs. We got, of course, they're infamous lawn mower four point. Oh that thing is amazing. It does an excellent job at shaving you're down their hairs, prevents any nixing cuts. I certainly haven't gotten any since I started using it, and it's got that awesome feel to it. GW loves the era nose hair tremmors for his incredibly luscious and long hey man, gotta keep those in check with the weed whacker. And they have all sorts of cool stuff. And the great thing is through tag team you can actually get a little bit of a deal. So if you don't know, over on a manscape dot com typing code, tag team at check out you'll get off and free shipping, and I know that. I hate paying for shipping. JW hates paying for shipping. You do too. I know it. I see it. You Spring for the thing. That's that's ten dollars. The free shipping, you said. The thing that's eight dollars for two with two dollars shipping. I know you do that, and not only do get free shipping that you get money off of the original order. So it's a great deal and if you're interested in any of those products, be sure to check them out. To W anything to add in the Minna. Oh yeah, of course. I mean, it's just really funny right because I'm packing for London and I already have like three manscape products in my bag right now. The underwear, I got, the lip bomb and I got the deodorant, you know, and that's not even counting all the all the shaving, other shaving products that I could include. So manscaped has been great to us as the presenting sponsor of this cast and I would highly recommend checking out their products. GO TO MANSCAPE DOT COM for off plus free shipping when you use the code tag team. That's tag team at checkout for off plus free shipping. Thank you so much to man escaped for sponsoring the cast. Right G W you, the big villain of the brilliant stars format. It's kind of fallen out of favor as we look at an a I C, but it's been on the rise if we look at our online tournaments, it one a late night the other day. A lot of people have been playing it and bring hance these online tournaments. What's the freaking deal man, what's going on with you? It's so interesting because when I look at me, I look at it being less than viable due too paulky Italians just...

...strangle hold on the format. But as people have perfected Paulky Italian and maybe got a little bit bored of it or have been trying to craft new strategies against pauky Italian or seeing a lot of these other decks rise up and see more play, Paulky Italian to me has a you know, slightly favored new matchup. I'M NOT gonna say it's, you know, an auto win by any means, but I would say somewhere in the realm of sixty forty um into mew, and so with Paulky of being kind of the most represented deck, being the s tier deck of this format, I just kind of felt like mew wasn't really worth putting much energy into, to be completely honest. Um, but we're losing a lot of dark attackers, so that means your mew can last a lot longer. All these archais decks are completely foregoing any crow bats, any mole trace in favor of just a more streamlined are US intellian build. Um, you're really not seeing any powerful dark attackers. You know, Dark Eye v Star hasn't done anything. Um Gangar hasn't really been around, though we've talked about a little bit earlier in the cast. So you're not really seeing any dark attackers just from other archetypes generally. So again that means your Mus are gonna last a little bit longer on the whole in any average matchup. And you're also seeing archias and Italian decks. You know, just go or any archias deck playing the Italian online. They're going with a lower a count of the path of the peak. So some of the thought with archaeas and the last format was maybe you play with Bibberol and you play a high path count and you play High Marty count and you just Marny path every turn and that, over time, of course, is going to just really grind into mew. But these ARCIS and Itellian lists are playing probably one two paths and that seems very doable for me to get over, not to mention the early game pressure. That I mean you can put on an archaeas to try to get out there, pope him on in time to evolve into the B star and survive attacks. So there's a lot to be said for me being a decent play heading in the world. You also have to consider there are people trying out archaeus and Italian Charis aard variants, for example, that don't play many, if any path to the peak, which is another angle for me to just slide in. You also is not one shot by the chars, radiant, charis art and take early knockouts and really just begin a dominant position from that point in the game. So I agree. Mu Seems to have carved its little niche for itself. I do appreciate the fact that you brought up as well, pressuring the bench. I feel like archias especially play is a pretty greedy early game where it's really trying to get one archaeus Max and that's usually as much as they can manage in that that very first turn. And you loves that, right. It loves that situation. Yeah, and we're seeing even archist x play just four archaeas as kind of their only base, right you think about the Archaeus Mewtwo deck that has shown up recently, and they're just playing the four archaeas and then they need two, three, four or five turns to get the MW Two v Union and play, get that all discarded and get into play. So they're just playing those four archias as their main attackers. Like how difficult is it to find a second or possibly even third archias as this mew is just gunning you down turn after turn. Plus you have to imagine, you know, you even have the potential to reach up to one shot damage on the Mutov Union Um and that that hurts like the stall decks. That hurts the archeus mewtwo deck. So M has a lot of benefits going for it and we don't need to harp on all the things that make mute good. You all have heard that over the last, what is it six months, that mew has been one of the best decks in the format. It's it's got that turbo element with the Geno tect, it's got the staying power and it's the image. The big thing that that keeps me back, if anything, is a vulnerability to rock sand path M B Palkia being able to match its pace after the first turn of the game and see is if you whiffs early, it's one of the worst decks to kind of claw back with Um, whereas some of these Intel on decks can kind of create more creative strategies to win their game. However, if you if you can get out of the date gates consistently with me, Gosh, it is a force to be reckoned with. So let's think then, about me heading into worlds. Do we think this is a flash in the PAN phenomenon with people trying to experiment away from Palkia, so to speak, in the short term, or do you think this is something that will extend all the way through worlds? Yeah, I think...

...that's that's a great question. I think as people look for counters to Paulkia and Archias, because that's the hard thing, is like find encounters to both of those decks, and I think those decks that are trying to be the counters to Paukia and Archias are going to just kind of fall prey to me again, with that really quick first term potential, uh, the ability to gust things up pretty easily, um, the ability to reach for those one shots, like you were talking about, and I think that these are all just really great points in mews favor. Um, I think that, yeah, you'll see a lot of players at worlds that have pretty much just been playing me for the last six months and are going to decide to bring it again. And there's no you know, this is not me, like you know, oh, that's that's not the right strategy. No, no, by by no means. I mean, I think take a deck that you're comfortable with, you know, but I do think we'll see these mw genesis players just, Um, stay the course, play the Muse, and I think we'll see Um, certainly I would not be shocked by any means to see you in the top four of the world's autonomous but you would be shocked to seat in the finals. No, I'm just saying, you know, I don't think at the top top four is just like such a precise well, it's just, you know, top four is like kind of what I think of as being. You know, you've made like the final four in basketball, right. It's like if you make the top four, like that's that's great. You know, that's a fantastic finish, right. So from you to make top four like that would be a fantastic finish, I think, worthy at the deck. I briefly want to pause the thought to give a shout out to grant manly for rating the live podcast here. Folks who are listening post mortem, do you remember we record this every single week live at twitch dot TV, slash butter at nine thirty eastern every single Wednesday. So be sure to come check us out if you want to be a part of the experience. Um, but I think I agree. I do wonder if Pakia will rant back up at worlds, though, and we'll seem you start to struggle, not so much in the fact that it will lose every game versus Pakia, but it will lose enough of them to keep it out of contention, so to speak. So if you play, I don't know, four Pakias, for example, which I don't think it is unreasonable, in day one, you could easily be out of contention at that point. Right. You could lose two of those off rip and maybe even a third. But if you lose those two you only have you don't have any more games of bleetway. So if you just have one bad set, you'll you're out at that point. Um, and then same thing for day two. Like it is reasonable to hit a fair number of how key is, I think, in day two and what happens right? I do think the online scene is seeing a little bit of a shift, especially by top players in these events who are trying to not play Pakia, so to speak. They're trying to do other things, test new decks, see what's going on, and it's led the Meta game being a little bit skewed away from Palkia, you think, away from Pakia, and also favoring decks that maybe you struggled against Pakia um or just wouldn't have to consider it. And also the game, the Meta game is skewed heavily into like Palkia counters, and I don't know if like that is just if that's something that's going to be sustained in an actual world championship tournament setting. You don't think so. You know, I don't be a lot of counter decks. I think there will. I'm just saying like at this level, you know, will we see so many people drop Pakia? I don't think so. You know, it's a very common mentality that you'll just play the best deck and play it better than everyone else. Right, yeah, I mean my my top choice right now is Palky I think the deck is, you know, absolutely insane, you know, broken in half, and like I need people to come up with an answer to me, you know. Instead, like there are lots of people who would going with the mentality. Respectfully, you're not like an unfounded genius for having that mentality going into the world champion respectfully though, respectfully, you're kind of stupid and dumb and, honestly, really bad at the game, but like indrespectful way. Uh So, I don't know. I I don't think I would play you at the world championship, mostly because of you. At its core is still a higher roll deck Um and I, you know, I had that traumatizing experience Ed you. I see, I would not want to put my world championship in that same situation. Do you think that there's any way to innovate me, and I know that's going to sound a little bit stupid, but do you think that there's any way to just, I don't know, like take like maybe take out the chrammomatics and play Um roding phones and trekking shoes? It's like your draw engine, you know,...

...not rely on that coin flip as much or, I don't know, play different counts of supporters or, you know, cylene or whatever it is. You know what I mean. Like, are there any ways to innovate them you, beyond what we've seen? That could maybe help in certain matchups? Honestly, I think the Mu Deck is best at its most simple. So when you're playing, you know the rod and phone Chramo Matics, Um, and I think the Chramo matic does have fairly significant value because even if you flip tails, it's a way to get those Dang v I p pass out of your hand without relying on a ball card. You know, it's another set of cards that can get rid of Your v I p pass and unclogged you, Um, which is valuable. You know, the checking show can't unclogg you, whereas the cram can. So I think the MU deck thrives at its most simple. You know, we think about great manly who won the full grip astro radiance tournament and it was with a very straightforward you deck. You know, if brilliant stars of you deck, and as I've played with cards like checking shoes, I've been underwhelmed by them. Silene is kind of cute, but I don't think that's like truly innovative into the play of the deck. To play like one sylene in it, you know, one recovery card for sure. I don't think that really fundamentally changed as much. I don't think cards from pokemon go really fit into mew either, like pokey stop with, something people were talking about. Actually don't think poke stops very good into me, because you want to keep your pokemon around, you want to keep your supporters around very much. So, Um, what do you think about as well? What do you think about Pumpka Boo? POKEBO is all right, I honestly I don't love it, but I I won't like yell and scream and call you bad if you played it. You know, I punk. The thing with path right now is it's primarily used in conjunction with rock sand and I like obviously increases your outs by a fair amount if you play a Punkaboo, because now your ultra balls and your crreck balls are out to that situation. But I almost feel like in those matchups you're better off just trying to completely overwhelm them. But maybe I'm off base, I don't know. I am not opposed to playing PUNKABOO. I think it's an okay card, but I would love to not play it. You know, sure, if you can, absolutely so I would at least consider not playing for sure. Lots to think about as we head into the final weeks here before the world championships. I think it's very cool. I mean the Meta is just so wide open. It's like it's impossible to really give every single deck it's due. So you have to cut corners when you can, you have to eliminate certain decks when you can, you have to make choices, Um, you know, where possible. They're like, okay, I'm gonna Focus in on these style decks, so I'm gonna focus in on this small subset, come up with the best list I can, or just on this one deck and like really learn the INS and outs and try to play it as well as you possibly can at worlds. It's an exciting time, it's cool time, it's fun time. Excited to see what innovations people come up with, because surely there will be some of that. But I think there's enough decks out there right now that you can go in with something that's been tested and do pretty well as as well. So Um, you know a couple of weeks ago. We'll be doing some testing, hopefully here in the next few days, and try to come up with something busted and two weeks will be in London. Yeah, let's go at the at the Fox. Maybe you will be in London in two weeks. I've excited, JW's excited and we just want to share that excitement with y'all weeks leading up to worlds. So if you want to connect with us and share that with us, the easiest way to do that is on twitter. You can find us at tag team Pokemon to represent the PODCAST. J W and I, of course, have personal twitters as well that you should follow. I'm smiles and riles and J W is at Real John and mall to, like I mentioned earlier, record the cast every single Wednesday at nine thirty eastern time at Twich DOT TV slash munner. He also has his own channel where he streams regularly at twish dot TV slash Flex Daddy Righteous, and you can also find him on Youtube. He's very much worth this, uh, to go check him out. And I have an update regarding shirts. They are being made as we speak and we should have a tracking number for those shirts by the end of the week and just you know how things go, things just get delayed in the business world. So, Um, we are waiting on those shirts and as soon as they arrived to me and I have them in my possession, I can check the quality. Then I will put things up on somebody's website. Some website will go up so you can order. They're going online? Maybe, yeah, but we need to check the quality because we don't want to be starting pre orders and then we didn't get the shirts that we thought we were going to get and you know the whole thing. So, uh, those are on the way and just be on the lookout for that. Sorry to kind of delay another week, but so it goes. We appreciate...

...all of you so much for listening and for your support. Be sure to leave a rate and review and, if you if you liked it or if you didn't, so we know what to continue doing or what to do better. And with that we will catch you next time. Peace Seem.

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