Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast
Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 4, Episode 8 · 3 months ago

4-8. A V-Star is Born


The boys are reunited and boy do we have some news for you! Check in for some updates on the newest mechanic - Pokemon V Star! Not to mention Play Pokemon events are BACK. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? This is some crazy stuff folks, you don't want to be the one to miss out this week. Seriously. Listen in.

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Yo, what is up, guys? Welcome back to tag team, the POKEMON trading card games for me here, podcasting duo reunited after a week off, with Rob Stevens taking my place.Mr J W crewall, how you doing today? Hey, I'm doinga really well. Riley, how are you? I am doing swell man, back from my last work trip and you know, are really in thethrows the final stages of a project right now and everything's chaos, but it'sa lively chaos. It's yeah, yeah, I mean it's I guess it's betterthan kind of just sitting around on your on your you know what is, sitting around on your hands? Yeah, doing anything. Yeah, you know, I was. I made a funny observation today. I don't haveyou ever done this, where I was like in a meeting and I hadalready like checked my emails prior to the meeting and then I didn't leave anythingto do for the portion of the meeting that someone else was talking. That'sso I just looked at my emails on my phone instead of looking at atmy computer. That's so disrespectful, I feel like just looks like a zoogeting where our cameras are all off and so it's like Oh, okay,yeah, okay, so you guys do that too, because was I thoughtthat it would just be good to be facetoface with other people, but forsome reason when we're meeting with other clients, everybody just has their camera off.So, yeah, it's similar situations where it's like there are these meetingsthat kind of go you know, we're all kind of lumped in a bigproject and I'll give my portion of the presentation, usually at the beginning becauseI'm a junior and I don't really have that much to say, and thenit sure, and then for like the rest of the meeting it doesn't reallyinvolve me, but I saw the be there because I'm technically on that team. Yeah, so, yeah, I just like, you know, I'mcheck my emails or responding to people or yeah, but you know, andthe checking the email during the meeting, isn't that weird? It was thefact that I took out my phone to do it, but that just lookingat the computer that was right in front of me. That's funny. That'sfunny. I did have a snaffoo once. I don't know if I told thestory on the PODCAST, but I had. I was actually the thescrum master, so I was like lead. Yeah, and then I put upa chat window. Oh, can't do during the meeting as is embarrassing. An't do that. It was there something bad in the window or isjust embarrassing that it was up at all. Um, it wasn't necessarily bad,but it was just the people we were working with. We're kind offumbling around a little bit, and so my manager, oh no, yeah, my manager just kind of sent like it wasn't bad, but it wasjust like Huh, that's interesting, like I'm surprised they didn't know this right. Yeah, that is a little embarrassing. Yeah, yeah, so it wasfunny. Yeah, I've seen some truly I've never actually done that orlike shared a chap by mistake, but I've seen some truly tragic things.Happened with the screen sharing. It s no way. Oh, yeah,what's the worst? I probably can't speak to it too closely for confidentiality sake, but basically a high level executive had message someone who didn't have like they'redo not disturb on saying that someone else on the call was like critically incompetent, much less kindly phrased, oh my gosh, and that like vendor relationshipdid not continue after yeah, I can imagine. So that was tough.That was a tough situation. Yeah, that's sad. I just be mom, me and all the other epic employees on the phone or just like,oh my goodness that that just happened like... front of us right, sowild, so wild. But regardless of our professional fumbles, we have plentyof cool stuff happening in the world of pokemon right now. To you,that's right, we do. It is so good to be a pokemon tCCG player, and especially to be a competitive tcg player. We got alot of new news this week, particularly over the last couple of days,we can't wait to share with you. Yeah, so let's start with thetop, talking about finally the new mechanics revealed for the next block in Vstars and JW. Level X's are finally back, well to a degree.I saw a lot of people from I actually was. I was messaging upmy friend of mine when I saw people comparing them to level X has,and I'm pretty sure there's quite literally zero things in common between them. Peoplehave said the artwork is kind of similar okay. Also like make the argumentthat they also look kind of like primes with kind of the close up.I'm the head or I guess, contacts for the listeners as well. TheFirst v Stars revealed was an Arcis v Star, and my take is there'sonly so many ways you can position in arcs there. That's interesting. True. So you're kind of limited, right, like you're but I do feel likethe the side profile is kind of the best, right, because youget the full kind of view of the I don't know, I think focusingon the head is not really the way to go. Sure, but there'sthere's still only so many RCI positions that you can be in and I feellike we've already kind of covered them all. So like inevitably it's going to besome over last I yeah, for sure. So people have been comparingthem to like the the level xes, and it makes no sense because there'sno restriction on, you know, the number of pokemons of level x werebasically grouped in with their pre evolution. So you could only have, forLux Ray, for instance, you could only have four Lux Ray sp and, whether or not it was a regular sp or level x, you couldonly have four combined. So you'd have to make tough choices. Well,do I want to go three one or do I want to go to to? You know, those right kinds of decisions that you have to make.You know, you don't have to do that with arks. Okay, youdon't have to do that with Arkis. The other thing that you know maybedistinguished the level xes was that you had to evolve them in the active position. That's the only way they could be involved. That's also not the casewith Arkis. So it really no comparison. Anyway, we're going to move pastthat. We just I saw that a lot. I needed to referenceit. Yeah, it was really interesting. Also, one other thing that Ihave to say about the Archis v Star is that we should just callit star Kis is. Is it pronounced Archias or URCS? It's Archias,okay, yeah, yeah, that's unlike one of their official guides. That'sthe official way to pronounce it. Our SARCUS URCS is definitely how you wantto say it, but it's our CHAIS. Are You shinning going? I feellike I've seen our RCS DIALG of how Kia on like streams and stuff. Well, that's I think that's because the they don't know how to sayit, but they're given a copy of how to pronounce things, because Iremember, like forrisy in was a controversial one. It's official pronunciation was revealedin a pokemoncom mail bag as archias, pokemoncom mail bag. Yeah, Damn, I'm on POKEMON DB DOTNET. Air Enough, I guess, Pokmon DVdotnet. Don't be lying. That's true.

So anyway, Archias ARCIS. Ithink we should call it starkias or Starcias, just Archias v Star,because but now it gets tough when there becomes Multiple v Star pokemon that don'tfit as nicely into that paradigm. That's true, but at least for thisone, I think it's got to be that way. It's fair, andjust let it be known further that that I was the first one to sayit. So all credits go to and royalties and royalty since etc. Solet's actually talk about the card, because I feel like really off track.We like went critically in a different direction there. So archis V star kindkind of like the new it's almost like a v Max, like you evolveit from a v. So RC is Archaius v evolves into Archaeus v Star. However, it only gives up two prizes. It does have a anHP boost. It has two hundred eighty HP as opposed to like the threehundred plus emacs, but only gives up to two prizes. So I thinkthat's like more than fair. And archius has an attack which accelerates three energyinto play and it has an ability, which is it's v Star power andthe kind of ideas. v Star power can only be used once per gameand Archius's v Star power is to retrieve two cards from your deck and putthem into your hand, any two cards that you want, like a doublecomp search for free. And I mean it's a pretty good card, likeoutright. And usually what we've seen is those very first of a mechanic isn'tnecessarily the strongest that mechanics going to be. So I'll be curious to see likehow powerful effects that we see on These v Star powers. I mean, JW's your initial impressions of the RCUS Archaius v Star? Well, Iinitially thought, oh my gosh, this is incredibly good. I could see, you know, the entire metagame warping around this card, and then Ikind of walked it back a little bit because when we think about the vStar Power and star birth, I kind of imagine star birth. Of courseit's going to be good at the end of the game to get your bossare your last you know resource, your last energy or your last pokemon orwhatever you need. You know it's that those last few resources are close outthe game. But I was also thinking of it more as a as anearly game ability. It's not particularly strong in the real game because you haveto evolve, of course, from the Archaeus. So if you're playing,you know, a thinner line, if your whole deck isn't formed around Archais, then you probably won't find, you know, your one one or yourtwo to like. You probably won't find those pieces early enough in the gameto be able to use star birth, because I think when you see searchyour deck for up to two cards and put them into your hand, immediatelyyou go to oh well, now I can get stage twos into play right. But then you know, if you think about Stage two's again, that'syou want to have the set up as early as possible. But then ifyou're not putting an emphasis on the Archis v Star and getting that into play, then you're probably not going to be able to use the ability early.So I just was initially thinking, oh my gosh, that's so good,but then the evolution restriction kind of made me walk it back just a littlebit and say, yeah, this is probably very useful for a lot ofdecks, but maybe not as overpowered as I initially thought, and certainly isn't, I think, the savior by any means of you know, stage twoor heavy stage two. That the plenty more. Sure they need plenty more, but just saying, like, you know, if anyone was thinking,oh, yes, this is the card that saves stage twos or can makethem a little bit more viable, certainly it makes them a little bit moreviable, but not to the extent that... completely resuscitates them. So Idon't know, I was really high on it. I think it's quite agood card, but in terms of like bringing back something, like bringing backStage two's and making those viable, it certainly can't do that in my eyes. So yeah, I have like similar ish thoughts. I think the poweris really good. I think in most decks it's most powerful at the endof the game, though, where you can like evolution incense for a bossand an energy if it is like a pretty common way that you might usethat the the problem I see with our archias is you either build a deckaround it, in which case it's attack is okay, and I think theprice trade is probably decent at least into vmax has, but you're only reallyrelying on the two hundred swing. You got no real tricks and you gotthe one ability, I guess, that you can use sometime in the game. What I do like about playing art archias like kind of by itself isthat you can play the Dune spars to remove the fighting weakness off the Archias, which is a very relevant weakness to have. The problem if you playarchis is like attack like a one, one or two, two, anda deck to give you like extra evo incense outs to winning the game isyou put a huge liability for like Hershey Food and rapids like single and rapperstrikes just be able to pick off of your bench, which isn't great.Like a lot of decks are barely playing. Even Crowbat right now runs and archiskind of has similar problems as Crowbat, like it is a V so itwill be shot off by path. It is weak to fighting, sothe bears will eat it alive. And it's not a basic that you canjust get immediate value out of either. You know, we're probat has thatbenefit going for it. So right, I don't know. I think it'sa good card, I think for the mechanic get very interesting as well.I'm very interested to see where they take it. Yeah, and it bearsin mind that that it says v Star Power and if it was just limitedto abilities then it would probably be, you know, v Star Ability.But it says v Star power, so we don't really know what power necessarilyentails. Abilities are obviously part of it, but it could also be a tax. It could also be some other new mechanic. I mean probably not, but like just saying that it's not going to be limited most likely tojust abilities. Yeah, I was serously going to ask like do you thinkit'll extend beyond abilities, because to me, when I hear her power and Pokemon, I think of like pokey power rush was more or less inability.Right, I I think it will extend beyond abilities. Truthfully, I reallydo. Like, I mean gx attacks. You know, I think it's justanother way for them to be able to make group more flexibility. Yeamore flexibility and what they can roll out. So I think we will see atext jolly flying and which in the in the live chat, calling outmaybe there could be v Star trainers, supporters items. Do you think thatwould ever be a thing? I have a little hesitant on that one.That could be very cool. I I doubt it, but I mean younever know, you never know. So, jw what's her number one wish listfor a v Star? I mean the cars look pretty freaking cool.Is there anything? Yeah, I wonder if Phill be limited to just legendarypokemon. You know, you never know. I mean obviously gx is were not, but could be. I mean they lead with an Archis v Star, so like maybe there's some kind of press it's down in a Palkey atnext right. Yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking. Like, certainlythis seems to coincide with the the new pokemon games that are going to bereleased, diamonds and Pearl remakes. So yeah, I would expect those otherlegendaries to be prevalent. Maybe even the...

...oosie trio. I think that wasalso in that game. Yes, I'm not mistaken. So anyway, whatwould be a wish list pokemon? I mean, obviously I love dragon night, but I would like to see them extend these like I loved the gxmechanic for the most part. That obviously created towards the end of the lifewhen it was really just tag team gx has being viable. It created somereally kind of heinous situations, but certainly in the early, early days ofgx attacks, I thought that those are very skillful and a lot for somecomebacks that otherwise wouldn't have been possible. So I would like to just seethem go hog wild and give everything a v Star ability or make make maybelike separate lines, you know. So we see that these V stars areevolution Pokemon, so maybe have a Vmericana v Star, right, right,so they have a v Max in The v Star, or it's a stage. That would be cool that also has, you know, a v Star orsomething like that. I don't know, I don't quite know how that works, but I'd like to see a little bit of creativity on that front. Yeah, v a line that had a emacs the under the star,I think would be really cool. You know, having yeah, what's itgoing to evolve into? Kind of moment? Yes, exactly, exactly, likeI'll talk together anymore. I think that's what the game could could reallyuse. I think the only one that we really have right now is theItalian. I was going to say the intellion, but that fairly feels likea cat's Yep. What would you like to see rally in terms of Pokemon? I don't know if I have any strong opinions. I think they willlikely try and feature some of the like the Hisuian forms from the from thenew games, really giant art from the legends of Arcis Game I am tryingto like remember. Might be do like a Clevoor v Star would be cool. That would be pretty cool. So that's like some things that I'm eiatelyspring to mind. I don't know if I'm really curious to see where theygo with the with the mechanic, because honestly, like the ability is reallystrong. You know, the fact that you can just use it like typicallythat's something like that. Powerful is usually like it has some sort of opportunitycost, like it's the supporter or something, or it ends your turn for doingit, whereas this just like you get to keep going. You do. Yeah, that's that's really cool. There's kind of like a there's likea snowball element to it. Yeah, so there you're setting the precedent.I guess what I'm saying, for this is like a very powerful thing.So I'm kind of curious like what the next one of that would be.You know, maybe there is a v Star power, or it's just likeyeah, like once per game you get to put a stage two on yourbench or something, sure, or once per game item lock, or onceper game like a hex maniac effect. Like I could see this going inreally cool directions where you have this very skillful ability or, you know,possibly attack, but this very cool ability where you just are able to createor you know, like an n effect, right, like how cool would thatbe? You know, forse checks? Awesome, for n effect, right, shuffle your hands in and course your opponent to draw a number ofcards equal to the prizes. Like I think that would be really interesting anddynamic and create more balance in the game. But let's talk a little bit aboutwhat this adds to maybe balancing of the game. We kind of arenot so high on vmax Pokemon and the three prize Pokemon in general. Right. Yeah, is this? Is this a step in the right direction tohave these higher HP two prize Pokemon In v Stars? I think I inherentlyI would rather power group the two risors then add three prisors, because beingable to to just knock out to Pokemon to win the game is relatively unsatisfyingto me. There's just so there's so much more gameplay that happens with thatneed to take an extra knockout, especially if those aren't one hit Kos,which it looks like more or less that the the intent isn't for these Vstars to slam at each other and one hit Ko each other, you know. So get a little more prize Tradey...

...kind of stuff going on there,which I like. I'm a fan of that. Is it like a perfectsolution? Maybe not. I mean now we have these ridiculously high HP tooprisors, which, you know, sets the stage two's on stage ones likefurther and further behind. But I think that's more of a problem with thefact that Stage two's and stage ones aren't creeping at the same rate as likeour multi prize Pokemon, more than anything. Yeah, for sure. I alsothink it's pretty interesting that that these attacks, like you mentioned, andare going to be too shotting, you know everything, right, whether it'sa v Star, a regular V like. The idea probably that that they're atleast hinting at is that, yeah, you're going to need to be,you know, to shotting even the Basic v Pokemon, which I thinkit's great. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if there are other V starsthat have like a little meteor attacks. I mean Arcis Archaius, she's thearcheus is attack. It does have like a pretty substantial like supportive effect onit. So I would not be surprised if there are more of vanilla attacksor even like repercussion based attacks that do significantly more damage. But I doagree, like I think, the precedent of like these things not just immediatelyoh calling each other, is hopefully there. And, you know, I thinkif we could get back to like a multi attack, multi knockout Meta, then I think a lot of people would be a lot more satisfied.I'm with you, including myself, clear myself, including me as well.That makes too that makes two, and I mean that's enough to design thegame around. That's two people you can play it who play together. True. So I think I think we got the money where our miles are rightnow. Oh, for sure. I and I mean do you have likefurther thoughts on sort of the Balance Direction of that? It seems good.It seems like a great step. You know, archis, if it islike the strongest. I don't know. They've never really released a new mechanicthat has as much promise as I feel like Archias v Star does. Right, we were talking about normally when they release something X is, the firstwave of X has sucked. The first wave of v Max's outside of SNORELAX and expanded sucked, the first wave of gx has, you know,work trash like. But now we see archias and we're like, Oh yeah, that really kind of slots in. Like I can imagine either a wholedeck being built around this card and doing very well or it being a supportpokemon. I think the possibilities that I see with this card are huge.As you know, both the main attacker as both the support to another archetype. It's just really exciting card design and I like it in terms of thebalance and what and what they've done, and it's visually pleasing, which it'sI mean never important, very, very important. Awesome. Any other thoughtson V stars? Can't wait. Give us more, baby, give usmore. Yeah, I'm excited to learn more. I'm excited to see moreof the cards and and feel them in my hands. Absolutely cool. Solet's then move into our card of the day. So JW, card ofthe day for this week is kind of a unique card in the fact thatthe pokemon featured on this card, to my knowledge, is the only onethat utilized this mechanic and had multiple different cards that use that mechanic. Andso I'll get the poked x entry up for you so you can give ita swing. Calm all right, ready,...

I am ready. So this pokemonis said to have emerged from an egg in a place where there wasnothing, and it had something about multiple mechanics. There is multiple versions ofthis pokemon card within the same mechanic, if that makes sense. Oh so, like multiple gx has yeah, so, yeah, so there was like,you know, there's multiple mute, two X. Right, there's amultiple, multiple of this card within this mechanic and to my knowledge, thereit's the only pokemon that fit this bill for this mechanic. Oh, man, I I honestly like I'm thinking it has to be a legendary pokemon andlike my initial thought, and I it's probably an older mechanic that I amnot as well versed in, like I'm thinking of like Vic Tini, butthat's like very clearly wrong. But because I'm thinking of like you know,there's the VIC T TV and there's a couple of those. So what isit? It is archius level X. I hate it. I actually isactually an interesting card and I kind of wanted to contrast it and so howdifferent it is. There's archies. I hate a statch. So there aretwo archias level X has. They've know, are three? There are three archiuslevel X's. Are they all unique? I thought there was two. AreNo, they're they're all unique. Yeah, Oh, yeah, Imight even have them. I don't. It would take way. What isthe third one? There's there's meteors room and then there's omniscient. What isthe third one? There's another one. That's are psychling bolt. Yeah,well, it's like the same thing as me, your blast, but ittakes different yeah, different energy types energy. Yeah, so there are three differentarcis, all xes the one that's actually interesting is the one with theomniscient P yes, that's so cool. So back in like the two thousandand ten era of the game, two thousand and nine, two thousand andten, there was a slew of archias cards and for context, like inthe video games, you can get archias an item referred to as a plateof different types, and archias would assume that type. So archieus, thiswhole thing is that it can change types. So the way that was replicated inthe game, in the Archaius set, was that you could play unlimited archaiusin your deck and there's all these different types of archaeas. They haddifferent attacks and different abilities or pokey powers and pokey bodies, and you wouldkind of assimilate them all. And what tied it all together was the archiaslevel x. So archius level x shares the type as its previous level.So if you leveled it up from like a psychic Archias, you remain psychicwhen you level up. And the omniscient pokeybody let it use the attacks fromany of the archias that you have in play. So you'd create this likereally cool toolbox where there are some more like offensive oriented archaeus attacks, somemore set up faced archaius attacks where you'd like a sled energy to your wholeboard and you would get the pick and choose the type that you actually attackwith into your matchups. So it just a super flexible deck and it's amechanic that we've never really seen revisited, with the like unlimited number of Arcisthat you could play. Like you can literally play sixty archaeus and that wasa legitimate decklist, and it's not like those cheesy decklist where it's like,oh, it's like Pikachu, Pikachu v Pikachu v Mac. It is sixtyof the exact same arcis you can play as a deck and that, yeah, and nobody could say no, like it is legitimate. Yeah, forsure, archs level x does one of...'s like four or five arts,because the ARCIS also different. Arts looks vaguely similar to Arkey is the star, and that is their only similarity. But to the two, Yep,Yep, it's very cool. I mean I really liked that deck and therewere spinings. If I can just talk a little bit about that archetype first. Yeah, go. I think this is some good history for those ofyou that didn't play in this era, there's some art based history here withthe swells, that kind of the circular, like holographic pattern on the card.So there's a colorless archais and it has kind of the center of theserings, these swells, and then each subsequent card, you know, hasonly the half of that circle. So they all kind of like point inwardin a way, if that makes any sense. If you look at thecards you'll see but it's like one has the center of the circle and thenyou know, lightning, dark, fire and psychic have the right half ofthe circle and fighting, you know, grass, water whatever, have theother half of the circle. So they all kind of like point inward tothe to the colorless one, if you have them all laid out on atable. The other cool thing, while there's actually two more cool things.The colorless archais has this ripple swell attack for free, says if you havesix archias in play. So if your whole bench is archias and they're alldifferent types, then you could search your deck for up to six basic energycards and attach them to all your archaius. That was really sweet because you know, you just accelerate energy out of your deck for free. That wasthe attack that you wanted to use on the first turn of the game.There was one other way that I remember to move energy to any archaius inplay. I can't remember if it was like a even an idol stadium,stadium or item. Yeah, yeah, there's some. I think it wasa stadium that you could play where you can move your energy anywhere. Soyou would ripple swell, you get all your energy and play and there isan ultimate zone, ultimate ultimate zone. There we go. And then whatwas that? And that was a stadium. Is The stadium? Yeah, okay. And then the other thing is that all these archias have different weaknesses. Do you remember about this when you played this archetype? Oh Gosh,I I've only ever played it like casually with will man at, though.So there's one card that could take away weakness in this in this format.Do you remember what it is? No, okay, there's a lucariogl from risingrivals, and normally this is, you know, it's an SP pokemon, so you would normally only play it in SPDX and it doesn't it doesn'tnecessarily take away the weakness, but it makes weakness times too for each pokemon. So that would be another way, as opposed to hitting in for plusthirty weakness at the time or plus twenty or plus ten, it would makeeach weakness times to so your arcis could go a little bit farther in theGames because you could play the Lucardo down at. Each pokemon gets times too, so you're going to be hitting, you know, twice as hard asopposed to just adding ten, twenty, thirty damage counters. So anyway,that's some that's some Arciuslore for you. Guess. The arkis deck is justinsanely cool as very cool. It's very cool. Maybe they'll make a newmechanic for arcs as like a basic pokemon again, but probis not. Yeah, yeah, doubt it, but it'd be really cool. I like that. It's a lot of vant it. If I mean they literally had thebike, a whole set for our I don't think they would do that againto be so true, so true. So JW. I think it's timefor us to Segue then into the second...

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As of today, we have information about the upcoming championshippoint season, with regionals returning to us in March leading up to,like we predicted here, the first I see in Europe in late April.I mean, what's the take, man, what's going on? Well, we'reso excited for live events to return. It's great. I'm stoked. Ican't wait too. Hopefully go to, you know, a few. Wegot a baby around the corner, so you know, probably probably stayinghome for most of these tournaments. But take a little FMLA from tournament,yeah, for sure, but I'm going to be so excited to at leastfollow the action. Try to go to a few, of course, thecolumb the one in Columbus, the I see in Columbus, where I currentlylive, is going to be an easy... to sell to my wife,but it's so exciting. I can't believe we're back and it just feels feelso good, feel so right. Yeah, and the the locations are pretty awesometoo. We got places like Salt Lake City during ski season, soif you're looking to hit some slopes after going thousand and three, then youcan join me up there. You Got Orlando during like the spring break timeframes. I'll be super nice and beautiful. Maybe take a spling at Disney.And something that I learned actually courtesy of Christopher Shamansky, is all ofthese locations are accessible from the airport's via public transit. whow so one thingI've noticed when I flew to a lot of these regionals over the last fewyears is I would have to take like a forty minute uber or like someinsane ride share thing to get to like the hotels that were near the venue. So being able to like shuttle or or bus over to to your actuallocation is a huge when it's I think that's like kind of under appreciated.No, no, not by me. I mean the older I get,the less I want to travel. So when I have a tournament venue that'seither connected to the airport or, like you said, public transportation right awayfrom the airport. I am you know, more incentibies to go to that regional. I think back to I think back to the Dallas I think that'sprobably one of my favorite regional. Tavius is right that the the venue is, you know, attached the airport. It's just so nice in terms ofyou know, transport right you just fly into the airport, you get yourhotel and you're all set to go for the weekend. So, yeah,I agree, I agree. So I'm I'm just so excited. It's socool to see this stuff back on the books. We got the EUI seein Frankfurt, Germany, coming up in late April. I think twenty twoof April is the is the day it starts, which is also really cool. I would love to be able to head out there if the cards alignat cards aligne get it. Go get it. And something that's sixtded alot of people in the states, especially people who've been playing for a while, is there is a regional in Indie this year. So a lot offolks have missed being able to go to the national championship in Indie and that'sbeen kind of replaced by a Columbus long term, it looks like. Butwe do have a regional coming up at Indie, so indie stands. Yourhope is not all together vanquished. Yeah, I mean it's certainly seems like theyare. You know, if this is kind of a half season,it almost feels like they're or maybe less than half a season, and almostfeels like they're adding more events than we would have had, at least moremidwestern events, which is where most of the player bases right. Yeah,we're getting Wisconsin Indie as regionals, where before we maybe had Wisconsin and likeSt Louis. Well, there is Fort Wayne too. Oh, I guessfor Wayne as well. So maybe this one is replacing Fort Wayne. Okay, maybe, I maybe I retract that a little bit. In any case, in any case, it's great to see that will be returned to Indiansome capacity. And Yeah, and of course we have the the Columbus innational all. So which of these tournaments, Riley, are you hoping to makeit too? I haven't done a ton of looking at the actual datesto location to figure out like what'll work for me if they're like kind offar enough out that you know you can plan around them? At this point. So I don't know, to be honest. I just want to figureout what places look most interesting to go... Obviously I'll be at Milwaukeebecause that's just an our hour and a half away from my apartment. Ithink I'll be at Indie for sure as well. Of course, be atthe Columbus internationals. I would love to go to Frankfurt. I don't knowif that's possibility or not, and then we'll kind of pick and choose fromthe regionals with from there, just based on like prices, timing, stufflike that. Cool, but you're hoping to go to like as many aspossible or just, as you know, as few as you need to satisfythe craving, or you trying to chase top sixteen, like I definitely not. I'm definitely not chasing top sixteen this year. I think it's going tobe a little hectic, to say the least, with the compressed time frame, and I don't know if that's good for my mental health. But Fairenough. I think I'll at least go to satisfy the craving, you know, finish out the invite with however many points. Lord knows how many I'veleft at this point. I haven't thought about my championship point. So Ithink I'm under twenty, I believe. I think I'm at like fifteen.So I would just need to go to a you know League Cup or leakchallenge or something to finish it off. I'm not super looking forward to likeLeau Cup weekends returning, but I'll make do. I'll make do. MaybeI'll bring home, if you play, mats to make it worth it.There you go. So I I'm excited, though, to kind of have athat that structured excuse to like go out and do something and see friendsand hang out and have that it shared experience. There's a lot to besaid for just the camaraderie that's at these events that I have really personally missed, and I think that was the biggest thing with the announcement for me.It was just like, you know, having that on the horizon as somethingto look forward to. Yeah, no doubt I would like to go to, you know, a number of these tournaments. I just feel that I'vefelt for the actually the last you know three, four or five months,just that competitive fire building back up. Yeah, and it's just kind ofintensified that much more, knowing that there's events on the horizon. I gottabe at the top of my game. I gotta you know, I'm devoted, you know, through this podcast and through other avenues, the the discord, where you can get some, you know, free advice for me,you know, the coaching sessions that I do youtube to, you know,bringing that high level analysis and strategy that that is necessary to perform at ahigh level. So I'm just excited to to continue content. You know,they announce these regionals and it's like I also was thinking, you know,personally, like Oh, that's so much more content, or possible content thatI can I can put out for love, for the path that that need that. So I'm excited for exciting, man, it's cool stuff ahead.I'm looking forward to see what happens. And what I think is interesting toois, you know, the game right now in terms of like that,that and stuff like that, it's going to be completely different by a timewe return to IRL. We're going to have like multiple set drop. We'regoing to if you're going to write a ball back, we're gonna have ultraball back by that time. So it's going to be it's going to bea different ball game out there, literally and figured itively. Yeah, andI think one thing that is really interesting about you know, irl tournaments comingback is just that I feel like, with the game growing as it is, at the rate that it has been it, at least it's felt onthe online scene, I feel like there will be more of an emphasis tobecome better with decks like earlier. Yeah, you know, the online solving them. That a little scene. Yeah, solving the Meta. The online tournamentscene is kind of established, like, people know what's going on. Thereare a lot of still a lot of tournaments. There still will bea lot of tournaments. But then, like even watching content creators that makecontent before the new set drops, to...

...have just a little bit better ofan idea. Like no longer gone are the days where we could walk intoa tournament with just like a a good, like consistent deck from the new setand do well. Like not only doesn't have to be a good,consistent deck, it has to be good for the developed Meta. That,you know, is more likely to happen heading into tournaments, you know,especially with a new set recently dropped. So and a new clients by thentoo. What's that? And a new client by then too, and anew client. Oh my gosh, there's so many things that make me excitedfor competitive pokemon. O. Comeon, is looking bright. The future islooking exciting right now. A lot to celebrate, if you will. Well, I mean I'm just super stoked for where the game's going, and Ihope that you all listening are too, especially if you've made it this farin the episode. And if you Mary this far and you're not the typeof person that he's excited by this, I'm very interested to hear your opinion. Oh for sure. So, I mean, I think we covered allthe main things that we want to hit on today. Je You have anya hot takes? No, I mean it's going to be good stuff,man. They could make Pokemon, could make you know every player's dream happened, if they just talk a little bit more about Tcg live tomorrow, onThursday at least. It's the week of news. Yeah, yeah, orjust give us another little little sniff, little taste of what they got goingon. I mean that would be just unbelievable. So we'll see you.But it's a good time to be a pokemon player and it's a good timeto be listening to this cast. I mean I have no plans, andI know Riley doesn't have any points either, of stopping this cast. So,like don't speak for whether or not I have play. So we will. We will continue to bring you the high level competitive analysis that you crave, that you need to stay at the top of your game and and yeah, continue to look forward to tag team. That's right. If you want tocatch more of us, you can always check us out on social media. Our biggest platform is it going to be on twitter at smiles, thePriles, at Real John Walter and at tag team Pokemon, for myselfw inthe cast respectively. You can also catch us live on twitch dot TV everysingle week. We typically record on twitchtv slash munner, but JW records periodically, especially when I'm on my work trips, on his channel at twitchtv slash flexdaddy righteous, and he does at awesome streams over there for his TCGcontent. And, of course, check out you WTUBE channel same name,Flex Daddy Rights. Thank you so much. Yeah, looking forward to make sureto leave a rate and review whether you liked it or if you hadsomething to tell us, and we'll catch you next time. Peace.

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