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Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 1, Episode 10 · 1 year ago

9. The Birds and the Squids


Sor Perti hey what what is up tag teamers. We are back,I'm JW, Cree Wall. This is Riley Halbert and let's get right down to it.Riley most important question: How are you hey, authentic pizza and it's beenexhausting, though I will say yeah yeah for sure for sure I mean Chicago isjust overwhelming. I feel like with the size or unless you're talking aboutyour work, which has been exhausting. The work has been exhausting, butChicago is also overwhelming. I will say my oover driver got very lost thismorning, yeah trying to get me to word. He thought an Hiu more, I think OGLmaps, but I think he knew actually less than go mas. I had one guy one time Iwas trying to get to the airport. I left a little bit later than I normallydo and I'm you know it's like five in the morning or something and this guyI'm talking to him just really briefly and Hes, like yeah man, I've Beon', youknow this is the end of my ten hour shift like he's been working like allmorning and last night and he's like very clearly tired and he's driving me around and I'm,like you know, noticing that we're kind of going. You know right and laughright and laugh like on all these weird side street. So I PLO my phone. Youknow I have directions. A'd, like e, you know, hey man watch out here, takea take. It right, that'll be the fastest way and he like takes a leftthere and I'm like okay. Do you want me to just direct you now because you seemto be not know what you're doing yeah we ended up getting to the airportlike fifteen minutes later that we wanted. So that's good yeah right! Thank you so much Natali for thatsubcription five whole months insane. Thank you for that substriction Atali and welcome tricky Jimmers. The rest ofTricky Jim, thank you so much Andrew for that raid with eighty nine viewersawesome guys welcome to the chat, I'm jbw cre wall. This is Ryly Halbert. Wewere just talking about Riley's. You know forray in Chicago. I was just inMinneapolis myself for an audition didn't end up winning, but we had agood time checking out the mall of America, which you were talking aboutChicago being overwhelming. The mall of America is just so stupid.Like it's crazy, big I got lost, I turned a corner. I got lost, there's afreaking. You know roller coaster in the middleof the mall like what is going on it's just such a America. It seems like it'sreally bizarre, like alternate reality. Where that happens right, I wasn't sureif I was seeing people or probwas seeing robots or marages like it wasjust everything was just so strange yeah. So in any case, let's get right down toa riley. What are you feeling coming out of this last weekend? How are youfeeling about the current standard format? What are you liking? What areyou not liking and talk? A little bit about kind of the top decks from thislast weekend, yeah. So this weekend it was very interesting. Iall say that for sure we saw the gang was on geurotine AD Garchom Malamar, which wasnot really on our radars II mean it's Malmare at the end of theday Y youreformed, exactly as we continue to say, will, where it'll begood enough to get a top eitor atop, for I got both and then thet proceededto. You know, cease and that's that's. I, as tiing troublesWut that there, but I think the most interesting part ofthe weekend wasn't the most popular deck. It wasn'tthe gang playing Malamar. It was the... two decks in the room, one ofwhich actually you you were a fan of heading into this weekend and I was not and frankly, I still don't really quiteget how it happened. How I like got there, but nevertheless Lucario nometal versus Eurtinan Car Chops Magas was the finals which just seems like alike a joke on paper. It seems like not that it would not thine. These are baddecks, but just like, if you were to tell me that I would be like what Whatu taing about yeah yeah, of course, of course, like Ithink it would be. It would be funny to say you know to if you had a line, abetting line in Las Vegas, and you had these two decks in the finals. I thinkthat would be you know such a such a bad guess. You know heading into theevent, but it would be very bad uninformed, a guess right. Well, halfof it. I should say you know, because obviously Licaro mal metall, like weknew that I knew that ND. I said that would be a really good play, but even so it wasn't. The welder versionthat I was kind of running. It was a more Oh. We Lost Youriley, it was amore it's a big camera, just the camera. I might maybe it's time for a newLaptop Huh. It's just my it's just the work laptop. I don't control the CAMEAOhgocai Gotyo but in any case yeah very interesting to see this Garchop deckresurface, especially considering I hadn't seen a list for that. You know because obviously Gustavo ranthat in Latin America I hadn't seen a list between then and now so veryinteresting to see it make the finals and piloted very successfully by a fewother players. Yeah and what's interesting to me, isthat you know there wasn't just datona thisweekend right there 's a lot of stuff that was actually going on this weekend.We had the singlefore special event and we had either the regional or specialevent I forget which it was in in Australia and so those panned out a little more according expectation. Ithink MOU to won both of them, but there was like spattering still ofOfgg Andon, both tournaments, so sit's kind of come out of the woodwork, as isreally strong off metadeck. You know, and obviouslyGustapo saw great success with it in the first weekend of the format, butGusdavois notoriously tight, lift about his decks and doesn't really share themonline. It's kind of hard to C home down so very interesting to see t thisarchetype is caught on more and more, even without Gistavo's list being likea publicly available item, sure yeah, absolutely, but the word of mouth rightand obviously he's connected with players and saying you know. Clearlythis was a good play for him. Shurly I'll be a good play for others and it ended up working out for Justin. Socongratulations to Juston Bukari on that you know very stell ar finish. Iwould have loved to see a stream game. You know of that deck. You know fromalmost any point in the tournament. Unfortunately, we didn't get that, but still congratulations to him reallyreally well done. Were you interested in the results fromAustralia because they also had an event this last weekend and it wasmostly dominated by Mutzu. I think there were somewhere between four andsix METO decks in top Ey yeah. I don't remember how many it was,but I do remember it was high amount and in Singapore and Australian Youtoended up weighing both of those events I mean I did find it interesting. Theevents were a little smaller. I don't think they even had day too Swiss. Idon't even think one or both of them didn't even have nine rounds wiss. Itwas like eight round, hapf cut, sure kind of thing. So you know that...

I don't want to say it's likeinherently bad or unrepresentative, but it makes it it s a smaller sample size.You know of games that get played and what goes into that so Tue. So there's still that aspect of it, butI mean you to is just a strong deck. It's going to continue to be strong forthe forseable future, at least in the cosbic o close format. So it doesn'tsurprise me at all that it did well. I mean you too has consistently been adeck that I personally found to be a top choice that I would taketournaments. So a I mean it doesn't surprise me at all: it's I'm almost surprised by how dominant itwas more than anything, not becaue. I don't think we dos good, but justbecause I think a good deck in this format is not as deominant as it assome other formats like sure, even if Youto is even if youjus likedefinitively the best deck is not so much better than everything else that Ilike completely bodies. Everything and like Atto wins any tournament rightright, but I just thought it was interesting to see the differencesbetween the two metagames in that MOU. Toreally didn't have too strong of a presence here in America, and yet inAustralia, just went buck wild and you know, took took that whole event. Very handily, I'm just curious yourthoughts on like what the difference in the metagame might have been to allow a deck like moutube to flourishin one metagame, and you know kind of get destroyed, I guess, or maybe not bethe best play in the American medagame yeah. I'm not entirely sure what whatwould have caused it. I would need to take a closer look at them at abreakdowns, but I think there's a couple things. At least that come tomind. I know ATP was very very popular in both Australia and Singapore and I'msure IAS happier in the US as well, but I think mutis ability to do threehundred to turn Apgxisis, just really really strong and and can kind of keepATP out of the game. Even you know they can obviously use caldeos and- and I you know, Grininja into Kelda-isn't like fantastic. It kind of it's more or less an even like to a Kao kindof war thing, but if you're doing that after onehikoing their ATP and removing their acceleration, that's like a differentstory. You know you can afford to be slower and like missturns here andthere not have to heal every turn because they still have to attach rightet ther arit up right. So I think that's a big part of it was thepopular to ATP and also just the popularitive Mutu right. So you knowATP and Mutar R, the most popular DX he mutues can eat up those avps,especially if the better players are playing Youto and and it's just mutusleft, and they just continue to knock each other out. Sure. Absolutely wilesaid whill said we're no wor you to, though, like yeah. You know the teenageam Malamar. I think actually probably has a decent shot against me toespecially they're playing the Faba now, which can remove not only stuff like caotic, well or Skypillar, but I canremove the weakness Gard energy you now can swing to sixty in a turn, if you'renot playing drog Sur, exactly, I think overall, be the METIGAV in America seemto be less friendly, so you to than it was in the other formonths as well.Yeah, absolutely absolutely. Were there any surprise,dicks from the weekend that you maybe weren't, expecting we have somebody inthe in the chat that is talking about Cursian Rocksee Checkmate, I'm not sureif you've looked into that deck at all, but were there anything? was thereanything that you kind of didn't expect to see or maybe came out of left field from the from the weekend? Yeah I heard about a Persian checkmatedeck going into the weekend. I didn't really give it any credence and I don'treally think it truly proved itself to deserve it. Yet...

...obviously I did get some top six teamscattering but yeah when the list is post to look kind ofunderwhelming to me and I'm sure obviously there's ways to forge likewins out of it, but I don't see like a great reason to play it, and I reallyreally didn't like Zanders checkmake back back in the day, so, okay hot kindof day being like too earlier in the season yeah, I really didn't like that deck. I, thecheckmakes Traegy, just seem so much less solid without Zorc, it seems likeyou guyust trying to emulate tha that, like sensation, surmal is opposed olike actually building like the Pasin Lily good yeah. I mean if it's really comes downsurprises. The most urprising thing to me, I think, was that other people,besides, you were playing Wicaro. I was saying man, it's just it seemslike it should be good and it it ended up taking. You know second place in SanDiego Yeah, and I think there was a more likestall focused well in Singapore. I think sure sureyeah and it was just it- was cool to see adifferent. Take on it, as far as I know from from that second place list, theydidn't play welder and instead opting for just you know, manuall attaching,but it worked out really well, I think the deck was strong with or withoutwelder, and I think in a slower format to like.If you think, ATP is going to be big, then you can afford to have those liketwo manual attachments via you know in your Lucario Meilmental, sovery, very interesting deck there for shore. How do you think this like ships? It'svery curious, because I thought that you know baby bill sephelon might havebeen a good deck heading into the weekend.Obviously there wasn't a lot of that. There wasn't a lot of fire decks ingeneral. What's your take on at least in the American Medagame? What's yourtake on FIREDEX WELDER BAS? Decks they used tobe the best decks. You know everyone was complaining about well, there'sbroken well, there's too good, and now it's hard to find those welther basedecks in the top table, certainly didn't see a lot of fire box as it were, yeah man, where are the. Where are thehaters now bcowing out for Waldervan? I Don t understand, I mean realistically to me baby blowndseemed really good in the point, the format where stall was relativelynonexistent yeah and you could just take out tag team decks. I mean itstill fulfills that purpose pretty well sure but suffered a lot. Both saw and Malamare becoming apopular ever time. Sure, and that's just really rough andthere's not really a lot that baby blounds as a deck can do about that,and I think it's just kind of forced out of the medic game by Malamar,especially becoming more popular. You know, stall will never be that popularjust inherently, but Malamar people love that deck they do and that deckdoes take a pretty good matchupabiit's pretty hard to justify fine other widerdays. I mean you to just seems kind of like the best way to play a GXWalderdeck right, Lik yeah. Why would I ever play abilitieszard when I couldblame you do for the most part? For the most part, you know if there aresituations, maybe where abilities, ars better but mu, tues Edectthet, I enjoy more, hasmore options at any given moment and just apparently has a higher like out play potential surfability, TureCrow. I just why you playng Ither Ol, er sureand going off of that Riley, which version do you think you would play foryou to? Would you opt more for the taccoengine, maybe just a more turboversion? If you were to play metu this weekend, what what version would youplay? I think at this point the AG callEngineis solidifid itself as the way...

...that you play Moutu in this format. It's definitely getting the mostresults. consistenty Andyou know you. Could you could argue,there's different different ways about it, but I don't know I guess I could see itgoing either way sure and it depends wlot on the Meta, but tag call has got the results toback it up more so than the other version sure, and I think it provides alot of a lot of stability in that you are ableto play mallow and Lana, which is just a huge card for you to being able tokeep those energies in play being able to keep that beefy boy alive. As longas you possibly can as a huge, huge strength that the Straightforardversion doesn't you know doesn't have, and I think that is something that Ilook to is being one of the main reasons that the tag hall engine ismaybe a little bit more well positioned, especially considering that this formatrelies pretty heavily on to hit Kos so very interesting there. What do you think about a Oh yeah go aand I'm interested if you kind of feel the same is it doesn't have like thisis a lot harder, a time using the cargo. So getting the follow up, one hit Caois yor. This simple sure tag all and I know you've played some Tad callet. Doyou have ERF issues with like getting that last file? Knockout, I mean some.Some people don't even play Ma cargo at all. Yeah I mean there's always goingto be issues. Just generally speaking, I often find that the MMEGCARGO isstill useful, but is not always the route you know a lot of times. You'llhave ways to like snipe with Neganadel to finish the game. If you can just youknow, get it to Denna or something like that. You know. I never find that it's. I never find that the MAC cargo is thereason that I lose the game. Often when I'm playing the TAG, call version, butright you just lose the game. For other reason, yeah I lose the game, for otherreasons, exactly yeah, but you know how it is, though, you canalways kind of like play around that right so like maybe, if you don't haveaccess to the MAC cargo, because you had to attach too many special energyto your active, then you can, you know, keep that thing alive, while you liketurbo strike onto a benchd one and start building that up with basicenergies so like. Maybe you don't have it that turn, but maybe in one or twoterns you're able to build up on the bench, the attacker that can take thatbig last one shot knock out with MAG cargo, so I always find that that works. sureat least from you know from mytesting with that deck hasn't really been too much of an issue. How do you feel that stall ispositioned in this format? I feel, like stall, is kind of on the down trend amongsttop players, but I still feel that it has a lot ofstrengths, and so I'm curious, as what you feelare you know, are the reasons that people aren't playing stall and maybewhy it could be a good play. I don't really think stall had anininherent reason to like have that downturn like ADP can be tough, especially for for the dolls versions. Sor. You stillhave pitgy versions which are pretty decent against ATP, because they're notreally playing ends resolved, so there's not really way to surprise them,which ar an amount of energy on the board, sure and CI Ges all about thatfor sure, and it takes a lot of other goodmatchups, like even dolls, like wit, the sides. ATP has a lot of really goodmatchups and I'm sure you could easily see that in the finals. So I I don't really see a reason why itwould be bad. I guess I guess Amastar is pretty hard, sometimes, if you'renot playing the celebe that we talked...

...about last week. Yes, the busted filthy,celebe, the Brokan Cellvi, so yeah- I don't know- I don't know, I thinkpeople just like prefer not to play stall, and maybe it was like a roughchoice going into te or not into state town into San Diego, especially becauseit did so well consistently in in Daytona, it's pretty rough to as astall player yeah or someone who's played stal at least a couple times.Personally, I always find it really hard to justify playing it twice in arow. Sure Yeah. Absolutely so you think kind of people were scared off it. Theywere thinking well, maybe other players are going to play heavier stallcounters, and so that means you know if they play like Tocrag and all of theirATP like that'd, be pretty bad. For me, as a dolls player, you know, is that kind of the thinkingor they coun play ends resolve in ATP. That's another, like example, that justimmediately comes to mind. Yeah there's just like there's not agood way about playing stall twice like you,can't really anticipate how people were react to seeing stall do well sure andfor the most part, usually people won't respect it that much even immediatelyafter but you'd hate to roll that dice and be wrong when you could just playlike a consistent, more attacking focus, deck sure and Save Your stall enjoyment for another time, yeah yeah!It's funny, though, because it does kind of remind me like of just expandedwhere okay night March does really well. So then the next regional everyone puts anOracorio or Karenin, but then nobody plays nightmarch because they're allthinking that everyone will, you know, met a game against it. You know so Idon't know just just very interesting, although I think people act like moreactively respond to night March Sur, whatever reason sure an. Maybe it'sjust like the level of hate that people have for nightmarch is very strong orthey just respect nightmarch more as a deck than they do stall, but IV, the logic as a whole, I think,still still holes and, I think hit's a good comparison, sure absolutely all right. Well, what would be your topthree decks heading into this weekend? Considering the metagame from this lastweekend, I guess across both continents, but Iyou know mainly focusing in America where we saw Lecario mail metal. We saw this weird, you know garcom Girtinadeck. Finally, win. You know get out of the top EI that it had in Latin America. You have ATP, obviouslystill a strong contender here. What are your kind of top three decks going intothe weekend? Let's say you have a cop or something coming up. I think it would probably be probably kind of the things tha alreadyalluded to trure. I think doll is pretty good. I actually just got abunch of doll stuff in the hail and I like kind of want to use it, which maybe that just like just somekind of evil seed inside of me is sprouting. I really want to ruin people's days ata cup, but besides that, I also really think me tois very good. It's always a deck that I have my radar. I just love the deck somuch. I have a lot of fun playing it and I'm like I message you about this,actually that I kind of Wantd to just run the car, but I don't know, maybe maybe I shouldhave some more CP before I decide to round the car. Well, yeah you always kind of worrywith Lukario that, like you know, there's just going to bethere's just going to be. You know, th the dead hand or there's going to belike that one bad match up. You know that you hit if ou. If you plan ontaking that one, you know weird kind of off the Walldeck you're. Just you knowyou're going to hit that weird matchup in the local matagame. It's just guarant EAH, I I don't knowit's just guarantee dude you're in Ohio you're, going to hit the weird matchup.

Are you sure the like the firedeck with Faba so thatthey can get rid of your frying Pan and one shot you owesuck? That woulddefinitely ai wouldn't want to hit that. I will aythey play like the one of what is it like? The dark, drail ordangerous girlthat would be busted. They play like an o one line of a Garkeon and a dangerous that's be insane. IMOST wouldn't be mad. If I lostsomething like that yeah, it reminds e o of the cup that I played ore, theyeah. It was a cup I played against Kevin Baxter and he was playing Malimarand I was playing Mutu N. I'm like all right. I got this. You know I just getmy weakness Card Energy Attagoturn, one to my Mutu and, like I'm, sed to go,and he drops this. I think it's a Guaritina, Proofi, nine yearteen yeahand he like bopped off t the special energy and then just one shot me, andit was the just the craziest thing and I was a little salty but then likeafter I got over this salt. I was like you know what you got me. You know yeayour one Faren Square, like congratulations were coming up withthat with that one tech to be that one very specific, matchup, very forly, youstill sound a little salte, hey now, hey now he now you know what about yougw. What would your top?Do? You look like I really like Pigiota right now, that's been a deck that I'vebeen testing a lot on the ladder. I think it's just really well poised,because if there's a lot of ATP, then it obviously feasts on that. I thinkMuto is kind of an iffy matchup, but I feel like in America, Med to maybeisn't as like. I don't see it as much on theladder. Obviously, the results from San Diego this weekend wouldn't indicate tome that Meto is still a top choice for the top players and then I think ittakes a decent Nalamar match of actually I've been finding that theMalomar match was pretty. You know it's pretty decent, it'spretty dee you can. You can do some things. You can work your way out ofsituation. So, given that me tos kind of on thedecline which you're really only worried about that twenty damage,countercross division, if mu to is on the decline in the localMadagame, I mean I would love to play. Pigy I like Meu to like you're, saying I just thinkit's a good Dick kind of a comfort pick and then beyond that yeah I don't knowguardion. Maybe Guardian seems fine. You Know Lecario Mel Metal, Thoese kindof feel like two sides to the same coin, depending on whatryea. What's that theyare like kind of similar in their end, game function, yeah exactly exactlythose those feel very similar to me. So I, like those decks a lot and we'll seewhat I end up playing this weekend. Yeah Alot of interesting choices there onthe table, yeah absolutely absolutely well. I think that's a pretty likesolid overview, I mean not too much has really been exposed from this lastweekend I mean we've really gone through the metagame over these lastfew weeks and I almost feel like it's been beaten to a pulp. I don't knowabout you, but I'm ready to move on to you know a new set, or you know,midseason rotation t at that won't happen. But and the said, as only been out for likefour weeks, I know, but I'm kind of ready for something new. You feelingt, I think it's because we had like thislong strigng of like standard events over and over and over again, it's likepeople are putting so much time and effort into this set in such a shortperiod of time yeah. That could be it for sure. It's like, oh well, one thingthat I know for sure is that expanded... going to be really great and I thinkwe're going to turn our focus here in the next few weeks, just more shiftingtowards expanded and what we have to bring for Dallas. What we think isgoing to be good, because there isn't that much content out right now forexpanded. It's been very curious. I haven'treally seen a lot of people posting lists about expanded or posting ideasabout expanded. It feels really dry, there's a lot of things that maintaintheir strength into the expanded format, but certainly a lot of things that get neutered by the bands, and thingslike that. So we'll do more dive deep diving into that later, but I wouldlike to open up the floor now to any viewer questions that you guys have. Wehave one here from Epparusa TV, saying, lily or Cynthia and ADP, and we hadkind of discussed this. I remember last week we didn't really like lily thatmuch and figured that Cynthia would probably be the preferred supporter ofchoice. Has Your opinion changed at all? It really hasn't, and even the more Ithink about it- I just like Cynthia more and more as an option: Wellasn't a huge fan of Lily and ourgroup chats also as be like, talked about it like over text weren't about this lily,either so yeah I mean I'm planting my feet and I think I like Cynthia betteryeah how about it? Let's see what are your generalthoughts on how expanded is going to shake out rawth? You have any initialthoughts. I mean it's definitely going to look alot different. I think there's going to be some things that carry over prettywell, the TURGO dark deck doesn't loseanything and it kind of y know stays a a similar power level or can just blowanything up. I think the biggest thing that's going to come onto the scene isthese ATP FOCUS TEC, which will have this kind of weirdeffect of people actually play Ranger and get value out of it sure for thefirst time and years so because, like Hese Apx, they can needto play it with like a turbo, dark, dragons kind ofthing and just white things off the board, which seems pretty good or theycan play it with the baby, Eltrena Crosma and is gx and go one seven orlike two hundred two hundred two hundred brother Yeah and take multipleprizes like three prizes on a Shamean with a one prize. Attacker seems prettygood to me. It's not going to lie seems pretty good, so yeah, I think rangerwill be ippearing in people's deck boxes. True, I think I think RangerYeah Ranger and Faba seemd, like the two cards kind of to look out for andexpanded right now, or at least the two like tech supporters Ti look out for anexpanded, it might be. Dallas might be the first reagional where people playrange in their deck and then play it in Games, yeah and actually use it rightand that will not actually use it like need to use it like are forced to useit, or else the game ends extremely quickly. I mean just just thethought of the game ending in three turns via a one prize. Attacker is very, veryscary, and I think a lot of people were respected a lot you know going into expanded. I thinkdark turbo dark stays extremely good. I was doing some testing with that. I am very sure that there is some kindof staldeck that is helped by the poki dolls among other cards from from cosmic eclipse, and then I feel likeMutu is just on the rise because of the bands makes that deck a little bit moreviable, so those are kind of the things that I'm looking at for expanded rightnow. We have another question here: Ninja Dusk says: Does pige have any wayto beat Zebra now, and I think it does a somebody. That's put a lot of a lotof games. INTOE Piggi, I haven't lost to a deck that plays Zebra.

I just feel like the Belaba bricon mancan actually just disrupt and accelerate the game state so fast tothe point that Zebra is almost more of a hindrance than a help. Yeah, and I think, what's important tonote to is the deck has to be able to get value out of Zebra against Pigilike drawing four pards is great from a ser card hand, that's obviouslyfantastic. But what are you doing with those part cards like, for example, ifyou're playing ATP and you have a zero energy? AP active and you don't have anenergy in your bench because it got hammered away? What do you, what is forcards help likethat four cards can't do anything for you, you're, just going to attach theone energy that you draw, maybe and essentially amill yourself, three cardsand attached and energy right right right and I found I found thatthe zebra, like you, never want to use it early becauseyour hand is generally big and then late in the game. You know you'vealready been milled a few times with the BELOBA Brican man, and it's notreally that good, because you put yourself in that danger zone the zebra. I don't know it's just alittle bit more interesting now that Thelova, Brice man is a card, and Idon't know that there's a deck other than maybe fire right. I was gonna say that can utalizeyeah that can utilize the zebra soars, like the only deffer, makes sense to meand that's because you can just keep sprinting and using victini. Yes,you know. Yes, if even if your deck is all fires, you can just like sprint,Gust Victini, recycle all that yeah right right. It has that refresh thatinherent refresh that no other deck really has outside of. I guess thingsthat play a Rangero themselves, but very, very good point there. I thinkZebra and almost any other deck right now isn't a sure fireway to be pitchin. Let's see, surely we have another? Oh here we gored. Lo reckless asks. Are there any potential dark horse ticks that youthink might do well in the upcoming tournaments dark horse. I mean, I think, at thispoint, the biggest dark horse that we were looking for were the finalists inSan Diego Yeah. I don't know how much further down the rabbit hole we can go. That being said, there are some kind ofinteresting rogue decks that I think are out there. The nuzzledeck isactually kind of good, especially against ATP. I think that daks prettygood, because ABP has to sacrifice those turns and leave the multipriceBookmont active yeah so and against all those like Greensy typedecks as well. Stuff like the Nuszle Beck, is very good yeah because they'rejust spending time like even like actually ATP Po, not the the matchip. Ireally wanted to hit on there, but like guardion sure and stuff, like the Giarjina Gartom deck like what do theydo? You know they're spending multipleturns like building up this stuff and you're. Just like you know, snugby generatio, we generat yeah right. Absolutely, absolutely youknow thin the deck. Get your guys out. Get you guys powered up. You have that luture o to be stosat isgoing to play. You know in real life because you're, just like emolgaing andtenning your deck, ridiculous, Anow and then tin. All your energy out and allyou have is like good cars and your day yeah, so busted, the filthy deck. I have a sneaking suspicion that that'sthe deck that andrewis going to play this weekend. He hasn't said that he will or not I'mjust I'm guessing I'm guessing. He has like he has what like fifty games withit on his stream. The Guy has played that deck he'sperfected. That day I love it, and, and now with theaddition of the Ressiaram Zecrom, that's huge. Now you can one shotthings at the end of the game, that's... bust. That is a fun eddition for sure. It'sclever to yeah yeah I like the nozle deck to. I think that one's really funthere's some I've seen some lists out there with bedrill. I don't really like bee drill. I meanit kind of games stuff with Rosa right being able to chain the BEA. Rills isalittle bit easier now with Rosa, but still doesn't excite me as a deckchoice. Just because I never feel like. Knocking yourself out is ever a good strategy. Great, it's not the best, you know but yeah. So there has been some talkabout B drill. I probably wouldn't put too much stock into that. ConsideringMalamar is still a you know, very good play and you have no real strategyagainst maleon but yeah, very, very cool, all right,any other, any other things you want to hit on here. Riley. You know, I don't think, there's toomuch. We can say that we haven't already said at this point. Les RegardThe cosmic Clip Standard. I do think this last week whone was pretty fun andinteresting to follow along. I wish it was streamed. Yes, I could have seensome of that stuff happening in real time yeah, but it was still really coolto watch that unfold. I'm excited to see any rogue bruise that either Andrewor you know anyone in Estream or cost lead cups comes up with, and in bringshis forme and definitely xcited as well to to dig my heels a little bit intoexpanded and messed around with Folkmon Ranger and yes, and also dragon backsand stuff. Like that, well righly we got to get. We got to get our headstogether and start coming up with some lists, because I mean we always saylike. Oh we're going to prepare. You know months in advance and well thatthat month is here we're down to the last month before Dallas and the the holidays are coming up. It's goingto be a busy time with traveling and hanging out with family, and thingslike that. So I want to get a jump on that expanded metagame and I think it'sreally kind of been done a disservice with the lack of coverage that expandedhas gotten it'll, be interesting to see what happens in Dallas for sure man for sure, especially whenwe win and get second place well right: okay, yeah, we just have to decidewho's going to win and who's going to get sick. W wellhe decidees me because,like Dallas, is kind of my thing so yeah I just feel like you know it bereally cool for me if I was a three p champion, but we could also both be to peace yeah.I just feel like I don't want mine. I don't want you on my level, one ofyours. I don't want you an my level. You know I feel like I just want tomaintain in our friend group that you know just the Spirito superiority, I'mjust saying like your first one like and your second one together, basicallyaquate to my one. So are you talking about a number ofpeople? I think yours had a higher scrub to good player ratio than mine. I'm just saying, like mine, was a moremore relevant, interesting accomplishment. Okay, all right, Hav, alonger more impactful Meta, Leach Jeez! Well, that might be a discussion foranother time. That might be a discussion for you knowin person with our fists with our pisticups yeah. Absolutely so very cool Rileythinks so much for joining us again. I know it's a little bit out of your waycoming out of a hard days works. So thank you so much for being here withus, I'm going to transition into my pokemon after dark stream and guysthank you for sticking around don't go anywhere. I'm just going NA. You knowcut to black, put out some sunglasses and we're going to get this after dogstream rolling. Thank you guy. So much...

...for being here for joining us for tagteam, I'M JW! This is Raley Halbert and we'll see you guys next week see everyone peace.

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