Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast
Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 1, Episode 10 · 3 years ago

9. The Birds and the Squids


Sorry, pretty cool. Hey, what what is up? Tag teamers? We are back. I'm JW Curry Wall. This is Riley Albert, and let's get right down to it. Riley, most important question. How are you a authentic pizza? And it's been exhausting, though, I will say. Yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure. I mean Chicago is just overwhelming, I feel like, with the size, or unless you're talking about your work, which has been exhausting. The work has been exhausting, but Chicago is also overwhelming. I will say my uber driver got very lost this morning. Yeah, trying to get me to work. He thought even more than Google maps, but I think he knew actually less than Google maps. I I had one guy one time. I was trying to get to the airport. I left a little bit later than I normally do and I'm, you know, it's like five in the morning or something, and this guy I'm talking to him just really briefly and it's like yeah, man, I don't you know, this is the end of my ten hour shift. Like he's about working like all morning and all last night and he's like very clearly tired and he's driving me around and I'm like, you know, noticing that we're kind of going, you know, right and left, right and laugh, like on all these weird side streets. I plaw my phone and, you know, have directions. I'm like hey, you know, hey, man, watch out here, take a take a right, that'll be the fastest way. And he like takes a left there and I'm like, okay, do you want me to just direct you now, because you seem to not know what you're doing? Yeah, we ended up getting to the airport like fifteen minutes later than we wanted, so good. Yeah, right. Oh, thank you so much, Natalie, for that subscription. Five whole months insane. Thank you for that subscription, Natalie, and welcome tricky Jimmers the rest of Tricky Jim. Thank you so much, Andrew, for that raid with eighty nine viewers. Awesome, guys. Welcome to the chat. I'm JW creewall. This is Riley Halbert. We were just talking about Riley's, you know, for a in Chicago. I was just in Minneapolis myself for an audition. Didn't end up winning, but we had a good time checking out the mall of America, which you were talking about Chicago being overwhelming. The mall of America is just so stupid, like it's crazy big. I got lost. I turned a corner, I got lost. There's a Freakin, you know, roller coaster in the middle of the mall, like, what is going on? It's just such America. Seems like really bizarre like alternate reality where that happens. Right. I wasn't sure if I was seeing people or for I was seeing robots or Mirage's, like it was just everything was just so strange. Yeah, funny. So, in any case, let's get right down to a riley. What are you feeling coming out of this last weekend? How are you feeling about the current standard format? What are you liking, what are you not liking, and talk a little bit about kind of the top decks from this last weekend. Yeah, so this weekend it was very interesting. I will say that. For sure, we saw the gang was on Guar Tina Guard Hump Malamar, which was not really on our radars. I mean it's Malamar at the end of the day, and performed exactly as we continue to say, well, where it'll be good enough to get a top eight or a top four, and it got both and then it proceeded to, you know, cease and that's that's how thinking rumbles with that deck. But I think the most interesting part of the weekend wasn't the most popular deck. It wasn't the gang playing Malamar,... was the final two decks in the room, one of which actually you, you were a fan of heading into this weekend and I was not, and frankly, I still don't really quite get how it happened, how I like got there. But nevertheless it Lucario me metal versus Your Tina Car Chumps Vegas was the finals, which just seems like a like a joke. On paper, it seems like, not that it would not think these are bad decks, but just like if you were to tell me that, I would be like, what about? Yeah, yeah, of course, of course, like I think it would be. It would be funny to say, you know, to if you had a line, a betting line in Las Vegas and you had these two decks in the finals. I think that would be, you know, such a such a bad guess, you know, heading into the event, but it would be very badly uninformed to guess right. Well, half of it, I should say. You know, becauuse, obviously, La Carlo Mell metal, like we knew that I knew that now. I said that would be a really good play, but even so it wasn't the welder version that I was kind of running. It was a more Oh, we lost you, Riley. It was a more it's a camera, just the camera, and maybe it's time for a new laptop. Huh, it's just my it's just the work laptop. I don't control it came. Oh, I got you, I got you, but in any case, yeah, very interesting to see this Guar Chop deck resurface, especially considering I hadn't seen a list for that, you know, because obviously Gustavo ran that in Latin America. I hadn't seen a list between then and now. So very interesting to see it make the finals and piloted very successfully by a few other players. Yeah, and what's interesting to me is that, you know, there wasn't just stay tone of this weekend right. There's a lot of stuff that was actually going on this weekend. We had the sing before special event and we had either the regional or special event, I forget which it was in in Australia, and so those panned out a little more according expectation. I think mewtwo won both of them. But there was like spattering still of GG and in both tournaments. So it's it's kind of come out of the woodwork as this really strong off Meta deck, you know, and obviously Gustavo saw a great success with it in the first weekend of the format. But Gustavo's notoriously tight lift about his decks and doesn't really share them online. It's kind of hard to come down. So very interesting to see it. This archetype is caught on more and more, even without Gustavo's list being like a publicly available item. Sure, yeah, absolutely, but the word of mouth right and obviously he's connected with players and saying, you know, clearly this was a good play for him, surely I'll be a good play for others. And it ended up working out for justine. So congratulations to Justin Buccari on that, you know, very stellar finish. I would have loved to see a stream game, you know, of that deck, you know, from almost any point in the tournament. Unfortunately we didn't get that, but still congratulations to him. Really, really well done. Were you interested in the results from Australia, because they also had an event this last this weekend, and it was mostly dominated by Mewtwo. I think there were somewhere between four and six mewtwo decks and top eight. Yeah, I don't remember how many was, but I do remember it was high amount. And in Singapore and Australiam you two ended up winning both of those events. I mean, I did find it interesting the events were a little smaller. I don't think they even had day to Swiss. I don't even think one or both of them didn't even have nine round Swiss. It was like eight round to cut sure kind of thing. So you know that. I don't...

...want to say it's like inherently bad or unrepresentative, but it makes it its a smaller sample size, you know, of games that get played and what goes into that. So sure, so there's still that aspect of it. But I mean you two is just a strong deck. It's going to continue to be strong for the foreseeable future, at least in the cosmic or close format. So it doesn't surprise me at all that it did well. I mean you too has consistently been a deck that I personally found to be a top choice that I would take tournaments. So yeah, I mean it doesn't surprise me at all. It's I'm almost surprised by how dominant it was, more than anything, not because I don't think we choose good but just because I think a good deck in this format is not as dominant as it has some other formats. Like sure, even if you two is, even if you too is like definitively the best deck, is not so much better than everything else that I like completely bodies everything and like auto wins any tournament. Right, right. But I just thought it was interesting to see the differences between the two Meta Games in that Youtube really didn't have too strong of a presence here in America and yet and Australia just went buck wild and, you know, took took that whole event very handily. I'm just curious to your thoughts on like what the difference in the metagame might have been. To allow a deck like new two to flourish in one metagame and you know, kind of get destroyed, I guess, or or maybe not be the best play in the American Meta game. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure what what would have caused it. I would need to take a closer look at them, at a breakdowns, but I think there's a couple things at least that come to mind. I know ATP was very, very popular in both Australia and Singapore and I'm sure it's popular in the US as well. But I think much disability to do three hundred the turn atpgx has is just really, really strong and and can kind of keep ATP out of the game. Sure, even you know, they can obviously use CALDEO's and and I they you know, Grenninja into Keldeo isn't like fantastic. It kind of more or less even like to a Ko kind of war thing. But if you're doing that after one hit kohing their ATP and removing their acceleration, that's like a different story. You know, you can afford to be slower and like misturns here and there not have to heal every turn because they still have to attach right at their are it up right. So I think that's a big part of it. Was the popular of ATP and also just the popularity mew to right. So you know ATP and mutual the most popular decks. MEWTWO's can eat up those atps, especially if the better players are playing you too and banished just meatwo's left and they just continue to knock each other out. Sure, absolutely, well said, well said. We're for you too, though, like yeah, you know, the Teena Chump, Malamar, I think. Actually probably as a decent shot against me to especially they're playing the Faba now, which can remove not only stuff like chaotics well or Skypillar, but I can remove the weakness card energy. You can swing to sixty in a turn if you're not playing Gergi DX. Sure, no, exactly. I think overall, the the Meta game in America, I seem to be less friendly to you too than it was in the other formats as well. Yeah, absolutely absolutely. Were there any surprised decks from the weekend that you maybe weren't expecting? We have somebody in the in the chat that is talking about Persian Roxy Checkmate. I'm not sure if you've looked into that deck at all, but where there anything it? was there anything that you kind of didn't expect to see or maybe came out of left field from the from the weekend? Yeah, I heard about a Persian checkmate deck going into the weekend. I didn't really to give it any credence and I don't really think it truly proved itself to deserve it yet. Obviously it did get some top sixteen scattering, but...

...yeah, when the list was posted to look kind of underwhelming to me and I'm sure obviously there's ways to forge like winds out of it, but I don't see like a great reason to play it. And I really really didn't like Zander's checkmate back back in the day, so that kind of day being like too earlier season. Yeah, I really didn't like that deck. The checkmates strategy just seems so much less solid without Zark. It seems like you got to trying to emulate that. That like sensation, sure, moll as, opposed to like actually building like the process, and less we could. Yeah, I mean, if it's really comes down to surprise, is the most surprising thing to me, I think, was that other people besides you were playing Lucario. I was saying, man, it's just it seems like it should be good, and it ended up taking, you know, second place in San Diego. Yeah, and I think there was a more like stall focused. Yeah, well, in Singapore, I think. Sure. Sure, yeah, and it was just it was cool to see a different take on it. As far as I know from from that second place list, I they didn't play welder and instead opting for just, you know, manually attaching. But it worked out really well. I think the deck was strong with or without welder and I think in a slower format to like if you think ATP is going to be big, then you can afford to have those like two manual attachments via in your Lucario Mel Metal. So very, very interesting deck there for sure. How do you think this like shifts? It's very curious because I thought that, you know, Baby Bill Cephalon might have been a good deck heading into the weekend. Obviously there wasn't a lot of that. There wasn't a lot of fire decks in general. What's your take on, at least in the American metagame, what's your take on fire decks, welder based decks? They used to be the best decks. You know, everyone was complaining about well, there's broken, well there's too good, and now it's hard to find those welder based decks in the top table. Certainly didn't see a lot of fire box, as it were. Yeah, man, where the where the haters now crying out for a wilder van? I don't understand. I mean, realistically, to me, baby blounds seems really good in the point in the format where stall was relatively nonexistent. Yeah, and you could just take out tag team decks. I mean it's still fulfills that purpose pretty well, sure, but it's suffered a lot just both stall and Malamar becoming more popular over time. Sure, and that's just really rough and there's not really a lot that baby blounds as a deck can do about that. And I think it's just kind of forced out of the metagame by Malamar especially becoming more popular. You know, stall will never be that popular just inherently, but Malamar. People love that deck, they do, and that that does take a pretty good matchup the baby. It's pretty hard and just by pointing it other welder decks, I mean you too, just seems kind of like the best way to play a gx welder deck, right. Yeah, why would I ever play abilities are when I could blame you to for the most part, for the most part, you know, if there are situations maybe where abilities are is better, but you two is addicted. I enjoy more, has more options at any given moment and just generally has a higher like I'll play potential or sure if ability sure grow. I just are you playing the other well, deck. Sure, and and going off of that, Riley, which version do you think you would play for me? You too, would you opt more for the tag call engine? Maybe just a more turbo version, if you were to play me to this weekend? What? What version would you play? I think at this point the tag call engine is solidified itself. Was the way that you play... too. In this format. It's definitely getting the most results consistently and you know, you could, you could argue there's different, different ways about it, but I don't know, I guess I could see it going either way. Sure, and it depends lot on the Meta, but tag calls I've got the results to back it up, more so than the other version. Sure, and I think it provides a lot of a lot of stability in that you are able to play Malowan Lana, which is just a huge card from you, to being able to keep those energies and play, being able to keep that beefy boy alive as long as you possibly can, as a huge, huge strength that the straightforward version doesn't, you know, doesn't have, and I think that is something that I look to as being one of the main reasons that the tag hall engine is maybe a little bit more well positioned, especially considering that this format relies pretty heavily on to hit Kos. So very interesting there. What do you think about it? Don't yet. Go ahead call and I'm interested if you kind of feel the same is. It doesn't have like this. It is a lot harder a time using the cargo. So getting the follow up one hit Ko is served this simple. Sure, a tag all and I know you've played some tag call it. You have are issues with like getting that last file knockout. I mean some some people don't even play the cargo at all. Yeah, I mean there's always going to be issues. Just generally speaking, I often find that the my mad cargo is still useful but is not always the route. You know, a lot of times you'll have ways to like snipe with Naganadel to finish the game if you can just, you know, get it to denny or something like that. You know, I never find that it's I never find that the mat cargo is the reason that I lose the game often when I'm playing the tag call version. But right you just lose the game for other reason. Yeah, I lose the game for other reasons exactly. Yeah, but you know how it is, though you can always kind of like play around that, right. So, like maybe if you don't have access to the MAT cargo because you had to attach too many special energy to your active then you can, you know, keep that thing alive while you like turbo strike onto a bench one and start building that up with basic energies. So, like, maybe you don't have it that turn, but maybe in one or two turns you're able to build up on the bench the attacker that can take that big last one shot knockout with MAG cargo. So I always find that that works. Sure, at least from you know, from my testing with that deck, hasn't really been too much of an issue. How do you feel that stall is positioned in this format? I feel like stall is kind of on the down trend amongst top players, but I still feel that it has a lot of strengths and so I'm curious as what you feel are, you know, are the reasons that people aren't playing stall and maybe why it could be a good play. I don't really think stall had an inherent reason to like have that downturn, like ATP can be tough off, especially for for the dolls versions. Sure you still have piggy versions, which are pretty decent against ATP because they're not really playing ends resolve, so there's not really a way to surprise them with an amount of energy on the board. Sure, and piggies all about that for sure. And it takes a lot of other good matchups, like even dolls, like with besides, ATP has a lot of really good matchups and I'm sure you could easily see that in the finals. So I don't really see a reason why it would be bad, I guess. I guess I'm a star. It's pretty hard sometimess if you're not playing the Cell Bey that we talked about last week, yes,...

...the busted filthy cellaby, the broken cell beys. So, yeah, I don't know, I don't know. I I think people just like prefer not to play stall and maybe it was like a rough choice going into date in or not into day town, into San Diego, especially because it did so well consistently in in Daytona. It's pretty rough to as a stall player. Yeah, or Sony's plays stall at least a couple times. Personally, I always find it really hard to justify playing it twice in a row. Sure, yeah, absolutely. So you think kind of people were scared off it. They were thinking, well, maybe other players are going to play heavier stall counters, and so that means, you know, if they play like to crag and all in their ATP, like that'd be pretty bad for me as a dolls player, you know. Is that kind of the the thinking? Or they can play ends resolve in ATP. That's another like example that just immediately comes to mind. Yeah, there's just like there's not a good way about playing stall twice. Like you can't really anticipate how people were react to seeing stall do well. Sure, and you for the most part, usually people won't respect it that much, even immediately after. But you'd hate to roll that dice and be wrong when you could just play like a consistent, more attacking focus deck, sure, and Save Your stall enjoyment for another time. Yeah. Yeah, it's funny, though, because it does kind of remind me like of just expanded where okay, night March does really well, so then the next regional everyone puts an Ora choio or Karen in, but then nobody plays night march because they're all thinking that everyone will, you know, metagame against it, you know. So I don't know, just just very interesting, although I think people act like more actively respond to night march. Sure, whatever reason. Sure, and maybe it's just like the level of hate that people have for night march is very strong, or they just respect night march more as a deck than they do stall. But I'll logic as a whole, I think still still holds and I think that's a good comparison. Sure, absolutely. All right. Well, what would be your top three decks heading into this weekend, considering the metagame from this last weekend? I guess across both continents, but I you know, mainly focusing in America, where we saw the Carrio Mel Metal, we saw this weird, you know, Garton Guiarotina deck finally win, you know, get out of the top eight, that it hadn't Latin America. You have ATP, obviously still a strong contender here. What are your kind of top three decks going into the weekend? Let's say you have a cup or something coming up. Um, I think it would probably be probably kind of the things that already alluded to. Sure, I think stalls pretty good. I actually just got a bunch of doll stuff in the mail and I like kind of want to use it which maybe that's just like some kind of evil seed inside of me is sprouting this song. I really want to ruin people's days at a cup. But besides that, I also really think you two is very good. It's always a deck that I have my radar. I just love the decks so much. I have a lot of fun playing it and I'm like, I message you about this actually, that I kind of want to just run the car, but I don't know, maybe I maybe I should have some more CP before I decided to run the car. Well, yeah, you always kind of worry with Lucario that, like, you know, there's just going to be there's just going to be, you know, the dead hand, or there's going to be like that one bad matchup you know that you hit. If you if you plan on taking that one, you know, weird, kind of off the wall deck, you're just you know, you're going to hit that weird match up in the local metagame. It's just guarantee. Yeah, I haven't it's just guaranteed. Dude. You're in Ohio, you're going to hit the weird matchup. Are you sure? The... the fire deck with Faba so that they can get rid of your frying Pan and one shot you. That would suck. That would definitely say. Yeah, I wouldn't want to hit that. I will say they play like the one of what is it like the dark drill or dangerous grill? Now that would be busted. They play like an Oh, one line of dark deck on and a dangerous dribble. Then be insane. I almost wouldn't be mad if I lost something like that. Yeah, yeah, it reminds me of the cup that I played are the yeah, it was a cup I played against Kevin Baxter and he was playing Malamar and I was playing mutune. I'm like, all right, I got this, you know, I just get my weakness card energy at Tagit turn one to my mutwo and like I'm set to go, and he drops this. I think it's a Guarantina, promified night ther Tina. Yeah, any like bopped off the special energy and then just one shot me and it was the just the craziest thing and I was a little salty. But then, like after I got over this salt, I was like you know what, you got me, you know you your one fair and square, like congratulations. Were coming up with that, with that one tech to be that one very specific matchup very far with you still sound a little salty. Hey, now, hey, now, hey, now, you know. What about UGW? What would your top to you look like? I really like Piggiota right now. That's been a deck that I've been testing a lot on the ladder. I think it's just really well poised because if there's a lot of ATP then it obviously feasts on that. I think mew two is kind of an iffy matchup, but I I feel like in America me two maybe isn't as like I don't see it as much on the ladder. Obviously the results from San Diego this weekend wouldn't indicate to me that mew two is still a top choice for the top players. And then I think it takes a decent Malamar matchup. Actually I've been finding that the Malamar matchup is pretty you know, it's pretty decent. It's pretty deep. You can you can do some things, you can work your way out of situation. So, given that met is kind of on the decline, which you're really only worried about that twenty damage counter across division, if me two is on the decline in the local metagame, I mean I would love to play Pidgy. I like me too, like you're saying. I just think it's a good deck, kind of a comfort pick. And then beyond that, yeah, I don't know, Guardian, maybe Guardian seems fine. You know, Lacaro, Mel Metal, those kind of feel like two sides of the same coin, depending on where area. What's that? They are like kind of similar in their end game function. Yeah, exactly, exactly. Those those feel very similar to me. So I like those decks a lot and we'll see what I end up playing this weekend. Yeah, a lot of interesting choices. They're on the table. Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. Well, I think that's a pretty like solid overview. I mean not too much has really been exposed from this last weekend. I mean we've really gone through the metagame over these last few weeks and I almost feel like it's been beaten to a pulp. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to move on to, you know, a new set or you know, midseason rotation. That that won't happen, but and this is only been out for like four weeks, I know, but I'm kind of ready for something new. You Feeling? I think it's cold. We had like this long string of like standard events over and over and over again. It's like people putting so much time and effort into this set in such a short period of time. Yeah, that could be it for sure. It's like, Oh, hold on. Well, one thing that I do know for sure is that expanded is going to be really great and I think we're going to...

...turn our focus here in the next few weeks just more shifting towards expanded and what we have the bring for Dallas, what we think is going to be good, because there isn't that much content out right now for expanded. It's been very curious. I haven't really seen a lot of people posting lists about expanded or posting ideas about expanded. It feels really dry. There's a lot of things that maintain their strength into the expanded format, but certainly a lot of things that get neutered by the bands and things like that. So we'll do more dive, deep diving into that later, but I would like to open up the floor now to any viewer questions that you guys have. We on one here from Epper Rusa TV saying lily or Cynthia and ATP and we had kind of discussed this. I remember last week we didn't really like lily that much and figured that Cynthia would probably be the preferred supporter of choice. As your opinion changed at all? It really hasn't, and even the more I think about it, I just like Cynthia more and more as an option. Well, wasn't a huge fan of Lily, and our group chats also, as we like talked about it like over text, weren't about this lily either. So yeah, I mean I'm planting my feet and I think I like Cynthia better. Yeah, how about it. Let's see. What are your general thoughts on how expanded is going to shake out? Rather, do you have any initial thoughts? I mean, it's definitely going to look a lot different. I think there's going to be some things that carry over pretty well. The turbo dark deck doesn't lose anything and it kind of stays a little similar. Our level can just blow anything up. I think the biggest thing that's going to come onto the scene is these ATP focused decks, which will have this kind of weird effect of people actually play Ranger and get value out of it sup for the first time and years. So because, like these ATPDX, they can either play it with like a turbo dark dragons kind of thing and just wipe things off the board, which seems pretty good, or they can play it with the baby Eltron, acrasma and is gx and go one hundred seventy or like two hundred, two hundred, two hundred rather yeah, and take multiple prizes, like three prizes on a Shamin with a one prize attacker. Seems pretty good to me. Not gonna lie. Seems pretty good. So yeah, I think ranger will be appeering in people's deck boxes. Sure, I think. I think ranger. Yeah, ranger and Faba seemed like the two cards kind of a look out for and expanded right now, or at least the two like tech supporters to look out for an expanded it might be a Dallas might be the first regional where people play ranger in their deck and then play it in games. Yeah, and actually use it, right, and that will not actually use it like need to use it, like are forced to use it, or else the game ends extremely quickly. I mean just just the thought of the game ending in three turns via a one prize attacker is very, very scary and I think a lot of people will respect it a lot. You know, going into expanded I think dark turbo dark stays extremely good. I was doing some testing with that. I am very sure that there is some kind of stall deck that is helped by the pokey dolls and, among other cards from from cosmic eclipse, and then I feel like Mewtwo is just on the rise because of the bands makes that deck a little bit more viable. So those are kind of the things that I'm looking at for expanded right now. We have another question here. Ninja dusk says, does pidgey have any way to beat Zebra now, and I think it does. As somebody that's put a lot of a lot of games into Pidgey, I haven't lost to a deck that plays Zebra.

I just feel like the below, but Bryson man can actually just disrupt and accelerate the game state so fast to the point that Zebra is almost more of a hindrance than a help. Yeah, and I think what's important to note to is the deck has to be able to get value out of Zebra against piggy. Like drawing for cards is great. From a zere part hand, that's obviously fantastic, but what are you doing with those part cards like, for example, if you're playing ATP and you have a zero energy ATP active and you don't have an energy in your bench because I got hammered away, what do you what is the four cards help with like that? Four cards can't do anything for you. Years going to attach the one energy that you draw maybe, and Essentially Milli yourself three cards and attached energy right, right, right, and I found. I found that the zebra like you never want to use it early because your hand is generally big, and then late in the game, you know you've already been milled a few times with the below Bo Bryson man and it's not really that good because you put yourself in that danger zone. The Zebra, I don't know, it's just a little bit more interesting now that Bela Ba Brice man as a card and I don't know that there's a deck other than maybe fire. Right, I was a gay de can utilize yeah, that can utilize the zebra by AARS like. Then only deport make sense to me, and that's because you can just keep sprinting and using victiny. Yes, you know, yes, if even if your deck is all fires, you can just like sprint gust, victiny, recycle, all that. Yeah, right, right. It has that refresh, that inherent refresh, that no other deck really has outside of, I guess, things that play a angery themselves. But very, very good point there. I think Zebra and almost any other deck right now isn't a surefire way to be pitchy. Let's see, surely we have another. Oh, here we go, red laber, reckless asks. Are there any potential dark horse decks that you think might do well in the upcoming tournaments? Dark Horse? I mean I think at this point the biggest dark horse that we were looking for were the finalists in San Diego. Yeah, I don't know how much further down the rabbit hole we can go. That being said, there are some kind of interesting rogue decks that I think are out there. The nozzle deck is actually kind of good, especially against ATP. I think that that's pretty good, because ATP has to sacrifice those turns and leave the multi price pokemon active. Yeah, so, and against all those like Greensy type decks as well. Stuff like the nozzle deck is very good because they're just spending time like even a like actually ATP s Finn at the the match I I really wanted to hit on there. But like Guardian, sure, and stuff like the geart New Guardian Deck, like what do they do? You know, they're spending multiple turns like building up this stuff and you're just like, you know, snugly generator and we Denerat. Yeah, right, absolutely, absolutely. You know, thin the deck, get your guys out, get your guys powered up. You have that luxury to be Star snatis going to play, you know in real life, because you're just like emulgating and then your deck ridiculous amount and then think all your energy out and all you have is like good cards in your deck. Yeah, so busted the filthy deck. I I have a sneaking suspicion that that's the deck that Andrews going to play this weekend. He hasn't said that he will or not. I'm just I'm guessing. I'm guessing he has, like he has what like fifty games with it on his stream. The Guy has played that deck. He's perfected that deck. I love it and and now with the addition of the rush Ram Zek Ron, that's huge. Now you can one shot things at...

...the end of the game. That's so bust. That is a fun addition, for sure. It's clever too. Yeah, yeah, I I like the nozzle deck to I think that one's really fun. There's some I've seen some lists out there with be drill. I don't really like be drill. I mean it kind of games stuff with Rosa. Right, being able to chain the be drills is a little bit easier now with Rosa, but still doesn't excite me as a deck choice, just because I never feel like knocking yourself out is ever a good strategy. Right, it's not the best, you know, but yeah, so there has been some talk about be drill. I probably wouldn't put too much stock into that, considering Malamar is still a very good play and you have no real strategy against Malamar. But yeah, very, very cool. All right. Any other any other things you want to hit on here? Riley? You know, I don't think there's too much we can say that we haven't already said at this point, because the guard, the cosmic clip standard. I I do think this last week when was pretty fun and interesting to follow along. I wish it was streamed, yea, so I could have seen some of that stuff happening in real time. Yeah, but it was still really cool to watch that unfold. I'm excited to see any rogue bruise that either Andrew Or, you know, anyone in the stream or a cross lead cups comes up with and and brings this format. And I'm definitely excited as well to dig my heels a little bit into expanded and mess around with Pokemon Ranger and yes, and also dragon decks and stuff like that. Well, Riley, we got to get we got to get our heads together and start coming up with some lists, because, I mean we always say like Oh, we're going to prepare, you know, months in advance, and well, that that month is here. We're down to the last month before Dallas and the holidays are coming up. It's going to be a busy time with traveling and hanging out with family and things like that. So I want to get a jump on that expanded Meta game and I think it's really kind of been done a disservice with the lack of coverage that expanded has gotten. It'll be interesting to see what happens in Dallas, for sure, man, for sure, especially when we win and get second place. Well, right, okay, yeah, we just have to decide who's going to win and who's going to get sick and we will be decided me because, like Dallas, is kind of my thing. So, yeah, I just feel like, you know, it'd be really cool for me if I was a three peach champion, but we could also both be two piece. Yeah, I just feel like I don't want one mind. I don't want you on my level, one of yours. I don't go you on my level. You know, I feel like I just want to maintain in our friend group that, you know, just the spiry superiority. I'm just saying, like your first one, like and your second one together basically equate to my ones. So are you talking about a number of people? I think yours had a higher scrub too, good player ratio than mine. I'm just saying, like mine wasn't more more relevant, interesting accomplishment? Okay, all right, I had longer, more impactful Meta reach. Geez, well, that might be a discussion for another time. That might be a discussion for you know, in person with our fists, with our fisticuffs. Yeah, absolutely, so very cool. Riley, thank you so much for joining us again. I know it's a little bit out of your way coming out of a hard day's work, so thank you so much for being here with us. I'm going to transition into my pokemon after dark stream and guys, thank you for sticking around. Don't go anywhere. I'm just gonna, you know, cut to black, put on some sunglasses and we're going to get this after dark stream. Roland, thank you, guys,... much for being here, for joining us for tag team. I'm JW. This is Riley Hulbert, and we will see you guys next week. See Everyone. Base.

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