Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast
Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 4, Episode 22 · 1 year ago

4-22. A Sparkling Brilliant Shining Star is Born (VMAX)


The boys are back and ready to peep some of the newest revealed cads, including a throwback to an old cast favorite! Come listen into insight about the future of the game, some over-tired loopiness, and a general grand old time.

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Yo, what is up, guys? Welcome back to tag team, the POKEMON trading card games for me, or podcasting duo. My name is Radley Hulbert, joined as always by my funky fresh friend Mr JW Curry. Wall JW, how's it going today? It's going really well, Riley, thank you for asking to w why don't you tell the listeners you're just talking about? Yeah, well, we were talking about twitter, as normal people do. I don't know, I really have been enjoying twitter as a medium recently, like maybe over the last half year. I've I feel like I've hit some chord on twitter where I'm just like, I'm feeling myself a little. Your sling and Bangers, man, you're just thank you, thank you, thank you, M yeah, that's not for me to that's not for me to say. That's where others to know. But they have. They now have on twitter a like a flagging feature, so you can blur your picture before, you know, before someone sees it. Right. So they're scrolling through and then they see like sensitive material and then and then they click on it and then it shows like a picture. But that just seems so like there's some joke they're in Oh, I actually have it. I actually have it. Okay, Um, Oh, I actually haven't mad oh my gosh. All right, so we're gonna I'm going to post this while we're filming. I can't let this one leave. And I also had to get it in before ten o'clock because I find anything after ten and before like this doesn't perform that well. So we'RE gonna WE'RE gonna do that. Um. But yeah, what's going on with you, Riley? We were talking a little bit about kind of just, you know, wapped in through life a little bit before the show and you have like a little little project you're working on. Yeah, I don't want to speak too much about it in case I don't just losing losing the drive and just drop it. But but I haven't working really hard on a creative project. Yeah, over the last like week or so. I frequently get distracted, but I'm in progress. I've kind of been riding a wave of high energy for the last I don't know, seven, eight, nine days and I'm just trying to take that as far as I can before, like, I inevitably crash and feel horrible. Yes, so that's kind of like, that's kind of the V day I'm going for right now. It's just plowing through the energy that I got while I have it and hoping it sticks around. But in case it doesn't, then at least I used it. I feel you. So that's been good. Honestly, it's been good. I will say, though, I emerged from work today just absolutely pooped. I laid down. Well, first, of course, I stopped at Wendy's on the way home. Is that? Is that enough? Of course, Big Wendy's head this guy. Now, I don't go to wend he's very often because the Wendy's down the street from my apartment is possibly the worst restaurant I've ever been to, but the Wendy's on the way home from work is fine, okay, and so I stopped by there, got the biggie bag, you know, Spot Hashtag sponsored, and they hooked me up with the free frosty instead of go, instead of the drink. So I hooked them up and filled out the survey on the receipt. Did they tell you they were going to do this or just happened? Well, I had a I had asked is like hey, like, I...

...don't really want to drink, like I don't drink soda or anything like. Can I have a frosty instead for the five dollar Biggiebag, you know? And they're like well, no, it's against policy. Like all right, fine, and I roll off and and they have a frosty for me. Man, it was awesome. That's pretty sweet. It was very sweet. So I hit him up with the survey as to as a form of thank you. Well, that's very nice. I of you. Did you say that you had a pleasant experience? Yeah, I called out the people by name who are nice to me. Oh, you paid attention in their name tax. Yeah, and it also is on the receipt. You know, I did pay attention. I was able to cross references. Gotcha. Okay, that's really nice of you. I always like the older I get, the more I'm like I want to go out of my way to like tell someone that they did a good job or to be like, you know, where's your manager so I can tell them that you're doing a really good job. Get me a manager. Give me a manager. Stat. You Know Afy, that guy, they hate that guy. Oh for sure. Yeah. Well, I also like I want to do kind of the sandwich right where they say like dude, like a negative and Sago. Yeah, so like I want to like Hey, can you help me find this thing? And that's like, you know, kind of a post, like thank you for helping me find of this thing. And then where, let me speak to your manager. And then they get the manager, and then that's like the negative thing. I like their heartbeat is excelling, accelerating, and then their manager comes over and then I'm like hey, your um employed at a really nice job tonight. Thank you. I just I opened with the NAG right. So like, okay, you know, they serve, you know, maybe on a restaurant and the waitress serves me, and it's like you're fucking really sucking it up right now. And then I was like just kidding, like your pride, like your kid. That's like normal human behavior to do that. That's funny. So all's good though, all is good and the world of Frilean Jew is what I'm gathering. Yeah, sure, a lot of a lot of fun things on the mind that we're trying to pursue. Maybe not enough hours in the day to do them. Well, there really isn't. And it's just I don't know, it's at a certain point, like when you get when you when you are like trying to exercise your creative muscle, there's a certain part of it, like you said, is just doing it right. It's just like you have to just do it, like you can think about it and like take her with it, but at a certain point yet to just do it, yeah, and don't forget it done and just like put it out there and then if you do that, then you'll hopefully just get better the more times you just throw it out there. But I'm in that right now, or I'm just like I'm trying to tweak a little things and then I'm trying to remind myself that little thing that you're spending, you know, five minutes on like does not matter at all. Fix It in posts anyway, exactly, fix it in post. There you go, exciting post. That's true. For meme Dex to you just gotta he's got to commit to the bit and build it. So true. So we got some fun stuff on the docket for today. On the front half of the CAST, will be talking about some of the exciting new cars that have been revealed over the last week. There's some real bangers out there, so we're going to talk through those. Our got to talk through some preview into brilliant stars. That's definitely going to be a recurring theme on the cast up until the proper release coming up in next month. And we'll drop some brief knowledge pokemon, a Leegends, ARCS and, you know, hype up a little bit or anti hype it up if if we're not feeling it in the back half of the cast we got an exciting segment. will be talking kind of a rapid fire ask segment, going through some exciting new cars and how we react to them. Yeah, sounds good. So let's just jump right into it then, starting with those brand new suckers at are out there. There's one that sticks out to me like a sore thumb, JW.

But what are your favorite new cards that were shown off from our upcoming may set? Well, I mean it's gotta be Dark Ry. Yeah, I know for sure. I mean dark eye looks kind of naughty. I mean not maybe, not too good. Actually, I'll take back the kind yeah, it looks. It kind of looks bad awful. Yeah, yeah, it looks I'm playable. No, Um, it looks cool. Right, it looks like we're getting a card that you know, has some card that does like dirty damage based on the number of darkness centers in the field. Yeah, it's kind of like a reprint almost of another card that we've seen by the same name. You know, a little bit lazy. Actually, now the more that I say it, the Lazier that I feel. Actually, this, this sucks. I hate this. Actually a BINDER FIDER fodder Um. But Yeah, Dark Rye v Star is, you know has that has that yeah, attack that you've just mentioned from the old what dark ry x, and then the greening is Arcis so, and then the grenaches arc, where you doing thirty base and then you're doing additional damage based on every dark energy that you have attached. So you'll do ninety base, assuming that you're not using anything but dark energy for the attack cost. And then The v Star power is very cool because it allows you to get back two item cards. So if you're playing the dark patches, which are being re released, which allows you to put a dark energy from your just card pile onto one of your bench pokemon, then you could potentially play up to six of those in a single game, which, yeah, we haven't really been able to do. That's judge. Seems Super Cool to be honest, I think my brain was like lagging when these cards are first like appearing on twitter, because I was looking at the dark ride. I'm like okay, like yeah, thirty plus thirty, like that's fine. That like hangs. Okay, in this metagame, you know, we don't have maxilix serve it dark patch getting reprinted and I read The v Star Power and like item cards. I guess that's cool, and it like I didn't really connect the dark patch with the item cards, like something was was not connecting in my brain. Yeah, like, yeah, make that circuit flow. Yeah, right, exactly, exactly. So, you know, bear with me while we do a little bit of math. But theoretically, on like the first turn of the game, if you were to get six dark energy in the this card pile, play four of your patches and they had to be the second to well, second turn, right. Yeah, the first turn you can attack. So if you get six in the discard pile, play four patches, get to back and then I guess you could also get a seventh dark and then get it back with like a multras yep or something, and of course your Galarian multras from the hand. You gotta get some of them. Okay, so then you know you could. I mean you're doing, you know, realistically. I don't even know what that's realistic, but real I mean realistically. You're going to get six dark patch on the sex card. So no sweat, no sweaty. That's what I do. But that's, you know, seven energy and play at the end of your second turn. It seems religively lovable. Yeah, you know, factoring in the Galerian multras and the dark patches and the XP shares legal, isn't it? Yeah, the XPRESHARE is illegal, so can conserve some of that energy as well. So that's a two hundred and forty right, that's that's a nice number. I feel like the Dark Ry v Star is one of those cards that is not going to be immediately that great in a v Max centered metagame, but potentially down the road, if the Meta ever shifts primarily towards v Stars or after, you know, a large chunk of the v Max's are rotated, then I feel like dark eyes is kind of poised to shine, because the damage output isn't fantastic, like hitting those super high numbers. Three hundred, three thirty forty. That's kind of hard to do for the most spart but you know, hitting two hundred and twenty or two hundred and eighty, I mean...

...that's obviously much more manageable. So yeah, I think it's I think it's pretty realistic for dark ride of one hit Koh Most v stars, at least. Maybe not in the first like trade, but definitely on this subsequent ones. But I think the v Max is are kind of a reach to get all the way there, right. You know that that to extra energy makes a huge difference. Well, right, and then you're, you know, presumably going to be losing, yeah, on Everyturd. Right. So it's just if you got your four XP share and play. Come on, Bro. There's kind of that tipping point. I would be interested to see some kind of like statistical analysis. But like there's there's you know, you're going to get your energy attachment, you're going to get your moultras probably you know, there are a few things you can kind of reliably count on, like very consistently count on to get energy into play every turn, but then to accelerate it up to those high numbers to knock out v Max's, it's just hard to sustain that over time. So there's kind of some tipping point where you go from okay, I can probably realistically get three energy into play every turn, you know, and then for energy is a lot less, five, six, you know, on on on and on a lot less every every every single energy beyond that. So yeah, I mean I'm really excited for this card. Though, if if you've been listening to the cast, you know that I loved turbot dark. You know that I still loved her dark. It's just not the best deck anymore. So being able to kind of like relive that experience in this kind of pretty built package, I'll take it. Yep, absolutely. But we do yourmiss not to mention the kind of partner card that was not partner but antipasis card, I suppose, rival card that was revealed alongside dark rye in the Lucario fighting engine package. So Lukario v Star, and we're skipping over the V's. They're both unexceptional. The Kario v Star has the first attack where if your Pokemon, opponent's Pokemon is a V, does a hundred twenty more damage. Hundred Twenty Bass. So I mean that's clearly going to want to Chao dark and four hundred and eighty damage. All, I guess, our guys week to grass. So it doesn't want to Kao Durkry, but it will want hit Ko fighting week pokemon like a Turnus, which people have been talking about being paired with dark ry and just generally like pretty good damage. I'll put, if you can slap on, say, choice belt, onto that. You are hitting the two hundred and seventy, which is looking to be an important break point in the v Star metagame. Yeah, and then The v Star power, more explicitly, is something that is good against dark ry and it does seventy damage with aura star for each energy attached to your opponents pokemon. So it just for energy and play, you're doing two hundred and eighty damage. Ducks like dark ry will obviously do that very quickly. So dark ry not week to fighting, but but we still major beast, our player Arkus is week to fighting. So it's true. You know, if there is some kind of metagame triangle emerging in the B star mechanics, could be that Archaius to Lucario to you know, some other third party dark cry perhaps, and fighting actually got a card that I really like. Actually, yeah, support they got the gritty pick axe card, and what it does is it reveals the top card of your deck and if it's a fighting energy attached to one of your bench Pokemon, very ether Asque, but more limited in scope. However, if it's not a fighting energy, you draw the card. That, to me seems so good. If I crazy, that seems so good. No, it does seem really good. We've had this kind of effect in the past, something like ether. That's a if either. Just like put it back. Great, it did. Know it a hundred percent? Did? You're totally right. Yeah, drawing the card just seems like such an unnecessary benefit for the card, but I guess they kind of learned right. Like either was not. Wasn't quite there. Yeah, it didn't quite get there. And this doesn't seem terribly broken, right, because you're just at worst...'re you know that, I love as well. I think played the card and then, at best you're getting additional energy. So it's cool, cool little card. I can't wait to play that card and like hope that I don't hit an energy where it's like clearly the intended use is to get energy into play, but like there's good, you know, there's got your boss you got a boss an energy and that yeah, exactly. You're like, oh, man, is my last drive by. Don't hit an energy here. I just think it is such a well design car. It's really cool. And Fighting Pokemon, they definitely can use some love. I feel like fighting always end definitely a weird situation with its support. So having kind of like a direct energy excels is fun to see. Yeah, definitely. So. I mean v I've kind of like the V stars. Man, I think these stars are cool. I think so too. They have the power to go up against the V Max's and yet they are lowering the damage ceiling necessary to take knockouts. So they're really good mechanic and I'm excited. I mean I'm excited to see where they're going with it, but they have laid some really promising groundwork. I am at the very least. I've excited to shift into two prizers versus three. I think those tend to be more interesting metagames. Yeah, definitely, definitely cool. Any other new cards that I have sprung up to you, JW Um? Those are the two main ones that that really caught my eye. Cool, cool, cool, cool. So let's talk. Well, actually, we haven't talked about the sparkling Pokemon? Have we? My God, yeah, they're only it's only even five days since they've been really so I got so. Yeah, there's actually a whole other bucket. There's a whole other bucket. I swear like when things are getting revealed, time slows down. It feels like I saw this card like twenty years ago. Yes, I'm with you, I could. I had, like, I already had my takes. So already made my takes in Youtube for twitch. So where? For the uninformed, there is a new mechanic coming out called sparkling pokemon, very analogous to two different previous mechanics, very similar to both the prism stars and the Gold Stars, closer to the gold stars than the PRISMS. And the rule is you can only have one sparkling pokemon your deck. So if you have a single sparkling Pokemon, regardless of whether it's the same species as another, you cannot have multiple. So there have been two that have been revealed so far and they both seem really, really good. So I'm already excited for this mechanic. I like it better than prisms already because you can play the design space better. I talked before with prisms about how I hated that like topicalc prism and onund a mountain prism being together, and this like inherently restricts that space. So we have sparkling were Ninja. It has the ability secret asset. Once during your turn you can discard one energy card from your hand draw two cars. That's insane. That's so good. And it has a moonlight shirt can for water. Water cutlist is cartoon energy does niney damage a two of your parents pokemon. Probably won't see a ton of use for the attack, but if you happen to be able to pull it off, it's not a bad one. And then we have sparkling he Lucha, which is the more damage oriented one. It's got the ability big match. As long as this Pokemon is on your bench, your pokemon do thirty more damage to your opponent's Pokemon v Max. So kind of a vmax oriented choice belt that you can slam on the bench. Not Specific for any type either. And these are so sick. What are you thought? Well, the the coolest thing about these is that,...

...unlike the prism stars, they don't go away if they're knocked out or remove from play. Yeah, and so you don't really have that much incentive to go after them, right, if you're an attacking deck. Oh yeah, and mean look, just rescue carrier, a bowl man, exactly, exactly. So those things should just sit on the field pretty much the entirety of the game. And so you know, there's there's really not that much incentive to go after a one prize pokemon that your opponent can recover later on. So I think these will have a massive impact. You know, every deck will play just like we saw for the most part with the prism stars or the aspects. Like every deck, I think, will play at least you know, the their their appropriate copy. Right, they'll play a sparkling pokemon, and I really hope when the sparklings come to the the US that they look as beautiful as the scans do for these cards, because goodness, these are nice looking. Got The shot. They're all shiny POKMON. You got this really nice like hollow effect across the whole card. It's it's cool. I like it. The other cool thing is that they aren't necessarily type specific. Okay, I really appreciate right, like you have. You have you're just doing a general damage boost and you're doing a general draw mechanic. They have a tax that are, you know, more type focus. Right, you're not going to attack with Granninga in a fire deck, most likely, unless something has gone horribly wrong. Yeah, something crazy's happening if you're a Dagual Grenaa and your fire deck. But that's also really cool, right, like we're just going to see a lot prettier boards where, a lot more colorful boards where you might have you know, I'm adding type Pokemon in a metal deck. countrast the satisfaction of looking at a vmacs board versus looking at a V starboard, the sparkling pokmon on it to me the answers clear. M notorious vvas hater, Riley hoober ranch, that how he hates me back because, awkward, shocker, surprised. We could do is. So I'm just really liking the direction that it looks like things are going. It seems a lot better than some of the cards that we've seen over the lat you know, not in terms necessarily of just raw power, but in terms of the design of these cards, both from a power level perspective and from a like a mechanics perspective. It just seems better I like the direction that we're going. Yeah, mean as well. Cool, right now, I think we've covered the new cars. I think I got that. Yes, I would have been silly if we didn't talk about this. So true. We also have seen now the pre lease promos for brilliant stars. So if you have pre releases coming up over the next few weeks, those are now clear to you. We got the multres, we got the Lucario, we got the trade lie pard and of course we got the abyssal hand B barrel. So pretty good promos, I would say. Honestly, I think the least effective on is probably the Lucario. Yeah, I mean that's definitely true. Lukario doesn't seem to be that much of a player, but you got maybe roll lie Pard, two really nice solid draw options for decks, and then moltrace. We don't quite know it's impact. I don't really look at it as being particularly strong when we have things like Enta and when we have things like chars ARD and all the other great yeah, to me it just seems like it's like a one off, like you hit for ninety and a fire day for one energy, which is like zero attached. Since I used the MAGNA basin. But I will say the Multraus art looks little it's cool.

Yeah, very cool. So really a nice, nice spread here. Which one are you looking to get if you were to do a pre release? It's got of ever old. Look at them. I know he's so handy, he is have the Times live. He's so had. Frankly, I've been a I've been a bidufe but barrel guy since Diamond Pearl came out. I have always loved those guys, so seeing them have actually good cards, that's awesome. Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. So that'll be fun. I'm getting together with, hopefully with Andrew Danks, to do some prerelease stuff, tabletop, tabletop content, in you know, a couple of weeks here. So big. That'll be really fun. I haven't done a prerelease in a long time, so I'm excited to rip a few packs see what we can get going. Yeah, yeah, I kind of, I kind of wouldn't mind doing a pre release for brilliant stars. Lord knows where those are me anymore. I mean the set is bonkers, man, the that is pretty good, I will say. Worst case I leave with a Locardo Promo, I guess. There you go. which is still a cool looking card. So I can't hate it. You can try, I mean I'll, I'll try my artist for sure. I love being a hater. In other news, though, yeah, we are a pokemon cast. POKEMON LEGENDS ARCS is coming out at the end of the week here. I'm personally very excited. JW, we were talking before the cast. It sound like you maybe weren't very excited. What are your thoughts? Well, I just don't play Pokemon Games. Yeah, that's just I don't know, I besides the cards, right. Yeah, or you're giving up on that? Yeah, actually, this is my announcement that I'm stepping away from the POKEMON TSG Um, no, I I just it's hard for me to get into the Games. Just the older I've gotten, the less I've been. I kind of thought that the Sword Shield, but I am excited for a Gar chomp to like literally kill me. I think that's cool. Yeah, and if I will say one thing about the legends Archaius game that's coming out. It's seems and from the reviews that I've seen, it just seems so different from a normal pokemon game that it might actually entice me to, you know, to get it right because it just has that breath of the wild feel, apparently from what people are saying. Many people are saying this and will been telling me like crazy. And it it looks okay, okay, I'm not going to get into you know, the tree textures. I will say in the open fields looks a little boring. But yeah, I think I haven't seen like pretty much anything. I've barely even watched the trailers. So, oh well, you're in a good spot then. I've seen quite a bit and the visuals aren't the greatest. But you know, pokemon's never really been known for their visuals. So as long as the Gameplay is tight and it gets enough good to reuse, I could, I could definitely be persuaded to try it. You know, people be haters. I'm pokemon visuals, but I think I actually legitimately think like game fre you can pokemon. We're like the best sprite artists, or like some of the best sprite artists, like prior to doing any sort of d stuff. And then when the visuals went d that's when it started a tank. You know, it's Super Fair. You know, you look at like the lively animated sprites it Dimon in Pearl or platinum more so, and black and white, where they like have these sprites like just moving individual parts, and that was how they moved. For me, that looked a lot better than the models, right, and I think that was like a huge part of the visual esthetic for Pokemon as well. Yeah, I as soon as we move to more realistic looking, well,...

I don't know, I was I turn typeloans flames off. It was over rest in peace, typeloans flames and he suers. I think that's how it is. Yeah, so, legends, Arkis, are you going to take like the whole weekend to just grind? Will See, that was originally my plan. A friend from work asked if I wanted to go skiing with them in Illinois this weekend, so I might end up. Might end up out of commission on Friday and Saturday, but I definitely want to play Arkis for as much time as I can squeeze out this weekend. Gotcha. Very cool. It's not to be fun awesome. So I think that's time the n GW to jump into the car to the day. Yeah, and today's car of the day, I thought was a nice thematic continuation of a card that we've already talked quite a bit about today, and that is dark ry x, not the dark ry x that we've already talked about earlier today and in previous card of the days, but the dark explorers, dark ry Eyas the first in a long chain a very powerful multi price dark ries and dark I x did not disappoint with it's setting. The tone has dark cloak, obviously, giving the free or treat to Pokemon with dark energy attached continues to be a staple ability and the expanded format and likely will be to this day and for the foreseeable future. It's attack has definitely fallen off over time. The night spere nine thirty attack and Snipe isn't quite what it used to be, but it was a formidable force as kind of like a standalone ex attacker back in the day and is evolved to be one of the strongest support Pokemon and the expanded for Matt maybe you can't hate it. The darkest floors full art is incredible. It's got that kind of ominous feel for dark eyes reaching at the screen, almost like he's gonna Sap your nightmares right there, and I just love it. I love it so much. Such a cool card. I love dark ry man. I have always loved dark eye. Thought he was just such a cool pokemon. The only thing I don't like about dark eyes his legs. You're not a dark rye leg guy? No, no, not a big dark guy like guy. And normally you don't see them, but there was like the movie in the anime or he like stood for a second as like now, put those away, man, you're a glider. You're glide. IAD Hover. So Dark Ryx, I mean dark ery in general, I feel like since black and white has just had a huge impact on the POKEMON trading card game. HMM, and so I expect that to be a continuing trend. Yeah, yeah, very cool. Dark eye one of those kind of powerhouse Pokemon, just characters in the trading card game over time, and that's certainly brings up a lot of good memories for me. Yeah, I've I tweeted this out the other week, but I've definitely really curious, like what the strongest Pokemon of all time is? Our most impactful maybe pokemon of all time is in the trading card game. Apparently arrival podcast did that, so maybe I can listen to that then informed. I didn't know there were any rival podcast I thought we were the only one. We're definitely like I thought we were all friends, but I mean, I'm gone to make enemies. Well, you here to hear phone first, but I mean I thought podcasting in generally is like kind of our thing, you know, like I didn't realize other people were doing this kind of stuff. Yeah, I mean, I just learned about this Joe Rogan guy the other day. Oh Yeah, apparently he does this too, because that's crazy. Had No idea. So, I mean you learn. You learn new things every day. GW A spirit, you really do. Tag teams all...

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Right, so this is this is investing advice for our listeners. So let's not grab your pen and paper. Here we go. I don't know if we want to frame it and clear, like explicitly as ad missing it. Okay, oh, sorry, sorry for for anyone listening. This is not financial. WE ARE NOT FIDUCIERI for professional. Okay, here's the first card, and I should also preface it. Can Be Cards, older new and or archetypes. Older new. Okay, so first one, Biberel, the new one, I'm assuming the new. Yeah, I think, I think. Hold on you know, I don't expect it to be overly expensive, or at least you know go in don't expect to be overly expensive. It's a huge enabler for one price archetypes especially, but as a great support engine for even multi prize decks, it's a car that you want to have around. For sure. Do you think it makes its way into like a lot of decks? A few decks, no decks? It will, I honestly, end up in the lower end amount of decks, but it's like it's one of those cars we just don't want to be caught without it. I think back to you know, artillery didn't see a lot of play for a while and then buzz rock was the perfect pairing for it because of Brooklyt hill kind of enabling that. And all the sudden octilier went from like a one dollar card to like a nine dollar card and it just felt stupid to buy it for nine dollars. So I wouldn't want to end up in that situation, you know for sure? For sure? All right, next card and TAV and t a v. kind of lukewarm on NT AV honestly, but I think I think having at least one around will serve you well. So you're selling? I guess. If you have less than four, are you selling? I think I would. I think. I think I would probably sell on N A. I don't I'm not like super motivated to keep it. Yeah, in the early stages at least, Mahaybe down the road there's a fire deck and it's like a great alternative attacker. Sure, okay. So I guess the same will be let's go down to chars ARD, the Star. Yeah, you sell that. Yeah, it's got chars ARD on it, so that rocks, all right, I mean, or you just hold it because it'll be worth more in twenty years. But you know, I don't know how how strong your hands are. It's so long to hold charge. I mean I think you either. I think you either self. I think you either just sell it right now, make your howe money dollars, or you have to wait twenty years. Yeah, that's I mean, that's the thing with chars ARD's right. They're printing so many of them, like there's five chars ards in this set. Were five chars ards in this set, man, I think that's not enough. There's chars are fatigue, Bro, they're there were approaching actual chart chars ARD people. Takes a lot to fatigue them, but I think we're almost there. I think we are. I think we're. Yeah, so I say dump them. Okay, durrant rand as I don't like the rant man, I would dump it. But if you're like, if you're really into durant it, I won't judge your character. Next, mad party. I Love I love them. Party brother. I say you buy all the ALLTART mad parties. You go ham, go hog wild, you got your get your plasma ultra balls, got your altern aren't mad parties and you just have the time of your life. Yes, yes, I love that. We were watching mad party be played on Andrews Stream over tricky Jim and he said, and I quote that..., he thought mad party was the best deck on the table during their testing session of you know, maybe eight decks or so that day. So I mean that party is always the best stuck on the table, but haters just don't know. Yeah, that's fair. That's for haters and some eaters. Sometimes the the met game is a big no. It's mostly just it's mostly just the actual haters. HMM, I see, I see. Okay, big buyer on mad party. How about Rey QUASA VMAX got I would get that thing out of my site. You don't think with ultra ball that it gets like definitely better? Really, no, actually, you're just you just like R quasi. You just like regras. Of you matter, you just like Rquaz of you Max. That's fair. I do. But it was not horrible when I played it in this format and it only should get better with ultra ball relative to everything else, that you get that much better. I mean, don't look you like well, you don't know. Well, okay, so here's here's maybe an argument is that you you're never reaching for the for the vmax knockouts, right, like if it's a VM, if it's a v Star dominated metagame. And is that the same amount of energy? Usually? Well, so, Rick Klasa would only need three to do two hundred and sixty. But is it enough? Then you just slap a choice ban on it. Tryst beelt. No Way, man, get that out. I say. Okay, well, here's one that you're going to want in your site in the Scot v SA that I don't want that in my say what that's a you're just go you just like these guys. You put a couple of cards to the right that you just like. You're crazy. I was hoping that I would gass you up. Yeah, you never use a smart like that. This card's are great. Yeah, okay, I think when's God's pretty sweet. What's that? That's cool. I mean I like whe's Gott his pokemon. Yeah, okay, fair enough, fair enough. I think it'll make a cute little deck, potentially viable. All Right, Riot Hue v a TV, and I would say get them. You know, people are talking about it. It's like an archy. As partner, I don't think it's honestly that great and we kind of the kind of nagged down right you the last few episodes. If it's like under five dollars, I would say grab a few and hold on to him. Okay, more than that. Same he's saying bye. He's saying bye. All right, not sure you. If it's six dollars, I wouldn't buy it. Only if it's five. Yeah, not even for it's gotta be fine. Got It. II. Paunch Crow Puncherissu. I don't really know a ton about this archetype, but just the the cuns, the conceptually, no, I'm out. It's fun, though, tool drop is fun. This is one I could have used some support on. Riley, you're you're into this too. Okay, next one, we got two more. You know it. We take some of these cars that you've listed, you can make the whole fool draft tag. You know, you get your vivarrels and your hot because you're vetche. That's so true. That is so true. Genius level intellect. All right, by hold or sell, Mimic. You v Max, Hon't you remember what Mqv Max does? You don't know? Oh, let me, let me. Yeah, I got you lighten you..., get that out of my site. So, okay, the occult number attack here, yea, is colorless energy put for damage counters on your opponents pokemon in any way you like. If you played a SA Rolla's premonition from your hand during this turn, put thirteen instead, and then it has a Max shadow attack. That discussion. Maybe if it's role as premonition was like a viable card, then yeah, that one's really hard to play. That one is a really hard one to play because it'll like, as soon as the MQUV comes down, you can play around the premonition. It's like, yeah, maybe they play a premonition and put their damage counters for one turn, but then you can't draw right. Right. I think the best thing that mimic, You v Max has going for it is the Mimic v Yeah, I would agree with the with the ability that does and allow it to be touched. That is definitely a solid ability. I've all I did always like them, the QVA's ability. I was hoping you get a v Max. That made it worth it. Nah, could see it. All right, last one, last one, and you can give your by hold cell in either the standard format or JIM leader challenge. Okay, tort are, I say by her JIM leader challenge. For sure, would not play a deck like that. Instead dirt, but it's kind of like the new the new grass thing, right, is to, you know, get these Giganto dudes out and do a shit croptne damage. We're not really a no spare show inherently. Might as well stop myself. I guess I'm losing it lately, man. Well, I have noticed, like the last few times that were recorded, that I just like off my rocker slightly. Yeah, man, I've been noticing that for years now. It's I just I'm getting old and losing brain cells. You're getting more senile exactly, and that's not a bad place to be. So natural. Yeah, it's certainly now, but I think the tortia is is definitely in Jim laer challenge. I think so too. It seems like a really fun card and it opens up a few more possibilities. Was One of the thing with grass is that I feel like it struggles with attackers. Like you got a couple of good basics, like you got your Zar Rude and you're shining genes sect, but really beyond that I like struggle to think of attackers that I really want in the game. Yeah, I think that maybe the best part about the Tortara is, you know, you really rely on those basic attackers and to be fair, there are very good. But the cool thing about the Tortara is it evolves from your like Sunshine Race Guy. So you have that like inherent search that you can keep on your board and then it actually evolves into something that will have an impact on your game, right, whereas like the septile didn't do that. Obviously the the shy notic didn't do that either, because the Shina can't do anything beside searching. So I welcome that change in the grass deck. If nothing else is it makes the deck more like dynamic. Absolutely well, speaking of being dynamic, you can find all of our dynysism all over the Internet, primarily over on twitter or we run fantastic twitter accounts, mine at Real John Walter. We got at smiles with riles for Riley and for the podcast at tag team Pokemon, and also find us on twitch, twitch, not TV, slash monner or Riley, where we film live every single week and thirty PM Eastern Standard Time, and my twitch channel, twitch Nottvla Flex Daddy righteous. Technically it's not always eastern standard time. Is it eastern daily light time now? I don't know if it is right now, but... is half the year. Well, you know, one of the things that been Franklin probably should have not invented. I mean everyone always says standard time, but technically the wrong people say that they would go back in time and they would stop Adolf Hitler, but I think for me you're going down a weird direction with that. I know what you're saying, but there's like implications from the way that you framed that that I would walk back. I take it all back. I take it all back. Time travel is not real. Yeah, time travel is not real. He told me to say that. Thank you all so much for listening. If you enjoyed the CAST, be sure to rate and review. It does help us out. It has a noticeable impact in how we get searched and found inside of all your favorite podcasting platforms, and the more they get we get discovered, the more awesome stuff we get to do for you guys. And if you want to get ahold of us, just reach out on twitter. We're always happy to engage with y'all. With that, we will have to sign off for this week, but we'll catch you all next time. It is say.

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