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Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 3, Episode 36 · 5 months ago

3-36. Ee-V's Card


The boys are reunited! Come check out their analysis of the newest Eevee cards, as well as the Player's Cup IV. Don't miss out on this beast of an episode!

No, what is that guys? Looking back totag team reunited once again, where the POKAN trading card games for me orPODCAST ING, do my name is Raly hover joined as recently by my good man m D, W crewallw how you going to through today. I am going and doing well Riley thesomeone tid to hear asking yes. Yes, sorry, we missed last week guys I was out of town. So that's on me, dotof town, my sister's wedding. So well, not my sister, my sister in law, Iguess she's, my sister now I don't know what I some people praise itdifferently. I actually wanted to do like a very like stacy episode on theplayers cuff last week, but then I was feeling like very ill on the Wednesdaysor US slept in step, oawe transparency to listeners. I felt like there wassomething going on because I like I had forgotten to tell you that I was goingto be gone. We had some excitement over the weekend and I was like okay onMonday, I'm like Oh Riley, it's up to you, man to carry the torch you'regoing to have to be alone again for the week and I like, like. I knew you'relike brewing something and then I didn't see an episode come out and Iwas like Ohguesse we're here, we're back and we're raring to go a how's. Ithasn't been hangit man, you, since you've been MEA yeah. Well, it's it's been really good got to see areally great wedding, the House stuff, you know if you've been watching any ofthe other content. You'll know that that's the big excitement right now inthe crewall family, so things are good. Can't really complain jobs going well,I'm just waiting for the for the bad news to hit say that okay! Well, I guess the bad news for mehas been Players Cup, but we'll get to that later on in the episode there yougo, I can't have everything right. That's right! Yeah, exactly there's gotto be some some weakness for me, but but how about you Riley? What's new? Nothing nothing much going on now, I'mactually going to see my family for the first time since Christmas of twothousand and nineteen next week she I'll be recording from my parents housenext to you, which will be fun but really I've. Just it's been loaning up man, I've beenbeen reading. I've been working out, making a lot of progress and bothfronts or the followers of the cast. You mightremember my New Year's resolution to read a book a month and now two booksahead of the curve. So she can, you can kind of slack a little bit and go. Ithink I'm actually just going to keep going. I think I'm going to getprobably four books ahead this month, wow it's the books. I'm reading, I toldyou before how the books I was reading were like twelve hundred page tomes,and I finish that series. So you know now I can read like much lighter booksthat sounds very nice yeah. I can only have I've also, I'm also becoming likea manager at at work. So I'm I'm taking a bunch of classes and stuff WHOAthat's sweet! So is that like a pay increase or what I believe so the process is a lilas to me, but yeahI'm excited for it at the least like I think one of my strengthsprofessionally is like coaching people up and you know making the feel welcome andyeah. I try to show that through, like in the cast as well, but so that's where I want to like be ableto give back to other people who are joining the company or like joining myteam is or that they have like a welcome fostering space to grow yeahfor sure for sure I could see you being good at that. Oh yeah, I mean thingsare going well, but things are as ever, developing in the pokamal O, there'slots and new cards. Since you were last on the podcast. I know I know and we'renot going to cover everything, but these are just some of the some of thehighlights that I think were worth noting. There were some new cards thatwere just released yesterday in dream, ball and treasure, energy that I wantto make sure that we definitely hit on so treasure energy when attached to apoem on this, provides one colorless energy and as a really unique clausthat we've kind of seen before in relation to the price cards. When youtook this prize, as you know, as a facean price card, before putting it inyour hand, you can attach it to one of your poke mon instead so kind ofsimilar to, like a you, know, a draco prism star right that if it's prizedand you take it, you get some additional bonus effect. Well, insteadof taking an additional prize with Grog prison star, you know, whatever otheryou know, effects that there are that do something similar you get to attachthatt energy to one of your poke man,... I think, really cool, I'm alwayshappy when they have that kind of prize, cart, interaction, because the prizecards and poke on or something that make it. You know unique to that tothis game and so to just have more interaction with the prizes, likethat's that's always cool, yeah, yeah and if you're feeling, especially lucky,you could use your Geraci prison star to hit a tresor energy that would bepretty busted. Wouldn't it, though there is also another card, interactingwith the prizes in dream, ball, Andre Balls, very similar, a fact. If youtake it as a face down price card, get the effect of that card now Dream Bill.You can't play from your hand, is like the difference there, but with treanolyou get to put any poke them on on to your bed right there. So you got stageso directly on to your bench, Yep exactly and it doesn't state you knowit doesn't have to be a Non v Poke Mon right. You could put v Max on yourbench right, so there's just like so much application for this one card.I've seen people be a little luke warm on it or even sour on it, saying thatit won't see play, but this one has like, in my mind a ton of potential.You look at a card, it's just an item card, so it's not like it's even asupporter or something like it's not like, there's some other additionalrestriction or like it's a one of card that you can only play in your Y. U N,W one of in your deck, like you can play for these guys. You can get theminto the prizes with the he that Shuffle Pony or Panyi Pionia Pionia there we go. Thankyou, you can, you know, put them into your prizes like intentionally stackthem into your prizes, and then you get to get any pokmanty s no restrictionthere. So I think there's a lot of things that make this card seem reallygood. It doesn't have any kind of restrictive quality to it. That I cantell so feel like there's going to be some kind of application to this now.Is it going to see widespread play? No, no, absolutely not! You know, butthere's going to be a deck out there that uses it and that utilizes itextremely well yeah. I don't know if I'm quite as like overtly taught on itas you, but I do think like with the Pionia there. The potential isdefinitely there. What I'm looking for in Dream Ball is aa consistent way to like get it to your prizes. Onya is obviously a an obvious way to do that. They're, I'm hopingthere might be others that are a little simpler than a supporter, and then I'm also looking for a way totake it out of your prize is consistently so what I mean by that is,if you, even if you have the craziest like stage to base deck in the world orBema Tech in the world, you need to have a way to retrieve that debole fromyour prizes. So you need a way to take knockouts before then, and that's the part, as I think that'sthe piece of the puzzle, that's missing for me right now right this will kindof lead into the next set of cards we're talking about, but I'm looking toSylvia and v Max is potentially being something that bridges that gap justbecause the Sylvia on v seems to have like a with the the band just associated withit being able to reduce the prizes at Sylvia. An takes an the fact we haven'tseen the v Max, yet I almost have an inkling that it'll interact with theprizes in some way. So I'm curious to see it. If I meanthat's how it manifests. Nevertheless, like super cool card- andI'm excited to see like all that that a and b like criteria and got filled yeahyeah- absolutely I mean you nailed it right there when you said like there,there is kind of that restrictive sense to the card in the fact that you haveto take a knockout right like there's, no other real way to draw a prize other than to take. I guess you couldplay for missing clover and expanded, but that seems a little. You know obtuse and anything to so to put ityeah yeah it's a cool card, even even if it never sees the light of day inany capacity. I'm just happy poke my Prithu cards, okay, so I'm moving on tomaybe the more relevant but maybe less exciting cards that is alluded to it,the V maxes of the evolutions. So we don't have an evolution for the Sylvian v Max, but we do have one forevery other v Max at every other, elusion, Oh and no lipan good call. Yes, yes, S,no Lif Yan, but that is heavily implied via the frozen leaf badge where it says attaches to Alipin or glacial anyway.So there are these V maxes the VILUCA S, and then they also have associativebadges the tool cards that go along with them. You know going down the list. I thinkvaporia s really interesting here with...

...a water pot attack, put a poke on fromyour discard pile onto your bench and then attach up to three water. Energyfrom your just carpal of that Boemond seems like a really interesting concept,but generally speaking, these kinds of attacks that don't do damage and youknow, set up other poke mon are generally not as good, certainly some viability in the factthat Aporia just has a lot of health. But, like you look at an attack likethis, like Pekerangi, has as kind of a similar thing right, attach threeenergy from your deck to a poke em on on your bench, Ray you're, setting up apoke um on for the future. But you do damage right, so so you're putting morepressure on your opponent where, as the vaporin you're taking something fromthe discard, so first you have to find Pokono the discard and put the waterenergy in the discards. It's a little more restrictive and you're not doingany damage. So it seems a little hard to finagle that, especially in theearly game right when you're wanting to set up multiple poke mon and then has apretty you know, Ma attack, act, rapids ahunder damage and then does a hundred more damage of the opponents active,has any damage counters on it so may pour on not not too exciting, but jolty on. On the other hand, Ithink, has some very competitive viability. What do you think about this jolt, dvmx, yeah and actually just to the plug onemore thing that if he pour on, is actually rapid strike poke on which isa cool little extension of this existing archetypes? Actually, as we gothrough this list, I'm surprised that Joltin isn't a rapid strike. Pokmantywe've seen a lightning precedent with with the Aurora be as as a rapid striketype, and the attack on this shoal town definitely fits in with like the rapidstrike style or so jolt on v Max as the Max Thunder clap attack and it's ahundred damage, and then it is a hundred more damage to one of yourpoints. Bench Vocem on that already has damage on it, so you know you're effectively doing twohundred damage with the attack, but a two different poem on as long asthere's the image and play somewhere on the board. THAT'S PRETTY AWESOME! I think you canfind some really interesting use cases for this index that either you lie,sniping or looking to take like multi hid, knockouts or or even trying to set up like hugemulti price turns. So I think this cards really interesting. The onlything that really holds it back right now is the extreme prevalence of onbrook and Bon's meal, but with that rotating in the near future, and by thetime we get this set like really well have like two weeks that you left. I see a lot of potential for the JOLTINand, like a multiagency, I think that's a great great analysis of this card. Itshould be a really interesting one. I could see it being played and expandedto. Potentially just you know, you're looking for always looking forlightning type evolution attackers to try to get around. You know thebioplast wall decks and in the expand, and I think the snipe is certainlysomething that you look for is being very strong there as well, so jolty onv Max love, it love it love it. Moving on to Floria N v Max you bring up thatrapid strike of the Vaporia he will. The flarion is a single strike.Attacker Max eruption, fire color with Scolari hundred damage discard the topfive cards. Your deck. This deck does a hundred damage for each energy card.You discarded in this way, so maximum of you know, through the mat there fivehundred damage, but getting those energy to the top is going to be a tallorder, yeah the Flarion. I wish there was a little more of to it like to me.It feels like you're putting in a lot more work to get a Sandakan da in play,basically yeah and like the Santa Connad Ck onlyis one energy attachment and it's one prize and, and it barely works and saidnow, you're looking at player on and your multi prize, your multipleattachments, yeah, the damage is higher, but it doesn't really seem worth it tome. I wish there was like some other effectat discarding. Those energy did like maybe for each energy you discard, youcan attach it somewhere or like something O. I think that would benecessary to make this card viable sure yeah. I agree with you there I mean itjust feels. Like we've seen these kinds of attacks before and they've generallynever worked. I E, not only are you variable in your attack power, butyou're just straight up discarding cards so like there's, there's a verylike limited amount of time for you to be able to make use of this attack andso a lot of things, kind of kind of add up, not in flarion favor yeah. Of course, there are more thanjust the original three Ev Lucians we have the Gentoo as well, so we have espionand Umbrian v Max spion with the sun notification ability. As long as it'sin play and of your pokmanty energy attached aren't affected by n theeffects of your opponents attacks and...

...then it just has basically psychics isact, but for sixty times so as peons cool I mean it seems likelargely it's attack more than like something that you rely on as anattacker. Maybe it'll find its way into something like a like cally rex shadow rider to kind ofdeck as if there's end up being some effective attacks that really harm it.Otherwise, I don't really see like a huge place for spon. There is a reallycool alternate art of it, though that will certainly be report a lot of money.I have been in love with some of the arts that they put out. Did you seethat they're putting out a kind of Japanese art style, Cramer, ant and Picacho? I did see thatyeah. Oh, my Gosh, I am in love, yea, those are love. They are doing great things. It'samazing like why, weren't they putting out great art, well, they were puttingour great or back when I started but like why weren't they putting out greatart when I you know ten years ago, when I could buy the cards, for you knowtwenty bucks now, what's the deal here, I'm just here, I'm just kidding it'sit's great eal thing is like they put out lots of good art over the years,but it's only at this point in my life that I couldn't like. I have the moneyon by it and now time I like it's, it's that'show I feel with houses buddy, that's how I feel about a I'm moving on downto the Umbrian v Max single strike once again here ability, dark signal of alot of people are talking about this card for a Ternis, but I'm not so sure,says when you play this card from your hand to involved on o your pokeing. Youturn switch one of your opponents bench Pogan with they're active. So it'sbasically a gust, a like an rock gx style effect, but I think there are fewthings that just maybe don't make it work that well and it turnit. First ofall, a turn is, is just super fast already, so I don't know that slammingin a stage one is going to, you know, be anything that improves your decklike you're, adding some kind of inherent inconsistency to the deck andsecondly, the attack is just never going to be powered up in an Eternitiedeck. So I think, there's a little bit of a liability with the two prizeretreat. You got a kind of mediocre attack,that'll never be powered up and the ability isn't particularly good. So Icannot see embryon being or than like a one one, maybe an a Ternis, andI honestly don't even think that, because we have boss, so I don't know unless you're reallytrying to boss things but like what are you trying to get on the bench that youcan't just use bosses orders for anyway, yeah? I feel pretty. Similarly, you know. Obviously this is a great andlike precedented as great ability in that dark signal, but their ces,whatever you want to refer to it as a bright eyes and all that kind of stuff,but the the fact that eternities is a it's trying to Max out on consistencyand this just muddles that down and be like you're already playing a heavycount of boss, and you have that crowbait that less you draw in to theboss, pretty lively now. Will this open up potential plays that you couldn'tget otherwise like the research of the Marnys boss, of course like? That is agiven by virtue of how the way the card works?Is that actually like adding a value to the attornies tack? On average? I wouldsay no, I mean we seen them stray away from playing other stage. Ones like thetaxi Crobert is definitely very much on the low right now compared to justplaying as consistent as possible, and I don't really see a reason for a decklike it's Hurtus to stray away from that formula. Yep Absolutely Yeh C, BGil and the Chatas Obregon is nice, but we have enough gusted options right now.It doesn't seem worth it. I mean and there's even things like you know, ascape rope that you could play in to turn iis right now that just isn'tbeing played, you know peon. I guess you know. Okay, of course you can'tplay that. You know with more than four poem on any bad, but there's just allI'm saying is like there's other options out there, that you know peoplearen't playing right now and a turn of so I don't know that taking out cardsto put in Umbrian is going to be. You know what you want to do, however, ifthere was ever a deck that you know maybe could fit it in, like you look ata turn it his hammers. You know you just take out four hammers slapping atto to Umbrian you, maybe maybe, and maybe the Umbrian V isparticularly good. Maybe that has an ability that just makes a lot of sense.You know a couple of damage, you know. Maybe it'slike kind of a boosted sixguns or something where you played down and itdoes to damage to one of your pones but like there could be something like thatwhere it's like. Okay, the embryon V, is actually very good for the attorniesdeck on round as well. Oh, it is okay yeah, it's not any! I havent seen ityet well. Okay, then then scratch...

...scratch that whole cut that bit. Okay,I got that segment there right a we got that in post, yeah, all right so movingout from the Abram. We have our final, Eb Lucian that has been revealed. Ofcourse, we talked that there's life on and Sylvie on still to come, butGlacial Ability Crystal Vale, prevent all damage in the Pokoik from yourpones spoke Mon vme, except for Glacis, for whatever yeah seems weird seems unusual, but Iguess they wanted to prevent some kind of weird like like untimed thing, rightor timing issue right in competitive play where you just have like toGlacidas, and I just can never hit each other. I don't know that seems horrible,but anyway, so similar ability to Zaman that we currently have, which makes melike it, makes this card immediately kind of creditable, like I give thiscard a lot of credit just on the ability alone, and then it has anattack, that's pretty decent as well Max Icicle, O hundred and fifty tectisthirty damage to one of your opponents. Bench poke Mont, so a little bit of a aboosted night spear for those of you that have that no one dark cry ex. What do youthink about this card? riling? I'm not super hot on it to be honest, at leastin the immediate future, mostly because I think Samazana fillsthat job better at the moment. You know it's it's a basic as opposed toeffectively a stage one. It also is weak to metal, which is definitely a dmerit in my books. You don't want to be weak to the metal type, so not a hugefan of glacial as it stands right now. I think Lachan is a car with like somelonger term potential like give it. You know another rotation and all of asudden like me, maxes, are Ardea the play and there's no Zanasana anymore.As is rotated, and you know maybe glashan finds a nitch. At that point, Iwould be surprised if it's the water deck of choice, though, if in itsimmediate release, I think people would rather play something like the icewriter, cally rex, instead yeah for sure for sure, yeah, so Klasen v Maxrounding out our Ev Lucians. We got a couple of tools here: Frozen Leaf Badge,Moon and Sun Badge, elemental badge ribbon badge. Any of these stand out.Toyota think we need to go through them all, but any stand out to Riley isbeing particularly playable yeah. I think of the badges that theelemental and the snow and leaf badges are the most interesting elemental,basically being like a what was the name of the tool that youwould put on the like. The guard. Chalk, like I seecounter game, I like kind of like a counter game, but it always works. So what was that? I am I missing it fromfrom recently. No, it was is an old card. The one ye go on the apes, yeahyeah, it's Canterano, that's not counter game counter gain is a new card. WHAT THE HECK! It's a team, galactics! What wow? Okay! Icould see it. I could see yeah. I can see the car team Galactic Card. You know it's got a little circle on itand has a little jutting out piece anyway. Yeah it provides. A call, isenergy and elemental. Batch is the same thing. So if you're, a Porion, joltinor Flarion, the original three you pay one less Collis, that's obviously great,and if there's separately like another, very poor on Dalton or flary on, likeyou know, slap that in so that's cool, snow and leaf badge is the other one.That's interesting to me, I'm going to feel so stupid when you look the secondat the name. I know I know I know I know, and so only badges, the other one thatappeals to me. It reduces glacial and Lipins or treat cost to zero. So thatdefinitely is something that the glacier on deck could benefit from itsjust like pivoting, around a lot of different glacies and they're allimmune to be maxes. So I think that is absolutely good. This on a moon badgein the in the ribbon badge or kind of math. It's just Bros, just energy game, it'sjust energy game. What is what a simple name? Yeah veryso you know you're like you, I loved it because you're like you're explainingit you're like yeah. It's like it gives you an energy when you play it, I was going to say like spats so yeah.I think I I think the tools are okay, I think snow and leaf and elementaldefinitely are the best of the group, though, and you have any of descendingfonts there, and I think I mean I don't really think that many of them will seeplay, and it I mean it. All. Just kind of also depends on what pokemoke are goingto be played like if you know the umber and never sees play, then you'll neversee the sun and moon badge right so, but happy again that they're puttingthese kinds of cards to boost these. You know a various... bad or good, archetypes, very cool,so that is all for there's actually one new card. I wanted to mention thatwasn't in the ED batch as well. The we talked about this card. It's O we did.We did. We did that the news or or cards so zark as the ability illusiontransformation, where basically, you swap this ork with another stage on anyour just car pile. So that is super. Super Cool owns opens up all sorts of opportunities to play, sort of likeStage one tool box. He kind of deck like you would be, did a prism star.The difference is like you directly evolved this Orr and then swap it asopposed to evolving the Dido and to the respectivething that you want. So I don't know if it'll find immediate play, but I loveage. One kind of decks are: are some of my favorites in pokemoke they're,really interesting in verse town. So I like Pokin, giving support to stageones agreed, and that was the end of the godden andcut okay. So now we're going to move on to the cart of the day, which I havethe pleasure of bringing to you all and before I dothat. I just want to say if you have any questions in the chat for the andend of the cast, please feel free to to bring those up. But my car today is anart that I collected. A number of I think I have about. I don't know ten ofthem and that that, for me constituted like a large collection of one singlecard about eight or nine years ago, but this card just immediately caught myeye as being a promo. That was unique, weird unusual and I ended up tradingsome guy on Poka Jim. You know some hollow for a bunch of these cards. Idon't really know why, but I did, and I don't even know how much it costs now.I D N, I mean probably not much it doesn't matter, but it is a black star, snore lax card, it's very cute because it has a littleeve sleeping next to him and it's got a bunch of seas in the background. So in the card there's a big yellow Z,it's really gaudy actually, because he, the Z, is like the focal point of apicture and then, like you, just happened tohave a snorle there right. So then the snore lax is doing, you know, he'sdoing his Zzz and then there's a big Z and it's a pretty just unusual cardbecause, like the main, more than fifty percent of the card part is a s, butfor some reason I love it. I think it's cute guard got evie sleeping at snarliesleep in s like me and my wife. You know that would be an actual shot of meand my wife. So so I love that's a lax. I think it's a,I think. It's a great card, the early brewings of EV and Snore lack tact team.I got deads right, I hadn't even thought of it. THAT'S SOAK! Hawkers!That's exactly what it is. That's super cool I don't know if Iknow the guard you referring to. What's the pro number, it is proa number,forty, nine. I believe H. You want me to send you the pick. Oh, I do know this card yeah yeah, withthe gigantic yellow Z. I was like my mind's eye- was picturing it totallydifferently. Based on your description, yes, yeah yeah, it kind of looks likeit's John and Colored Pencil. Almost yes, definitely right. It looks like afirst sketch yeah. That card is great cool, one for sure. So, okay, cart ofthe day over. Let's move into probably the meat and potatoes of the episodethat is Players Cup for so players come for brings with it a lot of angst a lotof excitement. I think there are a number of people that are probablypretty happy with, where they're at right now, probably a lot of peoplethat are listening to this cast and maybe don't even care because they'realready done with their keys. But there's a lot of us that haven'tstarted or have been slowly making our way through the keys, and I thinkthat's both of us Riley, so yeah yeah and you know, and that's finepeople do it at their own pace. I am fifteen keys in and I am not doing wellI'll be straight up. I haven't found a deck that I like I was on. I think I'velost in the first rout. So one of the things I was really proud of in PlayersCup three I was. I was really happy that I onlylost in the first round. I think I think if I'm re, I could beremembering completely wrong, but it was like five, maybe maybe seven orless times I wanted to say it was around five, but it might have beenlike a little higher, so maybe like... or less time. So I was reallyhappy that you know it was always like at least you know grinding out a pointfrom every tournament right and that's like just kind of showing me thatconsistency and being to being there in theconversation to get the three or five points that you really kind of need toaim for to do well, but coming into players come for had that same kind ofexcitement, far off with Pekan. Just really I don't know it wasn't findingit to be particularly good switched over to real boom for a bit switch to aturn. It is luke metal. I've been playing a bunch of different things,trying to find a groove. I just haven't found it there's a streak of fivetournaments in a row where I lost in the first round, turn after her andhave to turn after him, and it was all just the you know, ridiculous stuffraging from the dock, to you know the grindest game, where my opponent justhad one little out and then they hit it or playing. You know a terrible matchup where they just set up perfectly. I think I had that one time against aagainst a mad party where it was like they literally couldn't have picked out.You know a better set of cards right. They were discarding everything andenergy was flowing and it was all perfect and those things happen forsure. So I have had a bit of a rough start here to PlayersCup, for I am not on the pace that I need to be, but you know I decided to kind of takea step back. We've preached that a lot is just like hey if you're you're notquite doing what you need to do. If you find yourself rage starting tournaments, find yourself you just not reallyenjoying yourself playing the tournaments, which I certainly wasn'ttake a step back. So rally talked to me a little bit about well, I was going tosay talk to me a little bit about your players Kep for experience, but I don'tthink you've started yet right. No I'm still at Siroes used and, to be honest, I've had like alsolike a little bit of tournament anxiety heading into this for yethers thatyou've struggled and that's I'm struggling to find a deck that realize shives with meright now. Yeah and I don't know if it's I'm not a hugefan of the meadow or the decks right now, just Saret screaming at me, ormaybe there's just too many decks that are in contention right now. That isgiving me like a little bit of analysis prices, but yeah yeah. It's been alittle tough for me and I was generally like feeling a little fatigued, thoughI also kind of just like preemptively, took a step back as opposed to just kind of like suffering through andfeeling like. It was a grind because at the end of day I wanted to be like afun enjoyable experience, so I'm planning to start over the next fewdays here, probably over the weekend, still not sembled on exactly what Iwant to play, though, which is am yeah yeah. I think I think for me trying toget out of that Rut. You know, if you ask me like what what would you try todo? I've started my key, I'm not doing as well as I thought you know my only suggestion. The onlyadvice that I can give to myself is to just you know, play the numbers. Ithink I hit a pretty bad streak of just bad variants. You know, and I think todo to do particularly well. You know you have to have some someluck on your side right. We say this for any tournament, like any tournamentthat you win or do well at like you're, going to have a round or two or threeor four like that. You just get a little bit lucky, so you know spreadthat out over. You know fifty tournaments, fifty many tournaments.You have the same idea right, so I think I've just been hitting on thatkind of lower end of the variance which has been a shame. You knowcertainly want to. You want to go above that, but you know just continue to play the numbers. You know it's anumbers game really so, if you're in a rough patch, but you do still believein the deck, you know you've done your testing with that deck. You feel like.Okay, this is a good list or maybe even if you've, you know ripped the decklike you know, maybe if you've ned deck the deck and you feel really confidentin it. You know you're, not misplay, because that's another big thing likeare you playing the deck correctly and that that's a that's another thing? Ifyou assume that you're playing the deck correctly like just go with the numbers, stick with it would be my best advice.That's you know kind of what I'm trying to tell myself right now is I'm in aRut, but you take you stretch that out out over fifty tournaments and like Ishould start seeing some cess if you just again run the run the numbers onit. So it's tough though it's stuff there's definitely anxiety that comeswith doing poorly and then you're. Trying to think about. You know you geteven more in your own head when you do poorly or like, should I change deck?Should I mess around with things? Should I play different texts, and thatcan be really scary for me, because I expect some Meta when maybe it was justyou know, there's such a craft shoot with the Players Cup really just youhave no way to to really tell what...'re going to see I've seen so manycrazy random things that I would never really expect to see in in an actualtournament. It's it's a wild west out there. Youknow keeping with that advice. I would also say you know all of these piggiestournament, one at a time take each team one. At a time I not to let your past fifteen keys, overly influence, your next thirty fivelike take the lessons you learn from them, but even if you get zero points inthose first fifteen keys, you could theoretically win every tournamentthere after and be one of the top rated people in the world. So you know, don'ttry, don't ever count yourself out unless it's like truly gotten lockedout at that, but always just keep pressing forward, take a tam on anattack and play a hard out and each one of those. I know it sounds a littlecliche, but you know if you believe in the deck again, if you're, if you'vetested it- and it seems like it's working out for you- you know intesting and then you get to the tournament. So it's not working out,you know just make sure your play is under control. Right, make sure you rechecking your prizes you're doing everything in the game that you knowyou can do to just make sure that she got that right,make sure you're not miss playing yourself out of games for anything likethat right and then you know just yeah play. I play thenumbers, you know play the numbers. If you know you're doing those things numbers dictate that you're probablygoing to have success. You know assuming you're playing a reasonablearchetype, reasonable. You know ter one archetype. I think you're going to dopretty. Well, so don't get to discourage if you're like me, trying totell myself this so I'm going through it, you guys are going through it too.You know, share some love with me on twitter or something like that, becauseI could use it, but but yeah, that's that's what Iwould say. That's just you know kind of kind of the name of the game. You knowyou take A. I tell this to my coaching. Clients too, is like you, take a longform approach to the game and you're gonna be more successful. I think Ipersonale the error. It's not going to you're not going to burn out as fast, Ishould say: You're not going to be necessarily more or less successful,but you're not going to burn out as fast. So if you're taking everythingyou know one tournament at a time like I need to win this or I need to makeyou know top O red and fifty six of Players Cup like if you're taking itreally like, literally like that you're going to you know, be disappointed moreoften than not, because we're a game of variance. You know where a game of luckin a lot of cases, a lot of things you can do to mitigate that, but, at theend of the day, there's going to be things that you can't control, and so,if you put all your eggs on one bask and you say to yourself, I need to dothis. I need to do this. I need to win this tournament. I need o. You knowit's it's going to. Let you down so take that long form approach make sureyou have fundamentals under control. Try Not to practice those in thePlayers Cup. If you can avoid it and and let the numbers kind of kind ofwork themselves out. I will say, though, in slightopposition like you, are going to have on Lucky Games, but make sure that youdon't attribute anything that goes poorly exclusively to luck like if youjust had the worst possible opening hand ever in a dog. That's one thing, but make sure you're thinking likecritically about the actions that you took along the way that may becontributed to the the end of the game. Luck, one way or the other yeah sure sure, absolutely and there'sa there's, even things that you can learn about optimal play in in docks.You know, and that sounds really stupid to say but like you're there anyway,like you, might as well, you know try to be as optimal as you can. So therewas one tournament that I played just to givean example. I think I don't know. I think it was with the turn I'm tryingto give what happened, but I don't remember exactly, but I think it was Iwas playing with the Turni. I was in the early game and I benched another poke on to prevent mefrom getting like knocked out and then losing the game by bench out. But whatI didn't really account for was that it would take my opponent just a lot ofresources to get that knockout and it was like extremely unlikely. So then,on the top Dick, you know I didn't have a draw supporter. I didn't have a quickball or anything on the top Dick, I topice a communication, and it just youknow I should have just not benched that extra poke on and then I wouldhave had a come out to get a crow bat to maybe get some things moving. So Idon't think I win that, even if I don't you know bench that because he was justsetting up a bunch of stuff on his bench and you know getting a very solidboard position, but I you know definitely learn from that. From thatexperience being like well, you know I maybe had a better chance. If I just bea little bit more pay acient, so yea you can. You can learn, even in theworst circumstances, to absolutely absolute. So looking at the players cut, for whatwould you say are your top repicright... de Yeah, if I'm playing Players Cup, youknow, if I'm you know finishing my tournaments, I'm either going to turnItis or I'm going to Picra. You said give three, but those are really goingto be my only two. I would also consider roping and rapid strikers orfood depending on how I'm feeling, but it does feel like Luke metal, is afairly big presence. That's one of the more popular decks that I've seen, butI've tried Luke metal myself, and I don't I don't like it because I seem tohit when I play Luke metal. I seem to run into the attornies players that areplaying like two or more phoebe and then that just ruins the whole. Youknow it's a whole live o Resolvin e h, the vote mines are the vides weredefinitely lacking at that point. So I'm not a big fan of Lucinu metalbecause you're losing a really good match up in that in that aternus rightnow, they're playing phoebe. You know maybe two Phebe in some cases, maybetwo Febe, a papped one F B help had sable, I you know some combination ofthose cards and that just makes it a lot harder for you to win, because ifthey can knock out one, you know one of your Zama Zenas, justbasically for free with their eternities they're. More than likelygoing to be able to make it pass the second one somehow some way, so it'syou're losing that really good match up and then the rest of the field. Isn't Idon't? I don't find the rest of the e l, particularly favor favorable. That'swhat I've had a lot of issues in my players Cup round of just not beingable to draw enough cards and my opponents just getting set up. I'mforced to attack a little bit earlier than I want to, and I haven't drawnenough through my deck to be able to set up my board position. So then, inthe late game, I'll get Marnie and I'll have no resources in hand becausethey're all kind of those early game resources that I wasn't able to use up,and I wasn't able to intrepid sore my energy out of my Sahin and things. So Iplayed some look metal. I've had I mean it's been the most success that I'vehad, but it's never felt good playing it and I always am seeing kind of thethe the rougher sides of the format you know I'm losing to the ATERNAE I'mlosing to the fire deck and it doesn't even feel good against. Youknow things like Pikermi. Some people really love it. I know Riley, you havecounter points to probably pretty much everything I just said. No, I mean, Ithink you bring up some valid points and I think you know it's easy to say as well. Likeorry, my medal has kind of been running the scene, a lot of the onlinetournaments. How does that translate to the Players Cup and I kind of want tohearken back to what I said the other week about how rapid strike was aphenomenal choice, for you know the Players Cup, the finals, whereas a one,but it isn't necessarily the best choice for individual events, I meanwe're seeing rapid strike is kind of petered out of the format. For themoment. I kind of see this as being a verysimilar situation where these controlled settings, where you know alot of what people are going to be playing going in the car mamode, is a pretty solidchoice, especially when decks like you know the rapid strike, especially, but you knowall sorts of decks that just kind o out to lose old to the PAROMA metal. That'swhen you want to take that to those tournaments, and you usually have abetter estimate of that in these like online seen tournaments, whereas theplayers caught, I feel like people. You know people live out o those fire deckslike it's, nothing at players, Cup events- and you know, like you, said, deckslike the Pikar- are- are challenging and you can find yourself in stickysituations and all sorts of match. UPS that ended up like prepared for you. So I'm not a huge fan of Players Cup,the corona metal. I might feel differently taking it to an individuallike online tournament, but I think the players cut Meta isjust so unknown going in and in my experience like fire is very heavilyplayed in players. Cup that I would feel a little hesitant toplay it. My top three is kind of echoes yours,although I'm not a huge attornie stands because I don't really like to play it.I definitely think Picaron is a solidchoice. I kind of want to have rapid strike inthere. I think it has ecent match EPS outside of like Lucar on the model yeah,and some of these, like we are specific, you tube decks that are built to berapid strike. So I think that's like a definitely aviable choice for Players Cup, whereas it might struggle, I kind of like thecounterpoints of Corentan might struggle in an online event, butemployers capi might be a better choice and then my third option would be oneof those like Motuara, be it a a more of a tempos art, welder deckthat has a Mutu in it or or more of like a mute to Ras teck withrilla boom or even like the psychic mutoe. I think all of those are prettydecent texts and they're all very fun... play, which I think is a huge meritto them. No sure I've been I've been finding the format P. I mean I don'tknow, people are, you know always hating on things, but I've been findingthis format to be. No real depth has good. That's not that's,not what I'm saying. I just think the muties are really fun because you to isreally funk card so somewhere in that, like Tempo Zar to to like grass for a little bit psychicrange. I think those are like all really fun. Viable third choices for me,but Peter Am is obviously like. I'm a huge stand, so that's that's up. Thereis like my number one choice right now: Yeah Yeah it so I go on the tag teampodcast now I know it's crazy yeah and you talkabout. You know rabits kind of petering off. I don't think it's necessarily.You know it's still one of those very heavily play decks, but I think whatyou mean by petering off is that it's not that kind of dominant force right.It's not that that! Well I mean you know if you look at just like outrighttournament. Results been struggling recently, but I think that's you know when youlook at the men at these tournaments you're, looking at lots of Lucar andmedals you're, looking at lots of Riloo you tube daks you're, looking atpsychomotor, it's like you know, rapists have a place and of that event,so you know I think it just varies fromtournament to tournament like if you're looking at just line up so fire decksand peep around then Rapatrie is like for sure, still awesome, yeah, absolutely very cool. Now youknow, I think, there's lots of good decks. We, I feel, like we saying thisabout every player's cup, but this is a very open Meta. There's plenty ofthings that you can play don't feel. I need to lock yourself inbased on our footsteps and what we're playing out here just make sure youhave a good reason for picking the deck. You know if you can't explain it thatmaybe it's not the decipit, a percent agree trust the testing thatyou've done on your own. You Know Trust Trust, other people's results. I wouldsay if there's just more data available to us than there's ever been before and you I think it would be very unwise notto you know at least look at it. You know see: okay, hey going to choosethis deck, here's what it you know did in this Meta game- and you know herethe top five lists and here kind of thetext that everybody's playing- and I just just find that stuff out. We neverhad that. You know when I was starting so so be grateful and use that stuff asa tool to help you help you perform better so great. Well, we do hirequestions in the chat. Now I was just going to say we got to get to some somequestions start from the top here with C Bel,asking what we think about guard of Our v Max Right now, obviously, metal stilla factor, but there's a lot of psychic we match ups in play, I would say the metal is outweighingthe psychic week match ups right now. I think you'll find yourself struggling moreagainst the metal decks and you'll find yourself driving against the airshipfood right right. That's that's a reallystrong point and just the the problem with the guard ofOrvis just that it's it takes a ton of energy right, three energy on a stage you know on a stage, one is just goingto be lagging pretty far behind a lot ofthese other decks. So I just be a little bit nervous about that as well.Getting the energy attached yeah, not necessarily a questioning, but thelock brings up. I only play three boss right now and a turn this and thinksthat sistency of having more POK emonavailable to bench and not having to play supporters and being able to moreflexibly play dross. Porters is a merit, Tom Briana, that it might end up beinga better option. Ye See that, but I think one of the hardest parts ofreturn is actually getting out the stage ones. So IMBRIAN isn't like super immediatelyaccessible. If, especially, if you're playing a thin line- and I think you'repretty decent off with like a four research for Marny count like I don'tthink you need any more dress porters than that and yeah I mean there's aplan for boss along that right right. That I mean there is obviously thatargument right where you could be like well, I can. I can basically play twosupporters in the same turn, I can go boss via the Umbrian ability rightbring up something on the bench, but I can also play my draw supporter, mydisruption supporter and the same turn, and so, of course, there's going to be thattrade off with this kind of card, but, like you said rather, I think you aregoing to prioritize a different stage, one and a turn in his fema. So normallynow at least most games, I'm playing you know, I'm going for one internistand then with my second com or my second great ball, I'm going to get outthe second one, because at first a turn it is probably in danger of beingknocked out. And if it is, you know I'm going to lose a bunch of bench, PokeMont, so I'm trying to get t at least... a turn. It us out to try to makesure that I have you know the attackers that I need to kind of finish the gameoff. So it's just not a high prior pretty. Iguess you could argue that you would rather have the the you know gust in the lake game, butI almost would argue the opposite, and normally you want the gust in the earlygame to try to like slow your opponent down and try to bring up stuff thatthey don't want to have active right, like the scariest thing in the format.Right now, I think is, is a turn to wodan seventy boss. You know a turnslike that is such you know an unstoppable force. I thinkthat's where you kind of want most of your resources to go to so yeah. Iunderstand you know, I think about it more. I feel, like I'd, feel a lotbetter about the cart if there is ultramar, but there isn't MMMMM yeah.That's very fair. Very Fair, too, we also got a question from Manderson.Some of Max is fit into the dynamic category and others into Gigantia, andwe even have a Ternis as in a Urnam. Do you think there will be any specificcards that call out those key words to be honest, like I kind of got it atleast in the immediate future, if there is it'll, probably be like almost ajoker, a gime card is my guess, yeah, I don't. I don't know that. I seeanything like that coming out, but it's a cool thought. I wish they would do alittle bit more tiring to to the video games yeah. I think those are there's the mainquestions we got here today to be anything else that you want to call outwrap up. What can I say? What can I say? Thankyou guys for being great listeners again. I'm always like reminded of howgreat our listeners are when we, you know, we miss with this our first weekmiss last week, because Riley was sick and I was out of town as our first weekmissed, and what M I mean. Certainly months right, then I always masters yeah yeah. Ialways get these messages. You know it's like hey. You know where's thewhere's, the PODCAST I get. I get multiple messages instead of just thankyou guys so much for being so loyal for enjoying the show and yeah. We do itfor you. So thank you so much to be sure to check out all of oursocial medias. That's on twitter, where Smith of brows, Real John Walter andtag Tam, O Keon on twitch at TV. You can catch us at Monter. If you want towatch the show live or if you want to check out w stream, you can catchthings like the full grup online series and w date, a streams at flex, daddyriches. And if you want to support the show, be sure to check out foger gamesand FOLKER COSCO. Thank you so much be sure to rate and review. If you enjoyedit or if you didn't tell us, some can do better and we will catch you nexttime he's. So You.

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