Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast
Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 2, Episode 20 · 1 year ago

2-20. Empathy in Pokemon


The boys sit down to discuss the recent developments in the Pokemon community. At Tag Team we stand for inclusivity for all.

UPEVERYBODY welcome back to tag team,the pokamont Trading Car Games for Amer podgasting duo. My name is Raleiholvert joined again by my good friend, Ju Kree Wall Jw. You just came backfrom your anniversary trip how you doing man, I am feeling refreshed andexcited. I have not felt this good in a long time talking to R beforethe castabout how I don't really think for better for wors. I don't reallythink about my mental health and then I come back from a trip like that andjust like it was a great trip and it was a lot of fun and, like my wife andI had a great time nd, we met up with a lot of really interesting people and wehate a lot of good food and we relaxed and just everything about it was, youknow, really low stress, except for the time we got lost in the woods. But Iwon't go into detail about that, but other than that itwas o scary. I io'LD freak out. Well,my wife is very adventurous and that's like I love about her, but can also get usinto trouble, and so she wanted to take this alternate path and an eit was likeno. We should stay on the path that we are on. I we know that it just goes inTa loop at she's, like no. We gotto go on this alternate path, and so we godown the path and we all of a sudden, find that Wewe have no idea where weare wegoin walking for like two hours, no clue where we are, and we look it upon our phones, we're looking up a map and Tennessee of the park, and it'slike showing us that we're on the other side. But we swear that we didn't passthis marker and so we're all turned around and we're like asking people.Where do we go and where are we and nobody knows? And anyway we had to useGoogle maps to bail us out which it did and so we're very thankful. Butit was a little bit tense there because I was like we shouldhave stayed on onthe original path, but itwas p. well at least you didn't getlike kidnapped by a witch or something I don't know. At least we didn't yeah. Thank goodnessthat didn't happen. yeahanything else exciting going on well, just revamping the outube stuffbeen putting out something new every single day, there's been a lot to talkabout just with the trainer tool kit, and I just recorded this week's discordtournaments for upload onto the outube and I'm pretty excited about that and myeah. I just say I'm I'm really enjoying kind of the new stuff thatthat I'm able to do with th content creation right now in Pokman. That'sawesome, man yeah, it's a goad time to branch out and explore and tick othings out for sure n. How about you what this tournamus whats? I heard youhad a really interesting day today. I don't know if it was an interestingday. I'E had a in general, I've been really stressful. Lately asfl like lifelately, I guess yeah. So today I came home and I just kind aI ate a bunch of food and just kind of Vegetaout, which is o that's a greatway to like cap off a stressful Dayi just to shill out I in your apartment, Um, andso I gott like a little blanket, get to cocoon and lie down just n having totake a nap and I fell asleep, and I was also trying to coordinate with coworkerwho lives in an apartment like we're driving to work together tomorrow. Soit's accordidn that and then I wake up and I feel incredibly restedlike way more Este than I have any right to feel and I'm like this is oddand SA. I look at my phone and we were PL ACIV contaxts. We were planning toleave for work at seven. Am I look at my phone and at's seven, forty five? Ohmy gosh, which was like not very long after I got into bed. You know I Ididn't even think about the fact it could possibly still be today 'cause. I am so arrested right. I lookat seventy. Forty five I'm like holy...

...crap, I immediaely take the person D,I'm like, Oh, my God, I'm sorry in the worst like like I I pobably like miss the ball.There yeah I'm like I'm getting showerd, I'm feeding. My cats, like I stillhaven't, checked and seen that it's still like ee, the Wednesday, not theThyea, and so oh my gosh, so I went through my whole morning routine, and Igot ready and like this. Just isn't right like why nobody like Tekts, Oye, thatit's Thursday, or something howdon't you not know, though, like couldn't you see outside or whateverlike I mean not really, though 'cause like at seven am. It would still bekind of like this, whereas, like a little, you know, there's not a tonison butthey're still a little bit and the t e level of sunlight from like seventhirty am and pm are kind of similar. Yes, so yeah and like I've had timeswhere I got pixed up on my days before, but not one where I like went throughthis extent of like my morning, routine, that's ridiculousd! So you like ate allyour eggs or whatever you have for breakfast and like got your whole bagtogether, whatever you take to work and stuff like that's crazy, yeah, that's why I'm like in a tank top rightnow, Jaust like I for the viewers on like Yutive Twich,because I was like I took a shower and I'm like what what am I doing? That's what I realized, I literally I got out of the shower,went across my apartment to get my phone and looked at it and like this isthis is Wednesday on it. So I text the person that I'm likewaitignore this previous couple of messages, not me II e, all I'm justapparently just very stupid yeah. They must have thought you liketook part in a recreational activity a little bit too much. Then I onr, I just elsmabut. It happens, andthe problem is when you take naps like that, it's so hard to sleep that samenight. So hopefully I oll actually sleep thatyeah yeah, no kidding no kidding. I have been for some reason. The lastthree nights have been really bad sleep for me. We just got blackout curtains,which makes the room I mean obviously way darker, but for some reason,they've been like throwing me off where, like I'll wake up at nine, which islater than I normally sleep but I'll feel less rested. So I don't know it'sAh Yeah. It's pretty crazy. I don't knowsleeping right now, for me is just it's whack yeah, but I haven't had an experience likethat. Ever I don't think that's pretty wild. I have experiencessimilar to that all the time, but they' just the level of of effort that went into that one wasinsane yeah, but shifting gears a little bit away from sleeping, although that is afavorite top of yor mind. We wanted to talk about so the thingsthat are going on at Pokamon. So we have a couple items on the agenda fortoday. The first one is going to be a little bit more serious, though so. UKinda slowing Orol a little bit from joking about sleeping. We want ud totalk about the recent sort of movement of survivors of sexual assault andharassment coming forward with their experiences, particularly in gamingcommunities. We've seen several pokmon players sharetheir experiences, both in the video games, side of things and in thetrading card game and there's been some other relevant experiences that arecome up. I don't want to name all the specifics of it I'll KINDOF. Leave thatto you Um. What ultimate I don't want to do isspeak too much on something that you know. I'm not fully qualified tospeak on or, like speak on a half of someone else.

That being said, Tatim has always beenfirm in its dance on supporting women and other minorities in our community,and so the continual message that we want to give off is that we support you.We support your stands. We support coming forward with the experiencesthat you have ultimately not only is coming forwardsupermeaningful because we can see that experience, but it also empowers otherpeople to do the same right and right at is incredibly valuable and someonewho has first had seen the effects of those kind of things M. I cannotcommand enough the courage of people who speak off about those kind ofthings yeah I mean it's definitely been good God. I don't want to say good,that's the wrong word, but Um. It's been impactful on me to hear these stories,not just in our community, but in others, like you mentioned, and justsaying that Um, you know this stuff is very prevalent and you know- and itmight not be something that I see, and it might not be something that I havefirsthand you know experience with, but it's something that's still around.Sexualistal assault is still something that occurs and until it's likecompletely eradicated n until everyone's mind is right. You knowwe're always going to be dealing with this issue and so just being as Vilvigilanl as we can be listening to the women and their store and the men andtheir stories, and just being hyper aware that this isnot something that we just kind of you know snap our fingers and are kindof done with or like we bring to the light once and it's over with. You know.We have to remain very vigilant over n the course of time, and I I think I can speak for you in saying that youknow if I can contribute to a more positiveenvironment for anyone in this community. Like I'm going to do that,and I want to do that right and so, ultimately, you know nw and I time andtime again when topics like Tese come up. We try to actively acknowledge thefact that we are in a position of incredible privilege as white males and you don't again we'renot trying to step on anyone's toes here, W W wha. Ultimately, I want togive off, as a message is a couple of things. First, you know whether you'rea man or a woman or you fall somewhere in between or you don't identify withthat spectum at all. You should be listening to and bolstering the voicesof people who go through these experiences, and that's also not to say that e thoseexperiences are limited to you know not being a man m. certainly men can gothrough similar es and do quite often as well. So the first step of that is listeningand being engaged in the people who gotorthis experiences. It's really easy to write things offbecause Y, but I've noticed a lot in these gaming communities a Yo for youcall it like parisocial relationships with people, whereas you might meetsomeone in a tournament once and they're. Incredibly Nice or you seetheir ounline presence and you form an opinion about them Um. Ultimately, that's not a substitute foractually knowing the person, and even if you do actually know the person, ifevery single person who did a shady thing acted like a shady sleezeball inreal life, then we wouldn't have this problem be E. I appoint the aesureright and so like there's so the first step of that isbeing willing to accept that things happen and people aren't always howthey appear and that's just the nature of of lifeand that's especially a thing in these online communities that informed Um. The second thing is to continue toelevate those voices, so not only so once you started listening to thosepeople start advocating for them. Um G W, and I we did an episode on women inin the traiding card game a while back with Aaron Palmer. She gave someawesome insight into the women...

...experience and I really reallyrecommend in Yulist an episode ISS still one of my favorites Um, but the key to that, though, is that wehave to not only take our position, tof privilege and use it to listen ND. Wehave to use it to take action, so be that highlighting female playersin your community or forming genuine friendships with them that aren't basedaround you know sexual interest, sure it really coal be simple things that goa long way and showing that people are welcome in our communities. Is Huge,Edon'tfeel like it's not, it doesn't happen enough absolutely, and I thinkyou know, with everyone we're all on this kind of journey of continualrenewal and in progress and so the past. I you know you, you arealways trying to be better and so Um, just that extends to people that areadvocates and like if you feel like you haven't advocated enough in the pastlike well, you can, you know start now, like you can be different, you can bebetter than you were, and so yeah just hitting the nail on the head rily withwith advocating for Women d and advocating for those that have been putin these terrible positions is, is huge right and this extends you know beyondjust women and their experiences and gaming. It extends to Real Life, itextends to other minority groups. What I think has happened recently isgaming, as a cross sectional community of Like Society Has. Ultimately, Idon't want to save ben like hateful, but has read a lot of toxicity, and Idon't know if that's the nature of of gamers itself. I don't really thinkso, but I think yeah, I think the nature of these onlike mes that weengage ourselves in has read some toxic environments and we have to really bereflecting on to what we're posting and saying online and how we're engagingwith people who are different, yeah yeah- and I think it is right. You'resaying like this online more so than just gaming in general, BU gamingsmedium is the Internet, so Um Yeah. I I would agree with that exactly so. Hopefully, you can find some valuableinsight in what we're talking about here and l keep driving this home like. Idon't want to speak for anyone on their behalf, and so there are tons of awsome women. You canfollow in the POKON trading card game. I'll leave some of their links in ourdescription for this weeks. That way you can check 'em out, but even beyond that it can be a simplethey don't have to have a twitter. They don't have to be active on facebook. Itcan be as simple as just being nice to the women who go to your league, we'reencouraging people who to go to your league, obviously thit's a littledifferent with the current Space Oi nineteen and all that. But youunderstand, like the point that I'm driving home, is that just being a good person is theoretically easy. You just have totake that that first step and and being an actively good person and not just apassively good person, sue agree. Hopefully, you've found some meating inthat we won't harp on it too much in the context of like who we are and whatwe represent. But yeah tax team has always stood with th, the oppressed inthe minorities, and that's something that we've that's been foundational. We,we have continually tried to speak to these issues. Um. We continually try to bolst thosevoices and we stand with and for those people h from here and forever on so shifting gears, though I also Arinleft an awesome message and chat, and so I'm just going to call that out withlisteners. She says something I think a lot of people need to be ar of. Is thataction isn't exactly immediate a lot of people aske me how to be a better allyand it's more of an overtime situation,...

...and I think that's exactly the kind ofpoint that we're trying tand drive home right is that y. take those take thosesteps right. It's not something! You can immediately do a D and change thephase of the Earth on sure sure, although I will say that there do comethese points where you have an opportunity to you, Kno w. There is apoint in time that you have that opportunity to to step in and to makethat change. I mean I've been through times where I've I've had to step in onbehalf of someone or Um you know, regrettably, I haven't stepped in whenI should have- and you know that's just just stories Um from from my past. You know and that'sj St just who I am, and so there are those points in time that you can lookback at and kind of mentally prepare yourselffor for doing tha in the future. For being the one that steps up an and sayshey, this is wrong or hey. You shouldn't talk to that person like thator e. This is really you know toxic behavior or whatever it may be. Yes, it is an overtime thing and Ithink if you cultivate those habits of you know being a good person, then overtime like you will like be that advocate in those pressure situationsright- and I think another important point- and I know I said that we arepotentially going to go on, but I think there's t a lot of good stuff that wecan talk about soanother point adding on to that is um a lot of communities, not just gaming,but in a lot of communities, there's a lot of really toxic. Like jokes, youknow that injokes that might happen in smaller communities that become larger,jokes and one thing I will continually say that Ihave seen happen is that the rhetoric you use amongst, like your smalgers offriends or when you're joking. Ultimately, that believes into how youactually think about things. So, if you're saying like horrible things towomen, are not calling people out when they do say those things Um, even if it's just in a small group chatwith your friends, I ultimately even if you don't mean it at the time. That issomething that will embed itself into your thinking and your thoughtprocesses and so being willing to step back and call people out when they saythings that are wrong, and this extends you know beyond women, an extens beyondminorities and black people. It extends in t just every every facet of living. When you see people saying wrong things,instead of just joining in or accepting it or saying, oh knsw says crazy stuff.All the time like I don O. Why A to use me here, but youknow you have to you- have to be willing to step in and and take thatand have that ste to to do the right thing. Sure ure, epping back to beforebeing better is an active process. It's not something that will happenimmediately: Yeah Yeah and that actually hearkens back to this storythat my dad, always I e told us growing up, and he said he was talking to Umyeah, a friend of his who was a minority and she said to him. You knowhe was asking like well how how do I handle kind of like just like racerelations, and how can I be a better ally? And how can I you know? Do thesethings to better the minority communities that I'm in and she's like?Well, have you ever, you know, have you ever told a racistjoke and he said: Well, no I've never told Te Racist Joke and then she askedthem well, have you laughed at a racist joke and I think that goes back to youknow what you're saying like just the way that you are Um. Ythe way that you act in the small willdictate the way that you act in the big, and so you know sure he may have never toldthe racist joke, but he may have laughed at one, and that is still I ekind of perpetuating this systemally exactly thop. So and that's not to saylike we're all going to screw up. You know we're all going to do these thingsat times like. I think there is a lot...

...of room for grace in these situationsUm, but if we can speak to anything, it'sjust a continual process of progress and renewal and and pushing forward absolutely so margely. I think this is what we. Thisis what we want to be the vocal point of this episode. We do want to talkabout a couple or oter more pokmon aasent things Um, but if you thank any anything away fromthis episode, it's that Tatin stands with the womenwho have come forward with their experiences and we hope to not only Y K,ow, listen, listen to your stories and and take that into actionable tasks,but also to Um continually improve our community and- and we hope that all of you, ourlisteners, well we'll take those same steps. Absolutely looking at the other going on at the moment. I think thebiggest main event is the players Cuppe se finalized at long last. Yes, sowe're looking at the top two hundred players from Na have been decided, and, ultimately, I think the Players Cup wassurprisingly easy to qualify, for. I think we always overestimate theamount of competitive players that there are yeah well, you know and it's a littlemore nebulous in online space Yuh, and I have some theories as to whathappened exactly M, but I remember distinctly early on. Iwas talking with my friends on discord. Oh you ere playing just some othervideo games and our friend Brady bottner. He was sayingyou know if you don't have like six to eight hundred tickets, it's not evenworth trying and I'm like wow, so I hav like five hundred. Should I should Ibother thand. Then then you look at the final. I think you we were talkingbefore I. I don't have the sheet to open right now, but you said it wassummer in the ballpark of like eighty, a turn that's reght are and so it' youknow t you could get that in ten tournaments right right, Kno like itdidn't, ended up not taking a ton, but I mean you think back you know a monthago, and a lot of players were just really sour.I think just generally speaking the community as a whole. You know thereare certainly a lot of people that, like grinded their way in and did a lotof hard work to get there, but the community as a whole was alittle bit disappointed at the way that it was brought to us. There just couldhave been some very obvious. Tweiks to make it that much more accessible, but at the end of the day I think thathurt a lot of players, because there were a lot of voices kind of coming inand saying hey this, you know maybe could have been changed. There are alot of things that could be done like we don't want to participate in in. Ifthis is going to be the system and then it ended up not really being a big dealpartially, I think, due to you know an US included right. We were kind of Hragging on the system, but it ended up not being a big deal to have the amountof tickets that we thought you were going to need. Just for a number ofreasons like the community just was sour on it and maybe didn't participateas kind of a a virtue right. They didn't want to seethis kind of pay to play type system that was advocated for and some peoplejust were like hey, I'm not going to even bother with it, because it seemslike it's going to be too much work, and then we had a little bit of fiascowith the whole tournament rap being reported, and I think that for me waslike a really big annoyance if I couldn't even calculate like halfwaythrough what the end was supposed to look likeyou know, if I'm knowing halfway...

...through okay, I can caculate O. I needto do this this this, but it was impossible to know that halfway throughbecause the rap wasn't up dating correctly, so there a e a number offactors going in in N. I think it's very interesting to talk about yeah. II think I agree with a lot of those factors that you stated people seem toturn off and I think part of that was you know we're talking about neeningeight hundred tickets people are like. Oh, I only have two hundred. What am Isupposed to do? I can't do this thing, so why bother and so yea like that,just didn't even bother, and then he had other people who wereactively taking a stand and saying you know I don't like Thi Cystom. I don'twant to be a part of it or support it in any way Um, and so they opted forlike the opposite route, where, instead of us being demotivated, they wereincredibly motivated, but their motivation was to not yr, and then youhad like another school of people who just weren't interested and never wouldhave been in the first place. Sure I think I think you caught out some good pointsas well like the leader board, was a huge flaw and the fact that you couldn'act accurately track where you were I' down close to close to the end whenthey started doing that daily pdf or whatever yeah yeah up until then. Therewas really no way that you were supposed to know. U because it was justso inaccurately reported, so I think moving forward, but even before youmake any structural changes like if you were going to do this exact sein thingagain. The number one priority in my mind is getting an accurate leaderboard yeah and a dynamic one when t updates frequently- and maybe that'sand even better, it would be if it was in the client iright right yeah. YouClick on the TAB and it brings your rank up or something and like at yourpeers, a just opdat in real time like if it lived there in the client.Instead of I I'm pretty sure what it's doing is it's using an API to just pullcontinuously on like an inteval tem from the client, instead of just beingin there. I think if it was just built into the client and then the justactually pulled the data. That would probably be better, but I don't I don'tknow actually how it slike structured, but that'yeah yeah. So I mean longstorysort like in my Istimation, like the players' Cup worked, but I think like it worked in the sensethat the people that wanted to get in, I think largely got in, but I stilldon't think that that's indicative of a good system right yeah, and so I knowultimately before we get to say it worke we have to. We have to look atthe final tournament as well. You know this isn't yeet like there's stillrthat'. That's true, that's true! So I'm cu, I'm very curious to see youknow even outside, like a medagain standpoint like how people approachthis and what exactly they want to do. Yeah, I think, moving forward. Pok Amanwill likely not repeat all of the mistakes. Knowing Foamon they'll find anew mistake to make. Instead, like they'l, they'll fix a lot of 'emand then they'll make a different mistake. Yeah yeah well again, there'sthis series of continual progress right and Hoon is a big fan of that ideology,very small incremental, and so I I don't think they'll make all of thesame mistakes again if they were to do. If this everhappens any canacity again I mean it should man, I think online play isgoing to be the future yeah for at least the remainder this year, and Ithink for Card Games, especially like onlie play in general. Is the future Um we're at least having the option? Noarline Gamewell into the structure of like an online game it. It seems absurdnot to right not to build on that right. So so I I don't know, I I think ultimately,like the playerscoup was a good intentioned idea. I think they triedtowards the end to improve on the...

...execution of it, but I think by thatpoint the damage was done, and so maybe not maybe not a perfect go around thistime. I hope they try something like this again and you know refine thatprocess more and yeah yeah yeah. I mean wha, we'll see again H, there's thereis this whole secondary tournament based on the qualification. So like M,I think there's an opportunity for this. You know second tournament to go verysmoothly, people to be generally happy with how it went and that, while, even though thequalification was you know had mixed feelings about it, I think like sill,there is still hope for this turn of it to be a general like positive for thecommunity. I think that's like we're happy that pokman tried something, andmaybe it wasn't the way that we wanted them to, try it but um. They did something and were hopingagain that they at least Iam like hoping that they build on it, hopingthat they do it again and figuring out what they did wrong or maybe what theplayers would prefer and then doing it a little bit better or the way morethat the players would prefer yeah. Well, I think, as a hold ob, wecan appreciate that they try to do something. If you're bumbed 'cause, youcouldn't make it in a TCG players. SCOP, you can certainly sign up for the thepokan one. Try Your hand there. There you go. That's that's own! You can dusenter t it's just likea double N. I yeah. As far as I know, it's just free to play, which I meangot to say you can probably make you probably makea couple of rounds if youre decent pfokto be hoest yeah there you go here,Youoso we're excited to see whar. It goes oing forward, though, absolutelyand again we don't want to take away too much on the pokapoint n thes Eisode,but there is one other thing that we wanted to touch on: Yeah, I'm sureyou've heard about it aton, but the trainers toolkit we've actually talkedabout this before. But personally I didn't understand, Ithink the full scopethe value of that box andtilgw- and I were talking aboutit before this forecast- Yeahi Soain, I mean okay. So we talk about all thethings that Pokemi did wrong, but this is like a slam dog. This product isabsolutely one of the best things that I have ever seen in the ten years thatI play this game. This is just so exciting. I IIE Sal, I salivate at thethought of what it would have done to competitive play if we did have inperson tournaments, because I think that this is just a fantastic productand one of the things that make me think that besides the dedenes besidesthe supporters- and you know just the insane value from the physical cardsthat you get, it also comes with these um two little pamphlets and they don'tseem like a ton. But here is the POGMAN trading card game rules, and these are.This is like some of the most thorough rules that I've ever seen. I thinksometimes I've looked at some of the UM. I've looked at some of the rules in the theme Dek and they miss a fewthings D and they're not as in depth- and this is just it goes over deckbuilding at the end like it's just so thorough, and then they give you thistrainer tool kit deckbuilder's guide, which is, in my opinion, one of themost underrated parts of this whole, a product because you just I've, neverseen something like this from Pokomon, where they take something. And it'sbrilliant marketing by the way. If anyone from Pogman is listening, theygive you, you know: Hey, buy this picache and Zecrom League battledeck,and then Oh, you have the trainer toolkit. How do you you know Soop it upto make it even better, like that's just brilliant- and I am such a hugefan and it's just so good for Pokman to print these products that cost them.You know very little, but that everyone is goingcrazy over and then mash them together and what good value I just I'm soimpressed when they bring out something... this and they're talking aboutconsistency. You know they. I think consistency is used in this booklet andit's just an amazing tool for a newer player, and I am stoked, for you knowthe future of whoever makes these decisions apokaman. I'm just reallyexcited, for you know more products like these to come out. Yeah they'vereally really knocked it out of the park with their last couple of products. I've always said that I think pocomonis the most accessible of all of the major trading card games to like buyinto just 'cause. The cards are generally cheaper but being able tohave products like this that, basically, you can immediately inject yourselfinto the game M, especially when I was newer trading card games like buyingsingle cars, always kind of an uncomfortable process. For me, if Ididn't have like a local store, ying online was really intimidating to meyeah and I think too, yeah a buying. The line is intiminating and then alsojust like you're new to the hobbies. So you don't know how much you want tosink into it. You know somebody says you know. Oh ATP is the best deck, andso you go out and you buy, you know two or three hundred dollars worth of ADPand then the next set comes out and like that that deck is obsolete or oryou know, there's maybe another deck that you want to try and then your youknow two or three hundred dollars into that new deck. And then you know 'cause,it's this kind of cycling thing pogaman having this come out is is just insanebecause it's a tierone deck. It's been in the format for a long time and yeah,like you said, someone can just come in, buy a trainer, stool kit buy aPeekichuan, Zecround battledeck and basically have all the tools that theyneed to have that your one deck, and that is just out of this world, for youknow less than sixty bucks. You could go to a tournament and have a realisticshot of like winning. The thing like that is unbelievable yeah. It's notit's supercool and it's a really creative way as well to bring over someof those alternative arts also making it like a competitive product thatpeople would buy into and have interest in. So Ye can't can't give enoughphrase for for the tool kit and the battledecks they've done recently M.Pok. Bon clearly has his finger on the pulse at least marketing wise t, th,competio, comput, so jeff super exagl and I did see a comit,an chat asking about what are our thoughts on the world's Info. So Ithink we can talk to it a little bit. There's not there's only so much infofor us to speak on right now, but for those who are uninformed. U, the the next kind of qualification forworlds has been somewhat announced, all their siltles ome missing details, buthere's kind of the system in review, so worlds now will be a four day system inthe past it's been three days, and so the reason for that is because thepoints from this past year are going to also factor into twenty twenty oneworlds. So the way they're dealing with that isthat they're going to have two tiers of qualification- and I guess top sixteenas well so you're going to have the first year, which is going to be thequalification from this past year's world. So five hundred points, and onceyou have that, then you qualify for Thursday and then Thursday you have toplay through the grinder, just like you would on Friday and previous worlds toplay on Friday. Friday will also be a grinder, but it'll require more pointsto qualify, for we don't know how many points, but it's going to be somearbitrary number that is more than five hundred, but probably less than fifteenhundred right, presumably Maye. Maybe it is iftenNRBUT I I guess it'll be approximatelike themash up of the two world qualifications, but I that number is likely TVD becausethey don't know when they want to start tournaments surem. That's my assumption at least so... yeah, those first two qualifications.You have like Dais Ero. I guess, if you want to go off the day on intwo systemfrom passworlds, is like a days zero day, one day too, almost yeh m. So I I think that's a pretty cool wayto go about it. It's a I'm curious like what that bonus pointsis going to be like how many more you'll need, especially consideringlike I don't think for the at least the remainder ofTwenta. Twenty, it's going to be viable to have tournaments in the UnitedStates. I think in other countries, much more likely. The United States hashad a pretty lackluster response to the Corona Iris and the places that haveopened have done so preemptively and what ultimay has happened is the Unitedmad met very worse and we're going on this kind of seasaw, rinting, Oup andthen closing down, and then it will feel good anoe month and then we'llopen up and close back down right. So, instead of actually letting the firstwave and like people are calling this, the second wave in the United Stateswe're still on the first way in the United State's Lake Virsty, it Haesnanended you kN W it. Never it ever dropped, never really dry. It lifedropped a little bit and then us went right back up and is still growingexcedentially. So Um. You know you can listen back to ourepisodes from March and February to see our thoughts on the Carona Viris, but you ow stay safe and healthy. With theregards to con Nineteen weare a mask, if you're going outdoors, if it doesn'thave to be you N W for yourself. In fact, the mask actually does less toprotect you, statistically than it does to protect others, and the only way to to appropriatelyrespond to a pandemic is to assume that you're a carrier at all times and actlike it, and that means very mask and U Iand not going to enclose spaces notgoing to large gatherings. You know, I know it's unfortunate andit sucks, but we're all dealing with it together,and so we can all complain about Howit ansucks together instead of- and I think we have right to complainabout how much it sucks you know, a lot of people are, you know. MaybeI've had family members or people that they know that have had the disease,and maybe some people are, you know, laid off from their job and Um. You know having having financialtroubles because of the disease and like yeah. This is the Sorri is like aterrible like it's a huge regression of like all theprogress that has been made over the last. You know ten or fifteen years andth and the job market and the economy, and it sucks you know, and it sucksthinlike, especially if you've had somebody that you know my die, that sucks evenmore like no amount of money can you'll make Meu feel better about that. But it's it's something Yese we cancommiserate together, but just do your parts can't ge that enough, like please,please Hen I really want to day as well like and wh, if you're young you'restill vulnerable, like there are still young people who are passing away andeven beyond that there are lots of young people survive, andthat's we n we've known that for a long time. But what we're seeing now nowthat we're further along is that a lot of these people are having long term damage may not permanent, butcertainly something I thoughhave to deal with for the forseeable future,with with long damage and kidney damage. So like this, isn't something that youshould really be taking lightly. Even if you are in a younger age group Um,so do your pirately. Even if you end up perfectly fine like that person who youdidn't, wear a mask and you're you breathed in their direction and theygot it. You know that's ultimalint's, on your hands for not taking the rightsteps, and so really think about that. I think aboutyour fellow man. I think if there's one theme h this episode, it's empathy and so wer mask be good to people. Do theright things and play Pobo. Absolutely.

I don't think there's a better way thatwe could wrap up than in a dosh like that. So thank you all for listening. Do Yourbest o Begoo people out there. We know our listeners are really strongcommunity and really good base, and we have nothing but astone expectationsfor Yall absolutely than you. As for listeningthis week, it's been a great episode and I'll catch you on the next one byRon.

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