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Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 3, Episode 46 · 3 months ago

3-46. Challenging Gym Leaders


Standard format and the Gym Leader Challenge are discussed in this solo JW episode.

And welcome back to tag team, everyone,the foam on trading card games, premier podcasting duo well normally were a dol,but tonight it's just going to be me, j, w talking to you over the inner webs form.Oh the next thirty to forty minutes so buckle up. We got a lot of things totalk about most notably my day today. Thank you so much forasking. I was a beautiful day. We had a friend over for a little dinner. Hadsome nice pasta which we baked in the oven got a little bit of of bread that webought for a dollar nineteen at the local kroger grocery store that onedidn't quite turn out so hot. I put that in the oven, as well with somebutter and some garlic salt. I ended up burning that worse than idon't know me on a eighth grade, camping trip. I did not do well withthe son when i was a young one. Now i get a nice coloration on my face and myback doesn't peel. If i take my shirt off anyway, maybe t mi, but it was nice.We just bought a new table for the dining room and we're trying it out. Big wood table can see twelve people,it's the perfect, like cube table, can fit five matches easily all the waydown. It's what you want and it's kind ofwhat you need as a cg content creator an i know what you're thinking table top on the stream sometimes soonpossibly, i did just move a table into my office, i'm looking at it right now.It was our old dining room table, but we got this like just massive diningroom. We needed a bigger table, so i moved to that table up here. I thinkthere's going to be a room. I just need to find another chair to put on theother side going to need to get an overhead camera. There's somepossibility of table top heading over to the flex. Daddy righteous channel that'll be super fun, don't get yourhopes up, because i always do projects. You know me, i'm just a project guy ami,i'm a project accumulator. I got like ten boards of wood down inmy basement. That's supposed to be a back splash for our bedroom. You know we got. We got cock down there,that's supposed to go in the bathroom, i'm just a collector of projects, andthat is one that is on the horizon. I'll need to. I think i talk to andrew,probably about some lighting and overhead stuff, obviously get thecamera dropping down and do all that. But anyway we got some stuff to talk about threetears to today's podcast. We got the tg standard format little bit of a deadformat granted, but we should still talk about it,we're getting close to the end of the season guys. This will be the end ofour fourth season. Casting here on the tag team, pokemon podcast, whichis crazy. The longest running, pokemon t cg podcast were very excited.Thank you guys, all so much for the recent support it's been noticed. Ithas been noticed so we're going to talk about the standard form out here, we'regoing to do our card of the day and then we're going to talk a littlebit about the gim leader, challenge format and post rotation tournamentsthat are coming up with full grip game. So getting it started off. Let's justtake a meander through, what's going on right now in the standard format, thereseem to be four decks that are rising... the top, the cream of the crop as it were, yougo to any major tournament. I consider a major tournament these days to be anytournament with over a hundred people, we've seen a little bit of a decline inparticipation with these tournaments. I don't know what's to blame for that,maybe again kind of dead format. Maybe people are going more to their localleagues and in person tournaments and events and they're, just not enoughtime for these online tournaments. Whatever the case may be, numbers aredipping, so where's the sunday open might havein the past got you know two hundred two hundred fifty people, l it's alittle bit paired back saying with the chilled tg tournaments same with. Youknow the hagters tournaments they're all kind of dipping a little bit, but man. I hopethey continue into the next format. That'd be great to have kind of thisdual online in person. All that kind of stuff would be great to have. But anyway, looking at the sunday openfinishes, looking at the chills, tc g finishes, there are four decks thatreally rise to the top and those four decks are at p, birds,saturnites, his rider and shadow rider, now ice, rider and shadow writer. I meanthat seems certainly self explanatory. With shadow rider. You got just one ofthe most busted cards ever printed. You know we keep saying it on the downthe channel, but if i were to go to a tournament to morrow, i would handsdown play shadow writer and not even like think twice about it. The format is littered with dark decks and i wouldn't even think twice. I wouldn't even think twice you got things you can do you know.Marty is a great card. You can draw to marni better than any other deck. Unlimited damage potential with theshadow writer energy acceleration. You got a path ofa peak that you should be playing in high number. So there's a lot of ways.You can kind of cheese your way through any format through any manship, and i like it a lot you can play cake all right that l chore gettingthose one shots on the eternitas. You know your galerian bird, a maltres big deal, so you just haveanswers to pretty much. Everything dark is a kind of a bad weakness to have.But again, if you really want to be to turn it a roar, energy zapdos boom,you're good, like you, can tack the deck for anything you can also choose.We didn't even talk about how you can chase with either the trevena a dustnaor the gangaridae. So like it's got all the pieces. There's no reason on my mind that this decusshouldn't be the most play decade, every single torment and it's been doing well, despite allthe dark hate, it's been doing well so shadow writer best deck in my mind and then what's the counter to that.What's the counter to shadow at er? Well, you have all these dark decks,kay hate pe birds, we're even seeing lis that are just completely foregoing zahi and we talked a lot about zation on theyou know on the cast a saying like sahan, you know i can one of thosecards you just look at is like this is a busted gard like cards shouldn't, bethis good generally, drawing attaching doing big damage right. These are allthe pros that i gave for shadow rider. Callere are here also for zahn, and yet in someof these apes ation lists, we are not seeing it. I believe that is a mistake or, ifthey're being played they're in like a very low count like a one... count. I don't quite agree, i think, to atleast seem so good. Certainly, i just can't see it cutting them all. I knowpeople do it. I just can't see that being be a what you want to do so a tp birds, one of those decks. Thatreally is, i mean it's good on a stone merit, but certainly you know if you'relooking into into a format that it can counter a bunch of the other big decksright community. It's the ultimate counter deck right now you got sahan if you're playing it hidden forweakness against ice tray, a very contended name for the ice writer, cally rix v mc deck.You got the galerian maltres, just bopping thecrap out of eternius. You got a dp to just lock up any of theone prize dex that you may face. It really does seem like hey. It haseverything going for it. Why wouldn't i play that? Tick can beat anything. Why? Wouldn't i playthat dick? Well, you sometimes do too much. Sometimes you can do too much. I thinkthat's kind of the victim t t that's what falls a victim to theapex. They can do a little too much. You gotfour different types of energy, you're, very reliant on that at least turn to atp gx attack, although not always not always, you can get away with thetanking with multis turn to for sure, especially if you're swinging intoweakness, but you just you're doing a lot you're really dependent on your dedans.I think that's another biga thing that we should mention right. Shadow riders again can really punishyou. Ice writers can really punish you if they play path of the peak you're, relying on those de denys you're, probably playing an elevatedcount of stadiums of verty and forest at of three or four. But there are times you can get stuck. The other main dark deck course is aturneis. I mean if you want to just shut your brain off play a ternates. I turned is good matchup in apis. Generally, i think if they can get a quick, you know knock out onthe ap. That could be really hard. You got the multis to get energy back.You can power up eternius, even if they wont shot you with with the multis, certainly possible, certainly what the deck now is aimed todo so a turn. It is really just that counterdick to you know again like we're talking aboutat p as a candidat to shatter it er same thing with the turns it turned to shut your brain off. Okay,let's talk about these decks. These fore decks in terms of the amount ofskill needed to play them: okay, atturning, the lowest right. So, ifyou're like hey, i want to play a tear one dick. I do not want to have tothink at turn. It is. I want to play a tear on deck. I wantto have to think a little bit, i would say a tp now there are a lot ofdecisions there now that there weren't before, but i still think that on thewhole, you know if you're looking for the weakness, you're playing all thesea taggers, you look for weakness. You want to get the gx attack off inninety percent of the games. There are games again, you don't want to do it.Ninety percent of the games, you do turn your brain off a little less shadow rider.

You got to know when to play path ofthe beak. You got to know what to attach energy to you got to know what to attack with atwhat time you got to know when is best to use that first attack on the alchemy, it's not as straightforward as i thinkpeople think and then, if you add in things like the aurora like we weretalking about earlier, the hilarious aptos, you know there's there's choices yougot to make here. Chrysale. Add that to the mix so galion lunal add that to the mix, something like you know: gen or man. I you add that to the mix alot of things going on in there that make piloting that deck a little harder in my opinion than p m,i'm open to being wrong on that one time open to some debate on that one.But what is enough for debate in my opinion is, is the most difficult ofthese top tier decks to play and that is going to be ice. Rider cataracts-and i think you know the standard way to play- is going to be with theitalian line. Certainly since no lines have done good work for the ice writerplayers, but i think the kind of accepted version is with the just ridiculous and tellingonline now what makes this the most hard toplay. Well, you have to choose what to get with the dress house right. Youhave to choose whether or not it's worth it for you to evolve all of yoursables all right, because you can get three sables down on the first turn. Do you go tresillo, get out anevolution incense to get out of jersel to get out an evolution in sense to getout of jezil to then get out and tell ions on your next turn. Maybe try tosnipe, maybe try to get a few more. You know items like two items right onthe next term. There's those choices, there's the choices of what supporterdo you want to take? You know you want to take research malady marnie boss. Do you need energy that turn? You need to search out a path to thepeak you trying to do the reset stamp path. Turn. You know you planning aheadto try to get your double items off the antilio like there are just somedecisions in this deck that are not as obviousthat i see too many people miss playing or may be playing just a little bit soof optimally. Maybe they'll play down and intelli before they need to right or they'll snipe, because you'reonly getting usually that one chilling rain and tellin right the put thedamage on the wrong thing, and that could be he that could be the end ofthe game. Right, like you, put the damage on the wrong thing with thatchilling rain and tillion top the snipe ability, and that could mean thedifference because you put it on the right thing. You know your golden puton the wrong thing. You know you don't have too many turns. Let snipe put thatthing, and then i see players doing weird things with energies likenot getting enough energy in play early enough, not meloni, when they shouldthere's just some decisions there. Now would i play and what i suggest ice rider caller x,m max. I would i wouldn't talked about it on the cast here. I'vetalked about it on the stream before how i originally didn't like the deck.I thought i was a little bit. I don't know one trick pony if you will pardonthe pun, but but now i'm seeing you know, i'mkind of seeing the light. I've seen the light of of just what it can do. Itpunishes your opponent for putting down pokemon, there's a lot of skill to grabbing outwhat you need when you need it.

Their skill to you know kind ofcontrolling the board in the way that that deck does do you want to discard all your energy.Do two fifty believe yourself in a very vulnerable spot, where you need melanieon the next ture now. Do you just hit for maybe notenough damage for a knockout, but maybe leave your board position in a littlebit better spot with ice writers? First attack ride ofthe hiking. I mean these are the decisions that you have to make to perform. Well with the deck- and these are decisions that noteverybody makes well so for me, ice rater, one of the best at least one of the most skill baseddecks in the format, certainly tear one option, for you got a few other decksthat you know you can cover like dark mocks. I guess the metues generally, wecan kind of lump them together right, dark, mocks, welder mutu grasp me to has beengetting a little bit of play recently. Things like this decent decks, find tex here too forsure it's just kind of funny how the how thetag teams have really just been pushed out here by the new forman. These new venas just doing the doing the thing man doing thething and doing it well doing big damage.Doing it early being consistent, me two struggles to do enough damage toknock out these remakes it just not a good time. So those are my four decks top. For imean that's! No doubt you go any content creator. Ithink we'll tell you that so for me, i'm playing shadow attidude. I justordered my my shadow riders. Five bucks. Apiece ordered my v max is at you know:fifteen get him now good enough, so that wraps up our tesso format have fun if you're stillplaying guys in this, you know quote unquote dead format. No world is hereno major tournaments to my knowledge in this format, of course, we're going to haveour weeklies online, but no, i don't know regional style. I thinkeverybody's kind of looking forward to the next forma. I think this formatshould get more credit than it has gotten. I feel like peoplehave been again like looking ahead a little bit too quickly, but that's okay,that's okay, format, good little filler forman until we get a volin skies thatobviously brings with it a host of new ideas, new decks and we'll be sure tocover those here on the channel, so cart of the day today. This is acard that it just i feel like. We all have these cards. That kind of stickout in our minds as being cards that have this nostalgic factor to them.They weren't particularly good, but i feel, like i had a ton of these particular card, for i don't know whatreason. Maybe they came in a theme deck and i like actually only bought two asa kid, or maybe i just ripped a bunch of packsand they happened to be the common that it came with. My part of the day for today is a card that actually features topokemon original tag team. Maybe my card of the day is chancy fromexpedition. The chance from expedition is kind of astory based card. Chancy is inside of a chest that i has like a little. Youknow switzerland, flag symbol. I mean... a medic symbol. Okay chancy isholding an egg appearing to be gifting their egg to an a pom. Now the thing about a palm is that heabounds crying okay on the ground, just sobbing and hasn't like some kind of patch some kind of stitching over its eye. I don't know i don't know, there's a whole back story here that idon't know. Maybe the a pom got bunked on the head. Maybe the a pom lost an eye ball. Maybe the a palm you know got hit by atruck. I couldn't tell you, but what we do know is that chance doesappear to be offering help to this apon. For some reason, i just this one sticksout to me. I then maybe it's the art style. You know just a very simple simplisticart style, something weirds happen, and i think i just never understood it as achild. A pom was kind of a cool pokemon. You know you chancy from base set waskind of cool. Just in this new format, all together really tells a story. It's card of the day, chancy from expedition number. Seventy two, so i wanted to talk last topic for today is is the gymleader challenge format. If you've been following the channel over the lastweek and a half since andrew mahon introduced this commander format essentially forpokemon, then you'll know that i have really beeninto the gym leader challenge. I think it's a fresh way to play, poke mon tgand i'm sure in you know, maybe a month or two. It will maybe get less fun right. It'll, maybe be less of well. Certainly it'll lose that kind ofthat luster right and lose the shininess of the format, but i think for now it's a welcomechange to how we play pokemon cards. It makes you think so for those of you guys that don'tknow what i'm talking about and that's maybe the sizable amount of people oryou know they might have just shut the cast off by now, i'm going to try tomake the gym leader challenge format as interesting as possible, like asinteresting as i can make it, because i find it very exciting and i could seehow somebody would think that this format is just kind of a throwaway. Itdoesn't really mean anything, there's no point to it and that's fair. I'vehad a few people on the stream that have been like this format you to you jt, but is moring a seck. Ido not believe so. I think it's, i think it's great, so the gim leader challenge format acouple of rules, monotype so let's say you're playing water. Youcan only play water pokemon. Only one of each card, so that extendsinto the pokemon, so you can only have one blast voice. For instance, there are multiple copies of last voice.You can only play one copy of blast toys, so they're all all the lines. Allthe evolutions are singleton, one squirrel, one more to or one blast is one charm ander, one charsa, one charm meli one of the items. One end one research, one evo incense, one of the special energy one splash one call well, i guess callis on legal one capture...

...but and then final final final rule, a no rule back pot. Well, i guess notfinal worl. Second, last roll, no rule box, pokmon, no prism stars, no, a speck, no breaks, no ex, no gx,no v max anything with additional prizes and and then the format extends back to the expandedquote, unquote block, so anything that would be legal forexpanded tournaments would also be legal for the gim leaderchallenge. I love this. This polls directly from magic and i'mactually surprised that we as pokemon players, haven't embraced this andthought of this sooner and i'll explain why, as a you know a video game watcher, i see video game players, the pokemonvideo game players that is flourish playing nuz locks. I see them flourishby adding random rules to their game, to make it harder to make it more difficult to win magic. Does this again, the commanderformat is essentially what we're looking at here in the gym laterchallenge. Essentially i mean it's not a one forone right: they have a bigger dex ize. I think it extends all the way to thebase set, and somebody can correct me on that one,but you know essentially a comparableformat. I think that's great. I think that there needs to be more formats and-and that's why i'm so excited about it is because this might flourish. We've seen a lotof people pick it up. Recently, then, am i flourish, and i do well- andi might encourage pokemon or just other players to be creative. Come up withnew things. Come up with new ways to play the game, and that's always good.That's always going to be a good, because the more you knowrepresentation for playing the game that we have the better right. We kindof ragged on it on tag team. When pokemon came out with that weird online,like mega pokemon battle- i don't know if you guys remember this, but thepremise was you could play with your friends against. You know like fourpeople against one boss, pokemon online and yeah like rain battles. It was kind ofweird kind of didn't really work all that well, but it was a step in theright direction. I think to just try to get people thinking in a new way againlike the more representation we have for that. The better now i mean samegoes for, like literal representation of like you know, minorities in the game or, like youknow, underrepresented people, groups right, like the more representationthat you have, the better it is going to be because itallows more people to get involved. So the more new ways that we have toplay the game, the more people will get involved andthat's a good thing that helps the game grow. If somebody comes in and says hey, i want to get into thegym leader challenge, because that's a format that i feel like i can actuallycompete. That's a format that i think i don't have to buy in real big too right.It's not a very expensive form, a guys you can get it for, like fifty buckslike a good deck, they're, all good decks. Frankly, they're all good decks, fifty bucks...

...or less all right. If somebody comes into thegym leader, channel form and they're. Like i love this, i'm hooked boomstandard for it timana format, regionals worlds. You know boometh y'rehooked. I think that's a great thing. So there is a tournament coming up for thegym leader challenge. There are some that i believe are being run on limitless so be on the lookout forthose i, but there is a full grip online series. Excuse me: a full gripsponsor tournament coming up in person, we're hoping that things are okay, pokemon released some guidelinesregarding coronaviruses. We hope that things are going to be. You know, okay enough, to hold thatevent. I will be there hopefully again, assuming that there's no, you know change in mask mandates or idon't know some unforeseen variant of the virus or or something you knowno more lockdowns. I will be there looking forward to it, but there is going to be a lot of moneyon the line for this. I think people are looking forward to that as kind ofa breakout for this format. Now there are a number of decks that i've beenplaying recently. I think, in terms of a tear list, i made a quick and dirtytear list now again the formats only what two weeks old, if that, but my tear list is as follows: i thinkthe top tier for the gim leader challenge format his grass and dark. Ithink those two occupy for me, the best ex of the format- and i cantalk a little bit more about why and just a second but tear list grass anddark, i think, are just a step above and we're again we're talking aboutlike degrees of separation, like i'm, not saying that nothing canever be dark in grass. That is absolutely not what i'm saying, but what i am saying is that those thosedecks have some inherent strengths that not a lot of the other decks have, and i get to those strength on just asecond ater water fire very standard. I think water is soclose to being est here. Fire very close as well good decks in their ownright, be ter. Fighting dragon color was steel. Again we're talking aboutgradient, we're talking o bell curve, so most of the decks are going to haveto fall on the be tier they're, all playable they're, all good. They couldall win bub, be ter, fighting dragon colorsteel. After for me, i hated lightning. It gets way better with laffy. I thinkthere's a new flaff that has the dynamotor ability allows to recycleelectric energy from your discord, pile on to a bench pokemon. I like that alot definitely need a definitely lessclunky than the magazine and then also in the lowest here, theferry hate to say it just not enough cardsfor a fairy to make it really stand out. I forgot onetyper psychic, i like psychic a lot but be here for me for that as well kind ofthat minter kind of that minter. So why do i think dark and grass are the bestdex? Well grass. I don't really know like if you have amuch better access to item mock lightning has that luxibus candisconnect, but the item locking of the bio plume is so strong and no otherdeck really has that one of the nice things about theexpanded format, one of the nice things...

...about the gim leader challenge formatas a access to all of these busted items. Nasma, you know ultra ball, evo in sense. Well, i guess that's astandard format, car too, but vsecelo. You know you got. He got you know thelist goes on and on as i struggle as i struggled the name cards, you gotthings like: dark patch, water, patch, scoob, up net, all the busted tools,air balloon, float, stone, muscle band, there's just a lot of things that go well in these decks right and are shutting those down from theyou know. Essentially you couldn't do it from the first turn right you get aforce of giant plants, vil plume comes up boom, you're good, and then you canbuild your deck to like take advantage of them item lock. She stude that'scombination for success and then think about how consistent you are with grass.You got consistent at an energy acceleration with the relume gotconsistent search with the grove, vial and the shenativ. That's a good deck man. It's a gooddeck los. You really take control of thegame. Early las just keep control of the game like somebody, a chat, a charem yeah. Absolutely i absolutely now for dark. The other deck i want tocover here don't want to go over everything. But again, just just what isee from my perspective. As being the kind of premier decks, i look at darkas one of those one of those decks thatjust has a lot of one energy attackers, which is great so underrated. I think in this format,is to have those one energy attackers, because you look at a lot of the otherdecks they need. You know to three to reallyget those big beefeaters going dark. Has that potential right? You got darkrye here with the darkness guard vortex ofdarkness, three energy. Sixty it's unlimited. You know sixty damage, plustwenty for each dark. An entry attach the spoke mat, so we can scale. If youneed it to how much you got a hoopah, you got wheesin glarin, wheezing, very strong card. You got spear tom, actually, justpotentially. In my opinion, one of the most bustard cards can be countered.Sure can be countered, of course, by being able to do one sixty potentially more for one energy. Areyou kidding me and then the final one prize or oneenergy, a tanker malama, my favorite? Okay, so malama from on broken bonds, has a hypnoticrain attack for one dark energy. Your opponent reveals their hand. Youmay discard a pokemon. You find there and use one of that pokemon non gxattacks as this attack. This is quite strong. Why well, not only can you possibly do heavy damage for essentially free right. You just got topay the attack cost of the hypnotic...

...rain, but not only can you do mastivedamage. You also discard a card from their hand, assuming they have apokemon, but that can be so crucial if they have a late stage. Evolution it'sreally hard to cycle through those it's really hard to get those back multipletimes sure they might be able to bring it back with like a rescue stretcher.But if you're able to discard an attacker if you're able to discard oneof their main support pokemon, it's very unlikely that they're going to getthat back and then, if they do again, you have an opportunity to knock thatout. It's very very hard to get it back a third time. Of course, you can play around thatright. Hypnotic rain looks at their hands, so your pone could, like ultrabother poke on a way but again you're putting that pressure. Just the threatof malama is very strong. It is very strong. Ilike it a lot it can whip sometimes for sure, but it can also be one of thebest cards in your deck. Other attackers that you have for dark,the god zorak both file play strong, strong, get the stand, ins or arch as well alsoa very strong attack that does damage based on your opponents, benchedpokemon, and then he had a bunch of disruption. So things like the loland mock, gray disruption, sharped, another niceattack or for you, greedy evolution, allows you to look at the top sic cardyour deck and attach any dark energy. You find there to it. Nice ability, nice attack that scalesand then you could play you know crowbait for some extra draw goal. Batallows you to draw a couple cards, a text for two crow, bad same thing, atext for two that's good stuff, and then you get anadditional muscle band muscle band, one of the best cards in the glor mat. You get dark cloth, which is the same for a dark deck. So i think dark is extremely underrated.You to big damage. You got some disruption, you got, you know darkpanch, that's energy! Acceleration! You got! You know a couple of stadiums thatare pretty good, alter the moon allows you retreat darkcity allows you to retreat. The bowered field allows you to do more damage. You got some dark specific supporters. She got an ano, got peers both good,both mary good. So i like the dark deck. I like thedark deck right now, think it's very strong, so we won't goover all of them. Those are just the two that i think kind of separatethemselves in my eyes and again i'm open to being wrong on that one. Butthose are the two in my us that separate themselves. We had a question on twitter. If youguys aren't following us on twitter at tag team, pokemon, david condries, are you doing a q na episode soon and ithink we will probably for the season finale? If so, i've got one, if not noworries. He says i'm new to the pt and notice the topic of stall play comingup lately he asks. Should i avoid tourneys,because my cautious approach, aka, slow math, will be flagged. This stalling thanks well david. They answer that question. I thinkthere's a difference between slow, math and stalling and i think it can be proven. Okay, notnot well, not necessarily proven, but... can be kind of it can be inferred shall we say because i'm a slow, math player myself.I have been bitten way too many times by just going all daniel to viathrowing my cards down, but i'm not as smart as danny, so i'll mess up themath and then i'll lose. You know in the topaid of a regional it it's a long story, maybe next podcast, because i didn't count. I didn't think of what i needed to do and it been me- and i have been bit toomany times that i am all about. You know, hey one extra check. I think iknow what i'm doing just. Let me make sure that there are no other effects onthe pokemon, no other stadiums that i need to be aware of no other benchpokemon that reduce damage or add damage or take away weakness or don't allow me to attack or any numberof effects that could occur in the pokemon game. But i think stalling really showsitself when you have a player that has obviousmoves. Obvious moves like we're talking. You know, quick balls that they're deciding toplay or not or or you know, one energy in hand with one pokemon on the field and they're trying to decide whether ornot to attach that energy. You know that there might be some thought behindthat in certain situation sure ninety five percent of the situations-probably not probably not. So i think, if you're trying to figureout hey, am i slow and am i going to get flagged like? Don't let that be ahindrance, because you know assuming that you're playing all the obviouscards the way that they're kind of intendedto be played. I would not worry stall players that stall we are able to. We are able to deducethat because they take their time on those very obvious place. So you know we have a timer in pokemon.Obviously you want to work towards being a little bit faster right. If youfeel like you're, a sill player, you want to work on those yeah. I think that i tell the peoplethat a coach you want to work on increasing theunderstanding of the game state. You want to work on increasing all of theyou know, knowledge of all the things that you can do in a turn, and i wouldrecommend, as i tell my clients right, just draw test hand map out everysingle thing you could do as quick as you can. That, for me, helped me understand,like here's everything i could do help me take a less time in the game, tryingto figure out what i could do. Help me shave a few seconds off. Myturns so babe a great question. If you guys have questions, feel free, we loveit either d ms on twitter, send us a message: hat tag: teampokemon. I can be found aunt real john walter.If you're listening to this cast, i have a new video up on youtube. Today: youtube s flex, daddy righteous talking about the future of the channel. You goals nice, a little surprise atthe end, so you like my content to out over there check it out, but that's going to do a force today.Hope you had...

...fantastic time listening! Thank you! Somuch for joining us tonight. It was great to walk through standardformat is great to walk through the gim leader challenge for mag, and i will bein akron at the end of next month. I hope to see u all there. For now, i'm j w on behalf of rileyhalbert and tag team, pokemon signing off have a great rest of your day.

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