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Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 3, Episode 20 · 1 year ago

3-20. Happy 25th!


The boys are back in town for Pokemons 25th anniversary! Come in for a fun episode with a slew of announcements!

Yo, what is up, guys? Welcome back to tag team, the POKEMON trading card games for mere podcasting Doo. My name is Riley Hulbert, joined as always by my good, good friend JW Curry, wall JW haws. It going today, Robley? It's going pretty well. Almost half well, more than halfway through my first week of code. I know you guys are getting tired of me talking about but almost through my first week. So it feels pretty good. Very Nice, very nice. You, Riley. What's what's new with you? Well, the project that I've been working on since April of last year is coming to fruition. It's going live at the end of next month. So a lot of preparation going into that as we approach like the final stages of that. But that's been like a tumultuous yet exciting time, you know. Obviously it's cool to see something like come to its end. Game of stressful at the same time, though. Yeah, there we are. Otherwise, I've been doing well. I've been doing well. Like I said last week, I've been trying to like sort of have a better mentality coming into two thousand and twenty one and kind of treat myself and my mental state a little bit better. I think I've I've been doing better at that just in last week at least. Say, you know, sure, how to recognize when things are fallen off shack and like resenter myself and you know, I think I'm cruising. Was Kind of cruising. Sure, sure, absolutely, that's great. Man. How's a has the coding been? You know, you talked about all the time, but are you feeling like you really getting into it? Well, today, I mean it's been a lot of review for me since I was working, you know, for that out the last like three months. Well, I no, no, that's generous. I would say like month and a half maybe getting ready for it. So a lot of this. I would expect the first week, hopefully the first two weeks, would be a lot of just review. Yeah, we've been doing a lot of you know, today was expressions and methods. Yeah, yeah, it's like okay, you know, and I kind of knew, you know, what's going on there. So it wasn't too bad. I mean it's a lot of we're doing some like word problems and stuff with if statements and so just try to figure out that. And Yeah, it's a lot of it's not necessarily hard. It's just work that is solidifying the concept. Yeah, I spent sure a good amount of time on it just because there were, you know, forty questions that we had to do tonight or so. It's like not necessarily hard and I know what's going on, but it's like takes a lot of time just because, you know, you know how that kind of stuff goes as yeah, for sure, word problems, you just got to kind of you know, you spend a minute trying to parse out the words and what it means and then you put it into the thing and then you forget a semicolon and then you go back and yeah, so, so, yeah, it's been it's been pretty good, very nice. I have have a question for you. Actually, how do you this is like not cutting late at all. This is hair related. So I was talking to my Mente at work today and I was kind of ranting like I feel like right now. My Hair, I think, looks fine right now, but my hair is kind of in that awkward phase where it's like not quite long enough but not short hair either. Yeah, how did you, in your like hair growth journey, get past that phase? It was pretty bad. That was a rough match, I because I knew I was going to go for a man but so I don't know if that's your plan, but I knew that I had to break through this kind of middle stage. So what I ended up doing for a while was just wearing a head band, yeah, I know, and looking like a Lacrosse kid in eighth grade. And Yeah, so I don't know. I mean I don't know how you're supposed to get through it. It's just like get a haircut scrub. Yeah, I don't know. I'm like, I don't know what I want to do with it either, which makes it harder. I'm thinking about going with like an undercut, you know, where you like the sides and back or super short, but then, I don't know,...

I don't know, maybe maybe it work. Yeah, I don't know. My hair's like really thick. I'm early to so it's just awkward to work with. Yeah, I always feel like that kind of haircut doesn't look the best on people with curly hair, just because it looks like you where you're wearing like a pad or a mop or something. I don't know, I agree. Maybe I don't know what to do, though. It's just it's awkward right now. It is really I mean it's always it's going to be awkward for everybody. Like nobody has a good period there or your share. For sure. It is what it is. And let's shift away from hair, though, and talk about some pokemon. So coming up here, believe it or not, tow two thousand and twenty one is the twenty five anniversary of Pokemon, not the trading card game, but pokemon in general. Yeah, that's pretty cool. You know. I remember, okay, a lot of the type around the, you know, twenty anniversary and it was it was pretty big. You know, it's pretty cool, but I don't know, twenty five is silver anniversary. You know, it's it is a little bit more prestigious, bigger, nicer number for a lot of people, and so you can expect big things and today was a big release for some of those big things. Yeah, a lot of cool stuff that they announced today. I also very distinctly remember the twenty anniversary. That's really when I started to get into the trading card game. was around then, and my friends and I were so excited to get all the twenty anniversary like merge in the generations packs and there's a there's a fun time, generations packs. Yeah, that that's amazing. Yeah, I distinctly remember not having enough money to purchase the things that I wanted to purchase from the twenty twenty anniversary. Yeah, I just didn't really get there was one Pikachu box collection. I don't know if you remember this, but it was like a silver ful art Pikachu was kind of the feature card of this collection and it came with some sleeves and a deck box and, I think some packs, but the big kind of feature again was this Pikachu and I remember just wanting that so bad and then just not you know, I mean I was in college, so just not really being able to justify spending the hundred or hundred fifty dollars. Was Secondary Market. So ended up not really getting a lot out of that twenty anniversary in terms of Merch but did get a lot of like booster packs, you know, did get a lot of evolutions ended up opening or selling, but some, some of the ore excusing generations. I got a lot, yeah, selling and stuff, but then kept some of the evolutions. Now for sure I I getting every single one of those, those pin collections for generations. I came with all the different mythic Pokemon, so like the MEU cell of either drachi. Yeah, I have all those pins still. Actually, they're all sweet. They're in a baggy on my shelf right now because they don't have a bulletin board to put them in. But okay, as soon as I do get a bullets in part. How much are they? The pins? Yeah, I'm just curious. I have no idea. I just think they're cool. Like are they okay, okay, I wasn't sure if they were had some kind of value. Now I do have. I think. The one thing I have, it's actually a value, is you remember they made plushes as well for all the mythics and they came in these like big, like square, last he kind of not really boxes, but kind of boxes. I guess I don't I can pick it out and show you for the listeners at home. They came in these like plastic, almost like build a bear looking kind of things, and it had the twenty anniversary logo on it and there's one for Pikachu. I think there might have been one for ev and there's one for all the twenty anniversaries. So I got...

...the Pikachu one. He's pretty cool, I think this is actually worth something now, okay, like especially when coming with the box thing. Sure, but you know that's permanent fixture in the Pikachu collection, obviously. Yeah, that's awesome, a twenty five anniversary. So did you walk us through what we're looking at in terms of the general announcements? And then we'll talk about pokemon cards after that. Sure. So the biggest announcement they just put out pokemon today put out a trailer with a Rube Goldberg machine where they had a poke ball that kind of traveled through the different areas of Pokemon. You know, hello in Canto Joe to. It's such tra the three that you know the top of your head. What's happen? The three that you know off top of your head? Yeah, well, like the only three that I actually played all the way through. I know, Nova and Gal are right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the ones with cards. So then it traveled, this poke about travels all the way through. It's great little I thought. I mean it was kind of it's kind of was cool because the production value wasn't like too high because it's a root Goldenburg machine. So there's like an inherent kind of playful toy esque atmosphere to it. Yeah, I thought just really I mean it just fits with pokemon because it's this fanciful kind of childlike thing, but also like sophisticated to the point that it's this I don't know, kind of machinery that has to go through these I don't know, I just thought the whole concept really worked well for what they were trying to do. Anyway, at the end of the trailer they have this kind of hint at a Katie Perry collaboration, which was probably the biggest news from today. Yeah, Katie Perry. It's it seems so random to me, but but it's cool. Don't get me wrong, it's really cool. I don't know that it's too random. You don't think that they would trying to bring on like a big star. I think just carried Katy Perry particular to seem random. I mean it seems I don't know why, it seems random, like she's probably one of the biggest least she's probably one of the biggest least controversial. Yeah, that's probably what it comes down to. She's like a very like non controversial. She's super cool, you know, at least she seems super cool and like my pair of social relationship. Yeah, yeah, now, I I'm not like I'm said about it. I don't think it was like a bad choice. It's just like I haven't thought about Katie Perry and like a long time. You know, Katie Perry is personally one of my favorite pop artists, so see that she is. I we don't really know what her relationship is. I think I was reading on twitter like she is our well, actually, I don't even know, based on the twitter post, now that I'm reremembering it, but it's it sounds like there might be at least one, you know, maybe multiple songs. If you hear at the end of the trailer she says like electric it's in its in a song form. So maybe there's going to be some kind of like elemental song or songs, you know, to kind of depict, you know, different typings of the POKEMON. You know, that could be something, but we don't quite noa to on. Obviously this trailer was just a just a taste, just to taste, but I'm into it man. I can't wait to see what happens. Yeah, I'm excited. I'm excited and I'm excited to hear the songs when they drop. Obviously. I also saw on tyler there's some picture of Katy Perry with some like super rare you could chew plushy, which was really interesting. I don't know they gave that to her, if that's something she just like gotten her own. Well, I have been really loving the branding surrounding everything. So one thing that you'll notice if you...

...look at all of the, you know, packaging on the products or at Katie Perry's kind of press release picture for Pokemon or I don't know, just just a lot of these, a lot of the brand of the subtle branding that they have is just Pikachu's tail in the background and it looks really, really clean. So the two biggest examples, I would say again are that background for Katie Perry and then they're also doing it on the POKEMON card sleeves. There's this kind of, you know, the zigzaggy tail of Pikachew and then there's also some sleeves that they're making with this exact tail. So I would expect that tail kind of to be this yeah, this subtle, not you know, continually over and over, which is really really cool in terms of branding for the twenty five anniversary and that makes me think they always they talked about and they have the nebulous day. They talked about like when you're designing a character, like a sign of a good character or a good brand is that it has a very recognizable silhouette. And, like you typically when you think of Pikachi, I think the thing that comes to mind is like the face right with around with the pointy years heading in like both directions. That's a very recognizable pokemon trope, right, and then the twenty anniversary we really into the face, like the generations ETB and the sleeves. I'll had the peak of choice faces, the logo, sure, but I feel like Pikachu as a whole has it like a super good silhouette, and the tail is definitely part of that. Like you can see Pinka Jus tail and you know that's peak choose tail. Yeah, so I think this is really cool that peak choose like such an iconic character that you can recognize it in so many different ways. That's definitely true. Definitely true. No different cool. I definitely agree with you. The branding super awesome. I always love them. POKEMON goes all out on these kinds of things. I think it's really fun. Yeah, yeah, I I mean, you know, they have the brand to do it like they just they they pretty much don't miss when they make stuff like this, and this another great example, another thing that to keep an eye out for if you're into kind of yeah, all this smirch and stuff. I just saw that they're doing another print line of bear Walker, now that we're talking about Pikachu stuff, but they're dropping some more scape. Did see that as well. That email that the nineteen of this month. So like that's cool. I just yeah, it's going to be interesting because I have to feel like there's going to just be way more stuff that's going to come out this year. You know, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Yeah, I think February is going to be a key Mon because I'm pretty sure February is like the actual anniversary month, isn't it? Okay, it could be. That sounds about right. I think that's when. Are you saying when it dropped in Japan? Yeah, I'm pretty sure the first games were released in February. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what they use as the metric for the anniversary. Yeah, the cool yeah, beyond the lookout I'm excited to see what comes with this and and where the game is headed and where the brand as a whole is is planning to take this. So yeah, I'm going to be a look at for more news because I'm always excited to pick up a new pokemon swag. So, Riley, if there's I was just going to ask you, Riley, if there's one piece of Merch that you are like, I have to get this. What would it be, or what would you I mean, obviously we don't have the whole, you know, kind of merged lineup, but, like you know, assuming that they're going to make you know, pretty much anything that you could want. What's one piece of Merch that you absolutely have to pick up? Well, I'm always a big fan of the pelashes, of course. Yeah, that's like an obvious cake is. I'm a big fan of plush, especially Pikachu, and obviously peach. You of one happens to drop outside of plush. One thing, one thing I've been really into recently, is like your next sweatshirts. So if they have like a... sweater or sweatshirt or a Hoodie, just like, I'd really awesome branding eye look super cool. I would love to have something like that. Or another thing I really like is things that kind of home to Correy, kind of things that just like fit into the home. Okay, so, you know, and it can be something as simple as like Mug or something as complex as like they did like silverware recently. All that kind of stuff I think is really interesting and it's it's a pretty cool way to like I always like stuff that's kind of like subtle. You know, yeah, but when you have like silverware that you know might have like the Pika juice tail graved into it or something, that's really cool to be yeah, yeah, we're it's not it's not hitting over the face, but it's like if you know what you're looking for, yeah, it's cool as you have something in mine. When you ask that, is there something I like really tickles your fancy, I just want to make sure that I get the the box thing. I mean we're talking about that that twenty anniversary Pika Choose Silver Pika Chew and I just I don't know that I it's like a big regret of mine, but like it's certainly something that I wish I had. So I want to make sure that I get something specifically branded with the twenty five anniversary and if they're going to do some kind of collection and Pokemon card box that I want to make sure I grab that. Yeah, that makes sense to me. I'll probably get whatever comes out to I'm such a Sucker, like they really school the man addition stuff and I'm yeah, I'm just did H. Yeah, for sure, that's hot. Is that's let's talk about some other other news in the pokemon world. So there's plenty of cards that have been kind of announced here as we've progressed through the reveals of the battle styles cards. JW, do you have any of the releases from the last week or so? They're like really stuck out to you? Well, we were talking before the cast and I feel like sometimes we have some of our better discussions before the cast. But there's the camping gear that just got released today, an or beetle from you know, presumably that it will be released. Excuse me, that will be released in our single strike rapid strike set. But the the camping gear, if you haven't seen it, search your deck for a card and put it in your hand, then shuffle your deck and if you play this card, your turn end. So that's kind of the caveat. You could search out for anything, but if you play your turn in so it's very similar to something like Stevens resolve that has seen, you know, limited play, but certainly has seen play in the past and the right decks, with kind of the difference being, you know, you only search out one card, but you could play your supporter for the term, you can research and camping gear. All right there. You know, they are pros and cons and I was kind of thinking that this deck or this card would be maybe a little bit better than what you were thinking, and I think you've ought up some really good thoughts where, you know, maybe in a stall type deck where Steven's resolve was normally played, you would just rather have this option because you could just draw, you know, kind of or and more cards, and it's more searchable than a camping gear. Right, you can search for a for Asashin way easier than you can a camping gear on the first turn and you know, just maybe some other some other reasons to play, to play something like Asaphen, you know, just in general, over a camping gear where there would just be more draw as supposed to searching for one specific card. And then the or beetle is also very interesting because we've seen this ability in the past see limited again, limited success and very like specific decks. But the orbital having the EVO control for each energy attached to the Pokemon, you may search your deck for a stage to excluding other orbitle and put it on your bench. So we've seen this with crate dilly in expanded and I I want to make sure that I'm that I'm speaking correctly, but the Craig Delly didn't have a grass cost. Yeah, the cost...

...of one grass. So one of the biggest differences between craydilly and the orbitle is the attack cost. So the CRAYDILLY that grass type costing that grass type, costing that grass attack cost, whereas the war beetle can be powered up with, you know, twin or double colorless or triple acceleration energy and just as a lot easier of an attack or in terms of that attack cost to get going. Yeah, the the orbile actually actually does kind of interest me. Yeah, I'm trying to even kind of rack my brain and this is something I didn't really think about, you know, as we've gone through the sets until now. Is like what kind of combinations of Stage two's are potentially good. I think the key that that makes or beetle, or what will make or beetle or break or beetle, is whether or not there is a combo of Stage two's that is particularly good. Yeah, so you know, JW, you brought up like bringing up both colossals. I think there's an argument to be made that that's still like a decent use of it. The one colossal, obviously accelerating, seen in the Santaconda deck, the other one doing ninety damage on a coin flip for each energy attached to it, you know, kind of a meme coin flip, you kind of deck. I think there is still value in like getting multiple the same stage too, because it is hard to get multiple the same stage to have in play at once. I think the real value, where the money really is if there's like some kind of separate evolution line stage two that can be played together to like some great effect. And be honest, I think pokemons kind of been meeting with their stage two's. It feels like they're not that good. But if there is somewhere combo that there has never been that stage two that you're talking about where it's like, man, if only I could get this guy out. You know, it hasn't really been like that. I mean you maybe could make a case for something like something like poor Egon, you know, kind of cool. We've gotten a lot of really interesting and unique special energy cards recently. Yeah, you know, that's not something that I'm particularly like, like, that's not something. That's not a card that I look at and say, Oh now, craiydilly like opens that up. You know, now we finally can make our POORI gun deck right. And and the thing is, like the polygon, usually you're just trying to play it with a stage one or something simpler anyway, whereas I feel like you need to pair it with another stage too, like really get the value. And I can't think of Stage two off to my head. That like really needs that acceleration. Sure, sure, I don't know if you have one in mind. I can't think of one. Yeah, I mean expanded is probably where this or beetle is going to see the most play. You know, you just look at well Craydilli was played and expanded, and so or beetles. Seems like it has certain certain disadvantages in the sense that createdly was a stage one, so you could play it with the Ditto prism, but certain advantages in the sense that, you know, all the things that we had kind of talked about previously with the attack cost and being able to get out multiple stage two's much more easily. And so you know, you're probably looking at or beetles being something that could potentially work and expanded and just obviously the way Widdn't card pool gives you way more options for those broken combos like you're talking about. And of course, like it's still it's something that opens the door right, like it's now worth looking at the stage two's that have come out recently and thinking about them. And it's one of those things where it's like, you know, and it might not even be good for the next six months, but in a year when we have, you know, our full kind of bird, I guess in six months when we have kind of our full set block, right, like maybe there's something more to come out in the set after Singal and rapid strike that maybactually scorbutal better. So you know, it makes you think about the stage two's, at least, as I feel... easy to write stage he's off. Yeah, it's definitely a shame. It's definitely a shame that that's the case. It is, it is. Of course, there are more cards that have been revealed recently. We have a slew of these and v Max has I don't think really any of them. It out too much to me. I don't know if you had one in mind. They're you know, the cricket tune is good. I always like when they print those consistency abilities. So that will be very fun, I think, and just a nice little addition to a lot of decks. Yeah, I like it's a cricket tune. I say this time and time again. I like when the Weirder Pokemon that don't always get a lot of attention get a cool card like the perfect, I mean avenue for them to get a card right just like that. Goodness we don't have another Arangu row right like this could easily have been in our anger, but there they decided cricket tune. It was the ones. Yeah, I like that. That's great. I do agree. I do agree. I think every pokemon like that's one of the cool things about the trading card game is that it does feel like they they don't try to milk too hard. They're there kind of corner stones, yeah, the game in terms of what decks are good and so, yeah, it's cool. Yeah, definitely seeing something like a Cricketun pop up as being a potential, you know, on to include in a number of decks is is really interesting. You also look at things like experience share escape rope. Escape Rope is definitely big to have back, yeah, because we silent and you p there sided about. So it makes me think. I mean maybe my big my big kind of investment right now is ultra ball, cigaretta ultra ball. So I'm kind of hoping that they kind of follow this demo reprints and bring us ultra ball back. There you go, there you go. That's a house taking a chance. I like it. You gotta, you gotta. I mean it is really interesting you see these reprints come back and you know, experience share something that we've seen in the past. Escape Rope is something that's generally been in the game. You know, we look at war point and then now they've kind of modified it into escape rope, and so, Um, yeah, you know, it'd be smart in those investments and take a look at what's kind of been in the format and maybe hasn't for a while and you think might come back, because they do try to reuse these kinds of concepts. So I actually have two like to other, like kind of sideish thoughts. They're not like super developed on some of like the V's and v Max is the mimic it's. I think it's pretty bad as it stands right now. The NM QV there for context if you're not aware. It has the attack envying eyes for one psychic pick three damage counters your opponents active pokemon for each price card your ponent is taken. So I mean you're looking at up to one hundred and fifty damage for one energy, which is kind of cool but not really you right home about what it's ability is really interesting to me. So you play this ability when Minique goes under the bench and then, until the end of your opponent's next turn, front all damage under this Pokemon by attacks from your Pons Pokemon. I feel like if Mimi Qu had a vmax is like the perfect ability. Obviously just set that up. So it's something to worth keeping in the back of your head. Like one the tack is like decent and so like you could theoretically tack it into something too. You know, there I feel like there is some potential. They're especially if there is a v Max that comes out, and even I mean it could be like an interesting combat card as well, like stamp your opponent to one, put five, five times that. Three damage counters and they keep the mimic you like. Theoretically can't be damage there. I think they may. You Card is actually decent, especially if the get of emax and Tapu Coco v Mac actually also kind of interest me. The attack isn't that great, for it does want toy damage and if you're behind them prizes, you paralyze your opponent. But have a cocoa V has kind of been like an on again, off again thing.

And Pete Ram. So theoretically like this could be like an evolution option. It does one hundred and eighty, which is beyond the typical cap that you can do for three energy, and P Kuram so right. I don't think it's like an obvious auto include, but I could get making its way as attack or people trying it out. Yeah, sure, and that that auto paralysis is something that, you know, Pe Kurram is really leveraged well in the path. Yeah, that was kind of my thought is you could, you know it, and it's a good thing like that. Is a little bit easier, more sustainable to get up with a ride shoe, ride shoe, but at the same time you know that one turn of paralysis can really swing games and if you're behind, certainly is going to help you out a lot. And well, part of my thought was against like v Max decks. A right shoe doesn't always do hit Ko them and sure be or I choose a little bit squishier, though. You know good use cases would be like in the scent he scorch and the turnity this matchup. You know typically in a turn of this, what you're going to try and do is you're going to try and paralyze the eternity this, example in a one, paralyze the attorney this and try to go from there. But that's like not even a two at Ko unless you gx attack them for extra damage. Sure, or you have a bolt on on the bench, but that's not always possible. Will like you. Sometimes you just don't have that energy or type. Googley Max can just like swing. The attorneys can't Ko you back. So they have to have a ghost and a switch and you can do it Kaoh them. I feel like there is something there it. Maybe it's not good, but I think there is something. Sure, there's something lurkin, there's something Larkin. That's all I'm saying. Well, good stuff. That's a that's a really good kind of overview. I mean surely there are other cards that we haven't talked about. The weepin Bell, you know, the course that we can get. You know we got we got more cards out there, the colossal, that kind of thing, but these are some of the more playable cards that you're going to see in the next set. Yeah, I mean, yeah, we could. We could touch on a lot of these. POKEMON are pretty cool, you know. They have like niche use cases or abilities. So we could spend forever like talking about the various situations or each of these cards to use, which is good. You know, it's better than like usual like filler kind of trash, or it has like no competitive value. Sure, absolutely, absolutely. So I think with that, let's move on to a different kind of card. What do you say, Riley? Let's do it our card to the day. So today, I we need to get a theme song for the card of the day. What's that? We need to get like a theme song for card of the day. Okay, yeah, imagine you saying that and then there's like a little jingle that happens there. What if? What if we hired a musician? Yeah, do you have a musician in mind? I don't know any musicians. That's a shame. I think you consider that there's no yeah, we can work so that out anyway. Just get some free will just rip some free music online anyway. Yeah, so card of the day is a card that I played that I was probably one of the well, it was the first Dick that I ever felt like I had the perfect decklist. Like I think I am always in pursuit. We've talked about this on the cast in the past. I'm always in pursuit of the perfect sixty card decklist, like I would just want to have every card. I know exactly what it's for. I have the exact amount of text that I could ever want and it's never too much or too little and all the pokemon lines are perfect and the recovery versus the disruption, versus the draw versus the consistency is all just like it fits and it looks good and you know the matchups, I know inside and out and I finally felt like I had this for the first time ever, back in two thousand and twelve it was, and I brought it... a regional ended up going eight in one, lost to a dark right hydragone. This was when regionals were in Swiss rounds. They had like it was like I don't know if it would have been like, let's say it was, you know, two hundred people or something. They would have nine rounds of Swiss. So kind of more similar to what you might see from an online limitless tournament now, where it's just the Swiss. It's like a lot of rounds of Swiss, but it's all best of one. And then you would cut into a bracket style for a top thirty two, is opposed to cutting into a day two with more Swiss, cut into bracket style, and that was pretty ruthless because you know you would never get you know, if you ran into a bad matchup in your first round of top thirty two, then you would just be out right, even if your deck was good. There was no kind of way for you to play around some of the bad match of there's just no leeway that sense. So anyway, I took this deck in a top thirty two and it was the first time that I felt like I had this card or this list that was just perfect. And the card that it centered around was the dark explorers and Poleon, and so this some poleon has a diving draw ability. Once during your turn, you may discard card from your hand. If you do draw two cards are very similar to Zor gx and also very similar to since Chino. But that very cool ability diamond draw kept the thing very consistent. Also allowed you to play a bunch of little, you know, text right, just like ZORC would. So you could or just like even since you know decks. I suppose could right. You're just able to see more of your decks. You could play kind of more spooky tech cards. So the tech cards that I mostly played back then were to rack on that was to take care of anything electric based. There were things like Zek Rom Electric, there were things like dark ry, ex right, fighting weakness, so to rack. Yet had this kind of retaliate at I think it was called retaliate. It was, yeah, work, do hundred and ninety damage for to energy and then, you know, right swing into things that were fighting week and take them out of one hit. But the ampoleon was really cool. Had that diamond draw ability loss just set up all these texts, and then it also had a really great attack for the time called attach command, which trying to think of dirt. There's got to be one. There's got to be a pokemon that has a very similar attack right now, but I can't really think of it. But Anyway, attack command for one water, does ten damage times and number of Pokemon and play both the ears of your opponents. So you just attack command. You know if you're if you're in the right point of the game. You know you're swing for one hundred and twenty four one energy, which again back then was pretty impressive. And then, if they didn't knock out your in Poleon, you could play something like Max Potion and heal it. And so I just really love this card because it reminded me of the time that I had the perfect decklist and that I should have won a regionals, but I didn't because I started tarachy on all three games and top thirty two and then ended up losing because my opponent did like the Requisa gx milling attack as like a last hope, and he had something like four cards in the deck and he had to not mill the catcher that he needed to win and it was the last card in the deck and it was like so crushing, like such a crushing way to lose. Oh Wow, but anyway, I would have won the regionals. I was those the one that got away from me with this and Pullan, I'll always love you. It's super cool. Yeah, that I'm pulling on iconic. It's a you know, obviously it's gotten power crept at this point in the game, but is super cool, Super Fun to like revisit that card as well if you're playing old formats. Yeah, and it was, I mean it was not the worst card.

If you you know, a year or two later it was played in this and poleon dusk nor deck, I think in two thousand and fourteen, two thousand three hundred and twenty fourteen, somewhere on there. So to see the card like I was playing it when it first came out and then to see other people kind of pick the deck up and or picked up Pokemon card back up and play it in a new deck is also just very cool to see kind of the evolution of a card through different formats totally agree. I agree. I'm there. You go and pully on decks, very funesome. Speaking of Napoleon for our last topic today, and I also want to say next week is going to be a pretty deep dive and the Competiti stuff. So if you're looking at Players Cup three, definitely be sure to check out next episode. For this episode we're going to wrap up all kind of a lighter note in honor of the twenty five anniversary. Want you wanted to talk about, and it's in gentially related, actually do another trying anniversary announcemently, don't talk about starter pokemon. So, if you're not aware, as part of the twenty five anniversary they announced that they're going to be releasing jumbo pokemon cards of every single starter, and the catch is that it's the first hard of each of those starters. So you know you have base set charm under bollostre and Squirtle, and then you have the neos to quill and voted island chickarita and so on and so forth, and so you get all the way to stopple score running in and Grouki though JW in this awesome moment for pokemon starters. I question to you is for each type, what is your favorite starter and why? I Have Really Fund memories of waiting in line for the Games for the for the sixth first going to be fifth generation games with with Chesspin. I had my chest Bein hat on. I really I was the sixth generation. But yes, sir, so sorry, six generate. Yeah, sorry, sorry, sixth generation with my chest spin hat on and just I remember that was one of the actually the only time that I ever went to a pre what we got it like a midnight release. Yeah, I'm a game and I just remember having a really good time when with some Michigan State people and it was very fun. And I picked chessmen because it looked like the worst pokemon of the three and it doesn't look goofy. He's very goofy, but I don't know that he would be my I don't know that he'd be my top starter. Grass type, I think that has to go to Rolltt. I think Rale it is just one of the best pokemon like just design wise, I think for me that has ever been made. And then for fire, really big fan of Sinde quill is. That was that. I would say hard gold, soul silver were kind of the first Games that I actually like knew what I was doing. On my first go round of like pokemon yellow and Pokemon red and blue, I didn't quite like I wasn't quite old enough or right, yeah, quite get what was happening. I you know, something was not there. So we would just keep chat like my I remember my dad like, God bless my dad. He keep checking out pokemon on yellow for me and I would just never be able to like get past the first gate keeping activity of delivering the Potions or whatever with Professor Oak. So I'd always try to run by the bug keeper and then you know that would never work and I and then you know, okay, three days come and you got to give the game back. It was always sad, but anyway, but hard goold sour scausing not hard gold but silver and gold, or kind of the first game. So I was like Oh, yes, okay, I actually understand what I'm doing. So that comes with the Synd quil and so I think Syndic quil's one of my favorite fire well,... favorite fire starter. And then terms of water starters, yeah, I think I have to give that distinction to sobble. I think that Pokemon is just a really funny looking dude. He's just hilarious, a funny looking dude. Yeah, that's just very funny looking. What about you, Riley? Give me your give me your lowdown on starters, though, grass I have to agree with you. It's definitely Rallt, although the Roulet is definitely like one of my all time favorite pokemons. Parkman, I like collect stuff for yeah, I also, though. I do. I do want to get special shoutouts to both Bullis or anger key. I think they're also really cool. I've also obviously iconic bulls or. It gets kind of the shaft. It's not like loved as much as as his brethren in Gen one, so I make sure he has a little bit of attention there. Yeah, for sure. For Water, kind of in the same boat as you where wasn't really Mard enough yet to play Pokemon, and Jen one's done one or two really. Yeah, you know, I played yellow, but my Pikachu had like three electric moves and it was my only like leveled up Pokemon, so that was like not great. Yeah, yeah, and I don't think I ever beat silver. I don't know what happened there, but by the time like Ruby and Sapphire came out, I was like actually able to effectively read and comprehend information that I was reading. So sure iconic to me is mud kit, because mud kit was so cute, so fun. You know, he's I feel like he's a huge fan favorite. Anyway, sure you know, but that line is super iconic. It was like the first time I really beat the elite for was for the swamper. So I always love mud kid. He's adorable and viral video of my kids just chirping out each other. It's just great. Yeah, fire is like a little bit contested for me really. Yeah, where you whatever a fire guy, because I mean they they kind of I feel like people would choose fire starters. Always choose fire starters. I don't know if you feel the same. Well, I never realized it until like many years later, but they kind of built build in this the the difficulty of the game starter you pick right because generally speaking, the first you know, if you look like the original games right, like brock week to week to grass right. So billb stor is like, quote unquote, the easiest one to start with because you basically coast right through the first two gyms. Squirtle, you know you only get that one gym advantage in the first game, and then charmander, you know you don't really get that much of an advantage. Or you know there's no advantage in brack facing against brock and then there's a disadvantage facing off against misty. So I always I didn't realize that until later, but yeah, that built in difficulty. So I always generally straight away from fire. It's funny, though, because fire types actually or sometimes easier depending on the gen notably Gent too, I'm pretty sure was easiest for syndic will because the first Gim was actually strong against a Grida. Sure that's said. Fire types. My my two favorites that really come to mind. One is an old classic syndic will, syndicals my starter, and Gent to and Nicole is just so, so cute. You know you want to just give y Nicol a hug all the time, even if it might set you a flame. Awesome. So it's in the quill and his line were really done dirty by the transition of D I feel like. Sure, yeah, they don't look really as cool as they do in sprite form or in their cards when they, like are inactive. And like in these goofy weird poses. But well, and they and you...

...know, part of the part of the POKEMON is that they're their flames are not the exactly like always Sam by would. Actually they look just very unusual when they don't have their flaming backs exactly. So then it cale is done dirty by the transition. But he's still so cute and no fun. So I love Syndequil the the other one that I really like is actually score bunny. I think the score bunny line is super awesome. A lot of people, least in my friend groups, weren't really a fan of synd race. I think Syndras is sick. I actually like him a lot. I like these like a little soccer player you's, and even even the middle form that like the name is. For some reason it's keeping me reboot at reboot is also is also super cute. I like this little mask. So they're all really good. I think I'll just I'll give it to score bunny just because he's newer and like doesn't have as many fans as Syndicole does. Yeeah. So I love I think that would be that would be a pretty fun pull to put out on the twitter pitch. Yeah, to find out what what everybody's favorite favorite starter. As tucks, you can only do for only four whole option. I know that's the problem. There's so many starter is now, I know, but pokemon getting too big, too big to fail kind of thing. Yeah, those are my three, and Ngwes as well. Overall, though, I think starters are just like some of the POKEMON. They probably put the most effort in and usually they do a pretty good job with them. Yeah, I'm well, I mean then they get down to the end of the you know, the end of the line. They're like, okay, well, what can we do? Guys? All right, let's let's animate a coffin. Yeah, it's a good idea. Okay, okay, all right. What else can we do? Guys? All right, let's let's annimde a teapot. Okay, all right, yeah, should you know? It's it's always some weird ghost type that's just an object. Yeah, I feel that for sure. So be sure to tweet us what your favorite starter is and which of the jumbo cards you're excited to pick up. I'm definitely want some of those first gen ones. I think those are really cool. Base at reprints. Actually the first time we've gotten like digital art of base set in a while. So yeah, Yep, it's pretty cool. I A fan of that. So Tweez us. Let us know what you're excited to get. That's at tag team pokemon on twitter, and also be sure to check out our own personal twitters. That's at Real John Walter and at smiles with trials. And while you're in the middle of following things, do drop a follow on JW's twitch channel as well, at flex that you right, just on twitch, and this is twitchtv slash Monter, if you ever want to watch the podcast live, which on TV slash motter every Wednesday night at thirty PM eastern time. You. Thank you. So last words before we sound off for today. Be sure to leave our eight and review if you're are listening on your favorite podcasting platforms. It does help us out, helps us get discovered and continue to grow the fan base, which is, as always, a goal because we think you guys are awesome and want to include more of you. In addition, make sure, as you get your full, as you start to get your battle styles as chart, to look at your shining legends pokemon cards. Sure check out full GROP Games. They're great allied to the PODCASTS, and if I've really helped move us along and get some our getway is going to showing that love helps us continue to do what we do here. And with that I think we are done. Aw, we are final words or we sound off. Today I have a twenty five anniversary. I'm looking forward to exploring with you, Riley, all the different, different merch different things that are going to come out just in general for Pokemon and for pokemon cards. It's an exciting time right now and I can't wait to find out more. I agree. Well,...

...happy twenty five pokemon anniversary to u JW and happy almost second anniversary to tag team. Absolutely. Thank you all so much for listening and we'll catch you next time base. See You.

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