Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast
Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 4, Episode 12 · 7 months ago

4-12. Palette of Friends


Erin Palmer and JW Kriewall discuss a new initiative in the Pokemon TCG aimed at women and marginalized genders called Palette of Friends. Learn about the exciting project Erin has been working on!Followed by a Fusion Strike metagame analysis.

Welcome back everybody to tag team, the POKEMON Trading Card Games Premiere podcasting duo. My name is JW Creewall and I'm normally joined by Riley Hulbert, but today we have the wonderful and the lovely special guest Aaron. Aaron from twitter. I don't know. How do people like, like know you at this point? I had some some people know me on twitch as nitt arena, but unfortunately someone has that user name on twitter. So my only social media platform with a different handle is twitter. Gotcha. I feel like know me from, which is dumb librarian, the dumb library. Yes, so Aaron Palmer here with US tonight when I scoot. How's your day going? It's going great. I worked today. I'm feeling a little tired but but feeling good. How are you, JW? You know, today I found out the gender of my first child, so it's very exciting and we are tag team listeners having a girl. So I'm looking forward, you know, like give her like five years. She's going to be destroying the junior's division. I know it absolutely. I will be rooting for her. I. Yeah, I mean me too, and like hopefully the juniors like amount of players and like my local area is still like very small, so she can just kind of show up and just, you know, take it, take it home. It's such a meaningful thing to have you on here to talk about your project and especially today, like knowing that I'm bringing a little girl into the world. Tell us a little bit about what you are up to and what what special project you have for the POKEMON TCG community. Yeah, so I started a new diversity initiative. It is called Pallid of friends, and my goal here is just to put more women and more people of marginalized genders at top tables in Pokemon. I personally have never felt more empowered in the game than when I've seen people who look like me at top tables. Most notably, when I first started playing competitively, I watch natalie top cut at Collinsville and that was a really meaningful thing to me. It made me feel really seen because I was used to going to my locals where I was the only woman. HMM. And I think that by starting different projects that help women and people of marginalized genders sort of get that leg up and gain equity in the community, I think the more that we'll see that and I think the more that we can empower and encourage more people like them to play the game. Okay, yeah, that's fantastic. So I'm just going to summarize exactly what you said because I you know, I've been on the website, so I already know what's going on. You know, I you've asked me what you've been kind of like teasing this now to me and to a few others, I'm sure, for a couple months now. Right. It took a couple months to plan and we can talk a little bit about that too. But just to summarize, you know it it's a male dominated hobby, particularly in the playing sphere, you know, and so it's this initiative is going to help maybe some some either inexperienced or, you know, maybe unconfident players to you know, get and we can talk about the specifics, but to, you know, help them feel confident and perform at a high level. And again with the idea that it's growing the game because there's going to be more people seeing. Okay, actually, you know, women can play and like Oh, hey, she or he or they look like me, you know, and and they're playing and that's really cool and they're doing well and I want to be there one day. So talk to us a little bit about how it's all coming together. So, like what you know, we've talked about the project. How is it going to be enacted? So I thought about my own experience. You know, I decided I wanted to do something and I didn't know what it was and it took me a while to sort of come up with it. And when I thought about my own experience in the game, I thought about how I felt my most confident in the game when I was friends with people that would help me and challenge me competitively. So, most notably, everybody knows I'm I have a very close friendship with Daniel Te Villa, who's a legend in the game, and just having access to his brain and his skill set really helped me improve as a player. There was a summer where Isaiah Williams, who is also from Mississippi, had come back for the summer and was living at home and we traveled and tested a lot together and that really helped me improve as a player as...

...well. And so when I thought about what I wanted to do to help women and players of marginalized genders gain equity in the community was well, why don't I just offer them free coaching? So I started to sort of round up people that I knew that I thought would say yes donating their time to a cause like this, and when I realized that it would be possible, I was like, okay, this is the plan. We're going to offer these groups of people a free coaching session from notable players in the game with a lot of accomplishments. And Yeah, it just I thought that this was the best path to take to sort of achieving the overarching goal that I had outlined for myself and I hope that this is just one of many projects that will do. Sure, absolutely, yeah, that'd be great. Yeah, I'd love to talk to you about the future of this. So you have a kind of panel of coaches lined up for players to get in touch with. Can you kind of go over who you were thinking about and who you've who you've assembled, I guess, as you're kind of pallide of friends avengers. Yes, yes, I really like that descriptor of it, because that's really what it feels like. I was so overwhelmed and touched by the response that I got a lot of the people on this list. I mean you included jwjw as one of the coaches. A lot of the people that I had reached out to and asked to do this, I was kind of expecting them to be too busy or, you know, like they just simply can't say yes to these opportunities because they have other ones lined up. So I'll just kind of read off the list and these are all featured on the website. So first up we have an alphabetical order by first name. We have Alex Shamansky. He has one of the Players Cup twice, most recently and just again. Legend in the game, awesome guy. Then we've got Andrew Mahone, and I don't think I really need to explain Andrew Mahone at all. He is a super notable content creator here on twitch as well, as you know, just a long history in the game. Super, super awesome and happy to have him as well. We have the legendary. I feel like I keep saying legendary but I just don't know how it is to all these people. We have the legendary as Little Garcia Griego, again needs no introduction. The Guy has won five regional championships as well, as you know, a long, long list of accomplishments and being an awesome content creator as well. We have chip Ritchie, who co casted with me and Knoxville and is an official pokemon commentator as well as a content creator here on twitch. And we have Henry Brand, the current world champion. was funny when I asked everybody who or what accomplishments they wanted me to feature on their BIOS, all Henry wrote was current world champion, and I thought was just extremely and so funny because, I mean, what else do you need to say? That's like what point of winning worlds? Right? Yeah, to Brag, and he's got it so good because he's got to brag for the last three years, right, right, no, I know, and also just someone who, being international, we have two international coaches on here and being internationalized, is really touched that he would sort of work with with me on that. I think that's really awesome. Yeah, that's and then next we have JW Curry Wall let's go. Yeah, don't you know, you can just get past that's when I was sending all of this information out. JW had a mistaken accomplishment and his bio and he pointed it out to me and I was like, I don't know what you're talking about, I don't see a miss and I was so wrong. Yeah, I did not in fact get top a Ted two thousand and twelve worlds. It was not. I was like, Whoa did I, I mean my memory slip and you know I'm near in an age to my so you know, maybe I forgot back then. No, those just very funny. And then next up we have Luke Morrisa Aka Celeios, network content creator as well, and had a really strong run at the limit list of invitational being a finalist. Next up we have Michael prayer, of a watt. He was a finalist at two thousand and ten worlds as well as a seven time regional champion. Very, very worthy of the title of Legend as well. And then Stefan Ivan off, back... back any IC champion, also an international coach, which I was very excited because I have a feeling that we may have some applicants for this program From Europe and I think so far can really come in handy there as far as his time zone goes, and also just brings a lot to the table in terms of his accomplishments. And then two more role ready top a U, I see, two thousand and nineteen most recently, as well as a what was the the tournament called the invitational? HMM, yeah, I could remember the name of it. And and then finally, Tate White Cell Creator, poky stats and two time Players Cup qualifier and someone who contributed very largely to this project and I'm very grateful for his help. Great. Yeah, it sounds like a great lineup. I when I you know, because you were talking to me individually, so I didn't really know the scope right, because you're kind of I don't know if you'd call yourself the director or the organizer, whatever it is, but I didn't really know the scope. So she you reach out to me and you're like hey, you want to be a part of this? I'm like yes, sounds cool, like I would definitely, you know, try when I when I can and you know, and then to see kind of everything else that you're slowly revealing right, like all these other players and stuff getting together. It's really cool and I think it really speaks to the at least the inclusive bent of the higher level players, because I think we, you know, we've had you on the cast before. Are and you're actually our first, repeat, repeat guest, which is great, but I think you know, as you talked about before, it's like the community as a whole still has a lot of work to do in terms of inclusivity and in terms of, you know, making people people feel welcome. But I think you see, you know, the gage kind of kind of are more inclusive, like at the top right. I think the top level players are on on a large scale, very much like we want to bring more people in, we want to help more people. You know, we're very generous of time, I think you know, at least for my per second, and I'm very generous with using precedent for other people in that community. I recognize that free coaching to specific groups of people can feel a little polarizing, but I think that seeing a bunch of notable people in the community, people who have garnered a lot of respect through their accomplishments, through the communities that they cultivated on their various platforms, I think when those people sort of step up to the plate and set the example, it's a lot easier for the average person to sort of take a step back because those people, you know, I hate to call you all influencers, but you do in some way influence the community, and so I think just setting that precedent for other people is really awesome and I'm super grateful for that. Yeah, that's really cool. What are what were you, know, as you were planning this out? What were some reservations that you may have had? I hear you kind of talk about that, saying like Oh, it might be kind of polarizing to, you know, offer this to a select group of people. So, like, what were some of the other things and maybe expound on that idea or some of the things that we're kind of made you hesitant or or made you think twice. Yeah, I have a very storied history in the community sort of advocating for things and you know, when you are very like stead fast in your opinions and and your convictions and how you feel about certain both people who disagree with you and my rub them a wrong way, and so I do have a lot of anxiety about the way that the community perceives me sometimes. HMM, like I you know, about two years ago I was in Danny's chat and a bunch of you know, sock puppet twitch accounts came in and started harassing me with very specific and vulgar names when it was super hurtful honestly made me quit the game for a couple months, and so for me to even like be here announcing this and putting myself out there is like a big deal. I have a lot of anxiety around that. But the most important thing is that you know when that when I had this idea, I reached out to so many of my friends and so many people who's who I knew, who I knew would be objective about Alex, especially Alex Hill, not Swumansky, what it and when Alex thinks that one of my ideas is good, I know that it's really good because he would tell me. He's very honest. That's the one thing I... about Alex Hill. He just tells it like it is. Yes, and so when he supported this idea, I decided that even if it did get back lash, there are so many people that it would benefit and so many other people that sort of are in my corner on this one, and so I was able to sort of get over that anxiety. But as far as the program itself being polarizing, I understand that when you exclude a group of people, it might rub them the wrong way or it might hurt their feelings a little bit, but I just want people to understand that. I think sometimes people get too focused on the semantics of the word a quality, like quality is when men and women are equal, but really this project is about equity and not a quality. Right. So there's a group of people that historically have been underrepresented in the community and so this project is about giving those people a leg up and it's not about taking away something or giving one group of people in advantage over another. It's about getting the other group of people on the same playing field, so to speak, as the majority group. Sure absolutely. What what would success look like for you with this project? Oh, that's a great question. Success is just at least one person gaining the skills and confidence to continue playing despite any bad experiences that they might have in the game. I think even even if one person comes out of this a long term player, I think it will have an immense impact on the community as a whole. And so if I can get even just one person, like I said, my overarching goal is to get more women and more people of marginalized genders at top tables, and so if I could get just one person up there as a result of this project. That would be success for me and multiple people. Obviously, the more the better. Yeah, that's great. That's great, really really exciting. So let's talk about, you know, women and people of marginalized genders. Can you just, you know, if I'm a person who who thinks that I know belong in that category, can you kind of maybe define that just a little bit more? If I'm like, Oh, well, do I qualify, like do I not? Can you just give me a kind of, you know, your vision on who that you know, kind of includes and and maybe like who that kind of excludes? Yeah, so I initially, when I came up with this project, I had it as just women, because that's the perspective that I come from. And the more people that I talked to, the more I realize that people of other general identities are also, you know, also experience the theme ostracism or harassment or abuse or even just general uncomfortableness in the community, that my experience also parallels them. And so why not also offer that opportunity to those people as well? And so basically, when I say women and players of marginalized genders, I mean anyone who is not was not born a man and identifies as a man, and I hate to be so blunt and specific, but that's really what it is. I think that transgender men experience just as much misogyny and abuse as, you know, women and people of other genders. I think that non binary and gender fluid and Gender Queer people also experienced abuse as a result of their gender or gender identity. And so because I realize by talking to other groups of people that my experience so very much paralleled, there's I decided that that was something that I wanted to include, or those were people that I wanted to include in this project. Great, great. So if you're going to speak to you know, like, let's say, you know I'm a woman or a person marge line gender, and you're speaking to me and you're saying, you know, I'm kind of nervous about maybe signing up for this project because I'm, you know, I've never really you know, I know the game, but maybe I've never played in a regionals before. Like that seems to be how people, you know, determine if you're good or not, like if you've ever been to an in person tournament. People keep asking me this and I never have, and I feel a little nervous. Like what would you say to somebody like that who is kind of on the fence about joining? You know, maybe like give them, give us like a prerequisite that you want people to apply to have. And then also, you know, if you're speaking directly to somebody that's on the fence, what would you encourage them? Yeah, so this, this program, this initiative project, whatever you want... call it, is all about, you know, the only thing that you need to bring to the table is just a basic knowledge of how to play Pokemon. So if your experience, that's great. You can sharpen your skills and get a free coaching session. If you're brand new of the game, you've never played competitively, maybe you've played in one or two online tournaments, or maybe you haven't even done that yet, this program is definitely also for you, because the coaches are going to teach you rudimentary skills that you'll carry with you your entire journey in Pokemon. And you know things like sequencing and you know how to choose the right deck and just, like I said, those rudimentary skills that are really necessary for being successful in the game. Absolutely, that's great. That's great. So and I'm just kind of like thinking and you know, let's say someone goes through this project and it sounds like there might be some future projects which we should talk about. But how cool would it be to see someone that you know gets a coaching session, has never gone to an event before and then eventually becomes someone who is, you know, coaching up the next generation of women and you know, you know other gender people, right, non male gender people like that would just be really cool. So yeah, I agree and that's really the goal here. This is just the first project. Like I said, I hope that I could expand this in a lot of ways and just continue that impact. Yeah, but I was really sick of I don't know if anyone is familiar with the girls in esports cycle, just a never ending circle of people complaining that women don't play a certain game and then receiving harassment when they joined the game and then eventually quitting and then the cycle is never broken. Really I was very inspired to break that cycle and I hope that that's what this does. Awesome. What would the future entail? We've kind of hinted their couple of time. So this project is a week long. So what would be the future of Allot of friends. I hope that I can get women and players are marginalized genders the resources that they need to be successful. So, whether that's I would love some day to be able to host articles written by women and people marginalized genders. That that would be really cool. I remember a couple years ago I tried to start a podcast with a friend and our goal was that our goal was to feature voices in the community that never rarely or heard, because I as someone who consumed a lot of Pokemon, tcg competitive content, I never saw people like me giving their opinions on specific matters, and so I've loved maybe some day to do that. That's just a complete hypothetical, but things like that, things that are going to either, you know, lift the voices of people from those groups or get them the resources that they need to be successful. I just kind of want to be this resource for those people as a whole. Okay, Gotcha. Gotcha. So let's talk about where people can go to find out about this project, find out about how to friends. Can you give us maybe a twitter or a website perhaps the people can go to? Yes, so I have set up a website. It is hosted on meet Arenacom. That's neat arena with an E. I know probably tate is in chat. He can probably type it there. So need Arenacom is sort of like your one stop place for all of the information that you need about this project, including the application as well frequently ask questions and a contact form if you have even more questions. HMM. But yes, like I said, all of that is going to be on nit arenacom. I also set up a twitter as well, and it's a little bit more or a little bit harder to convey. Sure, well, it's Pallett of friends, but only with one F. So it's so kind of like it's kind of like the Irish way to do it. Pal to friends, yes, but the Irish way to do it. Yes, Palette Oh friends, if you will, or pellet of friends, but the of shares an F with friends. Love that. How did you come up with the name? That is my favorite part about all this. So I struggled so hard to come up with a name because I wanted something so generally, like very general and not really that specific to me, because I...

...wanted a lot of people to be able to contribute to it. But I was asking a bunch of friends if they had any ideas, and everything that everybody suggested just didn't really click until Bailey, Sarah Finski, is a fuel friend of ours, message me after I asked her and said there's this Ed card that has a move called Pallid of friends and the move does ten damage for every different type of Pokemon on your bench. And I know it's kind of Corny and cheesy, but I just really thought that captured the message of what I wanted to do here and I thought that the name just really clicked and sounded nice as well as being sort of meaningful in a discreet way. Yes, absolutely, I think it has a huge depth to it in just three short words. So pallid of friends. You guys can find it. WWWNNA. That's an ID Erin Acom and then also at the Irish pronunciation, Pallid oh friends. Twitter. So, Aaron, thank you for joining me today and, you know, sharing your voice here on tag team. Any last words that you'd like to share with us that we should know about the project or anything personally you want to share? I just want to say thank you. Thank you not only to you jaw, you specifically for being a coach and contributing to this project, but also sharing your platform with me, as well as honestly cultivating a community where I felt comfortable to come on here and do this. Like I said, I have a lot of anxiety about twitch because of past negative experiences, and so for me to be able to come into the tag team community and speak about this with little to no fear, I think speaks level is to the kind of community that you and Riley have cultivated and I think that you are great influences on the community and I'm just very appreciative that you let me announce it on here. Awesome. Well, this is really exciting. I can't wait to see not only the results of, you know, December first through the eighth, but also where this can can kind of carry us in terms of, you know, equity in the POKEMON TCG community. So thank you once again, Aaron, for joining us. We are going to be right back after a brief intermission continue the second half of the podcast. Just me, myself and I. Riley is on assignment finishing his work. I guess I don't know at this point what Riley does in his evenings. I tell them Riley, you know you got to have a life outside of work, and he says, jw I just cannot. You know, they're paying me too much money. I like my work too much. So many people in the hospitals are counting on me and I say that's great, but I really wish you're here for tag team, Buddy. In any case, we are going to head straight into the card of the day. Now, this card of the day. It reminds me this is going to be like a really niche, really niche subpopulation of the tag team hod cast listeners, because, and it's probably like thirty and up like Dad's probably know what I'm talking about. But did anyone ever read ts Eliot's book of cats? So this this book of cats, and I think it has a little bit of a longer name. This book of cats is a poetry book about you know, just as you would just as you would imagine, it's about cats, right, and that's actually where Andrew Lloyd Webber got the inspiration for cats. Check it out. Really Weird stuff. I remember having an illustrated book of these poems and there was one cat that got absolutely fried on the electrical wire. He's like all shook up. You know how they have in the cartoons where like they are, they're all splayed out like starfish style and they got all the electricity coming out of them. It was really scary actually as a child, because I'm like, well, you know what, that doesn't look very good. I don't want to be that cat getting fried on the electrical wire. But today's cart of the day reminds me so much of that cat book, that specific page, and that is the yet to be released Joel Te on v Max. Now this jolti On v Max released in Japan as, I think, part of their main set, part of the evolving skies. But I got kind of pushed back here.

For us as a promo, it's a jolty on vmax in Japan is Promo one hundred and eighty eight and for us, obviously I think the name changes, but it's this joltian that's kind of like, you know, vmac Shel Tem v Max, jumping in the air and it's kind of surrounded by all this lightning and the just the art style and all the lightning really remind me of this ts Eliot Book of cats, and so cart of the day. There you go. have at it, Ladies and Gentlemen, this holiday season, I'm giving thanks to our friends at manscaped. Speaking of electricity, do I tell my extended family that I have the performance package for pointo from the global leaders in below the way, screaming, not to mention it includes their lawn mower, no trimmer, to tame my Bush and score Brownie points with the in laws? I don't know that I would share that with my inlaws, but you do. You gift yourself manscaped or gifted to the man in your life who needs it. Join the four million men worldwide who trust manscaped with their family Cherubi's. We are so excited here on tag team to continue our sponsorship with manscaped. They have signed us on for another few months, which is very exciting. Go to manscapecom. Twenty percent off with the Code Tag Team, plus you get free shipping. That's an insane deal, if not for yourself, for someone else. Okay, it's like black Friday every single day with Code Tag team, twenty percent off plus free shipping. All right, let's get into our Meta analysis, because that's probably why a lot of people are here as well. We had some IRL tournaments recently. Yeah, the full grip series and what a set of tournaments they were. So we had GLC and I think probably the one that more people were interested in, the one that had more entrance, the fusion strike legal tournament. So both presenting a cash prizes totaling onezero dollars. We saw some really excellent gameplay. Tonight will go over the standard format results and then later on next week we'll talk about the GLC and there's actually some bands coming up. So if you want to hear a little bit more about GLC, we'll talk about that next week. But for the K tournament, it that happened this last weekend. We had largely, I gotta say largely, much of the same. There was some shake up, let as there's bound to be with the new set, but for the most part people either stayed very safe or genuinely thought that the old decks or the best. I think it's goes without saying that evolving skies like shook of the metagame in a massive way starting on day one. We haven't quite seen that from fusion strike. There's a few cards here and there that can be added to decks to make them better. We got a new tier one archetype in the MEU v Max deck, but other than that, frankly, hasn't added a whole lot. So let's go on here. From eighth place, grant manly with the single strike umbrion or Shafu v Max, opting to go again with kind of a look back as opposed to a look ahead. If we were looking ahead with single strike DEX, probably be playing gang. Are you guys know that? I was really high on that card. I still am, for what it's worth. Maybe not as high as I was before it released, but it has had some decent showing, so I feel a little bit vindicated. Grant coming in eighth place with his umbre on Orshia Fu, seventh l seventh place sun time. Andrew was new ski with their Asashan Zama Zenta deck. Very straightforward. Once again, I'm seeing a lot of four of us when I look at this list for of gear, for Marni, for a boss, for of the stadium, for research, for switch, for quickball, for saucer and just a ton of energy. So consistency was certainly the name of the game there. For Andrew, congratulations on your seventh place finish, coming in at number six. May Have heard of them? I don't know. A Zulgercia Griego. Am I saying that right? Sixth place with the Swee Coon Ludacolo deck.

This was deck that I was talking to Andrew Dankas about heading into the tournament. He was really kind of big on it, and I can see why, because it reminds me a lot of kind of Zashi and you have a built in kind of draw power with this swee coon. You can hit for pretty consistent damage turn after turn. But what it doesn't have, you know, these a she and deck, is it has that reach with both the Italian lines to do some pink damage and the Ludacolo to do, you know, of course, a hundred additional damage. So six place, a Zul Garcia Griego coming in at Fifth John Mustalli. I think one of the surprises of this tournament. John is one of those players that is always trying to play something new, something unique, something to counter what other people are playing, and I think he came up with a really great archetype here for this metagame, playing Galerian wheezing with get this Crobat v Max. Yeah, if you haven't seen this list, head on over to at full grip TCG for all of these lists. But he played a very heavy wheezing line. So we've seen wheezing in the past be played with sable eye and that's certainly the case here. So a for three GALERIAN wheezing with one sable eye. But yeah, that's the interesting thing, right, is that most of the sable lied x they play like a three two wheezing. Not. John was like I want those wheezings up a sap. I think I could shut down most of the decks in the metagame if I can just get the ability in the active and he had a really nice show. In Fifth Place, crushing Hammers Ry Hans, fan of waves, tool jammers, gal our mind's got a lot of disruption, even sporting a Gallerian Zaptos and a Crowbat v Max, like I said, so really interesting list. Check it out at full grip TCG. We also have coming in at fourth, so this is the top cut. These players there in the money, man, they're in the money. So fourth place, Benjamin Merritt with a brand new archetype, new archetype alert in telling on vmax. First Time we've seen Italian VMAX. You know, premiered right, this is a premiere for Italian and kind of paved the way for how a lot of people are are building their lists now. But surprisingly, absolutely no way to utilize the ability. Again, check out this list full group TCG on twitter. No water energy at all. I get you not if you only get your metagame news from this podcast. Absolutely no water energy, no way to utilize the Italian I think that's fantastic. It's it's crazy, it's cool, it's wild, it's revolutionary, I don't know any word you want to bring to it. I think is probably apt going for the single strike energy and then path of the peak to try to, you know, shut down opponent's abilities, scoop that energy back up turn after turn and then share all four of Sheryl in that list. So really interesting. Also plays a single strike basculine. A single strike basculine is very cool because it's a one prizer, so you can try to offset the prize trade with your opponent, but it does thirty plus ten for each damage counter on your opponents pokemon. So if you're able to, you know, use your Intellian vmax for one hundred and forty, then you're swing for big damage with the basculine on the following turns. And of course you have intellion with the quick shooting to get more and more damage on the field, augment the basculine attack power. So really interesting list from Benjamin there coming in at third place. More of the same and this list would be just absolutely unchanged from pre expansion format, you know, pre prefusion strike format. That's Leafyon v Max. Literally nothing different. This is like the most standard of all leafyon build so congratulations of Michael Eden's on their third place. Finished number two. Second place, Tyler, Palse, Palmerson, tyler or Palmison. I Pal Myson Paulmison. It has to be Palmison, Tyler Palmison with their I know it's crazy. Shatter out of vmax deck. Again, Super Standard List with a couple of Chrisselia. That might be the only change. No, Alcamy v Max. Didn't want to bother with that. Fifteen energy. That seems a little high, but the results speak for themselves. Congratulations to tyler on their second place finish and coming in at number one. Trevor Reading with a swee COON loody coolo build. The only change. I thought this was fantastic when I saw this on the stream. The only change that this list from what you would expect to see out of a sweeken deck is one PUKE and Muku. Looks like they might have cut a quick ball. That quick ball.

A count is at three, but one PUKEA Muku, with that pitch of Puke and mukability. Put that to the bottom of your deck draw card. Just a little bit of extra consistency, you can draw two cards to turn possibly more with Swecon v Fu can Muku really cool stuff. So again we should see the format open up a little bit. We should write because this is week one. Where do we go from here? I think we saw at the last full group one K and I use the in person tournaments as a little bit more of a barometer then the online tournaments because there's more at stake. Everyone wants to win a k or an in person tournament. I like. Even for me, I go into an online tournament, I'm playing whatever the heck I feel like that day. I didn't test, I didn't check out my last you know, find my perfect optimal sixty cards. Nah, I'm playing what I'm feeling like, you know, and it's like well, sometimes I'll even go even more high roll right. So that I could. You know, well, if I'm running hot today, I flip all my crushing hammers, you know I'm going to win this tournament, right or on the flip side I'm out for dinner. But these people want to win. They're going to bring what they think is actually the best. A lot of them, I know, had been testing for a while leading up to this event and it's just really interesting to see them play these decks that, for the most part, are largely unchanged. Now that's that's not holly true. You know, we do see an Italian in that top eight. There are some some interesting, divergent, you know, thoughts on on archetypes that we know and love, but largely speaking, people were a little bit more conservative. We saw this in the last full group one K. it's hard to go too far in one direction. Right. It's hard to go too far because if you're too if you're countering a Meta that isn't actually in place, you can find yourself kind of on the outside of the metagame, and that's a really weird thing to say, but like take take this format. So in these one case, a lot of people when the first when the new set releases, a lot of people will play what they're comfortable with for the most part, as long as it can be the next big deck. And the next big deck, in this case Meu Vmax, might actually be, you know, among the best decks in the tournament or in the format or whatever. Might be among the best decks, but people don't want to, you know, counter that deck for fear of being countered by, you know, the the slower evolving Meta game. Right, it's only one tournament, right, people are going to be a little more you have. You have the possibility of counter yourself out of the Meta game. Right, if you go one step too far, there's always this there's always this fear of being one step too far. Like you have. You have gone gone a little farther than you needed to. You have done a little more than you need to do. Play the deck that was just a little bit on the outer realms of what you actually needed and what was required by the Meta of the event, and that's a really hard thing. That takes a lot of years to perfect. Takes a lot of years to you'll be confident with so I think for that reason, you know, you see, you see a little bit more of a reserved attitude from these players, but really cool stuff. We saw some really great gameplay. Remember seeing remember seeing a lot of these swee coon decks. You know, Z will on stream, trevor on stream, just doing their thing. I think sweeten absolutely one of the better choices for this tournament because of the consistency. I cannot state enough that consistency in online events is what's going to win you the event. You know, largely I've been playing the game for twelve years now, largely the high rolled x for the most part then, not not every time, but for the most part, do not win. Decks like Swee Coon, win dext like Lyfeon win because they're able to draw through their deck. They're able to get the cards they need when they need them. So that is not to be not to be underestimated. Let's talk into the future, though, because again people are going to be expanding their horizons, as always happens, a little more conservative at the start, but again you don't want to you don't want to go that once up too far, and in this case, I think for this tournament, a lot of people brought dark at least that was the word on the street. A lot of people brought single strike Dex Johnstowie got top eight with the dark deck. There's a lot of dark from what I here, so that might have also scared off the the user or might have, you know, hampered the uvmx deck. But I think heading forward, what are we going to see? I've been doing some testing with the UV maax deck and I'm very convinced, very convinced, that it's just it's simply...

...the best in a vacuum. It's simply the best deck. Consistent, powerful enough. It's not going to blow people out of the water, you know, with one hit Kos. That's not its place. It's not what it's trying to do. It's trying to control the game, it's trying to draw more cards than you. It's trying to go for that one, you know, big knockout. It's trying to be more consistent, it's trying to draw two boss's orders when it needs trying to be low maintenance. I truly believe it is the best deck in a vacuum. Now, Pokemon did a pretty good job balancing it. I would say. They released actually two dark attackers that I want to talk about. First one being the Gangar V. Max was very high on that on release. It's doing it's doing okay. It hasn't, you know, one any of these online tournaments yet. Didn't place at the Full Group K. But Gangar v Max, I'm going to stick by it until it just, you know, two months ago and it hasn't, you know, performed significantly well. But but we're seeing some flashes of its of its promise in these online tournaments. And then the other dark deck to come out of fusion strike Galaryan obstagon. How about that? Glaring Obstagon? Glaring Obstagon, a single prize stage two. I think, you know, the single prizers probably have a chance now because there's a a lot of dark in the format in the form of single strike umbryon. That takes out dragon boult. And then the MEU vmax deck has, from my experience, a pretty good matchup into Joelte on because you can one shot the vmax. You have a lot of control over their board. You can heal, which is definitely not something that the jolty on deck wants. You know, you can shuffle your your pokemon back into the deck with the MU V attack. So jolty on and drag a pault. For my perspective should be on the decline. I don't think they'll have quite as strong a grip on the Meta. I think we're going to see kind of a shift back to these attackers that you know can just take one knockout a turn. Obviously you're always going to factor in the Italians, but for the most part you know you're swee coons, your leafeons of the world. She at a rider V's. But yeah, this Kalarian obstacon deck at these poised to do very well. I mean again, it kind of rises and falls at the mew deck. It's obviously the best matchup for it, but it can hold its own in a lot of other matchups, doing, you know, significant damage for just a single energy. It's not to be overlooked. I think again, we should see a decline in both jol te on and Dragon Polt. I think another thing we'll see, kind of a metagame trend that we should see heading into a more developed format is going to be the the concise deck building of single strike. So what I've been noticing from players that are posting on twitter and from the decklist of single strike players is that they're tending more and more to cut back on a lot of these tech cards. I'm not seeing as many switch now. They're still playing switch and are bloom itself not as many switch. They're not playing as thick of lines of the ERSCHAFFU, if they're playing arch foo at all. They're playing a maybe a little bit higher count of the umbry on maybe like a three three or forty three as supposed to like a like a three two, and they're generally cutting back on the tool scrappers or the tool jammers or the fan of waves that they had the play that. Or they're also cutting back on, frankly, the stadiums. You know, you're seeing that as well, seeing list with to tower of darkness, which is pretty much unheard of for that archetype, but feeling like they can get away with it, not really needing to counter any stadium. Again, with the decline of Joeltian and Dragon Pult, or at least my projected decline of Joltanda Dragon Bolt, you don't have to worry as much about path to the peak now. That's like kind of this weird cycle. We talked about these weird cycles on the cast all the time where it's like you don't tech for a counter because nobody plays the counter, and then now all of a sudden everybody plays the counter because nobody's playing tex to counter the counter. I...

...think we might see that with path of the peak. Just be on the lookout. I do feel that that cards on the decline. Not Too many decks really need abilities. I mean, you know, of course, like single strike. It would be a prime example, right you don't? You love to have the Umbryand v Max Ability. You don't need it. You don't need it. So these single strike decks becoming more and more streamlined focused. I think that kind of plays into the gang are. I gotta say that kind of plays into the gang are. You know we are seeing some gang are hound doom in telling on builds. That's really cool, kind of cutting out the fighting option all together. No way for people to get one shots with their or Shufu vmax has. But maybe you don't need them in the end. You know, maybe you're just going to be consistent. Again, coming back to that consistency piece, you're not trying to set up multiple things, you're just trying to do one thing really well. I think there's a lot to be said for that. So those are just a few of the trends that I have been seeing. We are going to open it up to the chat for any questions that you guys have. Thank you for joining us on the cast here tonight. Ramsey says, JW. Why weren't you at the full group? K? Was surprised not to see you on the Stream. Yes, I would have loved to be at the Full Group K. I would love to be there, but I had planned with my with my aunt and uncle, to visit them. So we had planned this for like like, actually like three months, and I I'm not even exaggerating with that number. We plan that like three months in advance, and so I'm not going to try to move it. or I would have loved to go to the one cake because I know I would have won. You know, I got second at the GLC event last time. I know I would have won it. This time I got top for the last GLC are, the last evolving skies event. I know I would have want it. It's okay. Sometimes you do miss some shots. That one I missed a hundred percent of the shots. I didn't take on purpose. On purpose. Calpernicut says, saw on twitter that you're going to have a baby girl. Yes, we are so excited. Had the ultrasound today. I'm a be a girl, dad. It'll be fun. Yeah, I just like now I'm getting into this like future mentality with kids. I'm sure all the DADS that are listening can relate. You're kind of thinking about. I thought I saw, you know. I was like, man, I'm seeing in this waiting room right now. I'm seeing my daughter, you know, future daughter, hopefully, you know, walk down the aisle. Right. You have these like future thoughts. I think that's a lot of like having a kid right. There's kind of this hope in the future. That's exciting, that's cool, scary. I was feeling all of that and more. We were just so excited. I was hoping for a boy, I really was. I really was, but I kind of felt that, you know, that comment. I was like, Oh, it's going to be a girl. I was feeling that for the last like two or three days. I like, not a pit in my stomach, but just that dead feeling. You know. You're like it's going to be a girl. I know it's going to be a girl. All of and siblings are really sided that it's girl, because it'll be the first girl cousin. There have been three other boy cousins on her side of the family. This will be our first child on my side of the family, the first grand daughter for my parents, grandchild for my parents. But Pretty Exciting Times here at the Cree Wall House. So am I going to be about to shake your hand in Vancouver regional? I hope I can get to other regionals. At this point I don't want to put anything like setting stone. Yeah, it's hard. It's hard for me to commit at this point. I can probably commit to obviously Columbus, right that's my hometown. I can bike into the internationals, which is pretty sick. Probably do Indianapolis. So Columbus, Indianapolis, I mean Indianapolis, like three and a half hours for me, and then I want to make it to one more. I wanted to be Salt Lake City. I'd love to go to Vancouver, but I'm not really sure how that works flying across the country and with work and everything, I think that might get a little Harry. But perhaps it's Milwaukee. Probably Not Florida, Dude, I'm not going to...

...that Cesspool. India's Mother's Day. Yeah, see, I don't live with my mom so it's just card. It's just get her a card, you know, get our card caller. Wish you're happy mother's Day. Q Seahawk says, hope they like Pokemon and then all for end up liking you. You. Ah, yes, yes, I could see how that would be problematic for a family. Yeah, my my daughter is not going to be a egio player. That is for darn sure. So I hope you guys enjoyed the cast this evening. Thank you so much to Aaron Palmer for her time for sharing again, check it out knit arenacom. That's an ideer. I NACOM trying to encourage and help women and people have marginalized genders in our community. This is a big deal. This is a great thing to have happen. So excited to announce it here tonight and to be a part of it. Be a part of this project really cool and I can't wait to see where this goes or what this inspires other people to do. So with that, once again, code tag team at Manscapecom. Twenty percent off plus re shipping. I sorry, supposed to leave that for the middle of ad read, but one last time. You know I'm a salesman we'll talk to you soon. Guys, thank you for joining a tag team Pu.

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