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Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 3, Episode 37 · 1 year ago

3-37. PC4 Problems


Have PC4 woes? So do the boys! Hear all about it on this week's episode. Will JW finish strong? Will Riley finish at all?? It's going to be a photo finish!

Welcome back everybody to tag team Pokemon, TCG's Premiere podcasting duo. I'm JW Cree Wall, two time regional champion, and with me one time regional champion, Riley. Albert. Riley, how you doing today? thered times a charm. I'd say. Their time is a charm, although I'd say that's a really bad manners way to introduce me after the help I gave you. You're right, you're right, absolute legend, goaded human being. Right for sure. So for the third time, how are things going today? And for reference, because many of you will not get the context, we have a lot of difficulty agreeing. Well, for further context, I found out at about hundred and five that I would be hosting tag team tie. I forgot. We talked about it last week, but it's like I don't write that stuff of my calendar. Come on, are you getting you think I got time for that? So I'ls. Anywaysons, you were eight. Well, but I didn't see it until nine ten. I was yeah, I was a little busy, so I just had some issues and it wasn't even I would say. I would argue that it would have been very hard to find like like it was a pretty ob to solution. I feel it wasn't. It was a little out tous, but I did find it. You did. Yeah, well, they're got so your this's your that's your analytical brain. So it's very, very good. But yes, anyway, Riley is in Ohio right now, so not at the usual setup. So, Riley, how how are things with the FAM? They're great. Yeah, so I'm visiting my family for for the week here, working remotely from Ohio, and it's been great. It's been really good connecting with everybody and you know, I haven't seen my family since Christmas of the year before, so it's been a long time and it's just really pleasant to see everybody. The dogs are all cute and fun. Miss my cats, but I have great friend watching them back in Madison. So great, been good. It's been good for the soul, you know. Yeah, good like chicken soup, like chicken soup for the soul. How about you? What's been going on? You know, you got the house stuff going on, you got a new job, so much crazy stuff. I know it's a whirlwind of things and yeah, I mean it's just, you know, it's like one new stress or after the next. But it's it's like good stress, I think, for the most part. But yeah, I just feel like I need more hours in my day to do everything I want, because I also want to like chill out, you know. I also want to like play mine, I feel that my video games. But I just feel like I need a few hours every day to do that. But I just don't have that time if I want to like do youtube stuff, for if I want to hang out with my wife or yeah, I just chose. I got you. Man. There's kind of those you know, the you do the nine hundred and twenty five and then I'm waking up. What I'm doing through now is like I'm waking up at, you know, seven, so I can start at like thirty, so I can be done at thirty, so I can try to record a video at, you know thirty. You know, three, thirty, two, five, record and edit, and then I got five, you know, make dinner, six and then sometimes we'll have an evening thing and then and then. Yeah, so, anyway, it just gets out of control real quick. So now I feel yea. Yeah, I mean I'm kind of in a similar but although I can't start and end work earlier, just by R true how my job works. But yeah, you know, you finished up work and worked out and dinner and nowadays gone. So, Yep, Yep, we need we need shorter work days. We do. Absolutely. I don't think anyone would argue. But yeah, such as life, I suppose. Such is the capitalist machine, such as the capitalist machine, into or just cogs in it. That's right.

So how things been going, MR DAV JW and your players cut for run? Yeah, players cut four. Has Been a pretty interesting time. I would say that. I would say that I've played well, but I just have had it's been a much worse experience than players cut three. So players cut through three. I was really proud. You know, I said this on the cast before, so you can tune the next like ten seconds out, but I was really proud that I had more like I only had a handful of times where I was knocked out in the first round. I never really had any streaks where I would lose in the first round. I think I maybe had five or seven, you know, top eight losses, right. So I was generally making it out of that first round and getting points pretty much every single tournament. That has not been the case with Players Cup for Players Cup three. I did manage to snag one of the top I was in the top, want to say I was thirteen overall, and it's like top thirteen or fourteen, yeah, something like that. So I managed to, you know, beat one of those top finishers and Players Cup three and just very consistent all the way through. But here I'm scraping for my life. I got sixty nine points, nice and I know where. There you go. And I have played thirty six, thirty seven keys so far. So I think I have, you know, roughly thirteen keys left and thirty points to no, that's not correct. That can't be right. That's fine. I have like seventeen keys left, something like that. Yeah, less than twenty, even more than ten. Less than twenty, more than ten, and so I'm right on that threshold. Like if I can just do, you know, to Perky two points per key, that I'm gonna be just fine. Fine. Otherwise, you know where we're kind of struggling. So we're on that precipice right. It could get really hairy really quick. or I could just go on a heater and when, you know, like two or three in the next five keys and like kind of you know, cruise into the finish line. So we'll see how it goes, but so far I'm at least putting myself in a position to to, you know, make it out of the next stage. Absolutely, absolutely so. With the rest of those keys, you know, what are you thinking? What's the deck of choice? I have been really interested in moving back to peak a ram and I've been seeing a few content creators also playing peak ram in Players Cup, notably melowmagic harp and a Zul, and so that's been like yeah, yeah, I should, I should play pee Rahm. And then I see the, you know, recent tournament results and I'm seeing not only like a lot of a turn it this, which is a pretty bad matchup, but a lot of Ershiafu as well, which is also pretty bad matchup. And I've noticed recently, because I've been playing at tarn. It is pretty much throughout my entire run, I've been noticing that there has been an uptick in Ershafu variants and I've even played a couple of single strikers Fu man like there's just a lot of fighting out there from from my vantage point, and so it's kind of scared me off of a turn. It is a little obviously, peak ram has, you know, ways around fighting in the form of Metwo, but sometimes the fighting decks play mimic you or other things to kind of neutralize that threat of mew two. So I don't quite know yet what I'm going to do with my last keys. I might go rogue, I might do, you know, like a Victini or something, or I might just stick with the turnament my go rogue, play Viktini deck. I don't know. I victin. He's not in like the top five most played decks, so I feel like it's not particularly you know, like Techt for I guess so right. Yeah, that's that's where I'm at. Riley,... about yourself? So I am mantly have not used my keys yet, which is kind of a shame. We talked about this last week how I hadn't gotten started, and really the rest of that week was kind of tumultuous for me between work and preparing it to come here and then actively coming here to to Ohio and then being here. So it's going to be a very stressful week end for me as a Chela. Well, fifty of this and like five days. So for the unaware, the the players cut for qualifiers are ending next week on Wednesday, the twenty six, so get your keys in before then. So what that means for me is probably a lot of gameplay on Sunday and Monday. The is my guess. Yeah, I really don't know how you're going to do it. Like I would feel much more confident in you if you said like, Oh, yeah, I have, you know, ten, fifteen, that's fine, it's doing all fifty is going to be such a grind. Mentally. The thing is, it's just I'm really bad about like I kind of just leave my work computer into my like office space, my computer space, throughout the week, except on you tag team, and I don't obviously don't have any like games. It's all to my computer for work. So I kind of like dissuades me from playing pokemon during the week unless I'm really motivated to do so, because I have like switch out my computers and all this crazy stuff. So I just have to bring myself to do that like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of the week and then I should be fine, because it's really just the act of like going through the motions of switching out my computer and and starting at Tesco, because then I can, then I can little it down to me more like thirteen keys a day, which is totally reasonable. Sure, it's it want. It's if I was like just in the weekend and I had to do twenty five keys a day, that would be and be allowed. I mean some people like what there was one I remember, one person did I don't know, Fifty keys and in pretty much twenty four hours. Yeah, like the day after the players go still. is so absurd to me, like, I don't I don't know, and yeah, I don't think I could do that. I did play a lot of my key is in players cut to very quickly. So it's just a matter of finding the groove, which part of that for me is just finding like the deck that I really enjoy. I'm definitely, you know, try and true peeker. I'm stand in this past couple formats. So that's another deck that I might up as well. Similar to you, I really do like rapid strike and I think that the the Meta shaping up decently for it. I kind of enjoy the rapid striking herrors as well, so I wouldn't mind playing that. Yeah, I agree with you. I've been thinking more and more about rapid strike recently because it seems like it's Poi poised very well right. You have at the time you have a turn it is. You got peek a ram and you got ATP, which are all really solid matchups for you, favorable, I would say, in all three cases. The only kind of thorn in your side is going to be the the Luke metal matchup. But that one is even potentially winnable, depending on if you play Phoebe or not and depending on how fast of US start you can get, because if they, you know, start something that's not Zambas, that't that they can't get their second Zambasn't it done? You can definitely go through one of them and then you know, yeah, just kind of depends on how well they play and what access to the deck that they have, and so that one, so that one's definitely a winnable matchup. What I've been thinking about is whether or not that would want to play rapid strike with Geraci or with Sinchin out. I have a video coming out tomorrow, I guess today, if you're listening to the cat, this on Thursday. But just I'm playing rabbit strike, since you know, and it's a list that Pedro is doing pretty well with and grinding...

...his keys with, and so I wanted to give it a shot. Kind of see, I haven't played that variant that much. I was I was mostly focused on in the early part of the format the actillery version, which is completely fallen off, and then I had been playing some GERACI based builds just to get more comfortable with Rabit strike. But try not. The Sin Chino gives you a few more options at the expense of kind of that early game consistency. Pagros list only plays one to denn A, one snore lax and in a three sin Chino line. So it's just very much you know your you have the options in the late game right, because you have the Charells, you have the reset stamps, but it's just getting out of that early game to yeah, no doubt who yeah, to have the potential to play in the lake game. Yeah, I think it really comes down to like what kind of style you think is a better way to play the deck, you know, for for the decks that you expect. I would say that the the Chinchino version has a lot of potential in the mirror as long as you get your mus down to be able to get those share alls for so impactful. And then you have GERRACCI, which is like that aggression is so good against things like a turn it is it's so good against things like peak rom where you just want to blow him out of the water as quickly as you can write right exactly. So you know, if you were to consider rabbit strike, Riley, would you have a preference or would there be anything that you would include in your deck list for this specific metagame? I think if it was me, I would probably play something pretty similar to what is will use in Players Cup three finals. Honestly, with the uptake and peaker on. I like having the the mimic you and the GERACI is options. I think that's just super strong and those kinds of matchups, and I like the GERACI variant because that's the one I've practiced more with. Yeah, I'm sorry, feel more comfortable burning a key on it, whereas I feel like with the Cinchino version you have a very branched out game path where there's a lot of decisions that you're making with every single make do is every single pokemon that you grab with a capture energy, every single time you snoral axe and there's so there's a lot more nuance to like your individual turns. I'm not to say the deck is just like they the most impossible and saying deck to play ever, but there are is a lot of nuance to how you would play it. I'm not confident, without like a decent amount of practice, that I'd be able to do that to the level where, like, you know that you're not mate. That I didn't know happened almost right, you know, and that's that's like one thing that I really hate is like the idea of me making mistake and like not being able to know what it was. Yes, yes, there are definitely those times where you like you kind of you know that you did something wrong, but you don't know quite the optimal way to play it. I've definitely been there. Yeah, so, I mean, if I had to honestly with myself as a pokemon player, I think my decisionmaking would be a higher score with the DRACI version then with the GIGINA version. Oh, yeah, there you go. At least you're being honest. Lad, you're being honest with your ranking. I try, I try very humble take on that. Yes, very good. So, yeah, yeah, I I'm still a fan of rappid strike. conceptually it's a strong, consistent archetype. Yeah, yeah, and it's kind of peak ram, strong asistant archetype or right, right, and that I think. You know. I have, yeah, again, about fifteen keys left to go. I'm I've been enjoying a turn it is for the most part. I thought that the early metagame was a lot better for it, and I'm definitely kind of seeing that lately I've been just kind of getting push around by the by the fighting types and like things like or beatle and stuff.

You know, there's just there seems to be a little bit more hate for a turn it is out there. So I think I'm going to move back to something a little bit more did Ann a focused be at peak a ram or rapid strike or something else? Maybe a fire welder box? I don't know. I was thinking about playing some welder de x's wow all, which is like allst sinful coming from my mouth, I know, right, but sometimes you just want to crank it up and play. Well, just just shove all your chips to the middle of the table. I'm playing welder exactly, and it's kind of I kind of have that feeling right now. But I either way, I plan to have fun with it. I'll play decks that I think are strong, but you know, my goal is to just kind of like enjoy myself and get some points along the way. There you go. It's all anyone can ask. Well, I can't wait to talk to you in a week when I'm like completely fatigued dot pokemon and just like say hey, are you? Are you going to be in Ohio again next week? Next week? No, I'm still trying to figure out what's going on for like the week following. Yeah, right, as I was like the the T thirty. Yeah, I'm still figuring out the plan for that. Well, like the plan is in, it's happening, or the plan is in. If it's happening, okay, it's happening, all right. Yeah, well, to be great, great to have you. So any other, I guess guiding points of with them? JW. I mean, I will say we talk a lot on the podcast about not rage starting tournaments and you did relay some information to me about your tournament experience. I did. Yes, I did do a little bit of rage starting tournaments. Most recent my most I'm on a cold streak right now I'm Oh, for for and my most recent tournaments. It was was pretty good at at sixty nine points and I was over twenty keys. So I was like, I'm chilling, dude, like you know, I I'm chilling. I'm on a good pace. I was like projected, you know, with my little calculator. I was like on Pacerer like a hundred and twenty points or something like, you know, pretty much cruising at that point. And then I lose four in a row and I'm like Ye, the real it back in and it was on my lunch break. I was like, okay, I'll just I'll play one. Yeah, things go loose, play another one, lose and then I at this one. Well, I can't go back into the second half of the day, you know, not getting a single point at lunch, you start another one, single striker Sifu lose, you know, start another one. It was like, I don't know, something ridiculous like Intelli on or something I dead draw to, like what the heck? So, yes, you're right, we do talk a lot about don't rage start tournaments. Just be in the right mindset and then be able to play optimally. And not that I made any misplays necessarily, but I was definitely just, you know, kind of out of my head, especially for like the last one. I don't necessarily think it made a difference, but yeah, it could have, I suppose. So be careful. Do you careful? Well, and the message days true. Don't Really Start Your tournaments, keep a level head, play to the best of your ability and the fruits of your label will come. And if they don't, that's okay to you don't have to qualify for every single player's Cup to be a good player or to continue to approve. Yeah, that's right. I mean you don't have to. Yeah, exactly well said. I mean it's kind of a crap shoot at the end of the day. You know, if you're listening out there and you're like hey, I didn't make it, you know you're sitting at the end of your keys and like I got forty points or I got sixty points, like it's cool. You Know People People have bad tournaments, people have great tournaments. You know that that they, you know, kind of fall into sometimes you just kind of fall into your result. If you know that... played well, if you know that you, you know, did the things that we talked about, checking your prizes if you know you seequenced well, if you know that you picked, you know, an adequate deck, like sometimes there's just nothing you can do. Well said, well said. So I think it's about time that we do a card of the day. Think. So, okay, so car the day this week is I got down like a weird rabbit hole when trying to pick car of the day for this week, where I started off looking at requais of cards, kind of referencing the new set, and then I got down this like high energy, like Discard Energy attacker rabbit hole, and I had got deet like all sorts of Ye, like lowercase ex is, because a lot of them did that sort of thing. And then I found the card that spoke to me the most, and that is a card from Holland phantoms and it is Holland's cast form. So Holland's cast form is a fascinating card. It is one of the craziest, like support pokemon cards ever. Yeah, so it's a fifteen feet basic and it has one attack which does not due damage, and obviously it's a cast form, so it doesn't evolve. So you look at this card and you're like, what is the point of this thing. What does it do? But then there's like a little it's there's like a big paragraph. So it's written in like at bt text. Got A squint step on for the young for the young eyes. Yeah, I need to put on my readers for this something and it says basically, is boiling it down, if one of your pokemon has an energy card attached to it, you can swap that energy with Holland's cast form as your energy attachment for turn and Hank. CAST form provides to Rainbow Energy. So the the cool thing about cast form is a obviously it's like a double rainbow, so it like offers a lot of flexibility in your deck. But it's a pokemon especially, so you know, obviously like even Pokemon, to have like two of the same energy type attachments like castform is still useful in this time because it's a pokemon that you can search. So cards like Hallin's mentor you can describ cast form out of it. There's a lot of Holland support that you can get castform with her any just pokemon SAR card and that lets you get cast for out of that. Communications another example. So that's just like it's so cool that you have this like energy that you can search on a ball card that isn't like a netball, you know, or it's a grass energy. It's like a flexible energy that you can get on a ball card. Right. So it's just super cool. It's like an unintuitive card when you first look at it, just because you that text is, you know, it's the readers the text. So you know, when I was new, I looked at this card and like this thing is this garbage. You can't even do a damage. Well, talk about the attack as well. Yeah. So, so Delta draw is actually a decent attack to so delta draw, you count the number pokemon and play that has dealt the species on it. CAST warmers, not a Delta species. I and you dropped that many cards. So obviously, like Delta species were all the rage of the time and most decks that use delta species would like primarily have a fair amount of them. So it's like a good way to draw in a pinch if you start cast form as well. So honestly, it's like back then. You know, back then drawing, you know, two or three like Oh yeah, good, like you might find me was a lot term slimmer back fan like you didn't have. You didn't have your researches or Sycamore's back then. You didn't even have like your Cynthia's back then. You know, it was just like you draw couple cars at a time, usually with some sort of stipulation. So cast...

...warmers is a great card and it's cool. I'll always say this time and time again. It's cool that these like Niche Pokmon, that are kind of useless in the video game, like cast form, get these times to shine in the trading card game. And even if it's not like you know, cast form isn't making waves with his insane attacks, but he's helping out the team and however he can, which is great. That's right. And they also had, I do just want to mention while we're on the topic, they also had a few other cards that did somewhat similar things. I'm not yeah, an elective good, yeah, Volturbin electrode, but but those two cards being able to provide, I think, the Mat and the magnamite. I think magnamite provided a colorless voltor of electrode provided, I thought, some like a rainbow style effect, something like that. Or maybe it's just the electrode. But in any case this was kind of a common theme and and all of them actually had some you know, relative uses. Like the VOLTORB and the magnamite were pretty interchangeable, but the magneton and the in the volturb like had different uses depending on the deck. So, yeah, very cool stuff, a really unique kind of combination of cards that you don't you know, we really haven't seen since I would say, and something that, yeah, would really add another level of complexity of the game should they decide to bring that kind of mechanic back. Yeah, it was an awesome mechanic. I definitely recommend checking out decks from that time frame of like the Delta species in the lower case X. is a lot of cool stuff that went on in the game around then. Cool. So that brings us into our final poster, headliner topic for the day, and that is the new set that was announced. So, as has been tradition for the last couple of generations, we finally are getting our rake quays as at JW. Tell me how you're excited you are for the re raises that. I do love a good Rac Quaisa, but I that was never a deck that I really played into the ground when it was around, and I know you have some experience with Ray Quais. One depends on the requais of that you're referring to, I suppose, because there's always the requatess a deck. I forget like true, true. So the I'm thinking about the the mega rack ways, so mega ree quaiza. I didn't play too much mega requays. I don't know. We're getting that idea from really? Okay, I was thinking the you know, the whole Columbus crew, like you. And No, I never, only only Rena really played Mega Riekquaiz. I was a decidual I guy, but I did play a decent amount of Vika ray from slesh just storm shortly after retaining AIAN. What was that? Two Thousand and eighteen now, Geez, the ears are blending together. But v Gray was was a lot of fun, you know, accelerating the energy and just blasting for insane amounts of damage. Honestly, like requis, it is usually something to that effect where you get a couple hundred, when you get a bunch of energy and play rather and you do a lot of damage. You see that with like that, the Dragon Mega Ray. You see that with the Dragon Burst Rakis a. You see that with slushtill, stormy Wayzer requiz A, Y x. They all just love to do a lot of damage for a lot of energy and play. So the lipstick dragon is coming back in evolving skies kind of feels like a Harken back to roaring skies, you know, and with the name there and the color scheme. Yeah, absolutely, they're no doubt in my mind that they were going for that when they when they created this set. Are there any pokemon on JW that you are kind of like wish listing for this set, given that it's like a sky themed set? Yeah, I mean. Well, I mean they got to make a dragon night right. It's like so, yeah, I use right card, magnite, with the equally yeah, drag. I was going to say dragon night was pretty...

...big with Rick Woisa, you know, back in back in roaring skies. So obviously came out in two different sets, but I would like to see that. That be kind of cool. Yeah, I guess that makes sense, given your history of Dragonet it. I would love to see like I would love to see a like a normal bird pokemon kind of get a chance to shine. Like imagine it like a fear O v Max Yo, but it's good. Let's gool. That would just be so high. That would never happen. But like maybe a pigiod could get a cool one, like herods, you know, if you're all kind of gets the short of the stick. Maybe PIGGIA could get a cool one, or or dodrio would be cool. Oh that would be pretty sweet. Maybe like a Dogrio v or something that like reduces retreat, like all sorts of cool things that we can do it. Maybe just a Dotrio v Max I like makes your proppun our for your treat or something. I don't know. Does Do'trio have a v Max in the Lore in the game? Well, The v Max is isn't necessarily directly related to having like a Giganta Max. Okay, there's actually instances for cards have a gigant Max and a regular just v Max version, which is bigger. I can tell you. Okay, I I actually have acquired a copy of Pokemon sward, so I you know, I might be playing it in the next I don't know, a few months. We'll see. But okay, well, that's great. Yeah, that would be really cool to get one of those birds to be kind of a poster child for roaring. It would be kind of a tough cell, I feel like, for evolving skies to have, you know, a land based bird and Dodrio be your kind of most feared Pokemondrio can fly. Well, it knows how to fly, but like it's it's clearly based off an ostrich, but it can fly, which doesn't know how to well, I just I think they mess that one up a little bit. You can see it flying and pokemons that. Oh Really? Yeah, okay, all right. Well, I haven't gotten that far yet, so I it doesn't have to be Dogio, but I would like to see just like one of those more standard birds get a powerful to prize card. Is that so much to ask? I don't think it is. I think it is. Yeah, so that's on my wish list. Anything else that you're excited about coming up in the in the next set here? I don't think they've really said much about it. No, I mean it's just always new sets are pretty cool, you know. You're excited to see like kind of what secreer cards are. I'm getting more and more excited about the arts in the sets, all the alternate arts. Thus far, so good. Yeah, from pretty much. You know, sword and shield on all the alternate arts have been really, really strong, so I'm excited for those. I know it's gonna you know, it's sad that I'm actually into the alternate arts right now because, like it's just going to cost way more money because everyone else is also into the alternate arts right now. So we'll see. We'll see, though. I'm excited to see what they do with art. We will see awesome. So with that, let's let's get to some chat questions. Year got on from Board Milk Twenty Five. Do you think it is important for weakness to be double? Do you think it maybe too much of an autoloss for tight matchups? I definitely have some opinions on this. JW. What are your thoughts? I think times to weakness isn't horrible for the game. I think that it's it's because you have to do something with the amount of HP that these pokemon have, like you have to have some kind of, you know, mechanic to be able to have it so that one deck just doesn't dominate an entire you know, metagame or entire format. Like they have to have some kind of counter. The problem, I think, comes when like a post rotation. If we're looking at it is just that we might fall into this you know, rock,...

...paper scissors, lizard spock type format where there's just like literally not a way for one deck to be the other without it being, you know, weak or without a having weakness on another deck, which is frustrating. There's not a lot of type coverage within each of the archetypes right. You know Riley is probably going to say this, but it's like, you know, you could play Red v Max or Blue v Max or Yellow v Max and there's no real interplay. Like right now we have, you know, mewtwo's going in Ersha Fu decks, or we have I mean it's really kind of just mew two kind of just getting splashed around as the most viable kind of secondary attacker. But you understand, I you kind of understand. My point, though, is just like there is a little bit of viability in having like a dual type deck like peek around at this point. Frankly, it's more of a psychic Dick than an electric deck. Like really, if you think about it, like the amount of times that I'm attacking with mew too. You know, if far outways, the amount of times I'm attacking with peak around, which is just kind of funny to say. But yeah, you know, right now we're we have a little bit of a diversity, a little bit, a very small amount, but I think that probably goes away with the rotation and I think that's we'll just have to see how that how things buff out from there. Yeah, I was I was going to say I'm a little on the fence about this. I think two times can be really oppressive at times, but I think pokemon generally tries to balance around it. I mean, like a good example is like the Zaptose, the Vehiclearians Apts v is like clearly intended to hit for two times weakness and in Ko is turned as vmax. But if it if weakness was like plus thirty and they still wanted to get that same goal, you know, would have to be three hundred damage, which would be ridiculous. So let's you have a card that's like moderately powerful outside of that matchup but like actually helps where accounts right. And I think it kind of Harkens back to GW's point. He's poking out so much HP like at one point, like how much weakness would you need to add. To make it meaningful, it would have to be like almost a hundred, if feels like. But then you then you're looking at like pokemon like a zigzagoon doing like a hundred damage to ride draggable, which doesn't seem right either. So I think to what I would like to see is more of like a gradation of the weaknesses, like maybe you have like basics are plus ten, like one price basics are plus ten, seeing one play stage one like plus funny and then plus thirty or you know, numbers can be fudged, but like some sort of like gradation on the on the stages and then like the the toot, the Multi Price Pokemon have that two times or something like that. I don't know. I think there's ways that we can make it better, but I feel like the Games, there's too much health in in play for the multi price pokemon and not have a multiplier. Yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure. And I mean I kind of feel like high. Probably will eat my words and a few like in a year or two, but I kind of feel like we're riding this kind of peak. I don't know if you feel that way in terms of health and HP and like the amount of times to weakness matters, but I'll never say never on hell and I know never say never. But like the vmax is like in the in the video game, like these are like supposed to be just massive creatures, right. So then you poured them over to the card game. Like they're not going to have less HP than, you know, the strongest pokemon. So I kind of feel like we're at kind of a high point. This actually gets into the next question here. I'm you've mentioned that we're in a stage one met at the moment. Do you think that the only way we get back to a stage to Meta is if they made all basics and stage one's useless compared to stage two's? I really don't think that way. There are certain things about the way that they're designing the game that make me think that we're going to see, you...

...know, like we're in a stage one Meta. We have been in a stage two Meta in the past. We have been in a basic, you know, dominated metagame, which you could, I mean, I guess, argue that we're in one right now, but the point being that they generally tend to cycle through, you know, the Pokemon that they give strength or the pokemon types that they give strength. So you know just I I've played for long enough to know that. And so for the people that are like, Oh, you know, the game is terrible, it's only it's only basics, or it's only stage one's right now, like let's give it some time. I have a belief in the in the game designers that they will try to rebalance at some point. And in terms of how do you make stage two is good again, it probably just has to do something with like certain abilities being printed, like you know, a Zamas into his ability is being printed on Galleci, on vmax. You had to give stage two is maybe more viable attacks, but give them they have to be kind of different in a way. I don't know quite what that means, but it's like, you know, does does four hundred more damage if the Pokemon is a v Max? You know that's obviously an exaggeration, but something like that where it's like, oh, it's scales, I guess been. I think the fundamental point you're getting at is that stage twos have to be the juice has to be worth the squeeze on stage to like you're putting a lot of effort into getting them out on stage. Two's, my opinion, need like two major things to be successful. They need like a key attribute that helps them either circumvent game mechanics or like deal sertain amount of damage or like somehow compete against like easier to get out POKEMON, like stage ones in basics, and they need a method to get them out easily consistently, not necessarily like so easily that you consistently get like three stage two's out on turn to, but consistently enough that you can count on having multiple throughout the game every game, right, and so it's a push and pull on both of those things that actually makes stage two's viable, and right now we're missing both of those categories, I would say, like the stage shoes aren't powerful enough or are the easy enough to get out. So we need a little more support, and I think right now, I've said this before, I think pokemon over estimates how easy it is to get a stage two out, and so they make stage twos like a certain power level that isn't conducive of how difficult they are, and I think they're learning from that as stage she's getting more powerful, or not all the way there yet right what agree asking here? I asked. Do you think we may see POKEMON card power levels decreasing more, considering there are fewer straightforward oh coo attacks, so like conditional attacks instead of just being gigantic one shots? Yeah, I mean hopefully. Yeah, that's that's the hope, right. Obviously you want to have more, more options, right. Might have to think a little bit more about what you're doing. So it doesn't seem to be quite the case right now. But again, just think about the cycles. Like I think we'll start seeing a little bit more text come back to some of these attacks soon. And I would also say, like you know, at least the v Max is don't just like one shot each other back and forth, like there's usually at least one turn between hitting a v Max of the first time and Oko era than Kaling it. Yeah, and I would say, I mean, if you want kind of what I what I would consider like a good vmax or step in the certainly a step in the right direction, like the rapid strike or Shpoo like great, I think, I think generally great design in terms of, you know, with the context that it's in, right, if you put it in another context of you know, put it back ten years ago, like it's a completely overpowered but in this context, you know, you have two...

...attacks that do very different things and and yeah, I think it's generally generally good. Well, I think if if there's one theme coming out of these questions, it's that JW I have high hopes for the future of the game and we're really excited to see where things go always and we're excited to bring you the cutting edge and news every single week, every single week, even if we're at our parents house. So with that we will sign off for the day. We appreciate all of your listenership, whether you're watching live or listening from your ipod touch or even from your I pod Nano. We appreciate all of the listenership. Be Sure to rate and review if you're checking us out on your favorite podcasting platforms. It really helps boost us up through those magical algorithms. And be sure to also check us out on social media. That's smiles with riles and real John Walter on twitter and Munner and Fleck daddy righteous on twitch. You can also see the podcast twitter on tag team pokemon on twitter, and that's where we'll do all sorts of great giveaways. That's right, where. It's getting about time, isn't it? Riley? It's getting about time, so make sure you get those follows in. Absolutely thank you guys so much for listening. Will cut you on the next week's podcast. Thanks every ready, peace. See You.

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