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Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 3, Episode 45 · 10 months ago

3-45. Po Ro Flo


The boys are back and ready to rotate! Come hear some cards to look out for as we head into a new season of our beloved game!

Yo, what is up, guys? Looking back to tag team, the POKEMON Trading Card Games Premiere podcasting duo. My name is Riley Hulbart, joined as always by my fantabulist friend Mr JW creewall. J W. How's it going today? I've gone pretty well. It's going to be back heck yeah, man. What's been going on in the the world of Mr Jw Oh man? I well, I just got back from a vacation in Wisconsin. So if you're listening to the cast and even wondering what's happening to the channel recently, and I didn't upload all this week, well, I was on vacation. There you go. Makes Sense to me. Pretty Sweet. It's pretty sweet. We did a bunch of tubing. We did I tried to water ski, which I tried six times, and I I was like getting better and getting better, and then I was like you know what, I'm cool. And then we went to see a water ski show. The longest running amateur water ski show was located any distinction. Yeah, located in the town that we were at, and they are called the Minoqua bats and they do like a bunch of you know, Pyramids and they jump off the ski jumps, things like that. The most interesting thing that they did it did the thing called barefoot skiing and, as you can imagine, they they skied barefoot, but I thought that was exceptionally interesting. So last nating. That's pretty cool. Well, that all sounds really fun. And you got a see now and I got I see. I think I got a little bit of Sun. Things are looking up in the cree wall household, that's for sure. There you go, looking nice and Tan. So how about you? That's been it's been exhausting. Yeah, the project that I was working on went live. The they're not entirely stable yet. I wouldn't say, you know, take some time for I want to get used to the transition, but it was very stressful over the last week. Things are finally getting to a better place, but it was it took a lot of direct action for me that was outside of things that I really ever have to do. Yeah, so it was interesting. So that was exhausting, but I had a nice weekend out in the Sun. It was very beautiful out here. I was constant last weekend and I'm back in the swing epics. Also back in the office this week. So I got to see some of my co workers that I haven't seen in person and basically a year, year and a half even, and it's been a interesting week. Yep, you know. Yeah, well, you're kind of on the outside of that project. Great on at this point. Yeah, I'm still still definitely involved and they have a face to that. I'll be working on until October. Cool, so cool. Yeah, a lot of going on, a lot of going on, but always good to be here in the saddle with the Premiere Pokemon podcast. So much GW. A huge hot topic here in the POKEMON trading card game scene has been the future of the game, namely the the rotation. You know, in the absence of a world's format, you know, are really just kind of jumping right into it. You know, evolving guys will come out and that will be the first thing that people are thinking about. So, as we're talking earlier today, we thought it would be fun to kind of talk about some things that we think might be good post rotation. Some of them might be obvious, others maybe less so, and be it,...

...because either they're exceptionally good on their own or because there's some sort of anslerry benefit to rotation for them. Like a card rotates out that negatively impacts them. So we have ten kind of groupings of cards, like some of them are individual cards, some of them are cards that kind of fit together, and we'd figure that we'd take this episode and walk you through those so as you prepare for the next month for rotation, that you have all this in the back of your head. Sergew whyn't you start us off with the first card of you're choosing from this pool? Okay, absolutely. Yeah, we thought long and hard about what we should include, because there are some cards that, while they may be important for post rotation and they may be in every single deck, they may not have kind of a monetary increase in value. I think we kind of focused a little bit more on what's cheap. Now that's maybe a little under the radar that you want to make sure that you grab for post rotation so that you're not caught, you know, having to pay a hundred, two, hundred, three, hundred percent more for that card or you did not do that. Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, obviously there's a bunch of post rotation cards like the professor's research and Marnie and right looss's orders like those are very obvious. Things, but even some less than obvious things like, you know, rows or Carina's focus, like a lot of these kind of supporters, or maybe you know special energy. Those are always going to be cheap, and so we've kind of opted not to include those in our top ten. These are just some of the some of the outliers of the current format that you might be interested in for post rotation, should the format shake out in a certain way and because we're losing a lot of things, I think there are a lot of potential benefits for grabbing these cards. So the one of the first ones that I thought of coming to mind when we're talking about post rotation is the loss of mew from unbroken bonds. With that bench barrier ability, I thought, for the majority of our format new has been, if not played in every deck, at least a threat to be played in every deck. It can to be slotted into everything very easily. A lot of x want to have the card, a lot of x play the card, and so there are some cards that are harmed, obviously, by playing new from unbroken bonds. One of the biggest is P K Ram. Of course that's going to be rotating, but with that gx attack that can be reek, some reef, some havoc on opposing players. So that's one of the use cases. Of course, that's rotating. Now looking at to you know, other use cases, when we come up on an archetype that has not seen much play but certainly is kind of looming in the wings as one of the better attacks that I feel like I've seen in the game. Yeah, that just has them been played and that is of course, zero Orro these attack, as zero or V does with its fist attack. A hundred damage to the active and one hundred sixty damage to the bench if you had a rapid strike pokemon attack on the following or the previous turn, and that just seems really good. Two hundred and sixty for potentially to energy right, if you have a rapid strike energy attached, seems quite good. You can cycle out very quickly and of course you can utilize the blaze kin to get a little bit of energy acceleration. Yeah, I mean it's the tail as old as time, right, where you know there were some sort of inhibitor pre rotation and then post rotation it's gone. In this case the new from a broken bonds and the doors immediately open up for new strategies. You know, we've seen this historically with, you know, cards like carboter as well that we're, you know, pretty oppressive towards certain strategies. Kind of in a similar vein, another thing that can be oppressive to you know, a deck's success is obviously weakness.

We talked a lot about the podcast about how weakness is incredibly influential in the POKEMON trading card game, because that times too is just massive. And so another Combo of cars that I wanted to call out is the fireweak cards. So you're talking a little bit before the cast about these then being corvenite vmax or beetle vmax, both these massive fireweek pokemon that kind of had these heel based strategies. So when you go in a fire matchup, it's kind of like makes your whole strategy completely moved right. So both of these cards I really enjoy. I was a big fan of like the Cheryl heavy or beetle deck, and corvenite basically plays into the same kind of strategy where you tank a lot of hits, you heal up to full with Erald is fully utilizing the power of that card and progressively where your opponent out of the game. It's a tried and Chooe strategy. To have this like gigantic heely pokemon and the removal of their main engine for their weakness is notable. I will preface that by saying that VIC Tini obviously is still around. You know, it is too energy attacker that can hit these guys for weakness. But I think Vitin doesn't like have the best place overall in the metagame. I would say like right, yeah, it is that two hundred and twenty damage, but so much, so many of these other vmax is can do such incredible things that it doesn't really feel that special just to be able to do to twenty four two. Right, yeah, so that's kind of that's kind of my thought. There's just being able to consistently, you know, have these gigantic pokemon. They're healing and dealing out tons of damage. I mean, does it seem like you go wrong with that? No, absolutely not. And just having yeah, again, there's weaknesses that will have and flow. They are strong archetypes that will ebb and flow. Fire seems solid right now in the Meta. You know, of course you're beating up on those pokemon that we just mentioned, but also things like Lacario, mel metal, any random zoshins that are out there in, you know, ATPDX and so fire fairly well poised. But of course you lose one of your biggest, you know, if not the only, main reason to play fire in welder and so. Absolutely I think that we have an opportunity to see some of these fireweek. Vmax has see a little more playing. Absolutely. What else is popping up on your mind? EW So, one other set of cards. I kind of want to group these together again. Are just the auxiliary draw cards. Now again, let's talk about first, what we're losing. We're losing one of the best draw cards of all time into den a gx, and I losing that. There's going to be a void to fill right the then agx very notable because you discarded your entire handed drew a fresh six. That's great pretty much at any point in the game. Obviously was limited that once per turn effect, which just would have been ridiculous if that was not a part of the you know ability, since, like we had cards like Shamin that could just churn through an entire deck on the first turn. But the then a very, very strong, especially just because you could dump things that you didn't necessarily need in those early turns or even those mitten light turns and then get a F chance. Yeah. So I don't want to harp on it, but like the especially in the current state of the game, where I feel like you can have like a lot of clunk yeah, so good to be able to just toss it. It's it's so good. Yeah, I'm really curious how how DEX look like next format, just because we... lose that Didnne like is. I don't know how will dex we built it. It's just curious and it'll be something that will certainly be covering here on the cast. But how do we feel the void post rotation? One idea would be with snore lax and or since Chino. Now those cards have already seen play in the current standard, which you know, that is maybe a little bit of an indicator, right, if they're already seeing play, not in high counts, but they have their use cases. If they're already seeing play current format and we're losing draw power, then certainly they would be cards to keep an eye on for the next format. And so I think snore lax, you know, of course, you have that just really nice set up and a lot of synergy actually with vmax style de x, right, because you have a one prize or in the active and then you're trying to set up three prizers. So you know, like with the orbital decks that we've seen in this current standard, you can go ahead and leave, you know, a store lax, maybe even to snore relaxes, active while you're setting up, get your couple of vmax has in play and hopefully they can just sweep from there. I'm so snore lacks. I give a lot of credence for post rotation, especially when we lose ATP right. That's a real benefit of having that one prize or to set up is you just throw it active, let that take a few hits, you know, get knocked out whatever, and it doesn't really matter because we have those of EMAX is coming up that's going to augment the prize trade. Seven or a prize is that your opponent has to take the win the game. Yeah, I'm just starting. Our LAX is so good too. Yeah, super good. And like right now we have ATP that kind of goes around things right where you like, okay, if he knocks out of snore lax and then and then they just have to knock out one v Max Right. So that kind of flips the whole thing out his head, maybe to make snore lacks less viable this current format the next. But one to watch out for. Another thing, you know, we're taking away the draw our again of the didnning since, you know, seems like an obvious kind of replacement for that as well. So since you know, does a little bit of you know damage. It got the forty and Energy Excel. That's not too shabby. But mostly that trade ability I think I'll see some significant play as we look to augment how we draw cards in the next format. A man, it's not trade, it's make do. Let's get it right. Hi, I know that. What did I say? That trade like ability. Yeah, I totally agree, and I both of these cards have really seen a substantial amount of play already when they're competing with the DNA. So, but the fact that, you know, to Danny's rotating, the format will likely have to accommodate that either by slowing down, which benefits these cards, or by just having alternative mechanisms to draw, which also benefits these cards. Sure. So really excited to to get my hands and play with those. I did want to talk about another set of cards that we resoundingly agreed upon precast, and that's going to be the Intelli online. In very similar vein to what we've talked about with star Lacs and Gincino. Being able to dig through your deck is obviously incredibly valuable. We've seen the INTELLI online splashed into an I'm seeing number of decks in the current format with the introduction of the rapid strike and telly on engine. So you know, what do you got going on with and telling on like? Obviously you have the wrap strick sawble. That makes it easier to search it out, you have the item of search drizzle and then you have both the search and the snipe on the intellion. So just the amount of versatility that you get every single turn of the game where you're playing in telly on, it just opens up an absurd number of options and it's so, so good. If you haven't tried out decks that are using the...

...itellian engine, I honestly recommend that you do, because it's a very satisfying game plan to play. Or you're just plucking exactly what you need out of the deck every turn and then sniping in the league game. It to blast, but it could be really confusing to write it. It can be. Yeah, it can be frustrating, it can be an honestly, those decisions like which in Tellian do I evolve into even can be really difficult sometimes. Yeah, absolutely exactly. I was just going to say, like, if you're playing that split of the final stage, it can really make your head spin. You know, do I want that extra twenty damage? Do I want the two items? which two items do I want? Way Do I want them? You know, it just there's a lot of decisionmaking, especially when you have that dual count of intelli on. So certainly be prepared, both by playing these cards and also buying these cards. Do not be caught, you know, fumbling around trying to look for your entire really like getting getting the actual and Tellian. I feel like the Dr's I on the SOBB will probably be fine, but getting the intellians themselves, they feel like that's going to be one of those cards where it's surprises people by like how much it spikes up. Yeah, absolutely, okay, moving on. Some of these are a little more obvious right, but they still are worth mentioning. So for me, One v Max that I currently don't have because I haven't played any standard format in person yet, but that I want to make sure that I have is a turn it is v Max. Now turn it is v Max. Deadlocked in this kind of you know, Dark Week Meta. Right. So you're seeing a lot of ATP Multris, you're seeing a lot of a tarnity is to try to counter all of the shadow rider Calias. But just taking it at face value, of course we have, you know, Galarian moultras or excause we glaryan article. Is APTOS. That you know one shots the etarnity is, but that is less of a conser say every other bird before Zamptat. It's like it's like dad's with their children. Your Dad ever do that? Honestly that I monded that more than my dad. But yeah, go through all the other kids and then you get to the one that you want. But anyway, so you got the Galarians, Aptos that you know takes care of etarnity is, but that, I mean, really hasn't slowed the deck down too much. I would certainly argue that at tarn it this is still somewhere, certainly towards the top, like third, of archetypes that you could play right now that are viable for competitive play. So a turn is one card or one deck, one set of cards that I would absolutely make sure that I have. That power is so overwhelming, especially when you get it on turn to thanks for really hard times for your opponent. Absolutely so we've reached the halfway point of our top ten here, top ten pods of cards, I suppose. I did want to call out some honorable mentions before we jump into the car of the day. So one in particular that I feel like we need to talk about, I just because I think there's some interesting conversation there, is the amazing Ray GERRACCI. That was one that people were definitely hyped up on a couple months ago, you know, looking ahead towards post rotation as potentially kind of a draw engine or, you know, drop pokemon out, and when we were building this list we weren't exactly as hot on it. I just think just the fact that that you have these options like can Tali on that are much smoother and overall more reliable kind of reduced the value of Graci, despite the fact that Gragi is a basic yep. Do you have any further thoughts about why we might not include Rachi? But you know, it's still an okay card. Yeah, I mean Geraci is good. Again, I don't know that it, like with a lot of these other cards, drash, it doesn't seem like the card that will get particularly big in a lot of decks. I could... completely wrong about that, but it seems maybe only you know, if it were to see play, it would see play in a select number of decks. And then again, if it were to see play, it would probably only see play in like a one or a two count, just as I kind of pivot. Yeah, that made the light game. So you know, it's it's not quite as good as I think we know. I think you're right. I think Grati fits in best. Is like a one of slap an air balloon on it. It's your pivot kind of card, but not as like an actual reliable draw engine. It's not stellar wish like. We can't force it into that box right. And we're also getting a new kind of Gerado, maybe arguably better GERACI, coming out in the next set, are we not? I don't remember. Is that? Yeah, they're there it. I believe it's coming out next set. There's a card that that you look at the top six and you take you take an item. Oh yeah, that is coming out in bolling skuys. have to parable believe that's that's pixies. Yes, exactly. I'm forgetting the name of it right now, but but there is that kind of that kind of card coming back. You know, Geraci in essence is coming back and then arguably better. So yeah, I think you know, with that, you look at Geraci being kind of the amazing rare, being one of those overlooked cards. You know, saw a little bit of play and things like colossal bacco nos released but never really caught on and I just don't think there's going to be space for it post rotation. I think that's a fair assessment. Another card that we didn't have make our list but is notable is going to be the cricket UNE v. We are super hype on this card heading into last format with battle styles, and it hasn't really shown up to to play. You know, I think it kind of Harkens back to what we were talking to earlier, honestly, about dedanna being able to think cards out of your hand. It's you find yourself in low hand count scenarios that much more rarely, I feel like in this format. Like even when I'm dead drawing off on Marnie, it's like I have five cards. It's can't play them all. You know. I don't know if you have further thoughts. They're on cricket to JW. Well, I don't know. I feel like hands are about to get really big post rotation, like we don't have the cycling that we did. Well, that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm yeah, yeah, it's like cricketoon just doesn't seem as good. I mean I guess if you're like parent crickatoon with rows, which which we haven't quite done yet in this format but I guess could be possible in the next format, that's valid. That's but you're never really getting those smaller and sizes. Yeah, I would agree. So I would agree. Yeah, Kricketine really hasn't shot out to play and I there's going to be less options to make your hand reset next format. So I don't really and there's also we lose reset stamp as well. So like you don't need that same insurance. That you may have used to. So I don't really see Krakatoon getting any better post rotation. Right exactly? Any other mentions you want to give tow honorable mentions? I mean I was thinking about you know again, like maybe there's some other vmax archetype that gets a little bit better post rotation. We lose Pekarram of course, the lightning type, so maybe there's a thought that a water vmax gets significantly better the two right now that you think of our course lappers and then telly on but it. Those would be, you know, a couple of honorable mentions. I'm always going to love and telling on. I don't know, I don't even know. It ruined your life. Yeah, it absolutely did. I I we can laugh about that now. It's all good, Um. But yeah, I think like those, those two could be good again. You're losing a weakness. That's pretty bad, but you're not really...

...hitting anything for weakness. So you know where that leaves you. I'm not entirely sure, but certainly there's room for those to be good, especially with the deck, like I can tell you on that can too. Shot disrupts some energy and or like the the lambers Fomax, that can just go ahead and one shot anything in its path. Absolutely perfect. So let's transition then into our cart of the day. Sir Jw, I have a POKADEX entry for you, and if you can guess the Pokemon, I will give you five dollars. Okay, so polkad x entry is as follows. Don't Google. Okay. They gather on moonlit nights to form a large chorus. Their cries sound angry and not at all pleasant, but they are certainly distinctive. I feel like I know this. I say one more time, all right, one more time for all the money. They gather on moonlight nights to form a large chorus. Their cries sound angry and not at all pleasant, but they are certainly distinctive. Okay, so I'm just thinking of the the Pokemon anime, and there's there's a couple of times where pokemon gather round and like they might gather around quite frequently, but they like all sing to the moon. Yeah, you remember the do you remember the Venus or episode? I do. Yeah, yeah, that's like what I'm thinking about. I'M gonna say? I think, I think I'm going to say cliff fairy. That's a good guess for sure in line with the anime. Unfortunately, it is not clif fairy. You can't get a second guess for one dollar if you'd like. Well, my second guess would be would be bulbous. Or then it's not bolmos are either. So that's the card of the day. Is polytoad x from x unseen for is polly toad cries to the moon. Pollytoad, they cry in the Moon, all right, in a large chorl. Well, yeah, I had no idea. It's kind of a thing. That is crazy. So the the reason that I chose polly toad X is twofold. First, it is a long time staple of our good friend Neale shampay's old decks where you play with the fossils and it's just a ton of fun. But also, I was in kind of a nostalgic mood today. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and just thinking about cards that we enjoyed together and we really enjoyed cards with interesting attack names, and Poly Toady X is probably the King of interesting attack names. It has three attacks, all of which you could call interesting. It has upward, lick, punch and run and swallow up as it's three attacks. Bloods, that's just three bangers in a row right there. That's so true. So, I mean you can, like, if you google like funny pokemon attacks, like you'll see all three from this polly down. So that's just so cool. The cards is awesome. It has this his tongue like sticking out like ready to slap someone with his upward lick, and it's actually got... in a deck, which is even cooler. Yeah, yeah, I don't want to be on the receiving end of one of them upward licks. You Punch and run is a legitimate strategy. Punching and roll. What do you play it with? You play it with just a bunch of the fossils from the time they didn't give up a price. So it's like a down fan. Yeah, it's kind of like a down fan deck. And then you could also do like other cool and then you have swallow up and upward look like alternate options. Yeah, wow, so super cool. Guard definitely recommend check it out. If you haven't seen it before, and you're lucky, you may hear a polytoad seeing in a chorus in the night. I wonder what that sounds like, apparently not good, but it is distinctive. Yeah, yeah, exactly. With that, with the blessings of polytoad behind us, let's jump back in to some of the cards that we're looking at for post rotation. Since we did talk about eternity is, I think it's only fair that we talked about some more the obvious offenders here, one of the most obvious ones being shadow rider. Callie REX. If you haven't picked up shadow rider already, I would look at doing it sooner than later, because what will inevitably happen is when we start to learn more about actual sanctioned events coming, the prices of important cards like shadow rider will sky rocket. Yes, so shadow rider. You all know the drill. You know why this card is good. I don't need to harp on it for you. I recommend getting it if you plan on playing it any time soon after rotation, and it's relatively cheap. I'm sure if you bought from a local card store you could probably and they, assuming they had a full place, that you could probably get it for around eighty dollars. I found for shadow rider on TCG player or Ebay, like a play set, and I bought them each for five dollars, which you know I mean fine right, for for arguably one of the better cards in the game, and then for the v Max's, they go somewhere between fifteen and twenty five dollars. So again, if you're listening to this cast and you think like maybe this would be a deck that you would, you know, at least look into playing at some point, like the alchemy shadow rider, which is probably going to be the way you play heading into heading into post rotation, then certainly pick yourself up a place out of these guys. And I would also say in that vein, if you think that Alchemy is superior version, which it seeming more and more like it might be, get the alchemies as well, because those aren't super easy to find, like just on a pure pack perspective. So he don want to end up with your pants down that one. Yeah, for sure, and this I mean frankly. This also goes for for online as well. Yeah, Oh, yeah, sure, you know, certainly soon like make sure that you're getting these cards too, because we've seen some ridiculous spikes from cards that do not deserve to be worth as much as they're worth in the online game and yet for some reason we see they just like overra seeing cards just go to obscene values. What was one that you remember recently? I think the most obvious offender was sham and e x went up to like a hundred and ten dollars after rotation that year. That's so crazy. Yeah, probably was also really bad. Really, I didn't think Tapulelah was all that bad. It's about up to like eighty, I think. Eighty for one. Oh my goodness. Think so. I think back when I think of like a card spike, I think of like Shining Lugia. That one was so random. That was didn't that jump to like forty or sixty dollars? Yeah, that one was was bizarre. That one was crazy,... And the cards all play at one of bed. So yeah, no, no, not true. It's all play like two events, didn't it? Didn't that see play in Australia and then it saw playing like Philly, and then that was pretty much it. I was really only thinking of Philly. Yeah, so, in any case, get your creamies, get your cream get your shatter rider. Don't be caught. Don't be caught. Slip in on those. That's right, Jerry. What's next on the docket? Here. Well, we got another, again obvious one, but people haven't played in a long time and they're probably people listening to this cast that got into the POKEMON trading card game over pandemic. So if you're one of those people and you just need another reminder that again, this is one of the best cards and you should make sure to pick it up. Grab Yours option bes. Grab Yours option be's great attack, excellent ability. This card can be played in just about any deck. I mean for the ability alone right there, those first few turns where you're looking for resources in a lot of decks, like it doesn't make sense, and a lot of decks, but like it's certainly could be played in pretty much any deck just for that extra draw power. And who knows, again, we're talking about kind of the Dedann a. You know what? Replace it to Denn a if very well, could be for a number of decks ostion, just to build that hand up in the early game. Yeah, attack is Great. That doesn't change still has, you know, a lot of the tools right. It's got your mental saucers, has got Bronzong, it's got the GALERIAN mealth perserker line, it's got the rusted sword like there's still a number of of cards that interface extremely well. Was Ashen, so just make sure you have your place set. Of course there's a lot of versions out there. You got the gold, the you know, it was the ten full are, the tin, you know, etc. But those could still certainly spike, no doubt, absolutely, and it's a card that you need for sure, but you can seem like pures Oshi and decks like do well and post rotation events. So yeah, slippin. Yeah, I'll go over one more obvious one and then our last two will be some some more more hidden offenders here. So that's going to be rapid strike or SFU VMAX. Again, some wonderbout JW is saying. A lot of us have really only played online over the last year and may not have picked up some of the staples from the last couple of sets. So even though rapid strike is in a worst position now because of the rise of shadow rider, it is still a phenomenal card to have a specially if things like zero aura or a turn it is continue to thrive in a post rotation format. You know rap strike and come in and really capitalize on those. Rap Strike also benefiting similar to the Aurora, with the removal of mew from the format, being able to use its gmax rapid a flow much more freely, which was truly an inhibitory part of that. That like not being able to use your second attack to its full effect almost ever right to being able to use it whenever you want. Rapper strike can really prey on slower decks that are trying to set up by just slamming rapid flows on them quickly. So definitely not a card to sleep on. It's going to still be good and even if shadow rider is still the best deck, there will be dark decks that are trying to capitalize on that, and wrapper strike takes advantage of those nicely. Yeah, no doubt. I think that rapid strike or really skill based card. You got the couple of attacks, you can snipe, you can do more damage to the active. I mean it's one of those cards that certainly is favors the better players that play..., and I think that'll be no no difference. Certainly post rotation you get a little bit of I don't know if you want to call it like there's some flavors that you can play with right like currently we're seeing tapucco go into some of these rapid strike decks to get that energy acceleration so that you can do the gmax wrap of flow back to back a little bit easier. I think post rotation, I mean of course we lose the tape of Coco, but you could play it with something like the blaze Kin, you know again, right, or if you're fine really crafty, you could go for the Glarian multraus energy switch. That could be another possibility. Right. So there's some flavors that we're not seeing right now, but certainly post rotation we could see be played a little more. Absolutely, JW, we're on the home stretch. What you got right? Yeah, my last card here is hound doom. Hound doom. So Hound Doom, the single strike, of course, Hound Doom, not that there's, I think, any other round doom, but the single strike. How doom with it. Is there another hand doom? I think there is one in standard but not one for post rotation. Okay, that's as wondering if they're like a sword and shield. Hound doom isn't a single strike? No, no, I think I don't think there's another sword and shield. Yeah, that no wrongs thinking. Okay, yeah, you got it. So single strike roars the ability. Of course you search your deck for a single strike pokemon or single stroke energy and you attached to one of your single strike pokemon. This is just gonna be good because at some point they have to release a good single strike, you know, a good single strike pokem or do that way. Well Fair, but you know, it's one of those cards that you want to have around because when they announced that new single strike pokemon that does have much better synergy than what we've seen come out, I want to be prepared. That's kind of my my thought on this card. How doom energy cell oration from the deck for essentially free, as always, really nice. It just needs that pairing to make it really work. We've seen it work with with the single strike Ersia food. Not a bad deck and arguably gets, you know, maybe a little bit better poised. Arguably, again, there's probably going to be a very significant psychic contingent, which is one of one of the biggest weaknesses of the deck. But arguably gets better. But I think, I think you know that one has always kind of stayed in that tier to or lower list the hound doom Ershia food, but I think yours. What's that? Also Tornados? Tornatus? Yeah, you could also play with Tornados. And then there's there's bound to be if we keep up with this single strike, rapid strike kind of printing of cards, there's bound to be something good for only fair. I'm gonna it's only fair. It's only fair. Such a good ability. Yeah, it's just a huge fans in our strikes. You know, I'm going to be picking up my hand dunes, even if it means that I'm going to just be slamming tornatis and in are she feah. There you go. Awesome. So the last card here today is more of a fun one, and but I think it is notable. H Jw, this actually was your idea initially, but I kind of vibe with it the longest from sitting on my screen here, and that is the toe a Kiss v Max line. So if you're unfamiliar to to Kiss v Max, basically do one hundred and twenty four two and you can search out a couple of cards in your deck for your next turn, very similar to cards like sylvion from the GX era. accepted. Actually just damage to it apply if...

...that offensive pressure while searching out your deck. So typically you'll see toga kiss in standard it'll be played with some of these more heey cars, kind of like corvenite and or beetle. But I think the reason I actually like toby kiss even more is that post rotation, in my mind, is likely signaling the start of events happening soon again. And there's actually been a decent amount of success with Toga Kiss and expanded it's been a pretty successful archetype and it seems all the all the more well poised. And this is like just one of those things where you know if you slip on cards that are going to be good, they end up biting you right, right. And it's cheap again. It should be, you know, somewhere between two to five dollars right right now. Tok a kiss is a bulk V v Max, so not too expensive. But it's one of those cards again, you know, you could see it go, certainly five to ten, maybe ten to fifteen. Right, it could sneakily sneak up, just depending. SNEAKILY SNEAK UP. So nickeli snake up. You know how as you do, as you do, for sure. So yeah, certainly one of those cards that you'd look at and say hey, I want to pick up a pair or place it while it's cheap. For Real, for Real, especially if that's a strategy that you enjoy and no harm in it. Absolutely not. Especially especially if you're in a region that has expanded events regularly. Oh, totally yeah, in America there's almost no excuse not to have a place at a Toka Kiss, in my opinion. Absolutely so that brings us through. Are Ten things to watch out for in post rotation. Obviously there are things that aren't on that list that you should make sure that you have taken care of. Make sure you have your boss's orders. Your research is your Marne's, your quick balls, all of that, your energy like those are those are definitely here to stay. But we want to try and point out some things that maybe will will change in the landscape of post rotation. If there are cards that you're wondering if maybe they'll have a better position post rotation, some general rules of thumbs that we used is, does it lose or gain a notable weakness? Does it have a kind of inhibitor card that is leaving or entering the format? Maybe that wouldn't be as present otherwise? Or generally, is the power level of the format shifting in a way that's beneficial. One other thing that I'll emphasize as well is we didn't call our path to the peak on the list, but I think it is another kind of honorable mention because really the stadium game is is shifting. There's no more chaotic spell and there's no more marshadow, so stadiums have a lot stronger of a position on the board. So I would say path to the peak is an obvious one where it has benefits. There the really every stadium in a way kind of has a power boost from those cards exiting the format. So make sure that you're taking a look at at all the stadiums you have at your disposal, but path of the peak especially, and if you're deck is week to path of the peak, find another stadium that will counter. Absolutely. Yeah, stadiums are going to be some whole new ball game because, yeah, again, paths of peak very good and I'm just so excited to see how these archetypes play out. Absolutely, I'm excited. I'm excited. It's the new new age once again, the POKEMON try and card game. Yes, and I you know, would when vmax is were first announced. I think the general sentiment was man, you know, more three prize Pokemon, like can't we...

...go back to the good old days of one prizers? But I think the more that we shift into sword and shield only. You know, there have been a few events online and I think they've been generally well received. But the more that we shift in and obviously with post rotation, I think people are going to really enjoy the health of the format. I think there's a very nice counterplay between do you want to play? You know what kind of Drawingsen do you want to play? How do you want to build your deck? What's supporting attackers do you want to use? I think there's a lot of decision in terms of deck building and so I think that'll make for a really good format. Yeah, I'm definitely excited and I will say even when tag teams are rotated, the tag team podcast will stay true. We are not changing to the v Union podcast or anything crazy like that. So you can feel free to stop asking and with that, be sure to check us out on social media in case you need any updates about whether or not we're changing the name of the show. You can find us at smiles with Riles, Real John Walter and at tag team Pokemon on twitter, and if you want to watch us on twitch, either to catch the podcast live or see any of our live streams, you can find us at monner and at Flex Daddy righteous. That's right. We appreciate you, guys, hanging out with us here, whether you're listening on the cast or whether you're listening over on your favorite podcasting platform. We just appreciate you and you're a listenership. Thank you so much and we'll catch you all next time. Peace. So You.

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