Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast
Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 3, Episode 34 · 9 months ago

3-34. Rotation! Regulation! Qualifications!


The boys are back with a episode filled to the brim with juicy bits off the meat of knowledge. Come check out updates on the next set, the future rotation, and some insight into Player's Cup IV.

Yo, what is up, guys? Welcome back to tag team, the POKEMON trading card games for me orpodcasting duo. My name is Riley Hulbrook, joined, as always, buy myphenomenal friend Mr JW Curry. Wall get off you. How's it goingtoday? It's going pretty well, Riley. How are you? I am spectacular. Yeah, and he is to report. Nothing of particular note.I'm deep in a book right now, which is led to some late nights. So it's been kind of a tired week. But I'm getting my seconddose vaccine. WHO, which is very exciting. Let's go looking forward tothat. Yeah, I'm just looking forward to getting to see people again.I'm getting a couple of weeks of remote work that they're letting us do.I plan is after after, you know, a couple weeks after I'maccinated, likemaybe taking a trip somewhere. Yeah, we're you thinking? Maybe Central NortheastOhio? I mean I'll probably swing through Ohio. Yet three total weeksremote work before June first. Okay, so I want to go to Ohiofor or at least a week total. Yeah, and then I want togo somewhere warm. It's like the weathers and so bizarre, if you like, above Kentucky, where it's like it's knowing one day and it's warm thenext. Like sure feels like snow. It's just not appropriate anymore. SoI kind of want to disco somewhere really warm. Like I felt like wedidn't have enough snow. Yeah, yeah, I felt like we should have hadmore snow in April. Well, no, just you know, January, February. I see. Yeah, I mean the time is past,though, so it's not like a there's no wot points for this exam,you know, like Dang Day. There's no, there's no makeup days forthe School of Nature now. So it's time. The time is past.It's supposed to be warm now. It was really warm a couple weekends agohere and no, today. I want to go somewhere beach right, andI'll take like maybe half days and work remote in the mornings and then afternew t the beach. That doesn't sound cool. I don't know. Imean, yeah, it sounds great. I used to do that. Iwould probably go down to Miami beach about once a year and that's what Iwould do. It would work in the mornings and then I just like goget a slurpee, sit down on the beach, watch all the crazy peopleand it's like take a half day, the fine the mornings and you know, especially with the pandemic, I have like a lot of is their stockpiledright now and you can only carry over so many. Yeah, that's true. Well, my big thing is that I just bought a Nintendo switch.Yeah, there you go, and I know I'm a little late to theparty, but man, this thing is cool. Now do you plan?Well, I am playing the legend of Zelda, which is a game thatI've been wanting to play since it was released and I've just restrained myself becauseit was kind of like a like a get you know, get a jobtype thing, get a real job type thing, and so finally did that. So I spent the money and got the game and I've been enjoying itand I all I could say is like aliens, like you know, Iit's like the like the Meme Guy, the meme alien guy. That's allI think about whenever I go into the shrines. So it's pretty funny.I thought, yeah, well, that's been a good time. Sounds likethings are on the off and the TAG team verse that's right. Definitely trendingupward. For sure. That's cool thing. Let's say, though, did wthere's a lot of interesting things happening. The hooky versus wow, so manyyou know, the the chilling rains that in states. Really starting toget in the nitty grady of it.

We got the full set, basicallyJapanese. You know, the lots of cool stuff that's coming out of that. JW is or anything like. Initially, STI's out at you. Well,I mean obviously the Calie rex has plural are very cool, but Ifeel like I'm I'm hopeful for the format post, you know, post newset, but it doesn't seem like it's going to shake up the format liketoo much, like it's not going to be like the only playable deck isgoing to come out of this set, which was a lot like we sawwith battle styles right where just kind of shifted the format a little bit,gave a few new cards to some older archetypes and and added, you know, the rapid strikers, who obviously is a pretty dominant force, but notthe dominant force. You know, there are so many decks that you canplay at any given tournament. So I kind of look at this new forthis new set and kind of the same light, where I'm not seeing anythingthat should just be wildly overpowered when you put it in the context of whatwe already have, and yet it should spice up the format in a waythat we saw with battle styles. That I'm really excited for. That's thatseems like the way to do it right. I know I'd see. I meanit just everything that I've seen so far as like led me to believethat it's just like really good set design. From the perspective of a player,like it just seems like we're not, you know, if you don't haveto get the new cards like that, I feel like that's always good forlike kind of growing the game right, if you're not forced to be competitiveby getting those new cards, like you can still compete with the oldercary, I think that's really nice. So some of the cars that arekind of standing out to me. There's a pair of supporters that I thinkare really interesting, and that's Peonia and peony, and these are supporters thatwe've seen somewhat in the past, but the are just kind of maybe alittle bit more powerful than what we've seen in the past. So peonia chooseup to three of your prize cards and put them into your hand and thenchoose that same number of cards from your hand to put them as your prizecards, face down. So something like a Gladian, which saw pretty regularplay in particularly controlled x. But peonia seems certainly arguably better. Yeah,certainly argue on better. It's like you have multiple important things prized right,because, yeah, you can reuse the Peonia as well. So even ifyou with them off the first Pew, then you know it's in the secondset of three cards, because it doesn't say so from around right, rightexactly. So I think that's really cool. And then also the peony, whichjust discards your hand, but then you get to search for two trainercards. So the immediate kind of Combo that you see there is getting yourrare candy and your evo and sense and you can go to town getting yourstage two's up and running. And you know, of course, at thecost of discarding your hand. But we have enough, you know, wehave enough to get around that. I mean we have cricketun obviously, perhapsthe stage two that you're looking to get out is one that draws cards likethe guardivore. It's a guardivore is really cool card that we are going tosee come out and as an ability that says once you're you're turning to lookat the top two cards and attach any of our basics and then put theother cards in your hand. So it's very similar to Zoshan's ability, butit does one less hard and your turn doesn't end. So really really,I mean we've seen how strong that that ability is on zophtion and so seeingit on a on a base or a Non v Pokemon will be pretty interesting. Yeah, absolutely, I mean that's super cool. Of the ability definitelyrocks and you the fact that you can kind of like chain them. Youcan continue to yea use multiple guard of ours, and obviously that's like impossiblewith ash just my right. The logistics of the car don't work out lightway. I think that's a cool,... new card. I think thewhole guard of our line is really interesting. Remind me of the attack on theguard of hard self JW before I get into this some of the otherones. Yeah, the CARDIVORE attack. It's brain way of attack to sixtydamage for three colorless and then says this attack US thirty more damageree psychic energyattached to this pokemon. So presumably, if you're only playing psychic, thenyou'd be doing a base of one hundred and fifty, which is fine.I wish it was kind of a communal psychic attacks. You didn't have theload up on one guardivore, but I guess that's kind of the tradeoff,right, for such a such a great ability. So mediocre attacks certainly ausable attack. But you know, I think he's sounded. I think pokemonis afraid that stage two US or like too strong. Yeah, it feelslike an example of that. or it's like it's don't worry, you canmake this stronger if you yeah, right, like like honestly, yeah, doing, I mean maybe just doing more damage, doing having less cost right, maybe at to CC. You know, there's there's a number of ways thatthey, you know, could have buffed it a little bit, butyeah, they opted not to. This is what we got and hopefully it'llbe good enough to see competitive play. Yeah, and well, backing itup is a strong line of other cards supporting it. Namely you have thecurly l line, or currently as part of the guard of our line,which is pretty huge. I mean this I think when you, when wedescribe this, will be obvious. For the Curlia has I forget the nameof it, but it has water duplicates. Essentially, if you're not familiar withan into break of old, the idea is if you have a curlier, you can attach a psychic energy to it and you can bench all yourother curly as in your deck. So the stage to deck that is so, so huge. I mean being able to kind of like circumvent the riskof rare candy and instead get guaranteed like two to three at age two ison the third term of the game, is awesome. I mean like prettymuch every stage too, would every stage to centric deck would have that attackif they could write. So that's really awesome. You could definitely like stillinclude a couple of our candies to like kind of facilitate your drawing gin orto make yourself get a little more explosive, but that's it. That attacks reallyawesome and then will let you more consistently get multiple guard of wars soyou can keep accelerating energy. Yeah, I mean it's kind of sad thatthey're you know that you have to make a stage two into a stage one, essentially to make a playable but the success of water duplicates, I mean, just definitely gives me hope for this card and any time that you havemore evolutions in the format that's a good thing. There is also a goallead. I think it's a little bit less notable than his psychic counterparts,but the GLADE is a fighting type, which is always cool. I likewhen they, the guard of hard decks, have those kind of like dual evolutionoptions. For one psychic energy it can, I think it's lash forsixty and but then for a double colorless it does like sixty four each Vand v Max in play. So just another like a turn this killer andI think for a deck like guard of our they would likely struggle to getover a turn of this multiple times in a match just because the damage outputisn't really all the way they're so having that as an option is definitely helpful. So I mean I like the I like the package tool box, thekind of elements that these are decks usually have. You know, a kindof reminds me of like the guard of our gx with the galaide from breakthrough. Yeah, absolutely, so that's awesome stuff. There are some other coolcards, though, that were revealed recently. A whole slew of trainers revealed alot of these glove cards, which is an interesting take on kind oflike the choice band, muscle band, damage boosting archetype. So there's nowall these gloves. They have different names...

...depending on the type that they're targeting, and each glove, when it's tool car when you equip it, youyou thirty more damage to the opposing Pokemon of the type listed on the card. So there's justice gloves, for example, which do thirty more damage against darktypes. They're similar ones for metal and grass and fire. So it'sI don't know how exactly they chose the types, the picking of those gloves. You know, I don't think. I think the grass types needed thatright right, but but I mean it's always nice to have the option,I guess. Like yeah, like you said, there are some types thatare obviously more relevant. Dark fighting, psychic fire right now probably are theare the big four. But then it's just kind of Nice. You know, if grass does ever make a resurgence, like just give me so much theirdistance that I'm shrinting grass. It's just like of all the mediocre typesthat there are. Why do they only do grass? Yeah, fair enough. What's the what's the deal? Right, right, what were they thinking?What are they brewing back in the headquarters where they're like, we've beentesting this Arkard type but it's a way too good, so we must printthis grass, this grass, you know, kind of kind of anti card tobeat it. Yeah, yeah, it's definitely to wonder it. Justbe on the lookout, guys, because you know, pokemon gives us somepretty obvious at the synergies to so they must know something that we just can'tsee and maybe next set is their grass revolution. You turns out will ofneeded. Well, I was all along, that's right. So that's really cool. You know, a whole slew of interesting like supporter cards as well. We Got Agathoh, which is pretty cool. It let's you move threedamage counters from your active on to your opponents active. You know, Idon't see that being played in a tount of decks, but I like thosekind of chicky little cards. It reminds me of grimsly or it's, butinstead of moving damage from your ponus Wukem on you off of yours. You'vea reprint of Kaitlyn, which is just a mediocre draw supporter. Yet andlet's talk about why it's a mediocre draw supporter, because I feel like I'veseen a few people that are like, Oh, yeah, you know,Caitlyn should be a good supplementary option for our decks. You know, wereally only have research at Marni right now. Maybe bird keeper, maybe Cynthi andCaitlyn. But like, why is Caitlyn a bad not even not agood supporter, but why is it a bad supporter? Yeah, that's afair question and I don't think it's always obvious, especially if you're not likea custom to like our theory, why Caitlyn is very good. But essentially, though, it's just so we can all level set. What Caitlyn doesis you put a number of cards that you choose onto the bottom of yourdeck and then you draw that many cards back. Now, if you area tune to car theory, that might already like perturbew because you're playing asupporter card and you're already losing a card. In that trade, though, youplay Caitlin and since you play Cynthia, you put the Keylan like Caitlin.I was stuck on Caitlyn, Cynthia, and then I went the wrong wayon that fifty choice and you show it took the wrong run. Soyou play Caitland. Will do the end peoplay Caitlyn. You put a fivecards in the bottom of your deck and then you draw five cards, butnow you've lost the CAITLIN. So if you had a hand of six cardswith a Caitlin and it now have a hand six cards without a Kitlin,so you're losing a card. Basically. I'm besides that, like it's notreally digging as hard as your other cards. So the only real use case forCaitlin makes any sense is if there's some resource you're trying to preserve.Your hand is clogged. But it's almost... that situation should be rare enoughand your deck should flow smoothly enough that you don't build your deck around thathappening. I should get there to be like explosive and powerful, and whatyou'll find a lostation, is like you almost don't even want to get ridof. You either want to get rid of like your whole hand and you'drather have a research or a Marni, or you only want to get ridof a couple cars and you still rather have a Marnie because it will lookdig better. Yeah, exactly. And you know, another thing to mention. You're saying like, yeah, it's only maybe really good if you havethat that card that you want to keep. But we already have maybe an Imean certainly a playable card in a rang guru that can just kind ofkeep that card on the top of your day. I feel like an Internet. It's not happening. I would rather just play a wranger and research,yea certain certainly more repeatable on that effect. And then, yeah, I meanthis was a card reprint, like you said, just never saw aplay before. So if you have your hopes up about Kaitlyn, I meanit. It's the kind of card that, like, on its face, Ithink for like if you're just a card game player or maybe a boardgame player, it just seems like it should be good. But in thecontext of Pokemon, where we already have pretty insane draw certainly compared to anyother card game that I you know, that I know of. I meanI don't really know how digimon works, but like, certainly like in comparisonto magic, like we just have such card draw such access to our deckthat we don't really need to be diminishing the size of our hand. Andthen we could take it one step further to Riley is like there's a lotof hand disruption and Pokemon again compared to a lot of other card games.So you know, the Marnie's, the reset stamps could be really detrimental,right when you drawn to a Kaitlyn as your only supporter after a reset stampto three, right, so you can only maxim yeah, put up.That's another regard point. Like, even aside from hand distruction, is,Eitland doesn't like get you out of low hands. It's it can only getyou up to one card less than you currently have. Yeah, no,and I mean it. And it really gets like it's so supporter that getsworse the longer the game goes on, and I feel like that's not reallythe case with most supporters. You know, generally speaking, like it. Itactively gets worse, you know, if your opponent is going to handto start up to you some anyway. That's enough about Caitlyn. Just wantto give that kind of a side to I mean, unless there's as acool dive into kind of like the card theory. Yeah, that's also acouple new vs and B Max has metagross making his appearance here. Metagros notlooking. You phenomenal. You phenomenal. Honestly, it's a I don't reallyhave any commentary about is. It's kind of cool. A metagraphs is kindof cool because it you know, you can get it out and search onthe first turn if you have the rapid strike mustard, and then you canmagnetic adhesion. So that seems kind of really guess. Yeah, so justto this ogetics there there's the Metagrass v Max has two attacks. The METAGRASV is much largely unrearkable that it goes vmax is to attacks. First One'smagnetic cohesion for one metal in searcher deck for two cards. Put Him inyour hand. kind of like a worse I'll be hand. You have Maxrush, where it does a hundred. If you again and it's fifty actuallyday. Yeah, that's right. Yep, exactly. So do you under thefirst turn and then two hundred fifty from every subs quine turn, assumingthat you don't switch out. Yeah, that's just like a mass of A. Definitely is. We have like such good metal types that you don't need. I mean it's definitely the kind of card that would sweep at a prerelease. Yeah, one metagraphs, one matter curt Max, Dude. Yeah,you search out all of your like your supports. Yeah, and then you'rejust doing two hundred and fifty eight damage a turn for to energy like thatseems so bust. That's true. That is definitely a pre release. King, though the METAGRA is not super fantastic,...

...there is a bliss E v Ithink is actually really cool. So it has a natural coally curability.When you attached energy, you heal special conditions from it and is attack ishappy blast. It's a call back to all an old blizzy card and whatit does does ten damage plus thirty more for every energy attached to blissy.And after you use it, though, you get to put the three energycards from your discard pile on to Blissy, which is insane. It like rampsup so fast and it has two hundred and fifty helf. It's athat's pretty tanky, boy or girl, and it just rocks. Like Icould even see there being like Weird Niche combos where, yeah, the hugecelery a bunch of energy onto the blissy and then other stuff with them.Sure, like are you saying like maybe you do it with like metal energyand then you have the Bronzeng? Yeah, something like that. Yeah, Icould see that too, for sure. Yeah, so recovery energy, recoveryoption. I mean it's certainly interesting. We still have hyperpotion the format.So you know, maybe you put you know your energy and then youcan heal a hundred and twenty a turn or more. You know, depenckingout what your point it does. We obviously have KPA toughness. That's informat. A fair number of healing options outside of that, you know,with just like regular potions or Malow and Lana and things like that. Somaybe there's some kind of tank archetype that can I'm a little worried about thedamage output because it doesn't seem particularly good. But I certainly think blissy be likelike, if you were to slot it into this current format, probablyplays best with welder type decks and then you can get a lot of energyand play and then maybe like move it all the heat trends or something tokind of close out the game. So I think it has a lot ofa lot of use. Yeah, I think I am. Certainly could.I do really like the idea of like a bronze like that is exactly thekind of thing I was thinking of, where you can like throw it up, get a bunch of energy into play, re Tanky, like not every deckwill be able to when hit Ko it and find new tricks that younow have, obviously that maybe your ponent was, and like a you geta spreading flame turn with a team. Yeah, definitely, is definitely acceptit does damage, which, yeah, even more potent, right. Yeah, and then it can be like an end games. It's cool. Ilike it. Any other of the new cards that we haven't previously talked about, it stick out tjw. Well, not particularly. We are talking alittle bit before the cast. We're like, Oh yeah, there's the the Gredient, you know, has that brazen tail ability that doesn't let energy cardsget discarded, whether from crushing hammer or it, and they actually doesn't letenergy get put back into your hand. So you know, things like tml grunt just don't work on it. Basically, any energy disruption if youhave the greet in a play just doesn't work. I don't think gredent isgoing to see play. Like I don't know if you remember Riley. Well, you probably do, but that Carbank resaid our carving that you had thepowerkeeper or whatever. I think they're carving the bank. Yeah, but yeah, that bank was not really that widely played in that format that it wasin the formats that I was in. So I don't see a stage onewith that similar ability being played. I don't know if you disagree or agreewith that, but certainly an interesting or have. I'm happy we have it, but just largely agree. You know, it's I don't really see it beingplayed in a lot of decks. Like if you're just so critically worriedabout crushing hammer for whatever reason, gives you a chance to not have toworry about it. But you crushing care is also most potent in the openinggame. Anyway, when like agree. Sure, absolutely though. Yeah,I mean there's lots of cool new cards coming out in this next set.There's also a whole slew of like alternate...

...and Full Arts, and these carsare just gorgeous. Do I gotta say, I don't want to go through risingone of those. If you want to check them out, go checkout like ooaky Guardian, where you can be all these different arts and theirglory. Aw. I wanted to ask you, though, what among thesestands out to you most. Switch among these is like your favorite of alterfull arts, like what what I want to get, like the card thatI really want? Yeah, the one you think is like super cool orsick or just like bands out to you in a meaningful way. I mean, I like what Pokemon is doing really well, certainly recently, but Iguess over the last like three years when they have put out these cards asthey've done a really good job of like putting pokemon in the background. Ithink that is certainly something that they're going for, right. They're trying tohave these pokemon kind of exist in a world, maybe tell a little bitof a deeper story, and so, yeah, with that in mind,I really have been enjoying the the Calie rex has that have that have thepokemon in it. I just think they're really cute, cool, really cute. Talking about like the basically I'll turn. Yeah, yeah, those ones arereally really cool. Yeah, they look sweet. So, yeah,those would be my choices. Yeah, I was I was thinking about sayingone of those. I think the one I sell it on, though,for myself is this Erra or a v all tart. That card is beautiful. You got the zero or like, kind of like front and center,looking kind of wistfully off to the side, snowing on top of a mountain top, but in the distance you can see light and trees, orges.There's the Wevele kind of hanging out with him. What's going on over here? I want to be a part of this, kind of like goodbye.We've also given off for sure. There's also another pokemon in frame. Ican't really see what it is. Maybe you can spot a little better.JW is kind of covered by the and I don't quite see it, butthe cars is beautiful. It though, gorgeous like that's the that's the kindof car that I would like. Nice will electric type, looking very cool. Speaking of cool cards, I think you know what time it is,JW. I for the car the day. Let's do it. So part ofthe day today for me is actually a card that we have previously mentionedpodcast. Do you know what that Car Navjw? Well, we've mentioned alot of cards. So could it be SCRALP? Not scrubbed and in fact, was not mentioned apps ever on the podcast. No, that can't betrue. No, it definitely is. Been Venture as a car. Wementioned the scruff card. I we've mentioned scrulb itself, for sure. Okay, yeah, I don't know. I mean we've been doing this for wellover, what a year and a half now, so forgive me for notremembering every single card. so forgive me for not knowing every single card thatwe've we've ember said I needed to SCRUBB. I need a no sequel database tostore all that information on. Maybe you can make one now. Soyeah, I'm learning, Bro I'm now the car. The day for todayis actually Caitlyn, and here is why. So kaitlyn definitely a bad supporter,but you know, Caitlyn is the kind of card you could easily acquirein ance and like crappy decks with no any of you who've listened to thecast for a while they know I kind of got my start playing at mylocal league that I went to for VGC. I various decks that they had prebuilt and really found the game to be and a huge, huge staple, and we made fun of my league leader for this for a long time. Of all these decks is they played...

Kaitlyn all of them play Kitlyn,and you know, my first experience with the cards was really playing the worldchampionship deck. So like a lot of research, a lot of nd soI could really the cream of the crop of a draw supporters. I'm sureyou know I have that anecdote. That all meant keep mentioning on the podcastwhere I read research and I like I thought it was time. So goingfrom that to Caitlyn felt kind of bad and he and Kaylyn opened up alot opportunities for these like kind of mediocre decks to dead drawing upst each other. Sure, because if it was just not an out, it was notit out at all. But I have really fond memories of playing all thoselike freebuilt league decks. My League leader put a lot of thought and careso what those decks were and how they were built, and it was justsuch a fun experience, like honestly, like I would still go back andplay those if I lived in Columba. There's just like a really good timewith my friends. So I thought, in the spirit of mentioning Kaitlyn againon this cast, that it would be fun to shout that experience that Ihad delven Kalen. Well, that's awesome, great card of the day. But, speaking of cards, were got to lose. Some got to yougot the announcement at long last. I know, I've been waiting, we'vebeen begging, we've fleeting for POKEMON. Tell us what is rotation? Icannot get it off of my mind. You know, I need to knowwhat I'll be playing six months from now, and Pokemon has delivered. At longlast. We know and we're safe, so we can start planning for twothousand and twenty two rotation instead. So yeah, I mean it's it'sa great move, you know. I mean what is their benefit to thewaiting until the last minute, like every other year, to announce the rotation? Meaning know why? Don't know? You always should know what it willbe. Well, I wouldn't say that outsider. Happen Weird years. Alwaysknow. Yeah, but a couple of weird years is enough to throw itdown right like we I mean I think I usually when it goes, usuallywhen it goes from a set block right, like there's only, you know,four sets of the previous block still in the format. Like that's veryobvious, right that they're going to rotate to you know, just one blockof cards on. But you know, again, there have been weird yearsin the past, so I think you don't want to take anything current.It's been pretty clear, I think, since ix one as they have theseobvious like blocks within there. You know, you had like the Great Block,a, pokemon blocks, bad like the like. Sure, so youcan usually kind of like break them out by mechanics. Another good example ourspretty much every prison going at the duck. Regardless, though they did announce therotation and, like many people suspected, they are using the regulation odes onthe bottom left of your cards, though, if you're listening don't knowwhat I'm talking about, I would take out a cart one that's been printedsince Word Shield. I pop that sucker in front of your face and ifyou look towards the bottom left of that card you will see first off you'llget the set symbol and the bottom left, that's a little bit to the rightthere you'll see a letter, serious letter it should be, or ine pulled out artists instructed. So what that means is we're basically taking Japansits where they use the alphabet to kind of categorize the blocks of cards,though things that have been printed in the first block of from shield, thosehave that d regulation and things that are...

...printed a little bit later have thateregulation. And the thing that is important to know about those relation symbols isit makes it a lot clearer what kind of reprints are allowed. So agood example of that that I just have on my person right now is boss'sorders. The boss's orders with lysander still has that dregulation symbols, so youknow it's going to stay in the format at the same time as the boss'sorders from rebel clash, though. It's really nice tool. It gets poponmore flexibility terms of what cars they can print as well. So previously it'sbeen a huge thing where we get where your Japan will get these cool promos, but we don't have like a good way to slap them over into theUS. Or look at these corip reprints that we just don't have the capacityto like reprint in the same way. Right did the alternate are a's,but alternate our a's. They didn't have as like parts of officials their promosor like shining fates kind of sets. This could pokesmon the flexibility, likehey, you know, they have this new art of Marney. That justreally I don't mean put that into a set, but give it the dregulation marks so rotate when expected, right. So it's awesome. It's good tosee and it adds a lot of clarity and how the game work.So even if you weren't really clued into how the rotation mechanics work asked,you can very easily look at your collection moving forward and know what kind ofcards you'll need. Yeah, absolutely. I think that was a really greatsummary of why those symbols matter. To be frank, I I just viewit as kind of something that is a teaching tool helps kids, you know, and parents of kids know, like okay, Dne, like that's whatI can play and Oh, okay, you know, I see that thiscard is an a, so now I can't play that. You know,it just very obvious right to say like, okay, here's what you can play, here's what you can't play, as opposed to trying to go throughthe set, you know, like you said, like trying to go throughthe set symbol, like you just go okay, well, letter, isit legal or not? You know, it's very mind are like it addsa couple of extra layers to like first off, it lets you know whatkind of is about to rotates. You have a better sense of like whatthat'll look like. But also, I think, one of the better examplesalmost when there's a old, older car that got remnted kind of like withinthe same era. So specifically thinking of like vl tall, ex right,the V'L TREX was training to x and Y, but then there are thosetins that came out. I kept it legal forever, but I had asituation at like a League Cup where bone is very confused because I had eveltall from x and Y on my deck list, like this is okay,I swear this is okay. Sure, I mean and and that's I mean, that's a great point that you bring up like again with newer players oryounger players or or both. Really it could be your little confusing right,or at least the old wag the sets and will doesn't really necessarily correspond tothe car's reality. So I think this is a great way to like addthat level of clarity and really it only serves to benefit everyone. It benefitsthe judges that checks event, players who are building their decks on it benefitspeople who are coming into the game who want to know what cars are allowedto use. Yep, absolutely awesome stuff. I mean, I don't want to, like theory, Mont too hard on kind of what post rotation willlook like, because I think that is constantly change. We think of likethe tail month series and Zoshu ve dominating for a while, but I don'tthink it's really the case anymore with like newer cards have come out right andwe're gonna get, you know what, two or three more sets by thetime rotation and so there's no more to see any more. To See.We can, we can, we can speculate all we want, but inthe end it's it's when we get, you know, certainly closer to thatrotation day, that will have a obviously have a better idea. But onelast topic that I do want to bring up, and that I mean thatis the current Meta. We should talk about it just briefly, kind ofbring up just a few points here about..., and mostly because the PlayersCup for is coming up and for me, I know I am going to begrinding that, you know, very seriously. This is something with prizemoney on the line, so every tournament counts. I'm going to try toget a buy. I'm going to do what I can to just play thebest deck at all times, really not taking anything for granted, and Itry to win some of that sweet, sweet cash. Now that there's kindof a cash now that there's a cash prizing associated with it, I feellike there's a not that the travel awards weren't prestigious, because certainly I wouldhave liked to have one of those as well, but they're there. There'sa bigger wait. I think that'll be placed on this. So I'm excitedto see what the turnout is for players. Cut for that starts in two days. If you're listening to the cast on Thursday, you will get yourPlayers Cup keys on Friday, which is really exciting. Riley, walk usthrough kind of what you're seeing from the metagame, what you're seeing from tournamentsas they're, you know, happening every single day? What are kind ofsome trends that you're seeing? Yeah, I mean, honestly, it's hardto say there's any trends. There's so many things that are finding success.A couple of or major things, I would say, is in terms ofpopularity ATP and rapping, strike or she foo are definitely the most dominant decksin terms of popularity, but not winning every single event, but they arealways in, like the noup top three most play racks. But in spiteof that Ekram an event the other day, which cool, playing that stealthy hoodto get around in the Q or She Xti them leverage that you too. Yep, you have multiple variance of rapid strike, which we talked aboutlast week. Also have sometimes. I mean there was a strapless Cephal ondeck that wanted tournament the other day, which kind of surprised me because theyplayed for attackers and a Grandmar atte with no ordinary rod. But you know, they they want to tournament. That's sick and mad party definitely on therise right now. There's just so much going on that the game is reallydynamic. Yeah, I think. Yeah, it's it's it's really interesting to seekind of this I don't know, maybe a lessening of a turnitis asand maybe a turn it. This was the real gatekeeper all along. Maybeit wasn't actually ATP but it turned it is. As as we know,it was kind of the centralizing, the centralizing deck of last format, whereit was just towards the end of last format. It was just seeing aton of play. It is easily, you know, one of the topplayed decks and you know now we're seeing a turn it is kind of fitinto the end of the fray right. It's not high above the most played, but it's one of the most played and usually hovers around three twenty fivemost played in any given tournament. So you know, that has led tosome kind of opening up of the format. I don't really know what's the causeof that because we've always, you know, every content creator has beenhitting on ATP you know, snuffs out creativity and I think even to acertain extent, like rapid strikers, you few, kind of snuffs out creativitywith the snipe attacks, right. That's really hard to set up things whenthat thing is when nothing is sniping. So I think that they're it's justinteresting to see like we've seen a decline in a turn, it is,in his popularity, and we're seeing an increase in, like you said,mad party, kind of these fringe decks. Real a boom has been seeing somesuccess and just a number of other mew two decks are kind of comingback. So it's really cool to see I'm happy that this format is inthe place that it is. Yeah,... I guess that there's a keytakeaway. I would play something that it's built consistent and as a generally goodchance a lot in the field. I don't think there's any particular deck that'sjust going to blow everything out of the water. A lot of deck orseeing that's right now like something existent that you're comfortable with. Yeah, it. You really can't make a bad choice. I think there are so, likeyou said, so many decks. So if I were just pick likea top three, I mean I might have a personal top three, buthonestly, if you told me three completely different decks, Riley, I thinkthere would be arguments to be made that. Yeah, that could work just finebecause it's so wide open. Seems like actually, more than pretty muchany time in the last like three or four years that I can remember,just like any deck could win on any given night and that's very, veryexciting. It is. So I hope to see you all competing and playerscut for and you got that prize money on the line to give it yourall and we will keep you updated as we move our players cut forward journeysas well in the spirit falling along with our journeys. You could also followus on social media. That's at Real John Walter and at smiles of ilson twitter, as well as at tag team Pokemon for the podcast, andthen make sure to follow us on as well if you want to catch uslive. So the podcast recorded live at fish tvous Lash Monter and then jwdoes his live streams. You Right Y. Yeah, thanks so much. Ratherwe have one question before we before we get gone. Asked Duncan Ass. How is JW doing in my first week as a software bro and I'mdoing pretty well. You know, I'm just on boarding, so it's alot of just kind of self learning and reading documentation and watching old zoo meetings, so it's pretty good. I think we got one more question. That'sBethans mass. They've asked anything. You guys are leaning towards playing four PlayersCup for and maybe give like your top to JW? Yeah, I'm Ithink my default is going to be peak ram but if I were to gowith something spicy, I've been really enjoying real a boom. There was aperiod of time that I felt like I couldn't lose at the deck. Iwent on like a fifteen game win streak and I was just like ripping apartevery single deck in the format. And then, you know, of coursethere's some inherent inconsistencies with that kind of deck, but I think there certainlyis a fair amount of merit to bringing something a little bit off the wallto players. Cup for qualifiers. Yeah, for me top two would be probablyrapid strike can bee. Yeah, yeah, very cool. A lotof decks with a lot of good options. So Great. Thank you, guysall, so much for listening. Thank you for all your support overthe last you know, week, over the last month, over the lastyear. Really don't take that for granted. And Yeah, please make sure torate and review if you're listening on your favorite podcasting platform. That helpsus a ton, you know it. And with that we will catch youall next time. Peace. They.

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