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Tag Team Pokemon TCG Podcast

Season 3, Episode 9 · 1 year ago

3-9. Wholesomemon


The boys are feeling a little down, so they want to share some of their happy moments in the Pokemon Trading Card Game! Good vibes only for this episode.

WHAT IES up everybody welcome back totag team, the POKEMON trading card games for mere podcasting duo? My nameis Ryley holvert joint, as always by my good good friend, JW Cree Wall, GWHow's it going today pretty good Riley. How are you I am doing, Fan tastic JWgotta say: What's been going on, not a ton just continuing to Ppreparefor my coding, BOOT camp. That starts on in January, looking forward to thatso spending a lot of my time just doing that, getting ready, trying to put outcontent trying to ben doing like a video a day yeah for the last couple ofmonths. That's been my goal. I've certainly not hit. You know exactly tothat goal to a t, but that has been what I've been trying and so it's been. It's been certainly alearning experience for me in terms of Youtube content, yeah, and so what haveyou learned? Well, I've learned how to efficiently edit as huge yeah. So I canI mean the way that I currently have t outube setup. I can edit a video and,under I would say forty five minutes from taking it from a twitch clip orvad whatever and then and then doing a introduction. You know and kind ofdiscussing the deck and analysis. If you will and then you know clippingthat into the games from the Stream. I can do that N, another yeah, forty fiveminutes or so, and I don't know it's a nice little smooth line, smooth smoothline, streamlines processraon. I finally figured out that's awesome. I doyou know I used to like make videoswhen I was in like middle school and high school just or no idea yeah and what I, what I'm getting to withthis is I'm very jealous that you have a stream line process there, because II was like such a always a perfectionist and maybe to a fault withediting. Videos now would rewash my own videos a million times, and you knowI'd put him on Yusube and I'd watch them again and I'd be like. Oh, I don'tlike this, and so I take it down and I ha I don' know more. I just yeah. I get really into it. Yeah,that's crazy. I had no idea. So what would you put videos out about? It was a lot of different it just kindof depending o what I was interested in back when animation was like the bigthing on Youtube. I don't know: Do you remember that era in like very earlyYoutube, when animation was like the thing you know you had ego rafter withhis like Awesome Games, Oh yeah, and then I remember there was youtube videocalled Washington. Yeah, remember Ti and it was Washington, Washington orlike epic fights or something, and it was there was one thet was an epicfight. The ultimate showit out of ultimate Os wit, show down of supremedestined ultimate. Destiny is ultimate twice yeah, so, like animation was the bigthing, and so I tried that I tried just like maple story videos Idid like basically, whatever wasinteresting to me at the time and kind of like coincided with whatever thetriend was at ther time. You know, because that was young andimpressionable so but yeah. So I tried all sorts ofthings and I would always spend forever on videos that, were you know true,truly mediocre sure, but you know fond memories for sure that cool, that's cool, if you haven't tried to make a video or produce content, Iwould highly encourage it. If you have that creative side in you,it certainly gives you, I think, a greater appreciation for the peoplethat do it very very well and yeah makes you realize just how much goesinto high level productions. I mean whether it's you know a Broadway play or sports, or you know, twitch streamers, like reallyany type of content, that's being created, you just have kind of a biggerappreciation for that. Absolutely...

...absolutely so, let's just jump right inthen speaking, Tam gentially to your content.We had another full grip online series yesterday, this time Ye actually got toplay so Andrew took up the rains on streaming for the week and you doveright in there with ATPSAHIAN. So tell us about generally how that turnmentwent tell us how you did yea. What's G, what's the scoop yeah, it was a greattournament. Well, run I want to just pump up Natalie and everyone else thatworked behind the scenes to get the tournament ron running very smoothly.So we started at seven o'clock and I ended my last round at Ninenine, twentynine twelve nnetenty somewhere somewhere around there, and it was justa beautifully run tournament in the sense that I like tournaments, that arejust punctual and on time. Yeah and I certainly haven't had that with everysingle online tournament. So I just propt everybody from fullgrip for getting it out there and being punctual, and so I played ATP for thetournaments and that's a little bit of maybe a cop out. I was kind of feelinga little anxious with what to play going into it, and I just didn't reallylike a lot of the options. I was thinking about peek around prettyheavily, but recently there had been some upticken excadril and I hadactually layed against an Excadril in the Sunday pokx tournament, and I was alittle bit nervous about playing that again and just feeling feeling helpless.And so I wanted to just kind of go with a deck that I knew was just going to beas consistent as possible. You know playing as Ashanatpdeck withfoursauhion. You know, you're, probably going to get that additional draw inthe first turn, and you don't really auto lose too much, and so I went inwith that mindset played a very straightforward, consistent list anddid end up finding an auto loss, but luckily it was light enough in thetournament that it didn't end up. You know putting me into a weird bracket,so I played ATP a couple of times in the first round. In the last round.Both of my opponents had less than stellar hands the first round opponent,I think, started Azamazenta and attached twice and you know pass and itnow able to just build up the ATP, and you know pretty much just do my thing,even though I wasn't drawing particularly well and then in the lastround. They also that was the one that was streamed. They also just kind ofhad a dead hand in the Midgame, where they could have taken a gus Kao andreally swung the matchup they weren't able to do that, and so I was able towin that played aganst a couple of peekarams one pegrum dead drew theylike attached an energy to a Crowbat and pastd. Oh No. There are a couple atteris like okay, well I'll, take that dub as well, and then the other pgroundmatchip was actually incredibly close. I really do enjoy that kind of back andforth between PKRIM and ATP that feels like if we did have a worlds that feelslike kind of very indicative of what the format like is right now. Obviously,the world would have been in a different format, but if we had a worldin this format like a Pekaron versus ATP, matchup feels like what it wouldbe down in and then I played against in round number five adecision Wy, I decindio Y goons, and this was made me happy in a sense I mean it made me sadbecause I lost and ias a horrible matchup, because I didn't include anynongx attacker y made me appy in the sense that that deck was a deck, that I worked onheading into kind of this competitive season headinginto the Players Cup, one with Alex Piney, and we had been kind of labbingthat deck and trying to figure out. Okay. Would this be a good play for theplayers? Cop? The first players Cope, and you know we kind of decided yeah.It probably would be there's a lot of...

...things that you beat and just to see it perform well and win. The tournamentyesterday was like Oh yeah. You know all that time that was spent on thatdeck, which was rogue at the time. All that time that was spent there, Yereally didn't go in vain because we're still seeing it pop up so yeah. It waspretty cool sad that I had to lose it and said that was so like it was socrushing like there was nothing I could do, but it was cool to see that deckagain yeah. I remember you mawiling after they dret we trie cards off theATP, there's on the single poon and not even an evolution, yeah yeah, it waspretty, it was pretty funny I was like well, I think I have one shot hereafter they knock ot the ATP. They take their additional three price. I thinkthey have seven or eight cards in their hand. I'm like okay, I have a MallwhileD. that's my one out! If I can just malwile a couple of bench pokemon andthey don't have a scoop UF net, then I can go ahead and Guss those up for gameand they had none. Oh you hate to see it. You do hate to seeit and decision. I absolutely nd ended up winning the whole thing. Didn't it they did yeah. So taking down a Cento,scorch vmax deck in the finals, we don't know how that game played out,but the decidion Wy goons player did play the four weakness: Cartd Energyand with obstagun being able to one shot, the volcanions. You know.Obviously, if they put the thirty damage from the evolution that ObstiGon onto volcano, you can do ninety damage and then you can kind of cleanup there with the DECIDUI. So you know well played to our champion Jonathanand getting that dub with the CIDUOL Wy obstigen yeah. It's crazy to think thatthat deck is like still being played to because we have altaria which to meAltaria Freez up so much space for the deck, but I was, I was really just kindof struggling to think. Why would you play Desituie as opposed to ulterior? Iwonder if you have any thoughts. Yeah I've had this discussion before.Actually I think I was talking to Andre about it like over text or something I think. Altario is fine. If you likewant to teck it into decks that are compatible with it. I think, if you're going for thelockdown strategy, though, like Altaria, isn't really enough a against dexs thathave like one out ultario doesn't really do enough damage to effectivelydeal with them. So like good example of that is Tapagoco prison, Star and Bkram,like you can just bolt onto it, charge it up and Topicoco can easily plowghthrough altariors like nobody's business, and then I also think if you're going like Pur lockdown, youR, you need obstagand right to like cover your your basis and Altaria is less compatible withobstagun than decisiowhy in the fact that they both use rar candy, which, likeisn't necessarily a plus but like they can slod in together in that way sure,but the the twin energies don't work at all with obsocoone really and thedarkness entergies don't really work at all with ultaria right. You know, soit's just like a little awkward EC building and then decision by will do the moredamage anyway. So at that point like, if you're going to already conceee,that your deck building is going to be a little weird and play stage tos, youmight as well play the better lockdown card. In my opinion, fair enough andalso like the HB difference is very meaningful, yeah, of course, yeah. Thatdoes make a huge difference. One ten is, you know, you're going to go one shopby Volcanians, really that's like the most relevant one yeah that I thinkyou're too shouting them right. Exactly so yeah I just I think thecidry isdefinitely better if you're going for that strategy. As like your mainstrategy, you know if you're playing a deck that plays twin energy and youslot in an ultarior. I think that's fine, I think that's perfectlyreasonable sure, but I definitely think to sudrivethe better iteration of that card. Sure.

Well speaking of Aultaria, though, andjust a quick aside, we did see an Altaria deck make top aid in that fullgrip online series tournaments by piloted by Matt Satel, with his ADP ATPL terriar deck there. You Ar justvery interesting just wanted to point that out and highlight that player.Congratulations Mat o your tope finishe. We have our next full grip online searstournament coming up on November seventeenth, so that is we're delayingit by an additional week to make enough time for vivid voltage to come out sonext time you you know, hear about the fullger bound line series. It will bein a new format, and so we're really excited for that yeah and if you didn'tcatch last week's episode we did hit on vivid voltage in that one we're veryexcited to see how colossal shakes up the metagame. Also, the the ORBUTALcard, I think, is really cool. I'm kind of warming up to it more. Ithink it's a neat card. If nothing else probably take I o God. I mean it'sGotto, be good right, because we have things like Ziagoon being played indecks that you know it doesn't necessarily haveany other business being in I mean I'm a Sucker, I'm a sucker for like thatkind of spready yea deck an ye well and it could. I mean I could even seeorbetl being just like a to to line just in general like in any deck. Youknow where it's like, okay. Well, I have this. You know ability to spreadand that's very good and spread all these damage counters across the board,and that's just generally a good thing to do so. Yeah. It will be inte to seehow much these new cards get played. I am also particularly excited not toharp too much on the new cards coming out, but I'm particularly excited aboutDon fan being able to do one hundred and twenty for one energy I mean. Iknow we have things like things like Excadril, but there aresome pretty signific. There are some different downsides to Excadril, asopposed to down fan, so a down fan having a little bit more hp going to beable to do that. Unde D, twenty for one energy- I don't know that seems to melike there's potential combos there. Additionally, with the damage o thebench being able to activate certain other attacks so yeah, I know looking foward to that aswell. Yeah. Definitely some cool cards coming out in individ voltage, I'mexcited to see what how it shakes out and we will be covering more vividvoltage as we get closer to the setdrop, and so, if you'r not more hanright. Today, though, we wanted to focus in ona little bit of different kind of content. So if you're looking for ahard competitive, infoi's, probably isn't the episode for You Jabe and Iere actually talking for the podcast and we're both kind of wat kind of down.Today you know Pokemon or otherwise, and sowe wanted to talk about just some happy uplifting moments that we'd had in thePOKEMON trading card game and you know or poke on in general and what thatmeans to us. So I'm going to share a story of mineandjw's going to share some stories of his, and hopefully you can impart some at least some. I don't know some funout of it if nothing else, yeah sure, just kind of I think a lot of peopleare maybe depress me at this format, and you knowwe are. I mean probably for me, I'm experiencing a little bit of likeseasonal depression, where it's just like. Oh yeah do every day and and in acase I I was really talking to Riley before the before the cast and werelike. Well, let's, let's try to like pick our spirits uff like maybe sharingsome things between us would be good to kind ofrefocus and kind of get ourselves out of just a little bit of a slump that I'vecertainly been feeling recently. No for sure I have to so I wanted to start off. I have A. Idon't think I want to share necessarily... large story, but I have a couplelike small moments that I can always think of is being really happy inPokemon. You know I don't want to talk aboutlike winning a regional or topping a region, or anything like that. Like youall know those stories about me or could easily find them Wat, I want to talk about. Actually issome of my moments really early in the game when I was just a wide eyed littlelad, relatively speaking, I mean I was in college, getting into the game andwhat that was like for me, and so we first discovered Pokemon meand two of my roommates aniss one was in my Roommateb here later become myroommate Thomas neanthony. We were playing at our local league and weprimarily played the video game and we got into the POKAMAN trading card gamebecause of the the world championship decks that they had at our league forsfree use, and so we were getting into the game.We are buying all our cards to get into our decks and we are really into packsat the time, and this is also the around the time that the the twentethanniversary generations pin sets were coming out right and so, like packs,were kind of like a really fun thing at the time and we distinctly went on adventures, soyou know we're all in college and we don't have like actual means oftransportation. You know we're confided to our foot, travel and bus travel, but we wanted to go basicallyeverywhere. We could to search for roaring skies packs an Oh yeah. If you play pokmon around that time orrecently, then you definitely know why we were doing that and it was on thehunt for the legendary Shaman excard yeah granted. This was before sham inspikes to like a hundred dollars. It was. It was only like twenty or thirtyat the time, which in hindsight just seems so ridiculous, why you didn'tdespy them, but we decided that we were going totry and pull shameane X, and so one day we go down to the local game,stop just south of Ahi State's campus and we buy like we each by like threeRorin gys packs. He buy out their stock because Rightkeep Min broing skys wasalso not the most recent pack of the time so itwas, just whatever yehas leftShum and I pull like a full art, make alaudios which, like oh that's so cool you know, that's so interesting, an neeyeah and I think my friend pulls another excard and then Thomas thethird friend who came with US pulls a fllart shaven wr like wow. The RLI is already herelike we got to keep youing this, and so so we must have gone. We think we went to three differenttargets and four different game stops. We took buses all over the city- Oh myGod d. It was just so much fun and we actually did get one more Shamin, afoff of that and yeah you know going to target US became like a joke. Almost inour group, there's like something we would do for fund e. We Wu go to targetyeah, but it was honestly just so. FUC were on the bus for like an hour, oneway going to a target just to Expor for cars, and it's just like those kind ofmoments a are so pure and almost innocent, and what like yeah, I n. Weused to do that, the most that we would do that it would be in high school. Westarted a Pokemon Club in high school and primarily based around the cards,but people also playd the video games, but yeah. We would do that. You knowFriday night. You Know Parents gave you twenty bucks, all right, which hardGoldsol silver tin are we getting tonight. You know Le Boys and we likego out and rip the packs open and like man that was just so fun. It was justso much fun and you know, then we would go back to the dorm room and we playthe dark iexfers megagaredos matchup, and it was just I mean that's what itwas all about, and I was probably honestly those games just on the floorof my dormroom, where some of the most fun I've had yeah, which kind of leavesinto some of my other happy moments. Was...

...this isn't really a happy moment? Butas the moment, I think I's funny. So me, and this group of friends are playingpokmon cards on the floor of my dorm room. We didn't have like a good tableto do it on because we alwayjust had the deaths right like and Owas werefilled with our computers, and so we 're playing on the floor on ourplaymaps. You know dicer everywhere we're basically taking up all of thefore space and very frequently a friend of mine wouldcome to my dorm room, and so she comes upstairs she's a verynice lady knock on my door and my friend answersit, and it's just me like on my stomach on the floor. Mik Book, My God with my friends: Well this pretty girlsat my door trying to get help with homework and I'm like like o sorry, can we poss the game fora second, so I get up and like sit on the couch and I'v just and now I'mdoing homework. While my friend is just sitting there waiting for the game tocontinue right right, so he turns off the TV and starts watching. I thinkdragon tails, just like the kid show and to keep the memegoing. He actually enjoys Kidjos, but yeahbasically is a meme, and so so so draggon tailes is on the TV Tok.My cars are on the floor everywhere. I'm trying to keep cool it, just acomplete tes yeah, but I'll tell you what thatperson is a true friend because they stayed my friend and they continued tocome for homework, help and discussions when we needed it. So, Oh there you goyea shout up to that group and then mout outs. I think that leads it wellinto my last story and so the same group of friends. We Hade a lot of pokemon that we werefond of for various reasons, especially forgetable Pokemon Yep. So at one point,if you remember in the worst pokemon of all time, video I had talked about how Heliolisk isforgettable, that was a men that was started in that friend group. We cameup with that because we had done a GM six like name them all like it's, not aquizzlet, but one of those like online quis things an the only pokemon fromJensix. We couldn't get Wath, Helio, Lisk or Heliop Tile, sorry, Heliuptil, andso that was one of them, but another onethat very distinctly sticks. Out of my mind is fineon. The Poon Pineon is justlike the ultimate forgetable Pokamin, because it's just a fish. It's just afish. It's like like really nothing special, it's just a normal fishichlike you could find that fish and real life. We had a FITYON card that stayed withUS everywhere that we moved throughout college. We had at one point tried to burn it,but we failed and just got it covered in wax, and so I don't know I don't really know whathappened there, but so there's a finny on that's covered in wax. We would tapeit to like a very prominent wall on every house that we lived in throughoutcollege and that was Ourfao as a fan of forces Finnyon, which is actually segue it's my card ofthe day. So my cart of the day for this week is fitting on from Phantom forces.There's really just like finnyon itself: thereis, nothing exceptionable aboutthis card. It's truly like the epitome of mediacrity. I'm pulling up the stout line on it.Now, just so I can emphasize this yeah, so that was fifty HP pound for oneenergy for ten damage and there's just a fhinny on that's it. I like what I'm hearing so I mean thisPinyon is, is so stupid and lame, just like vinny on itself, but honestly, Ikind of a souc spot for Finnyon Lumiion... a result of the meme of it being solame and forgettable so mineon. I actually do really enjoy you as aPokovad, and I think, when I think of that friend group, one of the quickestthings I cal think of is Finyana. We're all still really close to this day andPokmon is still something that we can talk about. They don't playcompetitively, but it's something that we all share and interest for and enjoy, and really what I think of likehappiness with TNPOKEMON and my best monts in pokmon its really about thepeople that play it. I really love this game and I love playing it, but the connections I've made throughthis game over the years are just truly the best I've ever had in my life, and that goes for my friends. I met incollege that goes for everyone. I've met through these tournaments andonline. I really can't express enough like howawesome this is and Finyon in a way represents that for me, especially thisparticular one from fan of forces. That's a great story! That's and that's a cool littletradition that you guys had yeah. It's still in possession actually of Anthony Yeah. He still has it in Columbus hungprominently on a wall yeah great and every time we moved houses.We would take a picture with it as a Group- Oh that's nice yeah, so whenthey recently they've all kind of parted into their different ways as wemoved into different areas of life but ey there's the most recent selfy Iwasn't in it, but the rest of them were still inColuma is and they took one together in it was really it's just sweet. It'suplifting. You know I enjoy it. Yeah! That's amazing!That's amazing! Well, when I think about just like the happiest times that I'llmiss one day, you know, presumably when life gets busier, you know I won't haveas much time. I certainly won't have time to do it with friends in the waythat I used to, but just when I think about the fun time of Pokemon, I think aboutthe testing sessions with you and Andrew, and you know any friend thatI've ever had but like staying up till three four in the morning, just slinginthe same matchup back and forth over and over changing like one card turninga card backwards to see: okay, what it be better as Carde or card B, changingthe deck altogether swapping a tech attack line out. You know it's just allthese different things that go into you know testing. You know the week beforethe night before tournament. I miss that dearly. I missd those sessions and just being able to, I don't knowit's kind of. For me. Those sessions are like an expression of self. Youknow it's like I'm fully committed to that one thing for six hours and that'sprobably the Lok like Pokmon just generally, the game is probably thelongest that I'll ever be kind of one track minded yeah on anything, and Idon't know why. I can't say why, because no other game, I like a lot ofgames, but no other game comes close to the amount of attentionthat pokeman can take from me. You know like I couldjust be into it for so long for like and a very like a very singular thing to you know onedeck I could be into one deck for six hours. You know it's like learning thematches, learning the INS and outs learning the the tech cards and what todo when and that's just so fun. To me saying up four five, you know getting acouple hours sleep waking up doing it again, that's just that's the best. Isthere a particular sashion that sticks out in your mind? Well, I would have to say you know it'sa little bit cliche. You said you weren't going totalk about regional wins, but I will and it would have been. You know theone that was the most recent.

So that's probably also why it sticksout in my mind, but just before the just before the regional win in what Roino, yeah so being able to stay up with Andrewslike okay, I got Thi deck. Let's you know, let's run it, let's run all thesematchups and like let's figure it out an and really kind of solidify what thedeck was going to be, and it started out going into the night. That was thebeauty of it. It started out at's just this idea in this concept and it wasbuilt in a completely different way with, like. I forget the cards that we hadspecifically, but we had just a bunch of cards that didn't really make a lotof sense with the deck and then it was like okay playing a few games is likewell does that Shoald? We even include that and then like pretty much swapping,I would say about twenty cards from where we were to wher the regional list,kind of ended up, and that's just so so cool. I don't know I just I lookback on that session. As being you know, pretty indicative of all the othersessions, but that one sticks out the most to me just for what it resulted in,no for sure for sure I testing sessions with the pomies its just that's whereit's at for sure yeah. You know I really distills a game. People areadbanter their talking, crap back and forth. We have this thing that we do that started worlds tothousand andsixteen. I was testing with Natalie and we have this phrase and it goes. Iremember my first win and then I was testing with Natalie for the world'sTournament and then I kept saying that and then I started to like I started tolike rifp on it. So then the next rip was like kind of saying it in like anelevated voice and eventually my voice got so elevated, where it's kind ofturned into like a song, so it's like and so you're supposed to say. Iremember my first win when I whenever anybody gets really excited aboutwinning againyeah. I remember my first win. Wow like wow, you gotta Win Wellg,I gotta win a long time ago. You know it's Likeis, like pushup guy kind ofthing right like Ye, you did a pushup. I did O yeah IDIDONHTKNDOF hnsoilike.So now it's you kind of sing it and you kind of sing it inaudibly and you kindof muffle it right. Yo Go mi and it's that kind of thing. You know-and I don't know- that's really fun to me- those inside jokes that you getfrom from the bancer and just being up so late with other people yeah. I it's like mainly Natallian, I, but Ithink it's fread to other people as well. We ere we would always like ripou people who are like complaining because theyre upon it had some Combatowin the game yeah. I think you've heard this as well. It's like they alwaysHavit. It's just like how domentic can you getyour voice when you say that prise my pridest carts? You know I prized my prents great. When I haveto lay out six prizes. I had to start the game. I can tin. I duid stuff like that yeah I, those are really some of thejust most pure mements Hof, like commetitive Pokmat right what you justwith the friends, trying to perfect something and do all goofin and Gaffinand siftit with each other yeah for sure. For sure, that's awesome. Doyou have any other particular vovements to stick out to you? I just have a lot of travel storiesabout POKEMON. Just you know, thinking about how I've gotten certain tournaments-and you know, coming back from certain tournaments, there's a tournament thatwe went to in Toronto. I used to love going to these when we had. They were called city championships andthey would have these city marathons, and I would I would make a point everyyear to go up to Toronto. I did it for about three or four years. I want tosay maybe five years and you know- and it was actuallyalways with a different group of people,... that kind of made it fun to becauseI can think back to okay, here's a very specific time that I went with thisgroup and then it was a whole new dynamic. When I went with this group-and this group was kind of fun and I went down time with a group and we wereheading back from Toronto, so we had spent like two three four days,something like that playing all these different local tournaments. It wouldhave been like having leak cups right in a row, and so we went to a bunch ofthese local tournaments got back we're driving home to Michigan and we ere in a blizzard and it Li like.We should not have been driving, and I just like, I remember, very distinctly likethinking like. I can't believe I'm doing this for Pokemon and then beingheavy that I did it Oyeah you know is just it didn't make a lotof sense. It was very dangerous. I should not have been on the road. Infact, we probably just should have stopped and pulled off the road, but wekept driving- and I remember just being like the endorphin rush from just beingin that precarious situation, doing somethingthat I really love to do. Yeah was was a great moment yeah. It reminds meof I told this on the cast I think, a few weeks ago, when I got stuck in theon the road outside of in Staty yeah good simes good times, eah exactly thetravel is part of the fun as well for sure yeah. Definitely, that's awesome. I certainly feeluplifted. I don't know I do as well. I do as well,let's let's make it a good week, rightly for sure, so I think at that point. If anyone hasany quick stories, they'd like to share in the chat or any questions they'dlike answered well take a couple of those and and then we'll sign off forthe week. We as always sincerely appreciate you. This cast is super awesome and I thinkwe have a great community built around it. Just like POK. My itself is a prettyawesome group of people. Yeah. That's right appreciate all thelisteners to the podcast. I mean I I don't know analytics from any other podcast, because thoseare pretty difficult to find. You know it's not like Utib bewers or anythinglike that, but I I can fairly confidently say that this is the mostlisten to podcast for competitive Pokemon, and we just thank you a lotfor making the cast what it is really reallyappreciate. All your continued support and we hope that if there are anyconcerns, criticisms or just general feedback that he'd love to give to usthat you would reach out either on twitter at tag team, Pokemon, podcastor to you know each one of us individually, facebook, twitter, atwitch, even all that stuff award Qsiyak has a happy memory, shout out tothe honest gy that let him take a Duve this past weekend and yeah yeah. Sothere was, there was a looks like that was shame of youactually maxt Max leady. I played him in the first round of thepokaxs tournament and I had left the stream and clicked loss ononaccident and he was gracious enough to relinquish the win. He had forgottento retreat off of poison, and- and so I ended up winning that I wasplaying a poison aturn of disbuild and he was very gracious and- and let you know and call to judge overto the virtual table so also a lot of me Tane back, they was very wholesome.It was pretty much exactly how Pokamot sportsmanships should go so shout outto Max leading honestly. I think it's so easy to getdown on the game and the community. What because I feel like negativeaspects or to take up more of the lends right when you're, when you're thinkingabout negative things, they just occupy...

...more of your mental space than thepositive things, but byt. Really, I think Pokmon is a great community.There's a lot of great people doing trying to do awesome things to help out.I mean yeah, it's! It is really cool. I'vebeen really encouraged by some of the people doing well. You know. I mean apart of my part of my feeling a little down about pokemon. Recently, it's justlike you know: I've been trying some new things and trying to do some, you know make some content in a in adifferent way than I normally havenand like, and it just hasn't been leadingto the results that I've been seeing but or that I've been wanting to see, buton the other side of that is, like I've been seeing a lot of creators grow and pretty just and maybe notsignificant ways. There are some that have certainly been significant. Ithink about purple cliff just like blowing up here,which is really interesting, maybe not so much on the TCG side of things, butcertainly was in that realm and could certainly pull some if he ever decidesto go back to a little bit more tcg focused content, but there have beenother creators that have just been seeing like very consistent growth andI've been noticing, and it's been really cool to see. Just in the sensethat hokeman really is a very small niche and competitive pokemon is issignificantly smaller than the Nich of Pokemon and so being able to see likegrowth in the genre as a whole has been really encouraging, because I think, ifyou know the tides rise, like all ships rise equally so yeah, hoping thatthat's you know, Imean Thot, that's case. That's that's a reallyinteresting thing that I've been seeing it's really cool to see for, for us onthe whole yeah one more questionin from SeanLiden asking what's new in the POKAMOUNTN world. Well, not a lot atthe moment, but vivid voltage is coming out very soon and looks to shake thingsup a bit. So we do also have some expanded bands onthe horizon. It's as a morrow thing that they are coming out tomorrow.EENTUALLY, we know that pokmon historically has been late, has beenlike pretty hands off generally speaking with both their announcements.Well, they pretty explicitly said that they would do Someitin, sure sure wedon't know what that is get nd. We don't know if that's a band of many cards or one card or if they willreverse any of their priors agiant chance is that I hope I hope that theydo. I hope that they do reverse some older bands, but in any case we have noidea the scope of the bands a whether or not you know it's going to make fora good format, a bad format. You know pretty much the same format it's reallyup in the air, so those bands will come out tomorrow. Look for those willcertainly be covering them on the next episode, yeah, so mapping out the future for tagteam. Here we got the next episode covering some, hopefully exciting,expanded news, and then shortly after that, we'rl going to have lots of vividvoltage updates to talk thougr all about so plenty of exciting things inthe near future. We hope that you enjoyed this episode of positivity. I think it was certainly helpful for mebecause I was in kind of a Downer mood, so Ye h, thit's definitely refreshingfor me be sure to check us out on twitter.That's at Real John Walter at smiles of riles and at tag team Pokemon, and wewill be catching you next time. His so Yep.

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